The Global Fight Against Coronavirus

The single dumbest talking point from the conspiracy theorists that I have heard is that the coronavirus pandemic is somehow all about Donald Trump and the 2020 election.

Business Insider:

“Countries around the world are implementing measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus, from national quarantines to school closures.

More than a third of the planet’s population is under some form of restriction. 

The World Health Organization, which has officially declared the outbreak a pandemic, has called on “all countries to continue efforts that have been effective in limiting the number of cases and slowing the spread of the virus.”

While “lockdown” isn’t a technical term used by public-health officials, it can refer to anything from mandatory geographic quarantines to non-mandatory recommendations to stay at home, closures of certain types of businesses, or bans on events and gatherings, Lindsay Wiley, a health law professor at the Washington College of Law, told Vox. …”

Here is a short list of countries that have gone into full or partial lockdowns or have restricted travel by reasserting their borders:

  • United States
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Colombia
  • India
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • China
  • Jordan
  • Argentina
  • Israel
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Kuwait
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • El Salvador
  • Indonesia
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Lebanon
  • Russia
  • Greece
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Kenya
  • Canada
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • The Maldives
  • North Korea
  • Qatar
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
  • Croatia
  • Sweden

It’s not just you.

Please tell me how this is a “HOAX.”

The list of countries that have taken dramatic actions to slow the virus is even longer. Vietnam, Iran, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mongolia are not on this list. Japan declared a nationwide state of emergency yesterday. Jair Bolsonaro is struggling with the virus in Brazil where the epidemic is roiling national politics. The virus has humbled all 5 permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

Why do so many people believe in convoluted conspiracy theories? It is because they don’t believe that God or nature is capable of doing this. Human beings must be in control

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  1. When the UK gets in a jam there’s a general rallying around the boss. Especially he bites a proverbial bullet like Boris. Doesn’t mean he didn’t get his pants pulled down and wedgied by the circumstance. He came up short personally and professionally. Should have banned flights in January. He’d not have caught it if he had acted quickly.

    • Boris still hasn’t banned flights from COVID-19 hot spots. Thousands arrive daily from places like Madrid, New York, Mumbai without being tested/screened.

  2. But Brad, all of those countries are in on it. Don’t you get it?

    Sorry, I had a hard time typing that without laughing.

      • Not a conspiracy but perhaps an overreaction or excuse to assert more government / oligarchic control?

        • That’s where HW doesn’t go… ever. Haven’t you noticed. It’s all personal attack, and doubting his word. God, he sounds like a Democrat…. But never a column on the attempts by the Left to use this ‘crisis’ for their own perverted ends. We KNOW the stats, we’re all glued to the boob tube, as much as HW. Why not do some investigative journalism, HW, and tell us WHY this is going on? WHY the PTB all seem to be jockeying for MORE power? WHY the masses are all sheep, and are the willing goyim we kept warning about, when you didn’t want to hear about ‘Jews’?

          NONE of this is being talked about. NONE OF IT.

          • Early on in the crisis, the Left was focused on “racism” and “xenophobia” and comparing the virus to the flu as well, but no one remembers that now because they pivoted in late February while the Right went ALL IN on flu truthism.

  3. Science challenges the Fox News narrative that the pandemic came from the research lab in Wuhan: This genomic research study being reported in mainstream media today is different from an earlier study that I had read in February which said there were four or five “branches” (at that time) from the “trunk” or original haplotype (going back to about August, assuming a steady rate of mutation) that was NOT found in China (at that time) but in the U.S., which had all of the branches while China only had two of the branches. This study says there are, or were, only three main “types,” one of which is thought to be the original type (or “trunk”) because it is the one “closest to” (still different from) natural bat coronaviruses that have been discovered in bats:

    “Geneticist Peter Forster, from the U.K.’s University of Cambridge, is leading a research project to understand the historical processes that led to the COVID-19 pandemic (…) They have created a network analysis using over 1,000 coronavirus genomes. This includes patient infection date and the ‘type’ of virus the person was infected with. There are three types — A, B and C. A is closest to the coronavirus found in bats and is thought to be the original human virus genome. This type was found in Chinese and American individuals, with mutated versions in patients from Australia and the U.S. However, A was not the virus type found in most cases in Wuhan (…) Type C, the ‘daughter’ of type B, is what was identified in early cases in Europe, as well as South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong – but appears absent from mainland China (…) He said it is possible the outbreak did not originate in Wuhan….”

      • And then, people actually have the GALL to tell me with a straight face, that NASA does NOT lie…… and Science is ‘objective’ and ‘dispassionate.’

        You murder American citizens via radiation, viruses, infectious diseases, subject them to all manner of guinea pig experimentation, for more than seventy years, and then sit there with a straight face, and say like some offing lemming, that the whole ‘glob earth’ scenario is free and clear of taint?!?!?
        Cry me a river.

        Truly, the philosophical obfuscation about heliocentrism/satanosphericity IS the fundamental lie, told to the world, by those who desire only Death and Hell.

        “Let God be true, even though every man is a liar.”

    • No, the idiots are people who are dumb enough to believe this is a global conspiracy that extends all the way down to their local hospital and county coroner. They have shown themselves to be the dumbest people on the planet. Even worse than the mainstream media.

      • Astonishing, isn’t it, they’ve proven themselves to be MORE detached from general reality than people who are incapable of distinguishing male from female.

        Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for both brains and sanity. A bit depressing, frankly.

      • You are presenting a false dichotomy/fallacy of false choices, HW. Either you must submit to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and take their vaccine or you are an irrational conspiracy theorist who wants everyone’s relatives to die. This kind of behavior is not in keeping with your usual level-headedness.

          • Spawn- Again, steering away from a simple observation made…. it’s almost…. talmudic in its similarity to the inability to pin down jello.

        • Why must Bill Gates have a nefarious motive for trying to create a vaccine for a disease that has wrought so much devastation?

  4. Even tiny African countries like The Gambia are closing their borders for a few weeks. Poor countries like that depend on Western money through tourism (from the UK, in The Gambia’s case) and exporting their few cash crops. This situation might depress already hard-pressed Turd World economies for years to come.

  5. Trump is encouraging these views.

    I live in Minnesota. Today I HAD to go to Walmart for food. Armed with gloves and a mask, I was shocked to see that everyone under 40 was inside Walmart shopping with NO PPE, and acting as if it were just another day in Minnesota. And this is WITH a half-ass “lockdown” issued by a milquetoast governor.

    So after seeing this today, I come home to hear Trump tweeting for Minnesota to be “liberated” from the half-assed lockdown. WTF????

    By the way, this attitude is primarily in those under 40, and especially in those under 30 in my part of Minnesota. Just watching 20 somethings causally chat with people at Walmart with NO PPE as if there was no Coronavirus makes my blood boil. I am over 60 and I only go out for food, and when I do its with masks and gloves.

    Here is the story about the protests and Trump’s tweet.

    • They know they are statistically untouchable. That’s what it’s like to realize you are not part of the human race anymore. Suddenly you are obselete and deleted.

  6. Shit is not tasty because millions of flies can,t be wrong. Nothing is right because everybody does it. Including ZOG governments..

    Virus is dangerous. Even if not now, then virus is very small and can mutate very fast so that even current one is harmless, then it,s mutated version can arrive tomorrow and everybody from us may be the first victim.

    The problem is that quarantine and lock downs working only, when they are on time and proper. Soft core North Korea like now is absolutely useless and this is why people are revolting.

    About revolt. When we finally can get proper overlook of real damage ? Revolt against current madness is also world wide and 92 years old cancer patient or 24 car crash victim are not corona deaths, despite both tested positive.

    Now we must concentrate on the next issue . What to do ? Dangerous or harmless, real or fake, this version of fly is here to stay. One bad thing about infections is that you will never get rid of them. Even with nuclear bomb. Big ones like dinosaur’s or mammoth may die out, small ones like viruses or bacterium’s, never.

    So 92 yo guys will die with by this bug next month and next year and next decade and next century. Vaccines do not work 100 %. Vaccine creates antibodies who fight back but organism must be strong. When you are 92 yo and have cancer, or 24 yo and you crash your car , then you will go with all your vaccines and corona in your blood and we have lock down and mass hysteria again.

    Not a single virus will never ever go away. The more simple life form, the more resistant it is. When Sun goes extinct then mammals die but viruses remain, including our one.

    So what we do now ?

    • We know it’s killed 4,500 people today.

      But hey, we didn’t see every single body so it can’t possibly be real.

      • No it,s not killed 4500 people today. Just 4500 people with antibodies in their blood died today by multiple reasons.

        That is main problem with those “corona deaths” . There is are very big chance that you and me have also virus . We are just asymptomatic, so when we die today by car crash or heart attack, we will be also corona victims.

        This hysteria is sick. Corona kills as much people as racism. You know, obese drug addicted black,s with 3 previous heart,s attack tend to die also before their 100 birthday so racism epidemic must be also confronted with lock downs and other measures like gun grabbing, censoring and so on.

        The only good thing is that economy and society will collapse. And the only bad thing is that because left had money and organization and we don,t, then left grabs the power on the street not us.

    • But vaccines do work in most people so there won’t be an epidemic circulating around for the few who it didn’t work properly to catch.

      • Exactly — you’re not going to catch it from people who don’t have it and can’t catch it.

        There has to be a route of transmission, or else everyone would be constantly catching everything from typhus to the black plague. In this case, the route of transmission is human lungs; if those lungs aren’t able to catch and carry the virus, those still susceptible won’t get it anyway, unless an infected tropical bat actually urinates on them, specifically.

        The arguments of the denialists and the anti-vaxxers are weird. Really clutching at straws, with a boatload of hysterical anger thrown in on top.

  7. The “protesting” here is hot and heavy. These people all need to look at themselves and their self importance,,, then begin making out with each other using lots of spit. To quote commenters on the Daily Mail in regards to the Michigan and NYC protests

    “Darwin would be proud”

    • Darwin…. was a JEW. I just learned this. So, everything he did, he did AS A CHRIST-KILLING KIKE.
      Which means that Evolution… is a Jewish attempt to DENY GOD’S CREATION of species-specific orders..[ Gen.1]. including the Adamite/White Man as his Imago Dei/special creation, distinct from all other hominids.

      “Though common knowledge in the Jewish community, Darwin’s Judaic background seems to be a shock to many non-Jews. I have only just learned, for example, that most readers of Darwin’s many publications do not know that the versions with which they are familiar are highly edited. The great evolutionist wrote in a very particular Jewish style, which his Victorian publisher then revised into highbrow 19th-century English.”

      I’m over sixty years old, and I just today found out this factoid?! Why did no one tell me this, decades ago? I almost lost my faith, my mind, and my love of God, due this son-of-a-Yid-bitch, and his satanic bullshit. I had to fight my way through high school, change my intended major ( I was going into astrophysics), fight every battle unarmed, finally learn about the ‘scientific creationism’ scenario, work through that, look at every alternative option once it was shown that the ICR/Morris worldview was duplicitous as well, (Morris stole it from an SDA, whose sole motivation was to defend the Jewish Sabbath!) and then, finally, I turned my mind to the race question… when all would have been made clear, had I merely known the Darwin lineage was a lying, effing Jew MIschling cursed line. I could have dismissed all of it, when I was 18.


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