Global Times: Coronavirus Shows U.S. Is a “Primitive Society”

Welcome to the 2020s.

Americans are being called a “primitive society” by people who eat dogs.

Daily Mail:

“In a column titled ‘Smearing China a lame trick to aid reelection for White House’, the Global Times described the escalating epidemic in the US is ‘like that of a primitive society’, blasting Washington’s poor handling of the virus outbreak.

The COVID-19 spread in the US is almost like that of a primitive society. It should not have been like this if the US had the slightest science and organization,’ the Chinese state media outlet said.

‘To put it bluntly, the U.S. is no match for China in terms of anti-epidemic organization and mobilization.

‘The US political system has been hit by the pandemic on its weak side and we were willing to show understanding for that. After all, every system has its weaknesses,’ the newspaper asserted. …”

‘However, as this public health crisis expands into to the economic, political and social fields with many subsequent effects surfacing, the weakness of the system is being exposed,’ the newspaper added.

‘It allows infighting between the federal and the states at this critical time, aggravates US society’s fragmentation and polarization, and will erode the country’s long-term interests.

‘And it is the American people who will bear the losses and pain,’ the Chinese state media said. …”

I find it hard to disagree.

I see another 2,551 Americans are now dead while our politicians blame each other and our economy has sputtered to a halt. The virus has poisoned the liberal order.

Unlike China, Donald Trump and the United States were not caught by surprise by the virus. They had almost two months to prepare for it. It had already hit South Korea, Italy and Iran before it started killing Americans. After consulting with Dr. Jared Kushner, the plan that these idiots ultimately came up with was to “ride it out” and treat it like it was “just the flu.” If the crash of the oil market is any indication, they have greatly accelerated the demise of our “superpower” status.

Note: Ron Unz is now arguing that the coronavirus was a bungled American bioweapon attack on China by incompetent neocons in the national security establishment. BTW, it is worth looking back on the saber rattling that was going on when this all got started. I am not saying that I agree with Unz on this, but the timeline of how all this just happened is amazing.

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  1. We have certainly become primitive, but that took place long before Covid-19.

    Our formerly strong moral core as a nation is now rotted beyond recognition. We have indeed traded a strong high trust society to indulge in our personal desires.

    We have a reality TV show host as President. That in of itself shows you how pathetic we are as a country.

    I struggle some days to find some light to cling to. I’m just human after all. God is in control, yes. I know that, but some days it’s just tough not to feel down.

    Even the strongest and most powerful empires in history fell and I’m sure that the people that lived during the time they were on the decline were shaking their heads in disbelief as many of us are now with the US.

    Regardless, it’s clear that this nation is done. It’s not coming back, at least not in the form that it used to be. The best that can happen now is for it to break up on parts and those of European descent can have their own space again and their right to steer their lives as they see fit again.

    However, I don’t see this happening peacefully, I just don’t. The forces that are aligned against us won’t allow us to just quietly go our own way. The question then becomes, how badly do we want it?

    Time will tell.

    • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.seems like a decent fellow, very much like his father. Too bad the Dimocraps couldn’t find somebody like him to run against that sleazy orange NIGGER.

  2. ‘like that of a primitive society’,

    Yeah, pretty true.
    Just visit North Tijuana, er los angeles.
    (Or any other mud city).

  3. Pretty arrogant from a country of slopes who still shit on the side of the road outside the cities and use their fingers to wipe.

      • Dead baby soup what the freaking hell is that?! Don’t you mean bat soup? I don’t agree with chinas 1 child policy but at least china doesn’t go abortion crazy like weirmerica does

        • STFU -There are plenty of Americans who are against abortion including me. Don’t accuse us all of being baby killers…jack ass.

        • Thom

          What do u think the Chinese have done wi fetuses, over the centuries ?

          Don’t be an adult pollyanna.

  4. Re: origin of the term “gooks”: It was first used derogatively of Filipinos by U.S. forces that invaded the Philippines after the defeat of Spain in 1898 and fought an extremely bloody and long war (continuing from 1899 to 1913) against Filipino regular forces, and later, Filipino guerrillas, in which approximately one million “gook” (Filipino) civilians were killed, besides Filipino soldiers and guerrillas. The U.S. was finally victorious and the Philippines became a colony – and since every imperial colony inevitably contributes its people as well as its wealth to the empire that rules it, there is now a rather large Filipino demographic on the U.S. mainland.

    Re: “almost two months to prepare for it”: Maybe four or five months, perhaps even more time than China had, as Pepe Escobar notes in his new article on today: Some U.S. agencies seem to have known about the disease even BEFORE the Chinese government became aware of it!

    • Any objective observer can see that race mixing ‘integration’ is a fool’s enterprise and we are primitive, to accept it.

      • Primitives generally stick with the tribe and don’t mix. It is cosmopolitan, modern fools who are stupid enough to do so.

  5. “To put it bluntly, the U.S. is no match for China in terms of anti-epidemic organization and mobilization.”

    Does not that seem a bit ambitious for a country whose laxity (if it was that) caused this, and then their determination to cover up the reality of that led to a pandemic?

    While I can see some valid angles on their criticisms, it seems to me that The Chinese Government reminds me of The United States’ Government – calling out other peoples and places when it does not have the moral authority to do so.

    As I have gotten older, I am struck by how little respect folks often have, and or demonstrate to each other.

    I am glad I live in an ole-timey Southern Town, (Mayberry 2020) it a place where people still value respect for o, and attempt to communicate that every dang day…

    • But the premier there will don a mask. Unlike our overlords he’s signalling that he’s rational.

        • At this point I do think restrictions ought to be lifted. There are human trials for vaccines now.

          Why are you so keen have the social and racial distancing ended though? I think it’s been an overall positive. BAME are hardest hit. People are enjoying a non consumerist pause in their lives. Schools are closed. Hollywood is bankrupted. Why get hasty and encourage anyone else to be a casualty in the pandemic?

          • “People are enjoying a non consumerist pause in their lives.”

            I’d say, Captain, that that makes it official: All virility of mind has left you.

          • PS “Hollywood is bankrupted.”

            I wouldn’t be sure about that. Jews reflexively–remarkably, admirably–construe any situation, no matter how dire, as an opportunity. They’ll find opportunity in this mess, too.

          • There has never been a vaccine for any type of coronavirus. Why do people think there will be one now?

    • “I am struck by how little respect folks often have, and or demonstrate to each other.”

      Courtesy, is the surest Mark of intelligence.

  6. The Jews are not capable of organizing or maintaining a civilized society. America is going to hell and the Jews are leading the way. It is a miracle NYC hasn’t been nuked by now. A miracle.

  7. “Note: Ron Unz is now arguing that the coronavirus was a bungled American bioweapon attack on China by incompetent neocons in the national security establishment.”

    Very interesting article. When that same theory was suggested by one of your readers several months ago, it a made a couple of new commenters very angry. They wanted idea shut down fast.

  8. Two or three years ago, Mr. W., when you remarked that America has been upended over the past half century, i was surprised, because I hadn’t been sure that someone your age would see it that way. For me, yes, who’d lived through it, that was how it seemed; but because you are too young to have lived in the America that preceded that half century, I didn’t know whether the change would be clear to you.

    This has been the half century not of America, of course, but of (((America))); and now we live in, yes, the “primitive society” the Jews have made of the place, as they make, have always made, and will always make of every place where they attain their unique, cryptic rule. They can rule–but never wisely, never well.

    Over the past day, I’ve been thinking of a “Mein Kampf” passage that I’ve now taken the trouble to find. The passage comes late in the book, in Chapter 14, out of 15, of its second and final volume. At is the James Murphy translation, of the 1930s, in which the passage appears as follows:

    “In delivering Russia over to Bolshevism, Fate robbed the Russian people of that intellectual class which had once created the Russian State and were the guarantee of its existence. For the Russian State was not organized by the constructive political talent of the Slav element in Russia, but was much more a marvelous exemplification of the capacity for State-building possessed by the Germanic element in a race of inferior worth. Thus were many powerful Empires created all over the earth. More often than once inferior races with Germanic organizers and rulers as their leaders became formidable States and continued to exist as long as the racial nucleus remained which had originally created each respective State. For centuries Russia owed the source of its livelihood as a State to the Germanic nucleus of its governing class. But this nucleus is now almost wholly broken up and abolished. The Jew has taken its place. Just as it is impossible for the Russian to shake off the Jewish yoke by exerting his own powers, so, too, it is impossible for the Jew to keep this formidable State in existence for any long period of time. He himself is by no means an organizing element, but rather a ferment of decomposition. This colossal Empire in the East is ripe for dissolution. And the end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a State. We are chosen by Destiny to be the witnesses of a catastrophe which will afford the strongest confirmation of the nationalist theory of race.”

    • That passage demonstrates the foolish behavior of Hitler towards the Russians. He is essentially correct I think, but he should have attacked the USSR as a liberating hero, not an enslaving conqueror. He could have had millions of Russians and Ukrainians gladly join his effort.

      • @POWELL…

        Hitler’s ‘attitude’ towards The Slavs cost Germany the war, for, by 1941, the Eastern Europeans absolutely were desperate to get out from underneath Judeo-Bolshevism.

        It strikes one how blithely ignorant Hitler was of his White neighbours immediately to The East, when, other than the fact they did not consider themselves as ‘Untermenschen’, they agreed with him about practically everything.

        Yet, because of his unequaled arrogance, instead of millions of comrades-in-arms, the Germans creates untold enemies that, in turn, wrecked them.

        Alfred Rosenberg warned Hitler of all of this, but, Hitler sided with Koch – he who was a insensate lug of a human – according to the interviews given by his staff, many years after.

        One of the most glaring things in recent years has been The White Nationalist adulation of Hitler, ignoring the fact that he was even more murderous to Gentile European Whites than he was Jews – if such a thing were possible.

        • Nazis seem to have really believed in their crazy racial theories, just like the Coonfederates foolishly believed their own propaganda about King Cotton.

          • Well, yeah, but it’s easy to believe in a crazy racial theory when it’s true.

        • I guess he was afraid, Ivan, that the Poles might not be in sympathy with his antisemitism. (Joke.)

          • @John Bonaccorsi…

            LOL! I don’t know how he missed it, as Poland had (before Hitler’s Germany:) s a history of anti-Semitism second to none!

            That said, there are, and, indeed, have always been, many Poles who are not this way at all!

            Poles are fiercely proud and nationalistic, the most so I have ever seen in The West, BUT, that manifests through folks in different ways.

            Like all peoples, the broader the brush with which one paints, the more in risk of being silly one is!

            Polish women are amazing and I often kid Poles that, if the Polish Government had actually sent out The Polish Women to meet the Wehrmacht, we, Nationalists, would not have to be struggling with the legacy of Hitler.

            I hope things are well with mama, up yonder!

            We have not been to communion in nearly 7 weeks and my wife is getting antsy for the altar!

        • “Polish women are amazing ….”

          Sometime in the early 1970s, I’d guess it was, Ivan, I saw a wedding dress that a sister of a Polish school friend of mine had made. She’d made it for a friend of hers, whose wedding was impending; and her mother, who’d become a friend of my own mother, had brought her to our house, with the dress, so we could see it before she’d deliver it to the bride-to-be. I wish I could take you in a time machine to see it. It was magnificent, with white beads that she’d affixed to the fabric one-by-one in patterns that made it look like something in a painting by one of the Old Masters.

          Some years ago, I saw E. Michael Jones, in a YouTube clip, remark that the only Catholic ethnic neighborhood that withstood deliberate, as he argued, destruction, after World War II, was Philadelphia’s Polish neighborhood of Bridesburg, I guess it was, though I always get the neighborhoods there, near the Delaware, mixed up. Because my Polish school friends seem to have had ancestral homes in that neighborhood, I attended some funerals there in decades past. Wait–also the funeral of a Polish woman with whom my mother had worked, in her secretary days, during WWII. So–yes, even there, in the war that liberalism waged (in the argument of Jones) on those neighborhoods, it was the Poles who put up the best resistance.

          Thanks for asking about my mother, who, yes, is doing pretty well, I’d say. Fortunately, my siblings are able to use the technology of iPads, smartphones, and regular old phones to preserve something like their usual contact with her, even during this lockdown. It turns out to be pretty easy to play bingo over the phone, especially if you can use your telephone-camera to snap a picture of your card and send it to the other player.

          You know I can understand your wife’s antsiness re getting to church and communion in person, but my mother is making a good adjustment to Mass-via-internet. You know her, with her simplicity: Before she enters the room where the laptop is set up for her, for the Mass, she pauses and makes the sign of the cross, as if she were entering church.

          Anyway, hope everyone is in good health at your end. Here’s an amazon link to the Jones book (“Slaughter of the Cities”):

      • Agree 100% with Powell. How ironic it is that Russians and Eastern Europeans under the “inferior” Slavs seem to be the only white regions fighting for their existence and embracing nationalism-real nationalism not what passes for nationalism in the United States.

        • @Heartland…

          Truly, Heartland, truly.

          As one who has been blessed with a life of deep and abiding friendships with many Europeans, i can tell you that Eastern Europeans, though imperfect as all men must inevitably be, are far and away the most courageous and least confused Westerners of this time in history.

          If I vote for president Trump this Fall, it will be because his occupying The White House lends a protective umbrella to countries like Hungary.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      “Jews have made of the place, as they make, have always made, and will always make of every place where they attain their unique, cryptic rule. They can rule–but never wisely, never well.”

      Never wisely, never well, Dear John, because, as a whole, they seem utterly preoccupied with what is to their own benefit, Dear John.

      That kind of myopic self-absorption (compulsively being focused on identifying their own interests) is why Jewry can rise so high and then fall so low.

      If history orThe Good Book make anything clear, it is that God does not like that quality (self-absorption) in anyone or any group, and, though an indeterminate time may pass where self-absorption can seem to succeed, in the end the practicer of the behavior reaps what he has sown.

    • @Southron…

      You, Sir, are the bane of ‘Les Francais!’

      That, and the subtle aura that seems to exist between your words makes me think you either are from Louisiana, or have long lived there.

      What say ye, Sir?

      • Hey Brother Ivan,

        Don’t get me wrong about La Belle France. I was there last year, and it is indeed one of the most enchanting, beautiful places on earth — at least the actual French parts of France.

        My criticisms of them, of course, really focus on the history of the political machinations of the ‘Enlightenment’ (“Endarkenment”) — and, of course, all the reprehensible evil that followed it into the French revolutions, and the Napoleonic invasions, in exporting this mess to the rest of La Belle Europa.

        And how, now, the chickens have been coming home to roost in France thanks to this legacy, like in the article above that I posted.

        Btw – I absolutely love the Gilets Jaunes, for they are the true fils de France.

        Vive le VRAIE France! Vive le vrai peuple français!

        • @Southron…

          As always, thank you for the well-thought out and nuanced reply!

          Yes, I see the Gilets Jaunes as French Confederates and, like you, I love them.

          I got a hint of this at Facebook, some years back, when I formed a group called ‘The North Carolina Secessionists’, and Frenchmen, such as Marion Le Pen, asked to join!

          Since then I have had some extensive correspondence with some of them and realize that they are simply NOT going to tolerate what is happening to them.

          Macron may leave office unscathed or he may end up being parade like Mussolinin and Clara Petacci.

          Yes, The French parts of France are a magic fairieland – from the mountain paradise of a place like Annecy, in Bourgogne, to the sombre Norman towns like Rouen.

          My favourite parts, though, are Carcassone, Gascony, and Provence – because the people and climate and flora remind me so of our Southern Nation.

          Yes, Vive le Vraie France!

          God bless you and yours, Sir!

    • @Southron…

      ““Liberty, fraternity, equality”

      Did they leave the word Freewill out of that late 18th century slogan, on purpose, or was that just a serendipitous flub?

      • Did they leave the word Freewill out of that late 18th century slogan, on purpose, or was that just a serendipitous flub?

        Completely on purpose, Ivan..

        The full, actual title of that terrible motto, which has caused untold grief and misery to the mind of the White Man, is:

        “Liberté, égalité, fraternité ou la mort”

        “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death“. They sure had plenty of that evil during the revolutions.

        Vive le Christ Roi!

        • @Southron…

          ““Liberté, égalité, fraternité ou la mort””

          Wow, was that an unintended double-entendre or not?

          It really is haunting when you think of it in light of what was to come when Mother Russia fell under the tyranny of the Judeo-Bolshevist years.

          Spooky, downright spooky!

          Yes, Vive, Le Christ Roi!

          How beautiful is Our Lord – impossibly so!

  9. A bungled American bioweapon attack? Maybe that’s not the right question. Maybe the right question is as follows:

    Was China letting this Jew Lieber–in exchange for his expertise–use that Wuhan lab as his own little Israeli Biowarfare Facility? The names Julius and Ethel Rosenberg come to mind.

    • Although I have no knack for conspiracy theories, I don’t entirely regret what I posted there. At the very least, it drew attention to the one thing that does seem pretty clear here, namely, that Lieber’s actions were, if nothing more, a bit of Jewish perfidy (to use a term that another Occidental Dissent commenter recently used in connection with our Hebraic friends). If a conspiracy theory is going to be floated, it’d be better off, in my patriotic view, without a phrase such as “bungled American bioweapon attack,” which suggests that America is not only nefarious but incompetently so.

      PS Actually, I don’t know for sure that Lieber is Jewish, but I guess I’m assuming he is.

  10. Let’s be honest. Long before COV-19 raised its ugly head the United States was already unsustainable and living on borrowed time. No nation can permanently survive on deficit spending especially if it outsources its industry and insources its technical labor and makes war upon its founding stock which foolishly alienates the affection of the very people it needs to reform the system and keep it viable. Instead we are on the USS Titanic which insists on dragging us to the bottom with her.

    • It’s likely to end in blood though. Which I can’t say is a relish. It is the saddest thing I’ve seen. Westsrn Europe and the US are going to be immolated because we couldn’t just shut some airports in January. The upper classes are demented psychopaths.

    • @Heartland…

      Yes, like you, I’d like to think that The United States is on borrowed time, but, I do not know it for sure.

      Never forget that, though you and I have our sentiments about it, tens of millions of Americans have sentiments rather antithetical to us about it.

      I am not optimistic about the future of White People in what is currently known as The United states, if for no other reason than i believe we are largely become a people who do not wish to buy anything with much investment from ourselves.

      Hope I am wrong, but, I think American Whites are only rivalled for weakness by Italians, Moldavians, and Greeks.

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