The Reopening Debate

Boris Johnson chooses not to reopen the UK:

Gov. Greg Abbott chooses to reopen Texas:

Australia is being cautious about reopening:

Denmark is gradually reopening:

China warns the United States about reopening too soon:

Bill Gates on when to expect a coronavirus vaccine:

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  1. If I want Jews media I can turn on the talmudvision. This place used to be about dissent. Until HW pissed his panties about the common cold.

      • C’mon Hunter, there are degrees and nuanced in “conspiracies”



        -a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful

        -the act of conspiring.
        an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

        -a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose

        -an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
        any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.


        If you sincerely believe that the government, media, “deep-state”, or the Jews – or ANY OTHER government or ethnic groups – would never lie, be dishonest, or in any way less-than-forthcoming about their desires and intentions TO SEEK GREATER POWER AND CONTROL … and are instead merely behaving “incompetently”… than you are in no way, shape or form a man of the Right, since this belief, the b.s. that there is no such thing as evil, is the bread and butter of left wing, lie-bral ideology.

        Please man, I like you a lot, but you really need to be more honest, and way less polemical, in dealing with a subject or an issue.

        • Evidently, I am not.

          If you define the Right as 1.) belief in liberalism, 2.) rejection of science and medicine, 3.) embrace of paranoid conspiracy theories and 4.) arrogance and selfishness, then I am certainly not that kind of rightwinger.

          • Feel free to review the archives.

            1.) This has never been a conspiracy theory website. Ever.

            2.) I’ve never been a liberal. The people who are actually liberals here are those people who believe individual rights are more important than the common good IN ALL SITUATIONS. Philosophically speaking, they are the textbook definition of classical liberals.

            3.) I’ve always supported public health. I have also written here in the past about how eliminating polio, pellagra, yellow fever and malaria in the South were some of the greatest accomplishments of the early 20th century.

          • 3.) embrace of paranoid conspiracy theories

            Straw man, ad hominum response, Hunter.

            Are all “conspiracy theories” equally invalid to you???

            Are there any that may have been proven true, in your esteemed estimation??

          • The “plandemic” conspiracy theory is the dumbest conspiracy theory of all time because it requires the cooperation of virtually every government on the planet. At least with smaller conspiracy theories there are fewer people involved. In contrast, the pandemic is something the entire world is currently dealing with.

        • According to you guys you believe the entire planet except North Korea is in on a giant coronavirus conspiracy.

          Everyone is lying. Hospitals, medical staff, funeral homes, state governors, every European nation, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, and Tom Hanks are all in on it.

          It’s a descent into lunacy.

        • There is a plague. Act accordingly. Simples. Stop posturing and encouraging reckless behaviour.

      • Accidental Dipshit has ALWAYS been Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin’s / Cunthair Walrus’s The_Rapey Blog

        I’ve known Brad Griffin since the Christmas Coup of 2004 in which The Order men and Christian Identity forced ZOG-FiBbIe Klansman Billy Roper and his White Revolution organization to kick out TraitorGlenn Miller and take back their v-bulletin license and server space run by one of Billy Roper’s WR organization from Rabbi Alex Linder, jewboy with jew ass-GAIDS / Crohns. Katja Lane, David Lane’s wife sold her Focus-14 stuff to Billy Roper and moved back to Secaucus New Jersey because she was being harassed by a St. Maries Idaho sheriff and the Christian Identity portion of the Order insisted that Billy Roper show his loyalty other than displaying Pastor Butler on the 2003 “See Pastor Butler before he croaks tour.” Roper, caught between the pagan and the Christian Identity portions of the Old Resistance was pressured to re-take over his v-builletin forum software, kick out TraitorGlenn Miller and unmoderate Rabbi Linder as admin. For about two weeks no TraitorGlenn Miller allowed, as Miller cum on VNN because I’d insulted the drunken Melungeon agent-provacateur’s “manhood” earlier in March 2004. TraitorGlenn Miller was trying to get back into the [bowel] Movement and had plenty of ZOGbux which Billy Roper — a ZOGbot hisself — couldn’t match. So Rabbi Linder got ZOGbux from TraitorGlenn Miller to buy a $165 v-bulletin license and a $400 server space and so Rabbi Linder resumed ZOGcasting. Of course guess who was banned for life fromVNNF/TGMNNF? This was the first wave of VNN Forum Boat-Pisspul to the remaining “Circle of Crust”.

        So where to go for a White Nationalist v-bulletin forum fix? Why to “Fade the Butcher/Bitcher”‘s The Phora with the phorafags/feebs of course!!! Bradifer was a learned rich virgin sperg with plenty of time and ZOGbux to run a forum and he was looking for lively tards to cum-cum, cum-cum to his forum. Claimed to be George Wallace’s own favorite nephew as well. Why I even suggested that rather than ban myself for general assholery, that Bradifer set up “the jewlag” where myself and TraitorGlenn Miller could fight in a sub-forum rumpus room. And so we did except when Bradifer would get its ass whupped and take its forum down claiming that antifa hackers done it.

        I’ve likened Brad Griffin to “Bi-Polar Bradifer” whose mental state is congruent to the spawn of those Southrons who used to have the money and the conservative intent whose fathers and grandfathers on the local Chamber of Commerce destroyed for money and ease the “Invisible Empire” which ran from South Carolina to Oklahoma back in the late 1960s wherein the county elite set up a system in which there was a certain order of rural poverty but where the negro was kept in its place. Not a fair system, not a nice system, rather more like how a local military dictatorship runs things to suit itself, a sort of whigger North Korea. Brad Grinnin’s world on his forum is like a steel ping-pong ball 100 feet in diameter painted white inside and in which Brad Griffin is a hard rubber ball which bounces about and where it rests no one knows. When excessive pressure is applied Bi_Polar Bradifer goes all Cunthair Walrus and gets even nuttier.

        Is Bradifer/cunthair a ZOGbot? Probably. but not nearly as vicious and psychotic as Bryan Reo, Kyle Bristow, Dickie Spencer and the rest of the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center. See 2017 501(c)(3) IRS Tax Form in which they were responsible for the Charlottesville Incident.This form has been presented for all four of my present Bryan Reo v. Lindstedt, Aryan Nations of Missouri federal lawsuits & litigation:

        Many of Bradifer’s readers of Bradifer’s Blog are all suspicious about Brad Griffin making a big deal of a ZOG-virus which kills a fraction of a percent of those tested for it, in which at least ten times already got it without any symptoms at all, and as a pandemic is slightly more dangerous than the common flu, especially given that half the victims live for 6 months or less in a nursing home and which is far more dangerous to gooks, niggers, jews, sundry muds than to whiggers. Literally 99 & 44/100s of those supposedly tested positive only .56 % die. 99 & 44/100s percent pure ZOGswallop. Every one wonders why Bradifer / Cunthair isn’t in 666th Heaven now that the Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG / Babylon is headed to the Ass-heap of History, soon will be the Time of the Ten-thousand Warlords, and if jews and niggers are allowed to live then it will be on reservations where the least vicious tenth exist on Long Island or in Niggeria Bantustans where they can be eradicated at will (– and I’se Will).

        But there are food shortages and civic unrest as ZOG goes through Dmitry Orlov’s Five Stages of Collapse from 2008:

        Now I’m enjoying the Collapse of ZOG immensely. So I am not angry at Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin running the full/fool range of Cunthair Walrus responses. Why should I? I’m getting in YHWH’s Due Time the Great Tribulation / Great Collapse as it unfolds.

        Cut Bradifer some slack. We always knew that he was fucked up in the head. But most of the time we were along for the ride, whether it was on a forum or on a blog in whcih Bradifer works out his the-rapy,

        Accidental Dipshit — it may be as crooked as a game of three-card monte but for many of us it is the only game in town.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Well you could inject bleach which would dissent from the majority opinion on the wisdom of that.

      Or you could assume that the majority opinion has it right on that score and turn your back on the dissenters.

      • 1.) This has never been a conspiracy theory website. Ever.

        You have to be absolutely kidding Hunter.

        So you never questioned the official numbers and narrative of the holocaust before, huh, or the official narrative of the second world war either — you know, the “good war” — riiiight???

          • I’ve been here since this blog’s inception and I can verify that Hunter’s never displayed any interest in holocaust rev. To his credit, he won’t have a fit if anybody else does, but it’s not his thing at all.

  2. The food supply chain is starting to break. I don’t know about the U.K. but here in the United States the food supply chain is starting to break. Time to restart the economy, not for “muh economy”, not for selfish greedy reasons, but so there’s no food shortages. A LOT more people will be feeling pain if the food supply chain breaks and the supermarkets are devoid of food. Or have food but very little food. The food supply chain is starting to break — that is NOT a joke. It is something very serious. And a lot more people will die from malnutrition and hunger than coronavirus if there’s severe food shortages. That’s what happened during the depression of the 1930s. Many people died of hunger.

    It’s just absurd. You can go to Home Depot and Lowes, they’re open. Walmart is open. But the food packing plants are closing. How come the employees of food packing plants can’t go to work because of the virus, but the employess of Home Depot and Lowes and Walmart, it’s okay for them to go to work. The employess of the food packing plants will catch the virus if they go to work but the employess of Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, they have some kind of immunity to the virus? Of course not. If the government allows Home Depot and Lowes and Walmart to remain open then the food packing plants should be allowed to remain open.

    If anything, keep all the businesses involved in food production, food packing, and food distribution OPEN and close Home Depot and Lowes and Walmart. Or, just allow Walmarts to keep their supermarket section open.

    It’s absurd : The big box stores are allowed to remain open, the food packing plants are shutting down their operations. How goddamned stupid.

    • It’s absurd : The big box stores are allowed to remain open, the food packing plants are shutting down their operations. How goddamned stupid. @Joe

      Yes, it is because the virus is spreading in meatpacking plants which never closed down. @Hunter

      You got to be kidding, H…

      So viruses don’t spread in corporate-owned box stores, huh……?????

      • They do.

        It takes like 30 seconds to search the internet to find out that people who work in grocery stories and big box stores have died of the virus and that stores have been closed to be disinfected. Meat packing plants were never closed down by the state. They have been closing down because the virus spreads easily in assembly line-like conditions.

        • I saw the CEO of Tyson Foods on TV last night talking about the safety procedures he has taken in his processing plants. I did not see one single white worker. All appeared Hispanic. Before Tyson came along the towns of Rogers and Springdale were all white. Now they have a heavy Mestizo component. Check demographic stats at Rogers high school before and after Tyson. Ironically tens of thousands of whites escaped majority black central and south Arkansas to flee to the overwhelmingly white portion of Northwest Arkansas. And then comes Tyson Foods! I wonder how Unbridled Capitalism is working for the white middle and working classes of Northwest Arkansas?

    • Paranoia,

      Nothing is wrong with the supply chain at all. People need to stop with these “Create your own Pandemic” narratives.

      Hell they had to toss potatoes in Idaho because there has been a reduced need due to fast food chains closing down or slowing down in business. Trucks are still delivering food. No one is going to be starving via the supply chain.

      How the fuck did people die of hunger in the 1930s when not only are there dozens of pictures of food lines, but people were actively working in farms and it was the era where “tipping the waiter/waitress” came into being.

      I love how the people who want to put public health first are the “crazies” but the people who want to open society back up are “normal” with all their talk of NWO shit, nonsensical food supply shortages, and believing the Coronavirus outbreak is a Democrat plot.

      Just bleach yourselves already.

      • The Tyson guy talking about the food supply breaking down was just way of positioning himself for a bailout, or signalling his desire for more immigrants to work in his chicken factory.

      • “Hell they had to toss potatoes in Idaho because there has been a reduced need due to fast food chains closing down or slowing down in business.”

        Oh–then everything’s good.

    • It is “breaking” because entire processing plants are being infected and the employees can’t work when they have pneumonia and a tube down their throat. It would break down even more if the virus were allowed to spread faster and infect more people. Not difficult to understand.

  3. How come the virus isn’t spreading in the Home Depots and Lowes and Walmarts of the country? How come Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart, employees aren’t getting infected? The employees of these big box stores interact with a lot of people everyday. They interact with a lot more people every day than the employees of meat packing plants.

  4. To all you keyboard warriors.. Brad has provided some of the best information abroad and you jewple question his motives. What has he to gain either way. He has been my family’s source of updates for months now. The world is going to be different after this. Wake up and smell the sobriety.

    • Yes, for a one man shop, he puts out very good info.
      Shameful that dozens of Whites in his area aren’t supporting this media.

  5. …and after all these social distancing methods, lockdowns, and other measures will the Corona Virus be extinct? What’s the longterm plan here?

    • Lockdowns can work.

      It worked in China. It seems to be working in New Zealand. Here in the United States, we simply don’t have the patience, discipline or the culture to make this work so we have done a half assed lockdown and will likely soon blow all the gains we had from it.

      • The US is full of reckless irascible people. Much like the UK. Except you also have very reckless politicians feeding off the crises in staggeringly selfish ways. Look at our own angel of death talking about meat packers on intubation. You see intubation is the problem, not that meat packers are getting pneumonia in the first place.

      • Here in the United States, we simply don’t have the patience, discipline or the culture to make this work so we have done a half assed lockdown and will likely soon blow all the gains we had from it

        Are you kidding again, Hunter?

        You yourself *participated* in a very half-assed “lockdown” in Alabama, a couple of weeks ago, by going camping and fishing with your friends … and bragged about it, no less.

        By this “logic” – for a lockdown to be ostensibly effective – would mean EVERYONE is locked down, not just urbanites, since, you
        know, “anyone”, just be leaving the house, can become an “asymptomatic carrier” by getting closer than 6 feet from someone…

        Again, ANYONE, the city-slickers and yankees up North — **AS WELL AS** the rural hicks-in-the-sticks down South.

        C’mon man, at least see this for the hypocritical double standard that it is.

        • Oh, I forgot.

          I boasted about going fishing with other people who have been quarantined for over a month in the woods in the middle of nowhere. I must not have gotten the memo that it was possible to catch the coronavirus from a catfish.

  6. You should take more interest in the outcome of WWII and the narratives surrounding it. The entire Western world order, left and right, is built on that narrative.

    • I disagree. The confederate perspective is a slightly older view that infects US history in subtler ways. In a time of plague we can use 500ad or 1665ad as references as well 1918 or even yellow fever cholera the Black Death as examples. Typhus is also a guide.

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