Coronavirus: 38 Days When Britain Sleepwalked Into Disaster

15,464 dead in Britain.

The population of the UK is 66.65 million compared to 328 million Americans. Relatively speaking, it is an even public health bigger disaster: 228 deaths to 118 deaths per million.

Sunday Times:

“On the third Friday of January a silent and stealthy killer was creeping across the world. Passing from person to person and borne on ships and planes, the coronavirus was already leaving a trail of bodies.

The virus had spread from China to six countries and was almost certainly in many others. Sensing the coming danger, the British government briefly went into wartime mode that day, holding a meeting of Cobra, its national crisis committee.

But it took just an hour that January 24 lunchtime to brush aside the coronavirus threat. Matt Hancock, the health secretary, bounced out of Whitehall after chairing the meeting and breezily told reporters the risk to the UK public was “low”. …

And there was now little doubt that the UK would be hit by the virus. A study by Southampton University has shown that 190,000 people flew into the UK from Wuhan and other high-risk Chinese cities between January and March. The researchers estimated that up to 1,900 of these passengers would have been infected with the coronavirus — almost guaranteeing the UK would become a centre of the subsequent pandemic.

Sure enough, five days later, on Wednesday January 29, the first coronavirus cases on British soil were found when two Chinese nationals from the same family fell ill at a hotel in York. The next day the government raised the threat level from low to moderate. …

“I had watched Wuhan but I assumed we must have not been worried because we did nothing. We just watched. A pandemic was always at the top of our national risk register — always — but when it came we just slowly watched. We could have been Germany, but instead we were doomed by our incompetence, our hubris and our austerity.” …

By this time the prime minister had missed five Cobra meetings on the preparations to combat the looming pandemic, which he left to be chaired by Hancock. Johnson was an easy target for the opposition when he returned to the Commons the following day: the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, labelled him a “part-time” prime minister for his failure to lead on the virus crisis or visit the areas of the UK badly hit by floods.

By Friday February 28 the virus had taken root in the UK, with reported cases rising to 19, and the stock markets were plunging. It was finally time for Johnson to act. He summoned a TV reporter into Downing Street to say he was on top of the coronavirus crisis.

“The issue of coronavirus is something that is now the government’s top priority,” he said. “I have just had a meeting with the chief medical officer and secretary of state for health talking about the preparations that we need to make.”

70 dead in Australia. 3 deaths per million.

12 dead in New Zealand. 2 deaths per million.

“While a possible pandemic had been listed as the No 1 threat to the nation for many years, the source said that in reality it had long since stopped being treated as such. …

Members of the government advisory group on pandemics are said to have felt powerless. “They would joke between themselves, ‘Ha-ha, let’s hope we don’t get a pandemic’, because there wasn’t a single area of practice that was being nurtured in order for us to meet basic requirements for a pandemic, never mind do it well,” said the source.

“If you were with senior NHS managers at all during the last two years, you were aware that their biggest fear, their sweatiest nightmare, was a pandemic, because they weren’t prepared for it.”

It meant that the government had much catching-up to do as it became clear that this “nightmare” was turning into a distinct possibility in February. But the source said there was still little urgency. “Almost every plan we had was not activated in February. Almost every government department has failed to properly implement their own pandemic plans,” the source said. ” …

“All of our planning was for pandemic flu. There has basically been a divide between scientists in Asia, who saw this as a horrible, deadly disease on the lines of Sars, which requires immediate lockdown, and those in the West, particularly in the US and UK, who saw this as flu.”

A pandemic was listed as the #1 threat to the nation for years before coronavirus. And yet, 190,000 people got on a plane in Wuhan and other hot zones in China and flew to the UK between January and March! As I have said all along, this is an pandemic of liberalism!

David Hackett Fischer has a book which compares and contrasts the Anglo cultures of the United States and New Zealand. It seems like a good time to read and review it.

Note: Already in late January, I had three posts up about the Spanish Flu and coronavirus. TruNews was following the story. I had posted another article about the plague. I had also written about it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. On February 1, I began the Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party – 40 days before the World Health Organization – and declared 2020 the “Year of the Golden Bat.” I also ridiculed the mainstream media for its coverage of the epidemic which it was comparing to the flu at the time and fretting about racism and xenophobia.

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  1. BJ is a bumbling buffoon who can’t lead a conga line, let alone a country in the midst of pandemic. He has turned UK into a third world shithole much sooner then I anticipated.

  2. Allowing almost 190,000 dirty yellow chinamen into the country was incredibly stupid but given the highly contagious nature of this illness even 190 such creatures could have been carriers.

  3. Media caught using a dummy- AGAIN! Under an authentic pandemic, you would not waste man-power and equipment doing on this, but since the plandemic is artificial, you continually get this kind of ridiculousness!

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