Coronavirus: 4/20

Watch TruNews on the Oil Alamo.

Texas is being attacked by Saudi Arabia.

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 4/20

MS: 4,512 cases, 169 deaths

AL: 5,078 cases, 164 deaths

SC: 4,439 cases, 124 deaths

GA: 19,399 cases, 775 deaths

TX: 19,822 cases, 505 deaths

FL: 27,058 cases, 823 deaths

LA: 24,523 cases, 1,328 deaths

AR: 1,971 cases, 42 deaths

KY: 3,050 cases, 154 deaths

OK: 2,680 cases, 143 deaths

WV: 902 cases, 24 deaths

VA: 8,990 cases, 300 deaths

MO: 5,831 cases, 205 deaths

NC: 6,867 cases, 210 deaths

TN: 7,238 cases, 152 deaths

U.S. cases:

3/1: 89

3/8: 564

3/9: 728

3/10: 1,000

3/11: 1,267

3/12: 1,645

3/13: 2,204

3/14: 2,826

3/15: 3,505

3/16: 4,466

3/17: 6,135

3/18: 8,760

3/19: 13,159

3/20: 18,563

3/21: 26,138

3/22: 33,276

3/23: 46,371

3/24: 55,041

3/25: 68,203

3/26: 85,873

3/27: 104,671

3/28: 123,578

3/29: 142,070

3/30: 164,248

3/31: 188,530

4/1: 215,003

4/2: 244,877

4/3: 277,161

4/4: 311,357

4/5: 336,673

4/6: 367,004

4/7: 400,355

4/8: 434,927

4/9: 468,566

4/10: 502,876

4/11: 532,879

4/12: 560,300

4/13: 586,941

4/14: 613,886

4/15: 644,089

4/16: 677,570

4/17: 709,735

4/18: 738,792

4/19: 763,832

4/20: 792,759 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

2/29: 1

3/2: 5

3/3: 3

3/4: 2

3/5: 1

3/6: 3

3/7: 4

3/8: 3

3/9: 4

3/10: 4

3/11: 8

3/12: 3

3/13: 8

3/14: 8

3/15: 11

3/16: 18

3/17: 23

3/18: 41

3/19: 57

3/20: 49

3/21: 46

3/22: 111

3/23: 140

3/24: 225

3/25: 247

3/26: 268

3/27: 411

3/28: 525

3/29: 363

3/30: 573

3/31: 912

4/1: 1,049

4/2: 968

4/3: 1,321

4/4: 1,331

4/5: 1,165 

4/6: 1,255

4/7: 1,970

4/8: 1,940

4/9: 1,900

4/10: 2,035

4/11: 1,830

4/12: 1,528

4/13: 1,535

4/14: 2,407

4/15: 2,763

4/16: 2,174

4/17: 2,535

4/18: 1,867

4/19: 1,539

4/20: 1,939 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 42,514 dead

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  1. Those images of the “protests” are really pathetic. No wonder people think Americans are retarded.

    • You mean the idiotic, useless “medical staff” standing outside, instead of caring for the gadjillions of dying WuFlu patients, right?

      • If I were a portly sickly old fellow like that Ohio Man guy I wouldn’t be hanging around asymptomatic young ladies at the moment. This e chicks are the vector.

          • Not yet there isn’t. Give him some time and we’ll see how a beer gutted 60 year-old rides out the virus.

      • Yup. Anglin gave it the proper slant. If all those ‘healthcare’ [sic] workers are so swamped with dealing with CORONA, then why were they doing YT ‘dance’ videos? That is inexcusable.

        I’ve had to deal with a lot of the less than stellar folks in pj’s, and they are even MORE egotistical than the doctors, at times. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE NON-WHITE.

        “What’s peak privilege is working and making money while wanting to prevent people from doing the same because you believe you’re some kind of hero.”

      • No one is going to consider your argument. Instead, everybody will remember the image of deranged conservatives acting rudely towards young women and men who appear to be nurses.

        The optics are so bad I doubt Trump supporters and libertarians will ever live it down. MAGA is not a serious movement.

  2. Interesting how those nurses have enough free time to stand in front of traffic instead of attending to the countless millions of corona patients swarming into their ERs.

    • There are lots of skinny SJW’s – and these ones look kind lesbianish. Why are they standing outside instead of caring for the badjillon dying Corona Chan victims?

  3. Those nurses are cringe. Evidence of everything wrong with America.

    A nation led by hysteria and “muh feelings”

  4. It is women’s role in society to enforce social mores.

    But the social mores these idiots are enforcing are (((alien))) and unhealthy for all of us.

    • No, it isn’t. Not in a healthy society. Making women “mores enforcers” is suicide, and the reason our societies are dying.

      Hand “social mores” enforcement over to women and you get radical feminism, promiscuity, and the current social collapse we have.

      The Puritans started that idiocy and it is destroying us. MEN are the natural enforcers of social mores for a stable society. Surrender the role to women and you will inevitably get them using their sexuality to gain power, while destroying the family and relegating men to the status of hated second-class citizens.

      I could write a long essay on the topic, but I’ve got stuff to do right now. I may come back and expand on this later.

      Super-short form:

      Men tend to create a clan/family structure that helps ensure the offspring they’re raising are their own, meaning that the resources they are producing by their toil and risk are going to the supply of their sons and daughters.

      Women automatically know that any kid who comes out of them is theirs, so it’s fine with them if they can get multiple males supporting them by being as promiscuous as possible — means that they need to put in less effort with each one, but will still get resources, since they tend to obtain resources from men rather than producing them themselves. They don’t need an advanced society, they just need horny males with little power over them.

      The male structure produces a cohesive, organized society in which the males cooperate to build and maintain a civilization where their clan/family can continue into the future. Tends to produce strong, advanced cultures.

      The female structure is endless chaos and change, in which males either spend most of their energy competing against each other for the promiscuous, temporary females, or are rejected by the females and have no reason to contribute to the cultural “commons” because they’ve already lost. Tends to produce primitive brothel societies, as can be seen by ours, which is disintegrating rapidly into chaos.

      • Women don’t normally make the rules, but by virtue of raising children, they effectively impose those rules and codes on theirs children as well as shaming younger females and renegade males into getting in line.

        I personally believe the problem is not those who enforce the rules but (((those))) who make the rules.

  5. Remember when Heather Heyer and armed Communist Communists illegally blocked the the streets of Charlottesville, after fellow Americans were denied their 1st Amendment and thrown into jail for defending themselves?…………….This selective concern over “muh liberties” is really separating the wheat from the chaff.

  6. Oh wow, another coronavirus post containing dates with numbers by them — how interesting. May I suggest you break the numbers down by race/ethnicity for the next one? Or perhaps even a separate post detailing how Blacks may be disproportionately affected by the virus? I know your readers are immensely interested in that topic.

    • Eah – I enjoy the whining Negro data. It’s hilarious! I get a huge kick out of that material because it starkly highlights how UTTERLY useless and irrelevant Nigs are! HA! The Twitter Nigras are an absolute screech!

  7. Hey Hunter/BG you re stressing a bit too much on this Kung Flu.

    Send me an e mail /text / on how to log in to OD
    And I ll upload some spiritually uplifting comics I thought up and Farstar drew.

    Plus yesterday April 20th was AH’s birthday . We have excellent AH commemoration blogs.

    Sure this is bad , but we ve been through worst.

    Check out the hospital scenes from Atlanta in “Gone With the Wind”

    J Ryan
    In royal lockdown on Western Cape of Africa

  8. I want to learn some steps, and download tik tok. Then I can be a nurse in ZUS. its all you need.

    Georgia is back in business. Of course they will all be dead next week. Like everyone in the Dakodas and Iowa, all dead, because they never had a go to your room order, or any lockdowns. All dead. Iowa land will be like Texas oil. They will pay you to take it. Because they are all dead there.

    Texas is reopening. Soon they will be all dead. I am planning on taking the King Ranch, as it will soon be desolate, only a howling place for the owl and coyote.

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