Donald Trump Tweets About Temporarily Suspending Immigration

The executive order expires in 90 days.

Look at how easily the chumps fall for it.

The virus which has killed 43,588 Americans and crashed the economy has temporarily halted immigration and international travel. It has also upended Trump’s 2020 campaign so he is trying to take credit for this. It is true though that immigration will go down in the middle of a pandemic.

Note: As of February, Trump’s plan was to run on the stock market, the lowest black unemployment rate in history, a merit based immigration system which would have increased immigration and CAPITALISM, NOT SOCIALISM. He didn’t want to hear about the virus. It was going to “disappear like a miracle.”

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  1. I got off the Trump Train in March 2017 and not once have I ever regretted it. I don’t pay any more attention to his empty bullshit promises. He’s weak, inept and dishonest. It would be great if the November election was cancelled or at least postponed indefinitely, because then Trump would be legally required to leave office in January with no successor. And that would throw this joke of a country into a constitutional crisis.

    • Ahhh yes – Muh Constitution – libertarians and Boomers and T-Tards will be clutching their beloved document as gangs of roving Blacks and Mexicans rape their wives and daughters as the JewSA goes up in the flames of a jew-induced Civil War.

      • lol oh that would be fucking amazing. The finally nail in the coffin, this is plausible if corona chan maintains her wrath.

  2. It’s not permanent. Blompfus can increase the number of diverse instant Muricans whenever the US CofC or Silicon Valley puts in an order.

  3. Really funny that Fuentes is trying to take credit for a pandemic shutting down travel. I guess Justin Trudeau is also a big Nick Fuentes fan.

  4. That will last a few months – Kush has Big Plans – The Greastest Plans, just wonderful – to increase H1B visa issuance.

  5. Fake and gay nothing will even happen from this he’ll walk it back, he’s just dangling a carrot infront of his Qtard followers

  6. I see everyone is focused on President Trump here – what he will do, won’t do, and how he operates.

    Of far greater interest is the move of sentiment within the populace.


    Because our system creates demagogues, or, in other words, if something is extremely popular, soon enough will rise those in the system who will stake there political careers on making that popular thing regular policy.

    Just think back to June 2015, when Candidate Trump opened with a gambit that had not been tried since the candidacy of Pat Buchanan a quarter of a century earlier.

    Suddenly half of the country seemed to be for closing down immigration – not just Dixie and our spirit 1st cousins in The Rural Midwest.

    Now it’s 80%?!?

    Thank you, Good Lord, for this minor plague!!!!@##$%!!!!

    If it is going to make non-Southerners come to their senses about race, trade, manufacturing, and nationalism then let this Chinese pox flourish.

    Whatever it’s cost, it will be far less than a shooting war, which, until this, seemed to be the only way of making the nation sober.

  7. On a personal note : I live in one of the oldest little towns in this country – ‘The Olde Confederacy’, as I refer to it, because it arose out of the westward migration that occurred in the mid 17th century from Jamestown.

    Until recently, this town was completely and unerringly Southern. It’s why my wife and I, after a long economic exile in New England, chose to be here.

    We wanted to live where Jesus Christ is institution IS the biggest institution, where strangers wave at each other constantly, folks chat on the sidewalks and in stores; where there is only a slight homosexuality – that is prudently kept in the closet – city government is purposefully impotent, admirably weak – thus, taxes low – and where the news can travel quicker than a newspaper.

    We wanted a town and area as little affected by the post-1950s as we could possible conjure.

    All we and good – because we found it!

    Yet, since we bought our old antebellum house in the middle of town, increasingly my neighbours are NOT Southron – but East Indian, Chinese, Arab, and Latins of every stripe.

    Of course, I do my duty – and continually extend to them the very biggest possible welcome a Southern Smile heart can provide and the warmth of the greatest hospitality.

    I will not take out on these people the hostility I feel at both the United States’ Government and my own people for, in the face of this and so much more, going along with this and waving the New England Yankee/New York Jew Flag.

    And so it is that I have involuntarily become The Welcoming Committee and the Secretary General of a Southern U.N.

    If you had told me that this would be my fate, as an aging Southerner, when I was once a child amongst all those proud Southerners – so many years back – I would have told you that you were surely a writer of unhappy science fiction!

    But, science fiction it ain’t, not in 2020, and so it is that the rules of my culture, class, and Chryst compel me to be a home away from home for Aliens Unlimited Inc.

      • @Spahn…

        As i have friends and contacts all over Dixie, I think I can reasonably say that all of The Smalltrown & Rural South is VERY pro-White and patches of it, here and there, have, and indeed, are awakening to the perils of ZOG – thanks to the Internet and the bravery of those who risk their livelihoods and well-being to decry it both in person and online.

        As to Western Carolina being more militant than other areas of Dixie, or, in particular, North Carolina, it is not no possible to know, because, to know that, you would have to have a private conversation with every single person and record the results.

        You say you are a Southern Californian playing the piano up in Beantown. Are you alone up there, or do you know a community of like-minded souls?

  8. As soon as Jarvanka enters the Oval Office, swing her massive udders, this latest promise on immigration will be over. That’s the history of it, so far.

  9. What an intellectually dishonest “post”. I hear Biden will permanently ban all third World immigration and will deport all resident immigrants (legal and otherwise) immediately upon taking office.

  10. What with all the exceptions tossed in, which I assume will be literally interpreted, I doubt this will change much beyond what the virus has already accomplished. Another half-assed gesture from the orange jackass.

  11. Yea it’s nothing but campaign propaganda on immigration. Temporary means nothing and his executive order will do nothing. He should have done that last November when Covid-19 was taking off in China. Deo Vindice !

  12. “to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens”

    So Zion Don has just come right out and admitted that business as usual levels of immigration hurts the employment prospects of his base? And then he says it’s only a temporary measure and he want’s to get back to hurting the American worker ASAP. This is frigging hilarious!

    “We’ve decided to temporarily ease the pressure on the dildo while the nation is in crisis before shoving it back in hard as soon as possible! MIGA 2020!”

  13. Trump was not really running on “black unemployment” that talk was for white women living in the suburbs to reassure them that he’s not really the monster CNN and MSNBC make him out to be.

    • Bulshit. Republicans have been trying and failing to get the black vote for generations. They never get it because there is no black vote. When elections are not close, blacks vote the same as the rest of the population. When elections are close, they vote how the owners of the black vote tell them to vote.

      Republicans win office appealing to white voters, and they lose office ignoring the white vote while sucking up minorities. They never learn. They don’t call them the Stupid Party for nothing.

  14. @DENISE…

    Thank you for having read and replied, Dear Miss Denise. I hope you are having the jackdaddy of fine days up yonder!

  15. @RICKY…


    That’s hysterical, Friend! ! !

    Is that yours or did you pick that up from somewhere?

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