Two Thousand Israelis Protest Benjamin Netanyahu’s Assault On Democracy

After three national elections, Netanyahu is still in power.


“Some two thousand people gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Sunday to protest anti-democratic measures passed during the coronavirus crisis and the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while maintaining social distancing.

The protest included speeches by prominent lawmakers from the center-left bloc, including former co-leaders of Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan. …”


“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the nation on Saturday evening in which he announced plans to loosen some of the stringent health regulations was followed by a cabinet meeting in the middle of the night, which resulted in their approval with some modifications. This marked the crossing of the Rubicon. Cabinet members and ministry officials may think they are in control of the situation through their statements and directives, but in practice, the public is already preoccupied with the day after, calculating their own exit strategies from the crisis.

The coronavirus is a real presence in our lives and apparently will remain so for a long time to come, but from the moment the announcement was made Saturday evening of the plan to significantly ease the lockdown, as the public had expected, it’s hard to imagine a way back to those limitations.

Things are happening quickly. All of a sudden, the daily toll in lives that COVID-19 has been exacting was pushed to the sidelines. People were talking about it as if it were simply another common cause of death, such as cancer or other illnesses. Instead, the attention was focused on the increasing economic cost that the virus was inflicting. …”

Israel is coming out of its own lockdown.

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    • You are being manipulated to hate and to kill a people that did you no wrong. Do you got a ring in your nose Ron with a piece of rope attached to it?

      • Brownshorts – the gooks wrong every living thing by infesting the Good Earth. Take the jew ring out of your nose, and anal tract. Idiot. Kristards are a MENACE.

      • Is it just me or is most of the pointless anti-Asian stuff coming from Trumpers play-acting as hardcore racists to avoid the reality that Trumpism circa 2020 is basically standard neoliberal fare: Tax cuts, deregulation, and more military spending?

  1. Who says there was even a democracy to assault in the first place? Also the scene looks a bit staged or orchestrated.

    It is one of the most unequal countries on earth. I mean inequality within the borders of the state, not counting the extreme inequality of the occupied territories. Plutocrats there, and here, want the expendables back at work and buying stuff again as soon as possible, and they are absolved of responsibility for the consequences if the expendables themselves are the ones demanding the “re-opening.”

  2. If the virus is as contagious as some insist – than no amount of social distancing will work. If passing wind transmits the virus – every one is already exposed. EVERY ONE.

  3. And why should any European, racial Nationalist give a fuck about the internal politics of Israel? WTF?

      • Of course, Jews would never lie about what is actually happening in Israel.

        “By way of deception, thou shalt make war”

        Anyone who can’t see this, is simply goyim (in the most unflattering definition of the term) not fit to be respected, or whose opinion should be taken seriously for anything anymore.

  4. Bibi being “elected” is about as big as a farce as Trump being “elected” – in the end TPTB(the Zio/jewish oligarchs) always get one of their puppets installed. Bibi’s “Corruption Charges” are a farce just like Trump’s “Impeachment” – Theater For the Masses to make the “Democratic Process” look legit.

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