Coronavirus Deaths 2

In Coronavirus Deaths, I noted that the first 107,000 cases had an outcome. At the time, there were 739,932 cases and 39,015 deaths. There were 107,300 closed cases and 631,623 active cases. Of those 107,300 closed cases, there were 68,285 recoveries (64%) and 39,015 deaths (36%). In that post, which was only four days ago, I asked how will the remaining 5/6ths of current active cases resolve?

Four days later, we are at 877,672 cases and 49,736 deaths. There are 134,783 closed cases. Of those 134,783 closed cases, there were 85,047 recoveries (63%) and 49,736 deaths (37%). Over 10,000 more people have died and there has been no change in the recovery rate. There are now 742,889 active cases. We have added 100,000 new cases. How will the remaining 6/7ths of current active cases resolve?

The death rate in Italy is still 31% a month after it has passed its peak. Are these 742,889 active cases going to clear up soon? Is there going to be a massive change in the death rate here? Unless there is a massive and imminent turnaround, we’re going to surpass 61,000 deaths very shortly. The back side of the curve looks less like a peak than a gentle plateau.

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  1. They are marking all deaths as coronavirus. If you test positive and die from preexisting conditions, they mark it as a coronavirus death. Flu deaths are not calculated like you’re calculating. The ration is based on ESTIMATED cases. Based on testing, there are huge amounts of positive cases which exhibit no symptoms. It can be said that a significant portion are thereby immune to this “virus”. Meanwhile, police are arresting mothers for letting their children play in the park. This is all necessary according to you. Giving away all our remining freedoms is the right thing to do. You’re a communist. A bootlicker.

  2. Look at the positive signs also. Decadent elite lost so much credibility that even threatening with mass deaths does not work anymore. Protests are all over the West. People developed immunity to fear mongering. From here is only one short step to questioning every last taboo and dogma.

    And liberal order will kill much more people than any kind of epidemic. How many people died in Russian Empire because of Spanish flu ? Nobody knows but Lenin liberal democracy killed 13 million people within 3 years, approx the same amount of time when Spanish flu raged around.

  3. Why the East beats the West:

    “Covid-19 deaths worldwide per one million population, as of April 22, by country: Top of the list is Belgium with 525.12 deaths per million. Then comes Spain (445.49), Italy (407.87), France (310.45), the UK (261.37), the Netherlands (227.26), Switzerland (173.54), Sweden (173.33), and then Ireland (150.41). Spot anything? They’re all western European countries. You have to scroll down quite a way before you get to countries in central or eastern Europe: Romania has had 25.57 deaths per million. Hungary, 23.03; Czechia, 18.92; Serbia, 17.9; Croatia, 11.74; Poland, 10.6; Bulgaria, 7.02; Belarus, 5.8; Latvia, 4.67; Ukraine, 3.61; Russia, 3.16; Albania, 2.87; and Slovakia, 2.57 amounting to just 14 deaths (…) Governments in eastern Europe have generally shown more common sense than most of their western counterparts. They quickly did the most obvious thing that you need to do (…) they closed borders. On March 12, Czechia declared a state of emergency and barred travelers from 15 countries hit by the novel coronavirus, including Iran, Italy, China and the UK. It then went into a ‘lockdown.’ On the same day Slovakia closed its borders to non-residents and imposed a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning (…) Poland closed its borders on March 15 and Hungary followed suit one day later. Russia’s far east border with China had already been closed since the end of January. Compare the decisiveness with which eastern European countries pulled up their drawbridges, with the hesitation in the west (…) (where) liberal ideology and virtue signaling were being put before public health.”

    But the main thing being put before public health in the West especially, is so-called “health of the economy” (the financial benefit of the elites). Common folk are dis-informed so they approve and even demand the policy that is NOT in their interest.

  4. Hunter, 2 things:

    First, thank you for all of this great reporting that you do. Your data and opinions are worth more than gold at this point. Thank you!

    Second, (and please, take this as constructive criticism) I’m not sure what purpose it serves to air the sickening, offensive views and opinions of these disgusting trolls and hoax pimps. Many of them have gone from questioning the data or narrative, to advocating and celebrating a Nazi-like form of social Darwinism and eugenics. They speak as if they have no loved ones over the age of 30 and parents and grandparents who have just as much right to live as they do.

    Speaking as a “boomer” (I am 61) I have committed no crime other than to be born in 1959 when the US was just beginning it’s decent into cultural Marxism and mindless consumerism. Should we boomers be sentenced to death for that? To drown in our own fluids? Just because some adolescent 20-something moron wants to get back to masturbating to porn and working at Bob’s Wiget Factory, so he/she can make more “stuff” so that let’s him or her buy more “stuff” and play more video games?

    I have a news flash for the “virus-is-a-hoax” pimps and those trolls who are goose-stepping their way into a new society where social Darwinism is the rule, and not the exception: If our lives are worth nothing, then neither are yours. All of those who have devalued human life throughout history have found out (much to their regret) that the revolutionary guillotine cuts both ways. (Or in case, a virus.)

    The social Darwinist “heroes” of today, are it’s victims tomorrow.

    • Thanks.

      I’ve always wrestled with the issue. On the one hand, I don’t really care about people who have other points of view. On the other hand, I know how the comment section looks to people casually browsing this blog.

        • The dopes who are stupid enough to believe this is a “bad seasonal flu” better hope it tops out at >61,000 deaths because that is the 2017/2018 flu season record. In order for that to happen, at least 730,000 out of 741,000 active cases must end in recovery

          • They will just dispute the numbers. Many already are. Of course, all of the same excuses apply to the flu, too, so you could just as easily dispute flu death numbers. They died WITH the flu, not FROM the flu and so on.

        • This is to Geir:

          “Speaking as a “boomer” (I am 61) I have committed no crime other than to be born in 1959 when the US was just beginning it’s decent into cultural Marxism and mindless consumerism. Should we boomers be sentenced to death for that? To drown in our own fluids?”

          You are at the tail end of the Boomer Generations You are a young Boomer – but you’ve had your life. YOUR Boomer Demo are the ones that gleefully, wholeheartedly, willfully jumped into the morass of Marxist Destruction. Boomers were fully on board with all of it. You, yourself, may not have jumped into the Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll nihilism – but Boomers sure did – and Boomers set the stage for the chaos and despair of the following generations.

          Throughout huge swathes of Human history “40” meant advanced age In many regions of Africa – it still is. In the shards of the West, the Current Year – 60 is the new 40. 61 is hardly elderly, in America. I’m a bit younger than you – but not by much.

          The short answer to your self-indulgent post, is “Yes. The lives of young people are far more valuable than yours”. Or mine. And certainly more valuable than anyone over the age 70 and beyond.

          I think older people are posting here, and do NOT want to hear this, and certainly not accept it – but young people matter MORE because they can reproduce. The MEANING of Life is REPRODUCTION. Rich old men can get young women to make babies for them – but rich old men are outliers. Women past menopause are biologically useless – unless they are grandmothers, and are helping young women with babies. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child – but it does take a family. Men go through the male equivalent of menopause. Sperm degrades.

          Yes – old people can contribute and offer valuable insight and experience blah blah blah. A social/environmental crisis cuts all the fluff out though. Life is ABOUT reproduction. Young people matter MORE.

          “Just because some adolescent 20-something moron wants to get back to masturbating to porn and working at Bob’s Wiget Factory, so he/she can make more “stuff” so that let’s him or her buy more “stuff” and play more video games?””

          That mindset reveals EXACTLY the reason so many young people rightfully DESPISE Boomers. So arrogant and condescending and FALSE. I’ve written, in a post down the line, that the people I know in their Twenties and Thirties are not “masturbating to video games” – they are trying to create families, under terrible circumstances CREATED by Boomers. Their futures are being bled dry by people like YOU. Shutting down everything in order to keep 80+ people in nursing homes alive for a few more months, or a year, is MONSTROUSLY SELFISH beyond comprehension, and is PURE DISTILLED EVIL. Were you a passenger on the Titanic – you’d probably throw children in the ocean so you could get a seat in a lifeboat.

          • @Denise

            You and your fellow-travelers are despicable.

            1. Social Darwinism cuts both ways: If our lives are worthless, so are yours.

            2. Only in a “Nazi-like” mindset does caring for the elderly and upholding everyone’s right to life become “selfishness.” In fact, the god you and your fellow trolls worship, Ayn Rand, wrote a whole book called, “The Virtue of Selfishness.” (And Ayn Rand in turn worshiped her god Nietzsche: no surprise there.)

            3. I have had wide exposure to 18 to 30 somethings, with rare exception, I am not impressed. Their attention spans are short, they do not read serious non-fiction books, and have no respect for the past or empathy for those not of their age-group.

            4. With the exception of Mormons (LDS Church members) I don’t see a lot of 20-somethings “creating families.” Most of what I see is a disdain for Marriage vows and copious amounts of fornication with different partners which results in many 18 to 30 year-old girls having 3 to 5 kids with different “fathers” (sires)

            This is the Brave New World you eagerly await? Sickening.

          • I’m sure I can find an infected ICU for you to clean, sweetheart. After all, you may be right that 40 is the new 60. (By the way, have you shared that little tidbit with your nephew and his wife?) But since you’re a bloodthirsty harpy masking concern over a loss of dividend income with support for the underemployed in flyover land, what I really want to see you do is walk the talk. Expose yourself to the virus up close and personal. Get a heavy viral load. Then bring that shit home to family, friends, and neighbors. Share your “love and convictions” with them, baby. See what they think about it after you’ve infected them. After all, that’s exactly what you want me to do – expose myself and pass it along to beloved family members and longtime friends. I won’t do that, of course, because I know better. You, Vampirella, might do it if you actually believed your own line of bullshit (which I doubt). So get to it, fangs!

      • @Mr. Griffin..

        Yes, Sir, without a doubt folks are often shocked and appalled when they drift by this here blog.

        That said, they should not be just shocked, but appreciative about how you have maintained high free speech standards.

        Was it not Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who said, ‘The 1st Amendment was written to protect Hate-Speech?

        Lastly, those who are shocked ought question themselves, particularly if they are Southerners, why they think they find it so shocking – when, just a short time ago most Southerners thought the way most Southron opinions are still writ’ here.

          • I’m hardly shocked by bloodthirsty harpies or the beta males who call them “madam.” What I want to do is film the former in their leathers and pass handcuffs to the latter.

    • Indeed, Geir, and now it seems that the WuFlu isn’t confining itself to us boomers, either, it’s hitting children and young, seemingly healthy people. There has evidently been a spike in the number of strokes that young adults are experiencing when they contract this virus. The medical authorities aren’t sure yet if the virus is causing the strokes, but it does cause blood to clot in some people. And yes, wishing the death of their parents and grandparents is a particularly foul way to view the people who raised them. I wonder how many of them are hoping the old dears have some money to leave them.

    • That’s how you leave a post Geir. I have been coming to this site off and on for what I can only guess is about eight years based on my recollection of occurrences I remember going on when I first started visiting. I have never seen the comment section like it has been over the past few months and during this virus. You always will get your odd jerkoff, but the bile and nastiness has been off the chart and I have taken the bait more than a few times

      I would like to believe they are people with bad intentions trying to stir up shit and dissent, but who knows. Im with you. I like to think of myself as the good guy, and wishing death of wide groups of innocent people, no matter who they are, taking pleasure in others misery and calling everyone and everything a lie and fraud is not something decent civilized people to. In fact it is evil.

      Brad has really had the best coverage around even before it was fashionable. I don’t see this disappearing for atleast another 4 to 6 weeks, but atleast I think we are coming out of the woods. Hope everyone and their families is safe, continue to be safe and God Bless

    • Dear Boomer Geri,

      It’s not the 20 something who wants to masturbate to cartoons that wants you dead, it’s fellow Boomers who want to go to Applebees and Libertarians who want to be able to do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want.

      Believe it or not, 20 somethings who want to masturbate are smarter than these people. You should be nicer to the 20 something gamers in their masturbatoriums. They don’t want to go out and spread the virus. Actively or passively.

      • Outlander – you’ve written salient post! As well as a funny one.

        All kinds of people want to resume their lives. I have a wonderful young family, with a gorgeous little baby, who have moved into the neighborhood. They are literally the Future. They can make more babies. Little White babies. Blue eyed blondes, in fact. The young man is tough and smart and protective of his little Fam. They are in their Twenties. His fledgling business is being destroyed. He’s smart and motivated enough to get it back up – but who knows? FYI he’s not working for ZOG. He’s working for his wife and his baby.

        This Fam is far more important than ANY Boomer. I’m middle aged. So is the hubster. They are more important than we are. They are the Future. My nephew is is about to become a father again. He has a business. He had taken a huge financial hit. He’s holding on – and it’ll come back. But he’s hurting. He and his little family are important than myself, my hubby, and any Boomer.

        I’m not anywhere as selfish and tunnel visioned as so many people commenting here, or all over the country.

    • “Speaking as a ‘boomer’ (I am 61) I have committed no crime other than to be born in 1959 when the US was just beginning it’s decent into cultural Marxism and mindless consumerism. Should we boomers be sentenced to death for that? To drown in our own fluids?”

      I’m starting to think some of you should.

      • Let’s say you’re itching to pursue that line of thought, John. What I want to know is two things:

        1. Are your parents included?
        2. Are Boomers like me included?

        You see, speaking for only myself the potential loss of family members from CoronaChan bothers me a helluva lot more than my own dying. Funny thing is, my young’uns take the same attitude toward me. And so do their spouses and genuine friends.

        You don’t know this, of course, because for all you know I’m full of shit.

        But their attitude could be due to the fact that I’ve never behaved like many Boomers who feign concern with the welfare of youth in these Corona times in order to preserve his dividend income, pension, lifestyle, social status, or life.

        The kids all know I’ve run through the jungle and a few other places in my time.

        So if your parents are included, that tells me one thing. If I’m included, then that tells me something as well.

        • Boomer used to mean an age group, but it has changed to mean a mindset.

          For example, RamZPaul is a GenXer but all the nationalist kids call him Boomer.

        • 1. My living parent isn’t included.
          2. Boomers like you are included.
          3. Geir Gunderson is included. (See 2.)
          4. I, born six years before Geir Gunderson, am not included.

      • I concur Mr. Bonoconti, some of those boomers are simply dreadful. I have few in my family who fit the stereotype perfectly.

    • Speaking of trolls, I still remember how Denise shilled hard for Trump on this blog when he ran for Prez, even when she knew he was knee deep in Jews. She made up all kinds of bullshit stories about how Trump was a secret White Nationalist. Only when Zion Don was safely in power, did she turn on him.

      This is Denise! The one who is always screaming “ITS THE JEWS!!!!”, who shilled for the most Zionist President in history!

      Now Denise is shilling the Republican Go Back To Work Line, just like RamZPaul, and 666SatanLarper.

      • I don’t doubt you in the slightest, Crew. Anti-jew Trump supporter. I was suckered too. Not suckered, actually, but a willfully blind fool and tool. The thing is, I admit it.

        Denise says she’s married, middle-aged (45-65), has a nephew with one child and another on the way, but doesn’t mention any children of her own. She says “40 is the new 60!”, which leaves me to think she hasn’t shared that belief with her nephew and his wife. What would her nephew think about leaving his children in their mid-late teens or early twenties?

        Odds are she’s a boomer pensioner or older GenX beneficiary of dividend or older hubby’s business income who is suffering financially and sits home most of the time banging the keyboard. She’s a manipulative, bloodthirsty harpy which is clearly evident from her comments, not too bright, exploits her vagina-pass to sucker beta males to go easy on her online, and feigns support of younger people’s employment interests so that they are motivated to support the Republican “Go Back To Work” line.

        She has no credibility whatsoever, but likely doesn’t give a damn because there are plenty of foolish, sexually starved men in the fake “Dissident Right” who are willing to go easy on her, despite her age, and keep her on the vagina-pedestal. Time to knock that pedestal over and treat her as the manipulative, bloodthirsty harpy that she is.

    • HW has a trust fund which takes care of those trivialities so he can continue writing the Great American Novel. He’s another Thomas Wolfe!

      • Then, like you, HW shouldn’t give a damn about the death toll if it preserves his dividend income. But unlike you, he does care. That’s called placing family interests over money.

        Every trust funder I know is suffering financially. Nobody is coming out of this unscathed.

  5. Brad:

    I note that you keep citing the 2017 — 2018 flu season death total as 61,000 whereas the CDC clearly states that figure is 79,400. For the sake of your own credibility, you might want to look into this discrepancy.

    Kind regards,


  6. Abortions worldwide this year:

    Want aids deaths this year?
    Want food related deaths this year?

    Mess with the logos of the universe, a “virus” might get you.

    Fear mongering with your “science ” will get you every time !

    • Why not come out and say it, Mr. Anti-Science:

      “Everybody can die except the minimum number required to keep me in the style to which I’ve become accustomed.”

      Never mind. I said it for you.

      • I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy who would take his neighbor to court because his tree or fence is a few inches inside your property. Don’t deny it!

        • He sounds like someone who has his own property and understands boundaries, oh rent payer.

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