Stephen Moore: Reopenings Will Lead To Red State, Blue State Divide

I’m not taking a position on the lockdowns anymore.

As I explained over a week ago, I think we are entering the dip. The Blue States and Red States are going to go their own way. The result will be the Coronavirus Confederacy.

The first wave of the virus was suppressed in the South by the lockdowns before it had the chance it get out of hand. The lesson we have drawn from that is that the virus was a Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump to destroy the economy. We’re tired of the lockdowns and the reaction is against the economic price we have paid for them. The lockdowns will be lifted in a haphazard fashion which won’t conform to the federal guidelines that were announced last week.

Xijin makes a good point. In China, Wuhan and Hubei were almost immediately locked down for two months. Elsewhere, Chinese cities were locked down until the virus stopped growing for 14 days. In contrast, New York and New Jersey were never quarantined. The Chinese lockdowns were targeted and rigorously enforced and worked to suppress the virus.

Note: The Chinese have repeatedly warned us not to lift the lockdowns too early. If it goes wrong, they will be blamed for this too.

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    • That’s what it feels like to me! It is as if someone from an Invasion of the Body Snatchers universe took over Brad’s brain, about six months ago, and now all he can blather on about is ‘his coronavirus,’ and how everyone else but him….is wrong! I’m so tired of it.

      • And then, ten minutes later, I find this!

        “I have all of the curves: confirmed Covid-19 cases in America, mortality rate, ratio of active to confirmed cases, currently active cases, recovered cases, etc., etc.
        None of it means anything. At all.

        Everything you’re being told by the FedGov and StateGov and CountyGov is crap. I’m a registered professional engineer. I’ve done science, engineering and mathematical modeling for 40 years. If I did my work like this my license would have been stripped and I would be in jail.”

        Are you even alive, Hunter? Or does the CDC own this website now?

        • And this tidbit, from the first post of this man:

          “The bureaucracy is now arguing that this virus came from the deepest part of China in a bat cave somewhere (note that this is a modification of the paradigm they gave earlier, which is that it came from the wet market near Wuhan, an argument that fell flat when it became wider knowledge that many of the very early and original Coronavirus patients had no connection whatsoever to the wet market and never went there). Google “patient 31.” This is an actual person with a number, meaning that they know about patients 0 – 30, and exactly where they were and weren’t, and more than likely how they got the virus.

          There model then was wrong, and their model now is wrong (or better, a lie). Furthermore, they continue to argue that Hydroxychloroquine isn’t an effective therapeutic and are trying to do their very best to prove it (I have multiple documents in my possession to the N.C. hospital system concerning this very subject). They want Remdesivir to be in wide use, being a patented drug, and able to make a lot of money for big Pharma.

          Their epidemiological models were wrong from the beginning, and are still wrong today. The CDC has been fighting gun violence, obesity, and racism, so anything to do with biology and analytical statistics is rather too difficult for them. Apparently, the CDC has become a FedGov jobs program for people who can’t otherwise do real work.”

          Didn’t I note, over a month ago (!) that they ALREADY KNEW that Hydroxychloroquine was a ‘cure’? I did, and certain…umm, MODERATORS dismissed it… just like False Fauci, the FAG.

          Yes, we get it. People are dying from COVID. People do die… it’s a result of sin. Gen. 3:15ff.

          Is the Truth too hard to get around here? Are we so Talmuddied, that pilpul and fear-mongering, the two trademarks of psychotic Jewry, are all we have left?

          • @Fr John…

            “Yes, we get it. People are dying from COVID. People do die… it’s a result of sin. Gen. 3:15ff.”

            Father, most folks no longer see that they live in a world with a connection to the unseen – or, as you and i think of it … ‘God.’

            Many, in fact, are here at this site, and many of them, whilst declaring themselves ‘Defenders of the West’ actually congratulate themselves for a view that is entirely UNWestern, because both Christianity and European Paganism both are clear about the ralationship between souls in human form, and those entities which are not.

  1. All because the government was unwilling to suspend the “essential” jobs of collecting rents and usury, unlike “non-essential” jobs that actually produce value. The USA is a joke.

    • Good call Dart. Totally agree. I know Aoc is an anti white racist. Then again, so is the entire Democrat party.That being said, it does not mean she is always wrong about general things. For example, her and Bernie wanted to limit credit card companies to max out at 15% interest. A very fair and reasonable thing to do.

      But of course ( cough) Christian Republicans took out the Bible, er, I mean ” muh capitalism and free markets” and said such usury can only be limited if the market demands. GOD demanding usury end? Meh. Now where’s muh church?

      So, due to Republitardism, I now receive credit card offers with interest as high as 30%. Those big, bad socialists wanted me to pay a maximum of 15%. Who’s America First again?

      Rents would not be so high if we did not let astronomical amounts of people in over the last 30 years. And if we did not allow so many foreign buyers to screw up the price of homes and rents.

      There was just another story on it the other day where an obscenely wealthy family from South America was looking to park their money in the coronavirus era. So they bought a bunch of apartments in Manhattan. They are sooo happy now because they said they will eventually sell them at a huge upgrade cost. Gee, capitalism winning!!. Sooo where do the slaves, er, workers get to live? Somebody has to be an indentured servant to these parasites after all within a two hour commute.

      Then again, we live in an era of Queen hoochie Jennifer Lopez and her ( for now) boy toy, A- Rod, looking to buy the New York Mets baseball team.Only problem is the Jewish owners ( dad and son) of the team have a tendency to only do business with other Jews and even Bill Maher got a sliver of Mets ownership. And the owners want an astounding 2.5 billion for 80 percent of the team. Jenny from the block and her now retired home run hitting boy toy don’t have that kind of scratch. Even hedge fund Jews are walking away. The Mets owner had Bernie Madoff as his investment guy. That fell apart obviously. Usury is not just evil. It’s GOD less and now as American as apple pie. Dear GOD, bring it all down.

      • @Jeff…

        “I know Aoc is an anti white racist. Then again, so is the entire Democrat party.That being said, it does not mean she is always wrong about general things.”

        Yes, Jeff – I disturb my fellow rural Tarheels with this all the time – that Senora Alessandria Cortez is good for the health of the nation.


        A. She is just like our erstwhile Senator Jesse Helms – straight with no chaser.

        B. She is a disturbing lightning rod to the establishment.

        C. Her anti-Whiteness is absolutely what we deserve for allowing the United states government to import endless bushels of every Tom, Dick, and Harry into our lands.

        ‘Get ready for more AOCs’, I say to Conservative Rural Evangelical types, who are driven crazy by her!

        • Ivan. Absolutely. Too much diversity demands anti whiteness. I am old enough to remember being taught the melting pot theory. Now you never hear that. Only diversity and never ending worship of black people in particular.

          I actually enjoy Aoc sometimes. The credit card thing I mentioned earlier. Her calls for a basic income. Calls for all to have health insurance. Saying billionaires should not exist. Sure she’s nuts on the illegal immigration thing but as you say she is necessary at this point. Also if pro white nationalists picked up the popular themes of socialism and mixed it with the best themes of capitalism, that person could go far politically.

          Being called a socialist does not have the sting it did years ago due to the extraordinary gap between the haves and have nots today. This is particularly true when many of the haves do nothing of true importance. Ball players, actors, shady hedge fund guys, Disney, etc.

          This whole coronavirus thing has exposed how utterly useless our entertainment godzzz are. But hey, Tom Brady signed a two year deal with the Buccaneers for 50 million while many people barely make it. We need to tax the rich again- heavily. We also need to deeply reevaluate our priorities as a nation. This whole thing of being a child forever supporting insanely wealthy sports ballers and fake line readers is tragic. The same goes for ” seeing the world” before you die. Too much travel and immigration is literally killing us. Uber capitalism has made us spoiled brats.

          • @Jeff…

            Thank you, Jeff, for your excellent reply!

            You know, speaking of ‘the melting pot’ I remember my first week in Northeastern New York, along the Vermont line, I attended a house of worship, the clerick having spent the whole sermon denouncing G. W. Bush.

            Afterwards I met the clerick, he, when he found out that I was Southern, warned me that, ‘In New York, things are a true melting pot, not like in The South.’

            Though decorum prevented me from laughing or being sassy. I never forget that exchange, because you can drive all over Northeastern New York and Vermont, for that matter, and never see anything but White.

            I doubt that, in the 12 years I lived up yonder, I saw 5 Negroes. No Arabs or Latins, either, and the only Chinamen were those who ran the restaurants.

            Us, down here, however, live with a ton of non-Whites, and not just in our town, but, for those of us old enough, we grew up in a house tended by Negro mammies, maids, drivers, and gardeners!

            As to AOC – I respect her, just as I do anyone who will speak for their people and speak straight. She is a Caribbean Mestizo and they are the one who elected her. She ought represent them, and not some ridiculous New England theory which says all Americans ought be equally for all people, no matter what!

            As to ‘socialism’, we already have it, most particularly for the rich. Like you, I’m in favour of extending some of that ‘socialism’ to the Working Man & Woman!

  2. Very good point, Dart. How can tens of millions of employees and small business owners be expected to sit quietly in their rooms for weeks or months on end while still getting hassled about bills, the rent, mortgages, etc? Funny how those bills continue to get sent out on time, pandemic or not. But that $1200 compensation check from the government will take months to arrive, if it arrives at all.

    Someone on a cable TV news program recently opined that American workers should not just return to work like obedient drones, they should give their employers a short list of demands to make sure they’re not getting screwed over. But like Dart said this country is a joke.

  3. People should be pissed off about that phrase “non essential” jobs and businesses. All private sector jobs and businesses are essential because there’s no economy without them. It’s government bureaucrats and politicians that we can live without.

  4. “Reopenings Will Lead To Red State, Blue State Divide”

    A division cannot be created where there is already is a division.

    We live in a country that is not, and we pay a heavy price for that every day, or, at least, Southerners do and long have.

    • Isn’t it true that the South has lost a lot of its cultural/regional identity? The Research Triangle in North Carolina for example, or most of Florida! And then there’s Houston. Ugh!

      • @Spahn…

        Good question, Spahn.

        If you mean by, ‘loss of cultural/regional identity’ as a way of thinking about ourselves – then, yes, we have lost a lot of it.

        Of course, that is not an accident, as 24/7 we are bombarded with stimuli encouraging us to identify as ‘Americans (in other words – The New York Jew and New England Yankee Nation before ourselves)

        On the other hand, if you mean by, ‘loss of identity’, in real terms, then the answer is no, we have not lost it.

        Case in point – we have our own cuisine (barbecue, grits, slaw, fried okra, corn-bread, fried chicken livers, pickled melon rinds etc, etc)

        Moreover, we greet strangers and help anyone at the drop of a hat. We smile at strangers, and we address folks as, ‘M’am’ & ‘Sir’.

        We do believe in science, though, it must be in a balance with The Good Lord.

        Even though there are plenty of atheists and agnostics here, The Lord is first in the South. On Sunday morning, more than half of the entire Rural & Smalltown South is in church.

        Dixie is a nation, and you can find the same culture and people from Southeastern Maryland to Central Texas.

        We have our own accents and vocabulary, plus we have our own music – gospel, blues, rock-n-roll, bluegrass, and country.

        Most of us still live by an honour code.

        Most of us still treat people nice, but, deep down, we know the White Southern Race is our tribe and The South is are lands.

        And, yes, our flag, The Battleflag of the Army of Northern Virginia can be seen throughout Dixie, though, less than when I was child.

        As to Florida – North Florida is White Southern, end of subject. BUT, Central Florida and Southern Florida, which was never settled, en masse, by White Southerners, has settled by Yankees retirees and Political refugees from Latin America.That process began with the development of air-conditioning.

        As to NC, yes, the Research Triangle thinks it’s a little U.N.

        That is why I left it (my childhood home) in the mid 1990s – I couldn’t take it no more! It’s much the same for Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Asheville and a few other places, though, immediately outside of these areas you will immediately be swamped by Southerners.

        In fact, every state in The South is like this – 15% of the terrain held in big cities by strangers, buy 85% of the land still held, run, and administered by White Southerners.

        And we still own and run our own governments, too – with the exception of Virginia.

        So, yes, mentally we are addled, (by New England lunacy, Zionism, & drugs – not necessarily in that order:) and lacking in balls, but, still, all in all, the soil is there for a new Southern Nation.

        It may be that we choose to remain subjugated for another decade or a century, but, I sense there is a coming a time when we will assert ourselves in a way that none will be able to stem.

        Does this help, and do you have any more questions?

  5. Look at the thumbnail for the final video “Calls for a return to work in the U.S.”. I was with my parents at the supermarket and mall not that long before this started, saw the same thing and said to my father “Lets play a game. You look all around you and tell me that if you had base amnesia in regards to your location.. Would you be able to guess what country you are in?”

    Despite being children of the 60s who shake their head in disgust at me, I have to believe that they see in a vicinity of 2000 people, maybe 200 or 300 are European while the majority are indian, Arab and then Hispanic. Even the black people, despite the young ones letting yoi know they are present with their volume and behavior, are in the minority these days wherever I go in a four state vicinity. This doesn’t get better. It only gets worse

  6. Nice Pickup on the Ohio Man. Ohio Man, sixty, fat, stressed now dead. ..Crazy Ohio Man. RIP Fella.

  7. *Indian, Arab and East Asian I should have said. The East Asians tend to be the most able to simply blend and not glaringly stand out so I forgot to mention them at first

  8. I want to pay attention to Brazil.
    With Jair Bolsonaro dismissing wuflu as just “sniffles”.
    Brazil, one gigantic human petri dish.
    A potential object lesson.

  9. A lot of these small business Republican/Libertarian types don’t get the fact that by all accounts small businesses last only a couple of years.

    My family operated a small business for 30 some years, so I’m not anti-small business. But, I’m just being realistic about the nature of small business.

    Today, the location of that family business is a parking lot. LOL. The owner of the lot allows me to park for free whenever I’m in town.

    • Good point, but if the government imposes a nationwide economic shutdown and ruins the livelihoods of millions of employees and small business owners shouldn’t those people be compensated?

  10. What the heck is going on with this website?? Maybe YOU’RE personally scared of dying from this thing??

    • @America…

      Folks process peril differently, America – and ought not be deridden for their concerns, anymore than folks should be reproached for seeming not so concerned.

  11. It’s really sad that people still play party politics during a global health pandemic. Oh but that’s all people know in American politics….sad for us all. Deo Vindice !

  12. Historically the United States has been a reactive nation and not a proactive nation and as a result always gets caught with its pants down as life unfolds around them. Consider that Pearl Harbor, the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of China, the reunification of Germany, the explosion of Islamic terrorism, and the sudden appearance of the AIDS and COV-19 caught them by complete surprise. The United States is some 244 years old and it should not take any “nation” that long to get its sh*t together!

    • @Heartland…

      With all due respect, Heartland, I cannot see your remark here.

      Why is that?

      Because this country, particularly The South, was formed with a few basic ideas in mind.

      One of those ideas was a resolve to ignore the rest of the world and be separate from it, insofar as one country can be separate and still be on the same planet as other countries.

      This is why the foreign policy of this country,since McKinley, has made no sense, unless you analyze it strictly from the perspective of organized robbery of others.

      Moreover, because this nation is now entirely invested in it’s identity as an exclusively financial power, it stands to reason that it would be unprepared to countenance any other sort of premise.

      We are all in on money, to the neglect of every other single thing.

      Hoe long can that go on?

      Your guess is as good as mine!

  13. I’m kinda surprised the libertarians and Alex Jones crowd are downplaying a pandemic. You think with all this emphasis on prepping for the apocalypse these people would head for the bunkers in a pandemic but noooo. These retards are protesting big guberment socialist lockdowns in the middle of a pandemic. Anyways stay home and stay safe bros 🙂

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