Coronavirus, OnlyFans and Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

I just watched Ramzpaul’s take on OnlyFans.

It occurred to me that this video is an excellent example of Dissident Right thinking in general which mostly amounts to complaining about the poor choices that women are making in contemporary Western societies. In light of the coronavirus, I have been given new insight into why they do this.

As conservative liberals and libertarians, they don’t look at a website like OnlyFans and see these models as examples of the excesses of liberalism and capitalism. These women are sovereign individuals with equal rights who have been liberated from all forms of male authority. They are entrepreneurs who are selling their bodies in the free market because the financial and cultural incentives are strong enough to make it an economically smart choice. The system itself is what has arranged this degenerate female behavior. It is an example of the “spontaneous order” created by capitalism that libertarians are so fond of boasting about. All of Ramzpaul’s recent videos about “liberty” equally apply to OnlyFans models who are engaged in “essential activities.” OnlyFans is an example of America as a shining City on a Hill.

Similarly, the coronavirus epidemic in the United States is the result of unregulated international travel and prioritizing the stock market and fears of “racism” and “xenophobia” over containing a deadly new virus. When any American can fly into a hot zone in Wuhan or Milan and back, pass through customs without being tested for the virus and leave the airport and cough everywhere and spread the virus all over the country, the inevitable result is an epidemic that spirals out of control which can only then be quelled by a vaccine, herd immunity or social distancing and lockdowns which curb freedom of movement. Conservative liberals and libertarians have reacted to the virus by 1.) consistently downplaying its severity, 2.) inventing absurd conspiracy theories and 3.) preferring herd immunity over lockdowns which necessarily means sacrificing thousands of lives because of their ideological commitment to liberalism and capitalism. Nothing illustrates this better than Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick the Coronavirus Tea Party.

Finally, Donald Trump has watered down his highly anticipated executive order which suspends immigration under pressure from his billionaire donors and the business community. For over 40 years, the Right has been captive to these powerful interest groups which support mass immigration because it is “good for business.” The conservative liberals and libertarians don’t question the system that has created an oligarchy with so much concentrated wealth and power that it has made participating in democratic politics all but a pointless waste of time. They don’t believe that liberalism and capitalism has created this power structure. They complain endlessly about the symptoms of the disease, but never identify the cause because that is precisely what they cherish most and exist to defend.

Note: China swiftly brought its epidemic under control and is reviving its economy without mass layoffs or deaths. There isn’t a Chinese equivalent of OnlyFans. The Chinese aren’t being systematically replaced in their own country either by mass immigration.

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  1. This is the inevitable result of taking away people’s humanity and turning them into mere economic units.

  2. “China swiftly brought its epidemic under control and is reviving its economy without mass layoffs or deaths.”

    China did have mass layoffs (thus the “millions of phone customers lost” issue, etc.); Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Iceland didn’t.

    Currently, the demand for onlyfans is driven by the lockdowns.

    As a rule, I don’t think pandemic prevention is an ideological matter (though solutions can obviously be prevented by ideological blinders -Sweden’s probably the best example of this).

    • Any one who believes ANYTHING coming out of China deserves a nasty encounter with CoronaChan.

      ANY ONE of you, defending those INSECTS, in any way, needs to pack of your bags and move there post haste. GO THERE. LIVE it.

      You can’t come back.

      • You, “classy lady,’ need to stay right here and clean the ICUs of infected CoronaChan patients. Put your celtic self where your pie hole is. After all, it’s only a jewish HOAX and you have nothing to fear. Amirite? Or do the pressing needs of husband and young children take priority?

        • “Or do the pressing needs of husband and young children take priority?”

          Probably not for much longer. It’s hard to believe someone married to something like Denise won’t finally snap and put a bullet in a demonic banshee like that. Or maybe she’ll finally snap herself and end it all with a murder-suicide. Either way, her husband and children will be free of an existence of that monster, and nobody will have to read it’s psychotic outbursts again.

          • And the misogynist jew worshipping and brainwashed christian wonder why their kins-women have little respect for them anymore!

            All fools and more so in total Cognitive dissonance delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11) as they bash the jew while prostrating themselves to a dead Jew as if he were god the creator of the universe!

          • As anonymous below states: “ “They complain endlessly about the symptoms of the disease, but never identify the cause because that is precisely what they cherish most and exist to defend.”

            No man is God

  3. “They complain endlessly about the symptoms of the disease, but never identify the cause because that is precisely what they cherish most and exist to defend.”

    Well said!

    More good reading on other “alternative” sites today: (MOA has excellent regular commenters too.)

  4. If RamZPaul and 666enhammer were gay and they caught AIDS, they would protest that their rights were being violated if they were prevented from passing the AIDS virus onto others. I understand that in California, they have already decriminallized the deliberate spreading of AIDS. Muh liberalism!

    • The Chinese virus transmits very differently very and very easily. Unlike AIDS. Specious and irrelevant comparisons to unlike things reveals a shallow intellect and faulty ability to analyze and reason. False comparisons abound these days.

      • Meanwhile, China got it under control. Taiwan got it under control. New Zealand has almost eradicated it. Australia has it under control.

        It is only countries with capitalist libertarians like yourself, RamZPaul, and 666SatanLarper that can’t deal with it. So perhaps you are the real virus?

    • I thought those “spreading aids” laws were only ever used when some Victorian Princess caught it from some downlow player? How can you use it against queers giving it to each other? Wouldn’t queers need to assume every other queer has it and any gay nuts enough to engage in that barebacking movement is bringing it upon themselves?

    • Are you in China, Legion? Why don’t you try moving there. You come across as a clueless, anti social 14 year old. Life in China will grow you up fast.

      • “Life in China will grow you up fast.”

        And you know this because you’ve lived there or visited for an extensive period of time?

        • Ye Gods. You should be totally embarrassed by such an pathetic, idiotic reply. That’s something that would get you kicked off of a Kindergarten Debate Team if such a thing existed.

      • Are you being paid? Why are you being so insistent on shoving people in front of this juggernaut? Go and paint some flowers.

  5. Brad, this morning Trump claims there is a 30 day ban on migrants, refugees, and other classes of immigrants?

    This maybe the end of the Trump presidency. People are tired of being lied to by Trumpo, and Kushner his daughters pimp. LOL. Just Fans huh?

    • This is more than the end of Trump. I think this will be the end of the Republicans as an electable party. Not only will Trump be defeated in a landslide, the Republicans will lose the Senate and will not regain the House. All because they destroyed the economy by putting their stockmarket shares before the safety of the people. The irony.

      The Republican’s epitaph will read:
      “Sacrifice the weak.”

  6. I got 30 seconds in to the Ramz video before i had to shut if off. I can’t stand his voice.

    Brad, you are a trooper to endure the whole thing.

  7. From Zero Hedge:

    What selfish egomaniacs the Lockers are. Thoughtless and cowardly. Especially old people. FYI I write this knowing full well I could catch this and die. I or any one else could die of the thousand things, though. The total systemic crash that IS GOING TO HAPPEN is going to be far worse than the Frankenbug. And evry one is going to be exposed to the Frankenbug anyways.

    The strong and creative and HEALTHY will survive. The fiends that created this mess will as well. They won’t be punished or suffer. The little people will take it in the neck, like always.

    There’s a terrific, very astute comment on this article:


    This false crisis means

    Companies can lay off every one without a reason, instantly

    Old and sick people don’t get medical care and die

    Mortgages default and banks re-posses everything as usual

    26 million+ unemployed will break the welfare system

    Some folk will starve

    Pensions will be reduced or won’t get paid

    It would have happened anyway but this way you can blame Corona and not the banks.

    This is a war, a trade war, currency war and a fiat collapse all the same time.

    This is soooo serious they don’t mention all the problems they invented before.

    Global warming, Russia, Syria, Crazy storms and weather?

    All gone.”

    Hurr durr – there’s a cascade effect.

    Any one of you who are on Medicaid, or Welfare, or Disabilty – I ask, again – who the Hell do you think PAYS for you? Even Soc. Sec and Medicare – ZOG has been wanting to ditch those things for ages.

    What don’t you Locktards GET about this?

    • On this scale! There will be a revolt or a revolution. Count on it. Cops will be overwhelmed along with a disintegrating army.

      Here’s your incipient race war.

  8. Indeed. This virus situation is a once in a lifetime event that has exposed the weaknesses and vulnerabilities inherent in liberalism. What does the dissident right do with this golden opportunity? They dismiss the whole thing and fall in line behind the Zionist right and woke capital. Pretty pathetic. I guess it goes to show that GoatsePaul and the rest of the Trumptards really are just part of the establishment they pretend to hate.

    • @Ricky…

      “Indeed. This virus situation is a once in a lifetime event that has exposed the weaknesses and vulnerabilities inherent in liberalism. What does the dissident right do with this golden opportunity? ”

      Friend, The Dissident Right don’t have enuff clout to effect things, one way or the other.

      Moreover, as well as others on The Conventional & Dissident Right will unquestionably see what you have long regarded as ‘the inherent weaknesses & vulnerabilities liberalism’, but will those politically tepid unaligned in the middle of the political spectrum see it?

      It comes down to them, The Middlin’-Muddlin’ Status-Quoers, because they are the folks who swing things one way or the other.

      AND … from this vantage point, it’s unclear to me what these ‘Status-Quoers will, over the long term, ‘think’ – if only because it is unclear to them what it is that they will think, when they do think, which, seems to me, ain’t all that fired much!:)))

      • If there’s really this large of an economic rupture (I’m not convinced of it yet) then you’ll get starving people shooting politicos and cops in large numbers.

    • It has also exposed the weaknesses and vulnerabilities inherent in the so-called Dissident Right.

      TammyPaul and other civic nationalist Trumptards are grifters faking opposition to immigration and globalism, but never to the very thing – liberal capitalism – which required race egalitarianism, immigration, and globalism to achieve and sustain maximum profitability.

      We have seen this in their reactions to the coronavirus from the very beginning. They were smart enough to realize, in February if not before, that stock market dividends, pensions, ad revenue from YouTube clicks, rental payments, pizza sales, etc., might take a hit. Therefore, they leaped onboard with good ‘ole Rush and president Chump to make ad hominem attacks on people with foresight, minimize the virus’ effects, write off its potential victims, trivialize death numbers, and create their own version of “doomer porn” based upon the idea of a completely crashed (((global))) economy and subsequent anarchy.

      It is not a coincidence that most of these people are able to self-isolate – that is, they live in areas with low population density, drive automobiles instead of taking buses and subways, “telecommute” to work, are retired or self-employed – and don’t know anybody with experience dealing with coronavirus patients due to the wide dispersal of rural medical facilities. Note well how smug these people are in their isolation and “give a fuck” attitude toward urbanites and essential workers.

      None of these people can be taken seriously about securing the white race, eliminating or minimizing immigration, bringing back manufacturing jobs, or resuscitating the dead “Southron Confederacy” since doing so would diminish their income streams.

      This coronavirus has certainly killed a lot of people who would have otherwise lived a longer life. With the exception of a relatively small number of suicides, recessions and depressions do not (see link, below). But facts don’t matter to the fools/tools. They are willing accomplices in their own fate, which is now a certainty due to their past insouciance, indolence, stupidity, and physical cowardice.

      Given their betrayal, I look forward to their demise.

      Life and death during the Great Depression
      José A. Tapia Granados and Ana V. Diez Roux
      PNAS October 13, 2009

    • “I guess it goes to show that GoatsePaul and the rest of the Trumptards really are just part of the establishment they pretend to hate.”

      I have come to that opinion too.

      Republicans spend a lot of money sending their operatives to White Nationalist websites, because they need White votes to get elected.

      We don’t need them. They need us. It is that simple.

  9. There is zero question too much diversity is the downfall of white people as well as the Republican party. And for sure not having term limits and gov’t funded elections will always make politicians suck up to obscenely wealthy people whose whole point in life was to make as much money as possible while having the morals of a rabid pitbull.

    I saw Stacey Abrams on tv pushing dementia Joe to have a black chick as the vp. A black chick with a 50/50 or more chance at taking over for Biden. Abrams, of course, was pushing herself since she is black and a waaamenzz. Basically that is all that is needed in the Democrat Party these days. Well, hating white people is the other prerequisite.

    Diversity once again lowering standards to mind numbing levels. Stupid whites are too divided and cowardly to see the obvious. South Africa worked out great, huh?

    Look, none of us chose our race and I think randomly hating on someone who looks different is not cool. It certainly is not Christian. However, GOD also gave us reasoning ability. And for someone to say black areas are as good as white areas must be doing stand up comedy. To avoid saying Chinese have a dictator streak in them or eat some really messed up things is pure cowardice and lying. To avoid saying white people as a group create the most advanced societies is also a liar.

    I look at these Jews in Hollywood and it is often them who yell the loudest about Trump on social media. 70 something year old meathead Rob Reiner is one of them. He touts diversity all the time while living in a 90% white area. You can list a ton of them.

    As soon as blacks get big money they look to live with whites. Even those bizarre “wanna be black” Kardashians make a point to live in all white areas despite spreading their legs for blacks and literally widening their noses in surgery or overtanning to be black. Disgraceful hypocrites.

    Trump will always be a stepping stone and that is important. I find that far better than a Bush or Romney. But at some point some Republican is going to truly have to put it all together on lowering immigration, increasing whites coming here, not allowing the third world to have never ending kids on welfare.

    Trump has put judges in to help and well, the slow wall is at about 180 miles. He has lowered refugees to their least number in decades. There are things there for a younger ( most likely) guy to come in and get it done. Either that or America becomes South Africa or random South American place.

    Doing the bidding of the wealthy has screwed us. Capitalist lunatics have been just as bad as wild eyed socialist jerks like Beto O’ Gork or the entire black and Hispanic caucus.

  10. Why is the only success accorded to women is when they go out and work? I don’t think women like that are successful at all, I think they’re failures. Trading their youth and ability to have children for shekels. Why aren’t women who stay home, have kids, raise them well, and take care of their family ever considered to be successful? Stupid, dead end jobs that make these dumb females think they’re important, while all they are are wage slaves.

    • Feminism has brought high divorce rates, widespread abortion, and halved the salaries of men in the workplace. In other words, it ‘s another successful tool employed by the greedy elites to further atomize and divide us.

      • Good take on it Boomer x and mousieish. Truth does that. Honestly, I think most women are miserable working. Sure, a random part time gig they may like or passion pursuits. However, many get caught in the miserable grind of life. And as they age so many become bitter. I see it all the time from family, women I’ve dated, etc. What was a blast at 25 becomes a chore bore at 42. The money made never seems to be enough. You can thank mass immigration post 1965 and the Chamber of Commerce types who view humans as nothing more than moving parts, for that.

        Things cost too much now because we have too many people. Many live predictably by moving to cities or their surrounding burbs. Housing stock becomes like gold…especially white areas. But I notice even in some non white areas housing is not cheap due to the fact there is not enough housing because of obscene amounts of immigration. Gentrification has exploded the costs in many cities too.

        It all goes back to out of control capitalism. The goal is always to get as much cash as you can. Well, that has ramifications including whites not having as many kids, women forced to go back to work post baby, the capitalist brainwashing of ” you always have to work hard.” Really? Meanwhile some of the least working people like ballplayers and actors, make tons of cash.

        A healthy and happy society is not obsessed with work. Even the Bible warns against working too hard. Women got caught up in the capitalist tricks. A female relative of mine always talks about being busy. Meanwhile she is not happy and is a pain in the butt. Lol.

        I think capitalist goons- be they politicians or the buttoned up think tank person- fear people would love a nice dose of socialism. Not total socialism, but a good spoonful of it. I can assure you most people would love the Andrew Yang push for 1k or more monthly. Some Democrats were talking of 2k monthly during this coronavirus time. Why not? The rich get bailouts and socialist goodies all the time.

        Want to make women happy? Take away their silly feminism and the concept of a 40 or 50 hour workweek. Do some like it? Sure. But based on what I have seen for a while now, most hate it. I remember one woman years back telling me how much she hated the job we were on and working in general. I’m sure she hooked up with some dude and had two or three kids and ended that “work career.”

        Yang was speaking of the monthly money before coronavirus even was on the scene. How many businesses will never come back? What if the virus comes back next winter? It’s clear Yang and some others are ahead of the curve on the issue. After all, economic philosophies are simply experiments in what is good or better for the population. A universal basic income is waiting in the on deck circle. It’s batter up for the concept soon.

      • You blame feminism as the cause of not the effect. The cause was the usual corporate greed and bad government money policies and deregulation of predatory financial institutions.

        Most women were homemakers until the Carter era recession which involved stagflation, i.e. the men’s salaries became stagnant while the fuel prices went through the roof. At the same time the credit card companies were allowed to raise their interest rates through the roof.

        The women went to work to supplement their husband’s salaries and pay the bills.

        Of course, the price of everything only went up because the Usual Suspects acted like pink collar workers who had just entered the work force were making the same kind of money that tenured men with decades of experience were making.

        Then there was forced integration and forced busing necessitating White Flight further out into suburbia to buy more expensive shacks to live in.

        Women entering the workforce caused a lot of problems, because it undermined the tradition of men as head of household, babysitters had to be paid for the children, women feeling like rented mules, because they worked and punched a time clock just like their husbands did, but then were expected to spend their evenings and weekends attending to their wifely duties.

    • No one EVER answers me when I ask, “Why did men let it all happen”?

      Where were the men, when women decided to be “wymmyn”?

      They buggered off to Jew Hefner’s Bunny Palace, about a decade before.

      • Hugh Hefner wasn’t a Jew.

        But what is quite interesting is that Playboy was a CIA front. The Playboy clubs were used to blackmail powerful people – an early version of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

        Playboy was known for its articles – and a HUGE number of its articles were written by CIA writers. Andrea Nolen called Playboy “the American Pravda” – literally propaganda printed by the country’s secret police.

        The nude women were just the hook, the content was pure CIA agitprop.

        The CIA has been in bed with organized crime since the very beginning. What does organized crime do? Vice. Drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc.

        Men think with the little head and are easily manipulated.

      • They all to busy worship[Ing and prostrating themselves to a dead Jew (deep psychosis here) whom they think is god of the universe who taught them extreme misogyny against they’re own kind-women and then they wonder why they’re civilization is collapsing… and yet they persist and defend the lunacy! WOW… why by golly it’s Dixie’s “heritage” what f-Ing balderdash of stupidity, right to Dixie’s total destruction …. fools

      • And the misogynist jew worshipping and brainwashed christian wonder why their kins-women have little respect for them anymore!

        All fools and more so in total Cognitive dissonance delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11) as they bash the jew while prostrating themselves to a dead Jew as if he were god the creator of the universe!

  11. Good take. Prostitution has always existed, but things like only fans just allow women to scale it up. Similar to the jump from stage plays to cinema, they can reach a lot more customers, so they can make a lot more money than with the old fashioned forms of prostitution.

  12. I feel sorry for NanCPaul’s wife. Being in bed with that low testosterone, post-MANopausal douchebag must feel like a jail sentence. “I’m sorry honey but I just don’t like the idea of having…you know, “sex” with women anymore. It’s just…I don’t know, gross. Ew!” He acts more like an old biddy than a MAN.

  13. Greetings from the South Land : theVirus will be gone soon – theLand neverStops .. who was BERNIE Madoff .. who is Dr Fauci ? Both are from NY – Fauci is the new Ponzi . This IS OUR Time !! it could be difficult to see – Many white People expectLife 2Be different in aPostWuhan USA – this is What WE do : we adapt better & quicker !!!! who will be the .. chief .. Lawmaker in the ethno State .. will we have radio & tv stations in side the ethno State .. what currency will be legal tender -??- its time to start preparing for OurFAMILIES Futures !! Lets get started !!!!!

    TY ! TY HW !! GOD BLESS The BROKEN HEARTED GOD BLESS Wonder WOMAN – – to Live & Die in DIXIE – – –

  14. I was told that Jared Kushner had a hand in weakening Trump’s recent 60 day band on immigration. My take is this: there are natural laws put in place be the Creator that regulate the law of nations and politics just as gravity governs the Cosmos. One of these laws is the Law of Political Scale whereby a nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself accordingly. If left unchecked it destroys “nations.” The Soviet Union is a prime example of this and I need not tell you how bad the United States is out of scale. That is why I advocate red state secession (including red counties held hostage in blue states) and the formation of a White Heartland Republic as a free and independent nation! If the WHR existed we could adopt sensible immigration and citizenship policies modeled on the Immigration Act of 1924. Let blue states be blue states and red states be red states. Better yet let them coalesce into separate nations and never the twain shall meet. This ungodly and unnatural union is killing us and is NOT what the Founding Fathers intended! What more can I say? When in the course of human events….

  15. I know which side I’m on: RamZPaul’s.

    I’d much rather live in the world RamZPaul aspires to than anything that Hunter Wallace is proposing.

    We’ve seen Wallace praise the Golden Circle culture – a multi-racial slave state with millions of mixed race people and everyone literally enslaved.

    Wallace’s intellectual hero is George Fitzhugh, who wanted white people enslaved, and literally proposed sending out kidnapping teams to enslave whites. The chances that he had a mulatto love child like Strom Thurmond?

    And in the current crisis, Wallace supports Trump’s new police state, only complaining that Trump didn’t start it sooner.

    Wallace’s vision is closer to a Muslim theocracy and is very much informed by Middle Eastern “god-king” societies.

    As a white man, an American, a Southerner, and a member of the European race, liberalism and liberty is in my blood. I don’t want anything Wallace is selling.

    Of course, neither does anyone else. Wallace’s vision is shared by virtually no one. He’s a fringe character with an even more fringe ideology. No one is Dixie agrees with anything Wallace is proposing but instead most are far closer to Paul. Southern whites are the core people objecting to the lockdowns – so Wallace is opposed to his own people that he claims to advocate for.

    And in before … prostitution was endemic in the Golden Circle culture, so the real objection is simply that whores are allowed to choose their own customers and it’s less hidden.

    This crisis is really quite clarifying.

    All Wallace can actually accomplish, in real life, is to support the new police state run by Jews. People like Wallace will be there attacking liberty for them and justifying their rule.

    • “I know which side I’m on: RamZPaul’s.

      I’d much rather live in the world RamZPaul aspires to than anything that Hunter Wallace is proposing.”

      Das Rite! I’m with you and (((RamZPaul))), Hipster! We Jews gotta stick together!

      Gay (((Milo))), (((Laura Loomer))), (((Katie Hopkins))), Fuentes and his army woman hating Catholic toads, that 666 devil worshiping guy, and that nice Vietnamese lady who only hates illegals because Dems are the real racists, is all we need in the Happy Homolands.

      “As a white man, an American, a Southerner, and a member of the European race, liberalism and liberty is in my blood. I don’t want anything Wallace is selling.”

      But you aint’t White are you? You said on your blog last year, that you were part Jewish, just like RamZPaul said he is part Jewish. LMAO.

    • Yup, Banned, your spot on analysis, same shit at Identity Dixie, they are really communists, ie. global Dominionist “messianic” despotic monarchy where only the monarch and his heriditary “aristocracy” own any property, the rest of the folk, their own kin-folk mind you,, especially the women, are their Slaves! Nothing about them is kinism!! They LIE!

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