How A Virus Can Shake The World

Good take.

This is better than anything else I have seen from the Dissident Right which has taken turns comparing the virus to the flu, claiming that lightning strikes are a greater threat, celebrating the death of the elderly and generally repeating the dumbest takes from libertarians in an exaggerated form.

Note: Generally speaking, I have noticed the HBD types like Razib Khan, JayMan, Gregory Cochran and Ed Dutton have been more alarmed by the virus.

Listen to “How A Virus Can Shake The World” on Spreaker.

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  1. Thanks as usual for the extra posts and links Brad. It seems like there are too many hours in the day and not enough content but you really have been a life saver for many of us

  2. If all the viruses in the world joined hands, they still couldn’t compete with the most deadly and destructive virus of them all….. the Jewish virus and all of its infectious, insidious offshoots.

  3. Published today:

    “Coronavirus’s ability to mutate has been vastly underestimated, and mutations affect deadliness of strains, Chinese study finds: The most aggressive strains of Sars-CoV-2 could generate 270 times as much viral load as the least potent type. New York may have a deadlier strain imported from Europe, compared to less deadly viruses elsewhere in the United States….”

    Explains highly variable outcomes.

    • I notice there is a whole crew of folks determined to rewrite the recent history of the virus, My Dear John.

      I guess every political faction has realized the value of ‘owning the history’!

      So, for The Left this virus will have to be automatically from imperialist White Christian Southern Males who wear Trump caps, have rifle racks in their pickups, and chew tobacco…

      • I hadn’t noticed what your report, Ivan–about the crew of history-seizers–but I probably should have.

        • Give it time, Dear John – we are about to be in undated in different versions of the provenance of the Wuhan Virus.

          In light of the recent ads I seen from Biden and Trump, a central redoubt of the coming election, perhaps not coincidentally, seems to be the China issues – from trade deals and lost manufacturing to H1B visas and globalist concerns.

          In my view, Biden and the Democrats are foolish to venture a peep about China, as not only is the erstwhile vice-president a leading alumnus of a class of elite politicians who have destroyed smalltown America, this in having gratefully donated the bulk of our manufacturing to others – chief among which are The Chinese – but, because of his fantastically grotesque grafting issues vis-a-vis China.

          In fact, if The Democrats are interested in winning the presidential election of 2020, they could have fooled me!

          • I am against “getting into it with China” such as lawsuits, threats, etc. It is our fault for allowing traitors to ship our industrial base over there. We simply need to disengage and let their economy go to crap. Bring back the factories, stop the spies over here in our university, and make sure they don’t get too aggressive towards their neighbors. I’d like to see our traitors punished, severely, but doubt that will happen. But our factories need to come back, at least the important industries for national sovereignty. Let Biden try to run on a pro China agenda, let’s see how well that goes over in the rust belt.

          • Very interesting comment, Ivan, re China as a third rail for the Democrats this election cycle. Since I have no real feel for electoral politics, I have to pay attention to the political comments of persons like you and our host and some of the other commenters here. I’m surprised to hear you saying the Democrats are presently in bad position, but I’ll trust your judgment.

  4. The Frankenbug got out of the Chinese lab last Fall. The Gooks sent their diseased insects all over the world. Unless any of you live a cave, in the middle of nowhere, and have had no contact with any one or any THING – you’ve already been exposed.

    FYI – I’ve been reading Twitter/ AFTER reading Twitter – I hope CoronaChan kill 99.9% of the population.

    • Very very good until. The last homicidal sentence. Why ruin a good post? It’s pretty clear the Chinese government just virus bombed America and Europe. An economic attack masked as a plague.

      Their necks will have to broken for this affrontery.

  5. Re: Cats at the end of the second vid

    The most loyal breed of cat is the Burmese Blue. Mine is about five years old and still follows me around like a puppy dog, but is very shy of other people. If it is feeling energetic it follows me upstairs, playing jump in the way and claw the carpet. It does the same when I’m going down stairs. The other thing it likes to do if it is feeling playful, is try to get me to play chase with it around the house. For some reason Burmese feel the cold, so they are either sitting in the sun, or sitting on you.

    Cats have a memory like an elephant, so if you harm or tease them, it changes their behavior for life.

    Lastly, dogs have been known to eat their dead masters if they get desperately hungry, so look out Richard. 🙂

    • I’m proud to say I have never mistreated a cat or dog in my life. But there are a few niggers I should have dealt with. Not many, but a few.

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