As Goes Texas, So Goes The Nation


The Chinese communist bioweapon which has crippled the economy of Texas is the flu or the common cold. Infowars is the nexus of the conservative, libertarian and conspiracy theory world.

Note: Strangely, it never occurs to these people that it is SARS, even though that is the disease this causes and the two viruses are closely related. The comparison is always to the ordinary flu even though the actual name of the virus is SARS-Cov-2. The original SARS virus was SARS-CoV.

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    • It is our ability to reason that separates us from the animals. The beast, the animal is without reason and can’t explain why. Civilized human beings have the ability to reason and can explain why. So if you are a civilized human being say why. Why would Wallace surrender his freedom to an animal, a lower form of being, that can not reason? Can you say?

      • I ain’t so sure bout that notion… y’all worship and prstrate yourselves to some foreign alien dead dude as if he created the universe… reasonable? ya sure Sven… he pulled up his drawers every mornin same as I do…

        • The reason is a respect for Christ and his teachings. The reason is we Christians treat others as we would like to be treated. Now answer my question—why did you kill the innocent Christ kyke? Can you tell me? I would love to know. Is it be you are a civilized human being or because you are a Goddamned animal? Which is it kyke? We know the truth kyke and deep in your heart you know it too. You are an inferior sub-human being, unfit for civilized society. You belong in the jungle with all the other wild animals far far away from civilized human beings, seriously kyke, seriously.

          • Still being salty over a political murder that occurred 2,000 years ago is digger-tier.

            >How dare you worship an animal
            >kykes are animals.
            >Now worship the Aryan Jesus Christ

            Imagine being this dumb.

            Glad I’m a euphoric atheist.

        • Erc, Nanara, and all the rest. God DAMN you! Anathema sit.

          I’m done pussyfooting around with these scum.
          All such are already damned, and outside the bounds of salvation.

          Robert- hear the Word of God.

          Romans 1 with a vengeance. “…that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

          WORTHY OF DEATH. Thus speaks the Lord God. That is my prayer. Until and unless God REMOVES ALL THE APOSTATES from this land, of whatever race, color, and creed, we shall have no peace. The last @110 years (Make it 110 NATIONS!) is proof of that.

          Arise, O Lord, and defend thy people, who cry unto Thee.

        • An atheist is a Jew who doesn’t have the balls to say so. You need Moshiached you miserable disgusting Christ killer.

    • Lutherans are outside of grace and outside of Christ. Hunter has made it clear that he’s a racist first and a Christian second.

    • I hope Hunter Wallace is first in line to get one Gate’s magic vaccines. What is clear is that cowards won’t survive this. He can’t even imagine that the establishment could be wrong, or perhaps this is part of a plan. Goodbye cowards.

    • You might be right about that. After the bubonic plague of the mid 14th century the Renaissance began.

      • Yep. The ones that breed the most are blacks, Hispanics and Moslems. Sure Mormons breed a lot and many are white but whites in general do not breed like the old days thanks to out of control capitalism.

        Whitey is always nervous of the cost of things like housing and schooling for his average kid(s). Years back housing was open range since you didn’t have as many blacks and browns destroying entire towns and cities. Throw in the absurdity and usury of allowing foreign buyers to dramatically raise the cost of housing and rents and here we are.

        The tragedy of America will not be coronavirus though it is a nasty virus. The tragedy is allowing America to be picked off by buzzards of finance, immigration, Hollywood, obscene capitalism, foreign buyers, sports godzzz and making usury as American as apple pie.

        My hope is coronavirus can mend the capitalist virus that has crushed savings, tells us 700 thousand dollar homes are ” good” for the economy while years back we were told having extra cash to spend was good for the economy and not an obscene costing house.

        My hope is coronavirus becomes the best border patrol agent ever instead of piggy, piggy capitalism joining forces with literal communists to destroy our nation with never ending baby dumpers who will work for radically cheaper prices and turn us into a bigger Guatemala.

        My hope is coronavirus brings in an era of realizing how moronic it is to pay “af leeets” 10s of millions of dollars to do literally unimportant things in life as they feed the fire of fans to be childish till death. I am enjoying seeing the Nba take pay cuts along with silly announcers. All this goes double for Hollywood. Talk about redundant and overrated.

        Finally, if America is going to truly be great again, we must cut off welfare people from having many kids. They must be snipped after one or two sprogs. Otherwise what was our point as a nation? To let third world types get laid and have whitey pay for it? Good job, whitey. Good, job

  1. Alex Jones does not have a serious ideological position on this issue, he just spouts rubbish for his conspiratard fans and rakes in the cash. He is merely an actor and a snake oil salesman. It’s all a big joke to him.

    Are people really so stupid that they cannot pick up on the insincerity in his voice? Perhaps on some level they know its all bullshit and are just suspending disbelief for entertainment, like fans of professional wrestling.

      • Schrodingers virus. It’s both real and a fantasy a bio weapon and an easily treated cold. These fucking people.

          • The Fat Man is un-listenable. His growling, combative pro-wrestler persona is not entertaining, except when he accidentally uses bad words. I understand his parents had to take him out of hi skool for his obnoxious, disruptive behavior.

      • Hunter, this is totally off subject but as a fellow Southern Nationalist I wanted to ask your opinion about this article.

    • Alex Jones is right down the street in Austin TX from openly-known CIA contractor Stratfor

      With some photos of Jones inside of an office, the office setting is identical to that in some inside-Stratfor staff photos

      Just sayin’

      The virus pandemic global lockdown situation, is actually more related to what Alex Jones was yelling about circa 2005 as upcoming ‘Prison Planet’, than the more subdued way Alex is approaching things now

  2. Those anti-science Republi-tarian protesters are divided against themselves. Their “Mark of the beast…deliver up treasonous men” sign has Pompeo’s name on it. Zio-evangelical Republican warmonger Pompeo is one of their own.

  3. “Chinese communist bioweapon”? This statement might mean that you think it IS a bioweapon and not a naturally-transferred naturally-occurring disease, unless you are simply joking or being pejorative of China and communism. But if you meant seriously that it IS a bioweapon, are you also certain that it is a Chinese, NOT a U.S. and/or Israeli bioweapon? And since there has been collaboration on coronavirus research (and “perhaps” actual bioweapons development) between U.S., China, international and nongovernmental organizations, couldn’t it be called a joint U.S.-Chinese “bioweapon”? You could also mean that any sample of a deadly but naturally-occurring disease that is held in or accidentally released from a biological research facility could be called “a bioweapon” in the sense that its powerful effects are “just like” a real, human-designed bioweapon that is deliberately developed and intended to kill. Please clarify. I’ve been reading your blog on this subject less than two weeks so you’ve probably explained it before, probably many times, and I’ve missed it. Or maybe not, because who cares? The question of origin is not important to most people, who only want the pandemic to be over, and then it will be nothing but history, and who cares about history?

  4. More science versus the “Wuhan lab” narrative: “Edward Holmes, a biologist at the University of Sydney and a fellow of the respected Royal Society in London, said the Wuhan laboratory blamed by some for the pandemic does have specimens of the bat virus RaTG13, the closest relative of Covid-19 source SARS-CoV-2, but the two are not genetically linked. RaTG13 strains, he says, are from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan (…) Genome tracing has revealed that the bat virus RaTG13 has at least 20 years of genetic divergence, or evolutionary change, from SARS-CoV-2, and possibly as much as 50 years, ruling it out as the source of the pandemic”:

    The “Wet market” narrative is finished. The fresh food and farmers market was not connected with many of the earliest cases, and it never sold bats. Those “viral” videos of bat soup eating, and of people dropping dead in the street, etc. have been debunked. And Saddam Hussein’s forces never threw Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, and Assad does NOT “gas his own people.”

    • There is nothing worth saving in the JewSA. I sometimes think of another domestic Civil War and whose “side” I would choose with the ideological lines that the largest groups are formed along now and I always come to the same realization – no side.

  5. Sunlight kills the virus. Sunlight is medicine Sunlight is treatment .Sunlight is health.

    Locktards – the sub morons insulting the protesters – are the ones who will suffer and die.

    ALL the protestors, in the beautiful sunlight – will THRIVE.

    Go outside. In the SUN.

    • The locktardians shall die sobbing hysterically in the arms of their wives’ Negro boyfriends, madam.

  6. That side isn’t our side anymore. After all of the glorious “what I’m gonna do” if TSHTF scenarios, it turns out that they will fight for their right to pay bills. They’re not prepared, they’re freaking out. Lots of things are coming to the surface.

  7. At Renegade Tribune .com :

    “Opening Ceremony of 2012 Olympic Games Was Predictictive Programing for Coronavirus”

    Funny that the Olympic Committee would put together an Olympic Opening ceremony show in 2012 predicting today’s Coronavirus pandemic. 8 years in advance the Olympic Committee knew we were going to have a virus pandemic. It’s really a PLANdemic.

    Bill Gates has been making predictions about a virus pandemic since 1997. Funny how he would know, he’s not a scientist, he’s not a doctor, but he somehow knew we would be having a virus pandemic in 2020, and he knew it back in 1997. 23 years in advance the NON-scientist NON-doctor Bill Gates knew there would be a virus pandemic in 2020. He knew the virus would attack the lungs, he knew this back in 1997.

    Also in 1997, 23 years ago : The Simpsons TV show had a predictive programing episode about Coronavirus.

    It’s definitely a PLANdemic.

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