Poll: Only 9% of Britons Want Life To Return To Normal

The British people don’t seem to be in any rush to save neoliberalism.

Sky News:

“Only 9% of Britons want life to return to “normal” after the coronavirus outbreak is over, a survey suggests.

People have noticed significant changes during the lockdown, including cleaner air, more wildlife and stronger communities.

More than half (54%) of 4,343 people who took part in the YouGov poll hope they will make some changes in their own lives and for the country as a whole to learn from the crisis.

And 42% of participants said they value food and other essentials more since the pandemic, with 38% cooking from scratch more.

The survey found that 61% of people are spending less money and 51% noticed cleaner air outdoors, while 27% think there is more wildlife.

Two-fifths said there is a stronger sense of community in their area since the outbreak began and 39% say they are catching up with friends and family more. …”

I’m going to look for more polling on this.

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    • I agree, polls that are conducted by the ZOG media should never be trusted, especially not now. Besides, I have nothing to say to my boomer relatives.

  1. It’s our job, to paraphrase Bismarck, to hear God’s footsteps through the course of this plague.

    • Last time I checked, I have family members who work in hospitals, and I am standing with them and not the conspiracy theorists on the internet spreading fake news about how the virus is a HOAX.

      • I really do not know where you get the energy to deal with the constant recriminations, Mr. Griffin!

        No, Sir – if’n I was you, I’d ‘a been plum tuckered out or dun’ been carted off to the Funny Farm, a long long time ago!

    • There was never a reason to close open spaces like that. I’m not seeing your point. I’m still avoiding social contact.

  2. Getting away from the empty consumerist culture, and making our lives again revolve around the home, family and friends, will help re-orient people away from multiculturalism and globalism. Perhaps for good. If that trend holds, it will at least be one positive change to come out of this mess.

    • I notice PBS is doing what they can to make sure school age kids continue to get indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda by running a lot of documentaries on their weekday TV schedule about Jonas Salk, civil rights, Caesar Chavez, Emma Goldman, etc in the guise of “educational” programming.

      • When Bert and Ernie were turned into queer lovers living together, I knew I would never again allow any child to watch Sesame Street in my presence. PBS was a globohomoschlomo indoctrination pioneer, damn them.

        If a kid ever whined at me about changing the channel from that SJW garbage, I told them they could watch almost anything else. If they still complained, I would threaten them with a Golf Channel marathon.

        • “When Bert and Ernie were turned into queer ”

          PBS has been infused wi poison, for decades.
          They have some good material and then seed the bait wi poison.

    • A rational and well-argued presentation without any hysteria or emotionalism. I enjoyed watching this.

  3. 2/5ths notice a stronger sense of community and 39% said they are catching up with friends and family. Unless this involves the telephone or email, this notion is counter intuitive.

    I have been reading the various British message boards and normal news sites too. It is well over 90% of English that view the American “protesters” from Michigan, DC, LA, etc in a negative and condescending “those dumb Americans” light. The whole “ITS OUR FREEDOM… ITS OUR RIGHT TO GO CONGREGATE IN THE PARK THEN GO TO PRICE CLUB AND GAMESTOP” is definitely unique to here and everyone else is laughing at us

    • Yes unironically everyone else in the world thinks the Michigan protestors and other types like them represent the “Dumb American” stereotype. Some commentator on here said that if these protestors were ever rounded up and jailed that it would be a rallying cause to freedom against the government.

      I don’t know about America but in large parts of the world, people would want the government to throw the book at them and lock them away for a year or so. People going out of their way to threaten the public good should be punished.

      It’s weird to see too because most of the people at these things are Boomers and a few older Gen Xers, the exact types that grew up with Civil Defence training due to the Cold War with the Soviet Union that are so disinterested in looking out for their community, buying into conspiracy theories, and thinking about only doing what’s right for themselves. It’s not that Americans are the only ones resisting tyranny, it seems that older Americans seem to have lost what it’s like mentally to live in a society.

    • I see the protests to be AstroTurf. These peopek are still wearing masks and, frankly looking at them eating too much food and not exercising enough. That or they are coping with eschaton.

  4. Yep, even out here in the boonies of The Olde Confederacy, where the air is always good, we have noticed that it is intoxicatin’ly pristine!

    As to community : the smalltown South, with few exceptions, always has a good community feelin’ to it. We say shout hello to each other, hold doors open for each other, pat each other on the back and tell tall stories about the fish we catch, the turkey and deer we shoot, and, yes, we keep rootin’ for Auburn to recover it’s lost glories and put Alabama in their place.

    But, do not ever tell my wife I said that, because she is from a family that waves the red flag of Satan and screams, ‘Roll, Tide, Roll’ …

    On a more sombre note : as to the overwhelmin’ majority of Britons not wishing to return to the recent madness of recent decades, a time I have oft referred to as, ‘The Religion of Elsewhere’, I doubt the elites, who suck off them on a daily basis, will pay any heed to it, whatsoever.

    Nope, to their minds we only exist for them and their purposes.

  5. I’ve been writing about this since the lockdowns started. The term “liberal” is way too overloaded, thanks to Rush Limbaugh, so I’m using the term “finance” or “finance capitalism” to distinguish the system from “small business” so beloved by Republicans.

    We’re living in a slave society ruled by fantasy math equations that have next to nothing to do with the physical economy of goods and services.

    All the amazing technology of the Western (read: white) world is simply making everyone work harder for the 0.001% of billionaires – maybe a third of them Jews, the other 2/3rds white or other.

    This is a problem of finance capitalism. E. Michael Jones is a mixed bag, but he’s totally right about “usury.” We’ve enslaved our entire economy to the math formula for compound interest. Nothing in nature works that way, but the bean-counters make us pretend everything depends on this.

    This is also the root cause of the hatred of “boomers.” What mass madness has convinced people that their savings account should pay compound interest? What mass madness has convinced people that their abstract account balances – in paper/electronic money – should “work for them” as if my magic?

    It actually doesn’t help the “middle class” at all – it instead has suckered people into promoting policies that only help the billionaire class.

    “Wall Street” has been bailed out five times in my short lifetime. Yet we continue to draw from the same well over and over again despite it clearly being a fraud, a scam.

    A major factor contributing to this problem is, of course, race. We have to import “immigrants” to keep the finance/compound interest scam going, otherwise the numbers don’t add up.

    But we actually don’t need immigrants at all, just like we don’t need international trade at all.

    At some point Americans are going to have to accept reality about a couple of things:

    1. Blacks. There’s no solution, really, merely an accommodation.

    2. Mass media. We’ve allowed Jews to run the mass electronic media for over 50 years and they have used it to destroy our entire society. Social conservative? Just think what the pornography industry really is.

    3. “Immigrants” – America is full, we need to accept less economic growth which is actually GOOD – GREAT! in fact. Better for the environment, better for human health, better for the economy. Why should we literally strip mine the entire North American continent to build more McDonald’s and malls? Why in the WORLD should we import Asians and Indians who basically hate us and are simply incompatible with us? Why import any mestizos from south of the border? It’s national suicide.

    This is collective madness. We need to LOWER GDP.

    I’ve been saying this on my blog for a while – despite the lockdowns, the basic economy is working pretty well. There are no food shortages and even the internet is working just fine despite all the yuppies binge-watching Netflix.

    We live in a techno cornucopia, if we can just get past our superstitions about “the line” – the stock market, finance, compound interest, etc.

  6. How dare the Goyim start living more family-centric, simple lives – (((we))) need the Goyim to get back to work so that they can keep financing shiny baubles!

  7. Most people are keeping their distance when going out—of course the one guy who thinks social distancing is a joke got very close to me to ask if I’d keep his place in line. The bank is a place of action right now cuz the #Coronoadough is coming next week, lol.

    I just hope the newbie homeschoolers see how much better off they are without the Big Yellow Menace picking their child up and taking them off to spend all day with strangers and ‘peers’ who undo everything you taught them at home.

    • Public schools have become nothing more than places where your kids go to be physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Most kids don’t need any more formal schooling beyond middle school, unless they are exceptional students. By the age of 14 they should be either working or in an apprenticeship.

  8. Regarding Britain, there is a youtuber who left England to start a farm, he wanted to come to America but ended up someplace else, but he talked about Britain not really feeling like his home anymore. His channel is not about race, but in those kinds of comments one is admitting they have—gasp—racial feelings about their life. That it’s natural to want to feel like you have a homeland that you belong in. That’s as far as most are willing to admit, though and even for that, they get called the big R word.

    Bigger pull against the machine is what we’ll end up seeing IMO, that part is good, but to get to that point it’s too bad that it’s coupled with all these things that are life threatening and hard on people.

  9. I notice, Mr. W., you didn’t include the article’s closing paragraph:

    “[Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts, one of the entities that commissioned the survey,] said: ‘This poll shows that the British people are increasingly aware that the health of people and planet are inseparable and it’s time for radical environmental, social, political and economic change.'”

    You’re played pretty easily, aren’t ya …

  10. In Wales, from the air it looks eerily deserted: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-wales-52121394/coronavirus-wales-from-the-air-and-eerily-deserted The Welsh people know that the mortal threat of SARS -2 is real, and show they are deeply appreciative of medical care and medical science: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-wales-52121394/coronavirus-wales-from-the-air-and-eerily-deserted More Welsh commoners should be wearing masks in these videos, but this was two weeks ago and imported masks were/are scarce….

  11. This ‘pandemic’ is literally making the green new deal come to life. And yet, for some reason, you cant admit this pandemic is all a hoax being used to benefit the marixts and communists that exist in American govt and throughout other western nations. Its really goofy.

    • Some of us are smart enough to notice the pandemic began in China and nearly every country in the world is dealing with it.

      • Theres fond mutuality between the leaders of china, and people such as schumer, pelosi, zuckerburg, and bezos. Not to mention other elites and govt leaders in europe and the EU. This ‘pandemic’ is making their goal of utter control over our lives and destruction of our nations a reality.

        History repeats. Before long its going to once again be a battle between globalists (ie marxists, trotskyites) and nationalists (ie those ebil nahtzees).

          • Im not sure if north korea is part of this, but I know and believe that the leaders of china and certain govt and business leaders in the US and europe, are ideologically bound.

          • Mr. America has got you there, Mr. Griffin – North Korea may not be a part of this world conspiracy, but, do NOT forget to include the Nefilim, the Hydras, the Odessa, the former players on The Brooklyn Dodgers, and the ghost of our 7th president, Andrew Jackson – for they are in on it, too!

      • You have been watching too much Fox News – just like Pearl Harbor, JFK and 9-11 the actual origin of the Virus will never be revealed – but it will be used by our (((masters))) to gin up the Goyim against Country X. Look at the Iraq War – those people had no ties to 9-11 but we destroyed their country for Reason ???.

    • 26 people in a small old home, Mr. America, ’bout 20 miles from where we live in Northeastern North Carolina came down with this ‘hoax’ last week.

      Didn’t read about it, but, heard it from one of our dear friends, who is a nurse working the old home circuit ’round these here parts.

      BUT … if it be that you wish to suggest that folks with a political bent are keen to exploit the dilemma as an opportunity, yep, I’d agree with you there!

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