COVID-19 Deaths vs. Typical Flu Seasons in the U.S. and Italy

According to the CDC, 24,000 Americans have died from the 2019-2020 flu season.

Note: It seems like has been warmer than usual this spring here in the South.

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  1. More than a decade ago, I’d guess, I saw a homemade anti-Darwin sign in Harrisburg. As a passenger in the car of relatives who lived in a housing development four or five miles northeast of the PA State Capitol, which stands in the video you linked, Mr. W., I had reached or just-about-reached a point on Front Street, which comes down along the Susquehanna River, to the capitol complex. The sign, which faced the southbound traffic of which we were a part, was in front of a house, along the roadside, and said something like–oh, I don’t know–“Creation not evolution,” something like that.

    I’ve never seen, in person, anything like that anywhere else. It came to my mind when I saw the homemade “Jesus = Vaccine” written on the truck in the video you linked.

    • Evolution is fake and gay. How did the first cell form? Have we ever observed one species morphing into another, like the horse-type animal-> whale thing evolutionists believe in?

      Evolution is not science, it’s a religious belief, and a really dumb one. It’s most commonly used to promote race mixing, because after all, we were all black Africans at one point.

      • I don’t know–how did the first cell form? I assume that’s covered in Genesis, right before the part where it’s explained why God gave whales residual land-animal features.

        PS No, nobody has ever observed the multi-million-year process of the evolution of one species from another, I’ll grant you that.

        • “That’s all we’re saying, is give God His due.”

          (with NO apologies to John Lennon, his cult, or that piece of garbage song)

          • C’mon, Father–many a creationist is saying far more than “give God his due,” whatever that might mean. As you probably are aware, there are, in this world, men and women whose perception and understanding have been cultivated to the degree that, for instance, in walking along a stark landscape in East Africa, they can spot and identify, on the ground, say, a piece of knee bone from a type of pig that went extinct ages ago. In books readily available in libraries and bookstores, the ordinary person can find maps that display in astonishing detail the territorial ranges of countless species, living and extinct–ranges that have been determined via countless hours of painstaking exertion by similarly-trained men and women. What the common creationist does with one or two sentences–usually poorly worded–is dismiss all that, scorn it, even presume to ridicule it. I wouldn’t push a creationist out of the path of a moving car.

            PS You might remember the case of the Christian missionaries who were kidnapped by the jihadist group Abu Sayyaf, in the Philippines, in 2001. I’m pretty sure Grace Burnham, who was among the kidnapped, wrote, in her account of the events, that, en route to the place where they were to be held, she and the other victims sang, to keep up their spirits, “Imagine.” How they, as missionaries, made sense of the line “Imagine no religion,” I can’t guess. (Can’t stand the song myself.)


  2. A previously healthy 5 year old girl in Michigan died from the WuFlu. It gave her a form of encephalitis. Some doofs are saying she didn’t die of corona virus because it was a complication, but obviously she wouldn’t have had the complication if she hadn’t had Covid-19 to begin with.

  3. Lloks weaponized. Denise did make one excellent point. The Chinese government sent its people out to infect the rest of the world, knowing how virulent this thing was going to be.
    They used the disease as an economic hit job.

    Clever bastards.

    But there will be a heavy price for the Chinese. We won’t be nuking their cities but there are other ways.

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