Donald Trump Announces Reopening America Plan

Here are Fauci and Birx’s new “Opening Up America Again” guidelines.

A staggered reopening based on data that ensures 1.) there is no rebound of the virus and 2.) cases and deaths are trending downward is practical and sensible. Obviously, Bumfuck, KS is not on the same level of outbreak as NYC and there must be public health measures in place to keep it that way.

International and national flights must be HEAVILY SCREENED or this won’t work. The failure to regulate international travel from a known hot zone in January was the original fuck up that led to this awful situation. New York and New Jersey need to be quarantined and interstate travel SHOULD ALSO be HEAVILY SCREENED, but they aren’t willing to go there because it would be challenged as unconstitutional in federal court and would provoke an immediate exodus from those two states.

Bottom line … assuming there is NO REBOUND of the virus and it TRENDS DOWNWARD, this is a good enough plan, but if we go ahead with it and there is a SPIKE all bets are off.

Note: I remain skeptical that testing and contact tracing will be sufficient for this plan to work. The plan requires the government to become vastly more competent than it has shown itself to be so far in this crisis. Is it even possible to do contact tracing on the scale this requires?

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  1. After this planned-demic is over(?) I hope we will learn that we no longer need:

    *most public schools and colleges

    *doing business with Red China

    *nonstop immigration and globalization

    *a bloated, do-nothing Federal bureaucracy

    *endless wars in the middle east and elsewhere for hostile, alien interests

    *Wall Street and powerful financial institutions in general

    *a “liberal, multicultural democracy”


        • And you’re tone-deaf…. “Ivan.’ Or should I say, “Hunter”?

          Spawn and I have had our disagreements, but he’s far more attuned to the realities of this phone-baloney age, than you are.

          Spawn, you forgot one other thing. ‘Mandatory literacy.’ STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.
          No need to teach a slave class how to read…. they don’t make use of it, anyway.

    • Spahn – add “Niggers” Not just “Niggerball” No one needs niggers. The Twitter Niggers are whining and carrying on 24/7 because CoronaChan has revealed niggers to be completely irrelevant, USELESS, and in fact, out dated, heave BAGGAGE.

      It’s hilarious!

      • Didn’t Yang the Chink say UBI was necessary, simply because AI was going to make ex-slaves COMPLETELY REDUNDANT?

        Well, Corona-chan has proved that, epidemiologically speaking…… ” the novel coronavirus appears to be affecting — and killing — black Americans at a disproportionately high rate compared to white Americans. Majority black counties have three times the rate of infections and nearly six times the rate of deaths as majority white counties, according to the analysis.”

        And no, it’s not ‘inequity,’ and ‘systemic racism’ or any other such Talmudic bulls*t.

        It’s non-Adamics [BLACK MAN: NOT DESCENDANT OF ADAM by Solomon Jegede Enaboakpe ]

        living off of the Adamite’s largesse
        [ ]

        (Copy this article verbatim before DIE JUDEN REMOVE IT!)

        …for over 400 years!!

    • Re: “doing business with Red China”;

      Let us not fall into repeating Epoch Times’ (CIA’s) New Opium War propaganda. Let the Chinese be Chinese. Let Koreans be Koreans, let all follow their genetic tendencies, and history, and we’ll follow ours. Trade is possible in ethno-nationalism and a multipolar world without dependency or domination.

    • Sorry Spahn, but nothing on your list can ever be allowed to come about, because that would spoil it for those who have quite literally spent a couple of centuries setting up this racket for themselves.

      We can’t have that, now, can we?

    • Wrong on all counts. After this pandemic I just hope we realize we could have used the crisis as a cover for repatriating the blacks n browns back their home continents.

      Next pandemic all the idled aircraft should have been filled with outbound evacuations of diversity.

  2. Whatever, I’m on board with reopening America now. If infections and deaths stay relatively low, then we get back to normal more or less. If the infections and deaths do ramp up, then all the “corona is nothing to worry about” folks all over Facebook and on here will shut the hell up already. And either way, I’ll be able to buy toilet paper in peace again. Let’s get this over with the only way it can be settled.

    • Solidus! Exactly! We’ll know who was right and who was a crybaby Locktard in about a month. I can’t wait.

      Now…..where are more Joo population centers. I need to know………

      • Any one with the means to segregate and isolate will on average have a best chance of survival for various reasons. Avoiding Corona virus would just be an additional reason they live a lot longer. Racial Distancing is a prime factor in survival anyway. If you live in a bucolic village with conscientious neighbours you’ll ptobably be okay. Live around a bunch of yahoos and antisocials you are in trouble. Only more so now.

    • “all the “corona is nothing to worry about” folks all over Facebook and on here will shut the hell up”

      Hahaha, you think they are that bright ?

      Ever hear of ‘flat earth ‘ ?

      • Arian- your name suits you- the arch-heretic who denied God, the Trinity, and everything that the civilized world, in the First Ecumenical Council- 325A.D., DEFENDED to the Death.

        And even St. Nicholas (THE St. Nicholas) slapped (or punched) Arius the Heretic in the presence of the Emperor…. and rightly so! And was restored to his Episcopal seat, for having done so!

        Your blasphemy, your ignorance, your utter hatred for Christ God, and the Word that clearly proclaims the reality of the Earth as HE created it, is thrown back in your face, you bloody ignorant, blasphemous fool!

        “Every scientific experiment ever conducted has confirmed … that the earth is stationary and the stars move over the earth. George Airy in 1871 conducted the most notable experiment that proved that the start move over a stationary earth. Airy’s experiment is popularly known as ‘Airy’s failure” because his experiment proved that the earth does not move, which was the opposite of the expected outcome. George Airy’s experiment determined with scientific certainty that in fact, it was thee there carrying the starts that was moving over the earth and that the earth was stationary. Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, PhD explains that ‘George Airy proved that the world was stationary and the stars are moving.” quoted in Hendrie’s “Sphere of Influence” p. 299

        And, it took the blathering of an office clerk/postman to refute the next irrefutable proof of the Earth’s stability… and he (of course!) had to be a JEW!

        “Airy’s [sic] failure was followed in 1887 by the precise and irrefutable experiment conducted by physicist Albert A. Michelson (1852-1931) and chemist E.W. Morley (1838-1923). The Michelson/Morley experiment, using an interferometer, which measured light rays, established that the earth was stationary. That experiment so shook the [sic] ‘scientific ‘ community… that it was forced to change the laws of physics to explain it away…” (ibid, 300).

        If the earth has pillars, a firmament, and DOES NOT MOVE, then it has to be flat… NO MATTER WHAT SOME JEW SCIENTIST may say. Or you.

    • I second Miss Denise’s here here to your suggestion, Solidus!

      We cannot continue to have whatever small business is left to disappear, nor can we wait for the scientists to figure out what to do.

      I hear tell some hospitals have been sanitizing things using handheld light devices. Apparently the light kills all viruses graveyard dead.

      Let’s pray the government actually has the presence of mind to set up light-sanitizer-plants in one economically wrecked small town in a rural part of every state, and get them distributed, gratis, by the middle of Fall to every household and establishment.

    • I never understood the TP hoarding craze. Corona doesn’t give you the runs, so it’s ridiculous. Nick Di Paolo said that he has been reduced to using coffee filters. When a crisis hits, people don’t know what to have for emergencies. They shop like Armageddon is just around the corner and buy everything not nailed down.

      At my local Walmart, some employees are clever. When they get boxes of cherished items like disinfecting wipes, they don’t bother to put them on the shelves. They just open the boxes, leave them in the main aisles, and let the customers swoop in and empty the cartons.

      • Give BlackRock my $1200
        and I’ll take their 1.2 trillion.
        I’ll invest it prudently (better than they will).

    • I disagree.

      East Asia has shown the way out of this abyss. Anything that falls short of 1. massive, uniform, lockdown, 2. testing EVERYONE, especially those flying from one US city to another, 3. enough face masks and PPE and require them for being in public (like Asia did) and 4. contact tracing and separation of those infected from those who are not.

      Anything short of what the nations of East Asia did, and we risk a death toll in the millions.

        • I haven’t read the plan yet, but I highly doubt it. Trump and the GOP are highly resistant to any restrictions on people flying domestically or health checks like they do in Asia.

      • massive, uniform, lockdown…testing EVERYONE…require facemasks for being in public… Anything short of what the nations of East Asia did

        Can I get you some iced milk, and a nice bowl of raspberries too?

        Seriously though, eff the ZOG’s guard. Eff the lockdown. Eff ZOG.

        • Fake life: ZOG wants to shut everything down!!! Don’t be cattle goyim!!!!

          Real life: ZOG wants to open everything back up!!! Get back to work, cattle!!!!!

  3. O/T -what’s happened to Novemberg? He/it disappeared with the Mexican Indio. Have they disappeared into the jungles of LaTEEN-O Murka, and are producing a breed of haranguing, obnoxious, White hating brown squatmonsters, who babble about their superiority to the Gringo they parasite off of 24/7?

    No one wants to know!

    • I was wondering the very same thing, madam! Not that we have a paucity of top-notch commenters here but I always enjoyed their contributions. Perhaps the Castizo Princess eloped with Comrade November? Perhaps he was inspired by the example of Jefferson Davis and Zachary Taylor’s daughter Sarah?

  4. Zowie. The Locktards are changing their REEEE-ING rather fast, now that they’ve received their instructions from Talmudvision,

    Woo hoo!

  5. Let’s Review:

    1) They were going to crash the economy anyway and blame it on Trump to scuttle his reelection

    2) There was a “Wuhan Pneumonia” and CIA operatives began promoting this as a failure of the Chinese government in the hopes of creating another Hong Kong uprising, but this inside “real” China.

    3) China crushed the rebellion in Wuhan under the guise of fighting a virus

    4) Next we heard Iran was a hot spot and there were “mass graves”, again, from CIA operatives

    5) Next Cruise Ships were said to be harbingers of our future, death rates of 3 to 10% were floated (it will go below 0.1% by the time this is over)

    6) Italy was a hot spot, they blamed it on Chinese people fleeing Wuhan for Italy – few really died of the virus, but they misclassified deaths in order to extort money from the EU, Spain followed suit.

    7) The Sentinel US Death in Seattle (heavily Chinese) took place and the Enemy starting ginning up a panic (almost no one died in Washington)

    8) People sold stocks and bought toilet paper – the panic was seen as the way to defeat Trump

    9) Tucker Carlson convinced Trump to go along with this hoax for political purposes, pretend to care for a few weeks then reopen gloriously for Easter

    10) Lock downs started mid March

    11) On March 26th the federal government rewrote guidelines for calling a death a Corona Death. Now no positive test was required, only suspicion. As a result NY has more death then three other continents combined (Africa, South America, Australia). NY had > 100 times the death per capita than West Virginia.

    12) In the week that preceded Easter the Enemy states made up thousands of fake deaths which caused Trump to balk at reopening on Easter

    13) Wednesday #operationgridlock showed that you cannot push people this far without a reaction

    14) Today Thursday Unemployment hit a staggering 22 million (already at 27 million for next Thursday, then it will plummet as people go back to work)

    14) Today Thursday – the lockdown is over.

    15) Tomorrow you will see RECORD POST-CORONA HIGHS on the stock market

    16) They will attempt to memory whole this, but it may be too big

    17) By November the only person talking about flu and corona will be Trump

    18) The crash behind us, the economy can have real natural growth after the shortest depression ever

    19) All for the common cold, nowhere even near the flu (using real numbers)

    20) Lockdowns will never be used again, (we are now immune to lockdown panics), Global Warming lockdowns are also extinct.

    This was the greatest self-inflicted wound in history.

    This will go down through all history as mass hysteria – The Great Panic.

    Imagine getting this so wrong.

    Imagine standing with the ENEMY against your own people.

    Imagine doubling, tripling, quadrupling, quintupling, octupling, dectupling down in the face of reason and evidence.

    There is no living this down.

    • I think I know who you are referring to as “standing with the ENEMY against your own people.” It is not me. Let me guess-our host, Hunter/Brad? Yup. Just hope you are right about normies and traitors not falling for future Oligarchs scams. But I doubt it. Too easy to hate, too hard to think, stop the games and porn to use the web to locate truth.

    • A fascinating synopsis, Afterthought. I hope you are not right, but, alas, you might just be.

      Yet, if they really wanted to beat President Trump in November, why go to all this trouble, yet nominate one of the weakest candidates, Vice-President Biden, I’ve ever seen to take him on?

    • Let’s review:

      1.) 34,000 people don’t drop dead of the common cold in late March to early April. That’s never happened before in all of American history.

      2.) As for all this nonsense that somehow this is all about Donald Trump and the 2020 election, the outbreak began in China. Every country in the world is dealing with it including all of Washington’s avowed enemies – Russia, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea. A few days ago, Vladimir Putin addressed the nation because of the seriousness of the outbreak in Russia. Xi Jinping did the same thing in China which officially declared war on the virus. Boris Johnson nearly died from the virus. Iran has begged the world to let up on sanctions because of the virus.

      • Most midwits do not realize that there is a revolutionary potential here. The ruling castes are not legitimate any more. They’ve been exposed as either useless or hostile in the most concrete ways imaginable. It’s just a matter of resisting the siren song of consume new product, jusg resist the hedonism a little longer and a lot of the Jews and their collaborators running stuff are going to go under. The virus has exposed the parasites who rule us and if we refuse to cooperate by effectively striking we reduce their grip on us.

  6. More of this videos keep surfacing from the ‘front-lines’ of these ‘war-zone’ hospitals which shows what a mockery this whole narrative is! It’s almost like each hospital staff feels obligated to roll with the crowd and put their own dance videos on social media.

    • This is part and parcel with the women problem moreso than Coronavirus. Obviously they’re trying to maintain morale by acting like blacks because women overwhelmingly are nurses and White women think blacks are funny and cool so they want to be funny and cool too especially when the attention is turned on them.

      This however masks the grim reality of what is going on and is actually demoralizing the conservative public.

      In East Asia they made morale raising videos too only that they were more tasteful due to East Asia not being niggerfied. You can maybe find some of them out there where nurses were dressed in gear saying stuff in unison like “We will look after you as you’re sick! We will be by your side as you die!”

      The dancing nurses video being an example to not take the virus seriously is speaks more about Conservative alienation from their Liberal nurses than it does about the nature of the virus itself.

        • Denise,

          You tell me. As a White woman who has worked in her life, why do White women do dumb shit in the workplace and White men don’t immediately try to stop it?

    • I do not approve of such unprofessional conduct from doctors and nurses. This is not M*A*S*H. Are there any adults left in America?

  7. They don’t have enough tests as it is and they aren’t yet quick enough. Medical personnel are having to reuse medical masks so they don’t have enough of those either.

    This will fail badly and the only upside will be the end of the Trump presidency.

    • That’s why I have my doubts this will work.

      1.) There isn’t enough testing.

      2.) We simply don’t have the ability to do contact tracing at this scale.

      3.) The virus is so slippery and powerful

      Singapore is now in a lockdown

      • Singapore and other more ethnically homogeneous nations with a far greater social unity are struggling with this and they have the controls, masks, and testing ability.

        This will not work but I don’t think those in power much care. Their wallets and portfolios are in pain and if the remedy for that is a large number of dead commoners…well that is a sacrifice they are willing to make.

        They seem to have the illusion that they can have a functioning stock market economy without consumers.

        Breaking the hold of the status quo on the average citizen could reap immense benefits to us, or to the leftists. Anyone united enough to take advantage of the turmoil…which probably precludes us.

        • I suspect this is a face saving gesture

          If this would have worked anywhere, it would have worked in Singapore. Can you imagine the idiots of the local level here trying to solve this with contact tracing?

        • I think it’s worth attacking billionaires and powerbrokers directly by keeping on striking. And if you get near one of them to do a Watt Tyler. Opening up just feeds the beast.

          All the selfish shopaholics and hedonists are missing out on the revolutionary potential of this plague. The ruling caste is tottering close to oblivion and most of you don’t realize it.

      • Yes, but if all Americans practiced fastidious hygiene, we could make wuflu a total null.

        I know, it will never happen.
        (You were so right in pointing to Taiwan, as the example to emulate.)

        • The dirt bags at those two protests are the same assholes who’ll burb and sneeze into your fridge if you offer them a beer.

  8. The government still don’t know what it’s doing. The whole phase thing will give everybody a big headache especially those unemployed. It continues the uncertainty that’s really hurting people. On a side note….the Yankee couldn’t deal with a Free South because more areas of the US would have left the Union if the South won the War. I can only imagine if that happened and we had several small countries here in the ole US of A if we could have prevented Covid-19 taking over. I think so….Deo Vindice !

    • “The government still don’t know what it’s doing.”

      Outside of defying the Constiutution every day, Mr. Pace, or treating The American People like alien fodder, is there anything that they, The United States’ Government, know how to do?

  9. Greetings from. the South Land : theVirus WILL be gone soon – Who will ‘WE’ be then … who WERE ‘we’ on 01.01.2020 .. is the ‘future’ any clearer to day .. is it any clearer, who is ‘OUR’ “enemy” .. . who would hurt ‘us’. again ??? VLADIMIR Putin is Not our enemy .. WE Will get through this – it will be harder & more painful than many white People realize .. Let’s be ready !!! > the . LAND . Never . Stops <
    TY ! TY HW !! GOD Save TheQueen GOD BLESS America GOD BLESS KELLYANNE Conway GOD BLESS WhitePeople – – to Live & Die in DIXIE

  10. The second wave of this, which according to scientists would likely hit several weeks after the glorious ‘re-opening’, will be worse than the first and there will be a longer lockdown as a result.

    We don’t even know if people who have had it can have it again.

    The most impatient people are not even the ones who want to go back to work and support their families, but the ones pissed off about all the cancelled concerts and what-not.

    I liked how Trump said the swab testing method was basically a glorified cotton ball, and he (the Federal Government) shouldn’t have to go around supplying all you losers with cotton balls. I’m paraphrasing but yeah, stock market over human life, as always.

    We need more available tests and to allow those who have had the virus to be cleared for work IMO, doing that makes sense.

    Trump bragged about all the ventilators and how nobody couldn’t get one, but hey please pass that doctor a mask when you get done telling us how great you are, he’s been wearing the same one all damn day.

    There are nurses that do without masks unless they are intubating a patient. Um, we can’t even mask, bro, and we’re bragging still about all that there ventilating we be doing, like a boss.

    Boss of nothing, king of tweets.

    • America’s Second Wave is going to hit like a ton of bricks. Stay away from Canada…it’s uh…bear season for the next year and a half….

    • I must admit that I am one of those impatient types you mentioned, the ones who’re pissed off that their plans for concerts and what-not have been cancelled or postponed for several months.

      • It’s just been demonstrated that your life and death literally means nothing the powers that be. Why are you so keen to getting back to feeding the beast?

      • Spahn,
        Yes, I think everyone feels that way to one degree or another.

        I was referring to people who can’t fathom their trip to Epcot being cancelled, seeing Rammstein being cancelled (for now), or how they can be expected to live without visiting the nail salon in 2020, etc.

        If you’re healthy and not financially burdened beyond what you can handle, you’ve won nature’s lottery so far.

        We’re not used to stuff like this. Our ancestors who rode out what amount to mass extinctions of whole chunks of their countries would laugh at our impatience. And our gangsta style toilet paper beat downs—they would laugh-cry at those.

  11. This Neoliberal government that considers the lives and health of common people to be mostly expendable (especially with AI and robotics) will not help us much. The main concern of “our” government will be to help the elites minimize their financial losses in the pandemic (which is real) and maximize gain (usury) as much as they can get away with.

  12. The lessen learned from the Virus is that Multi-Racial DIVERSITY = DISEASE.

    Executive order from now on and forever is mandatory RACIAL DISTANCING.

    • Indeed. Racial Distancing. The epidemiology of kung Flu strongly suggests that disgust with racial others will keep you alive longer.

  13. “likely hit several weeks after the glorious ‘re-opening”

    Or in October ?

    We just don’t know enough about this bug.
    We really don’t know anything about the 1918 flu, just that it went away.

    And we have a bunch of affirmative action bantus at the head of various health depots.

    A sorry state.

  14. Sounds like 4-5 red states are ready to “open the economy” almost full blown on Trumps recommendation, but like he always says “we’ll see what happens”. I’ll give them 2 weeks max to realize they’re being used as guinea pigs having not been tested & go back home. Problem is, they won’t qualify for unemployment again if they walk off the job. We aren’t going anywhere. Today, I’m trading 2 dozen farm fresh eggs for 2 cucumber plants from the folks down the road. The boys take Fridays off handyman/lawn care work to play those ridiculous video games.

    • The problem with the red states versus the blue states is the difficulty White Working Class people have accessing unemployment benefits, much less welfare benefits. I can also tell you that all the government offices that administer welfare and unemployment are staffed by Blacks or Hispanics, all with real or imagined grudges against “white supremacy.”

      I live in a red state and getting unemployment benefits is a nightmare in the best of times. I haven’t met a single person in my state living off of unemployment benefits. They all give up and get a job, any job, even a lower paying job, even though that disqualifies them from receiving the pittance that would be their unemployment anyway.

      So, in red states, it’s not a case of Red State Rube Trumpkins being his voluntary guinea pigs. It’s a choice of gambling with possible death by exposure to a possibly lethal virus or the reality of dying homeless of starvation or exposure to the elements.

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