New Zealand Declares Victory Over Coronavirus

I have nothing but praise for Jacinda Ardern who closed the borders of New Zealand, quarantined foreigners and eradicated the virus through a national lockdown, mass testing and contact tracing. New Zealand proves that liberalism, not the virus, is the real killer.


“Australia and New Zealand’s borders will be shut to anyone who is not a citizen or resident, in an escalation of both countries’ efforts to tackle the coronavirus.

“At no time in New Zealand’s history has a power like this been used, and I recognise how extraordinary it is,” New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday.

“We need to do this for the health of the country, and our people.”

New Zealand’s ban begins at midnight on Thursday. Australia’s begins at 9pm local time on Friday. …”

Contrast what happened in New Zealand and Australia with how the libertarians and conservatives in this country responded where 56,000 people are now dead from the coronavirus.


“New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that the island nation has defeated — for the present — the coronavirus as her government announced the lifting of most restrictions imposed to halt the spread of COVID-19.

“There is no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand. We have won that battle,” Ardern said Monday. “But we must remain vigilant if we are to keep it that way.”

Asked whether New Zealand had eliminated COVID-19, Ardern replied: “currently.” …”


“Mark your calendars. Today — April 27, 2020 – is the day that New Zealand, a country of five million people, has declared it has “eliminated” coronavirus. The country now has new cases in the single digits, and knows where every single case has come from, meaning there is no uncontrolled community transmission. The country will now be easing (though not entirely removing) restrictions, as they see life return to relative normalcy.

On this side of the planet, April 27 paints a very different picture. In the United States, we no longer tally the number of cases (how could we know them, when testing is so sparse and widely unavailable?) Instead, we tally the number of deaths; ours have risen above 55,000 now. Of course, we’re far larger than New Zealand, and we’re also far less remote. Still, it’s worth considering whether or not our approach to solving the epidemic has been a problem regarding its certain and unstoppable escalation. To which I say: of course it has. …”

New Zealand is reopening without the virus now.

For months, we have heard that it is easier for the Right to move Left on economics than for the Left to move Right on social issues, but New Zealand and the United States shows that the opposite was true. It was easier for a progressive like Ardern to move Right and close the borders of New Zealand than it was for the governor of Texas to move Left and prioritize public health.

Note: Australia’s conservative government did the same thing. Closing the borders was a sensible and practical response to a pandemic. The UK has paid a heavy cost in lives for following the example set by the United States.

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  1. Culturally they are always on a hair trigger to prevent invasive species so their lockdown and splendid isolation is an outgrowth of the Island Mentality at work.

    Something Boris could have exploited. Damn him.

  2. The demon wuflu laughs, ” I can bide my time”.
    “Can you remain isolated from the world in perpetuity?”

  3. Russ Winter – who is sort of a boomer version of Hunter, 25 or 30 years older – has an interesting take

    He notes how the lead figures pushing the coronavirus-is-big story, the Bill-Gates-funded crowd, are continually warning us of the big ‘2nd wave’ coming, maybe much deadlier than the first wave, and leaving society on planet earth devastated, including the previously ‘safe’ places like NZ

    The Gates gang speaks as if they ‘know’ this can happen, they talk like insiders knowing that covid-19 is a bio-weapon which can be re-calibrated and launched again in much dealier fashion

    Russ suggests that it is after the upcoming 2nd wave that the real ‘lockdown’ will begin, full totalitarianism, with many of the sites we read shut down and inaccessible, except via daily-stormer-type work-arounds

    The pretext of course will be those of us sceptical of the 1st wave, pointing out all the weak points in the official stories and the blatant financial corruption involving Gates, the WHO, Fauci, Birx etc

    Here’s a source tho for Hunter to really roll his eyes at:

    Russian GRU (Military Intelligence) Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov Exposes the Coronavirus NWO Agenda

    Col. Kvachkov, formerly with the Centre for Defence & Strategic Studies of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff:

    “The coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic – are exercises of the world’s behind-the-scenes Zionist & financial powers on controlling humanity

    ‘They’ are looking – who is obeying & who is not

    Until we get rid of our internal parasites who rule over us, we can’t tackle other parasites”

        • There’s strong circumstantial evidence that it is a lab created virus. It mimics DNA infections and mimics HIV. It originated in the city where a virology institute exists etc.

        • Solidus, I agree, I don’t trust it. Also, it contains borrowed, second-hand information. little or no original reporting, so I rarely go there but it is republished on some other sites I visit.

    • “The coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic – are exercises of the world’s behind-the-scenes Zionist & financial powers on controlling humanity
      ‘They’ are looking – who is obeying & who is not”

      HOLY SHIT THAT’S IT! Who is decided to stay inside during a pandemic and who isn’t! Yes! Trillions of dollars lost and tens of thousands of deaths to determine that VERY IMPORTANT DATA! Which people are obedient enough not to want to get sick with a deadly disease and/or spread it to others! Yesss it all makes sense!

      If you’re retarded. You conspiracy fags never cease to amaze me. You seem to think that any NWO or behind the scenes entity would act in self-destructive ways just for pointless information that in no way advances their agenda is a realistic situation. You think they care if your paranoid ass agrees to stay at home or not scares them?

      If anything, your reaction to the quarantine grants them more power than if you just went along with it. If the government dragged off quarantine protestors off to jail, there would be many people who would applaud them. Not because the people are sheep, but because these people are needlessly endangering the lives of others out of some wonky belief that their public opposition to a quarantine scares the system.

      No it just makes other people want to see you locked up in a FEMA camp because you’re clearly crazy and a danger to others.

      Does not one of you ever think about what it would be like in their shoes? A Pandemic and quarantine in no way advances their agenda, unless you know, nutjobs make it more socially acceptable to lock people up for non-conforming because they want to go to applebees in the middle of a fucking plague.

      • What is does is bundle together a series of lunatic ideas with reasonable criticism and damages the core of racially aware messaging. Border control, suspicion of racial other, racial hygiene are all damaged goods if associated with flat earth, quarantine breaking, NWO, economy first, injecting miracle remedy. Pick the political battle that we are here for. Border Controls. Racial Hygiene. End liberal democracy.

  4. New Zealand blogger Caitlin Johnstone expresses my position on tracing and surveillance of private citizens by the U.S. and allied governments going far beyond what is necessary to meet the temporary medical emergency:

    However, Chinese government does “spy” openly for the benefit of society, not secretly for the profit of a tiny elite. The new social credit system is completely transparent; scoring is recorded and explained, can be appealed, challenged and corrected. Furthermore China must “spy” in a state of wartime emergency, being under constant attack by the U.S. in a cold, “hybrid” war that could go hot at any time.

    There is direct democracy at the local level and strict meritocracy (only the highest IQs) at the highest level of government. But the lesson of the cultural revolution has mostly worn off and China is thoroughly infected with the disease of materialism, usury, and love of money, and has even more billionaires than the U.S. at this time.

    • It would all mean nothing without contact with the Aryan–but (((you))) know that.

      • (((You))) could be correct about the Aryan influence. Maybe all “Chinese” inventions and ancient civilization were actually created by a few Aryans who visited China but their descendants were killed or absorbed leaving no trace. All human civilization may be Caucasian, if (((your))) theory or hunch is proven.

        They might not be creative or truly moral beings, but they are extremely good at copying, imitating and preserving Western inventions and conventions (((you))) must admit.

          • John, be assured that there is no (((“Talmudiic”))) DNA at all here, and no (((“T’ic”))) family connections, and no feminine, “chik” tendencies and absolutely no post-Christian “LBGQT rights” sympathies either.

  5. Let’s take another look at what our friends the liberals were saying early on …

    “Violating People’s Rights Is Not the Way to Address the Coronavirus – Many of China’s actions to date are overly aggressive and ineffective in quelling the emerging outbreak.”

    “The Coronavirus Quarantines, From Bizarre to Heartbreaking”

    From that first-linked piece:

    “Global flights unquestionably present risks of spreading diseases. Multiple countries, including the U.S., already have documented 2019-nCoV cases arriving within their borders through air travel. More cases will assuredly surface. Yet shutting down air travel is not an option economically nor is it beneficial from a public health perspective. Most passengers and crew members present no risks of infection of 2019-nCoV.

    “Rather than restricting or prohibiting flights from China as some countries (including China) have done in prior outbreaks, U.S. public health authorities are wisely implementing noninvasive screening efforts for select flights to assess health risks among passengers or crew members.”

    • I remember this clearly.

      I’ve referenced it multiple times that the media was pushing the “just the flu” narrative in late January/early February. Fortunately for the media, no one remembers it now because months later conservatives have gone ALL IN on flu truthism.

      • Floophers. I’m tempted to think the Floophers are knowingly making sure the right gets misdirected away border controls and racial hygiene.

    • Conservatives should have been all over this with consistent messaging instead of going Floopher. Border control was the only thing that could have stopped or reduced this. Our core issue, wasted on harpy shrike forces obsessed with shopping and designer coffee drinks. Somehow Jacinda Ardern hijacked the border control issue to own it.

  6. Every time I see a photo of Ms Ardern, such as the one above, she’s got a slack jawed goofy expression on her face that makes her impossible to take seriously, even when she’s acting competently. Surely someone has noticed this and told her by now?

  7. We could have millions upon millions of deaths and our rulers would still not close our borders.

  8. America is not our nation anymore. It never truly was. No amount of talk can change that. Europe is our homeland. If you can afford to go back do it. I am Nat Soc Blut Und Boden and I am trying my best to get back. This country is fallen. 1488 to all my brothers on here.

    • I could argue the opposite,
      America was more Aryan than Europe.
      Built on new philosophy, not wedded to theology of the Midwest.
      Built on a freedom of reason.

  9. Maybe the facts that its an Island helps. I live on Vancouver Island, less than 100 cases despite the mainland being similar to another mainland, that being China. We can still take the ferry, yet being an Island has an insular effect. Either way, the Holocough/Gill Bates/Technocracy Inc grab on power is disturbing. This site is doing a dis-service to its readers by 1. hyping fear over a neo-flu and 2. Calling people who rightfully fear Technocracy Inc takeover as batshit crazy Timothy Holmseth Q Anon Followers. When Hunter is getting his immunity certificate and microdot vaccination ID he will bemoan not fighting it, instead hyping Technocracy Inc talks points on their panicdemic.

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