Bill de Blasio Has Had It With Hasidic Jews

The Plandemic is the dumbest conspiracy theory of all time.

How many people are involved in pulling off the conspiracy? Every government on earth including sworn enemies like Iran and Saudi Arabia are part of the plot. Everyone who has been infected by the virus, those who died from from it and their families are part of the conspiracy. The health care system of every country on earth down to the local level – hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, medics – are part of the plot. County coroners are part of the conspiracy. The only people who know the TRUTH are a bunch of internet cranks who think everything that ever happens in the world is a conspiracy.

New York Times:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio lashed out at Hasidic residents of the Williamsburg section in Brooklyn late Tuesday night after personally overseeing the dispersal of a crowd of hundreds of mourners who had gathered for the funeral of a rabbi who died of the coronavirus.

In a series of tweets, Mr. de Blasio denounced the gathering, which the police broke up, and warned “the Jewish community, and all communities” that any violation of the social-distancing guidelines in place to stop the spread of the viruscould lead to a summons or an arrest.

“Something absolutely unacceptable happened in Williamsburg tonite: a large funeral gathering in the middle of this pandemic,” the mayor said in one post. “When I heard, I went there myself to ensure the crowd was dispersed. And what I saw WILL NOT be tolerated so long as we are fighting the Coronavirus.”

Hospitals wanted to go bankrupt.

Oil rich countries wanted a barrel of oil to cost less than a New York pizza.

The wealthy wanted trillions of dollars to be wiped out in financial markets.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom faked his brush with death.

Politicians have conspired to destroy the middle class for they can run for reelection on a platform of mass death, economic collapse and the loss of individual freedom.

The state governors who imposed lockdowns to create a permanent police state are already reopening their states for business less than a month later.

Life is returning to normal in Wuhan where even the Chinese Communist Party isn’t enforcing a permanent lockdown.

Globalists secretly wanted the airlines to go bankrupt for they could be grounded for a change. They wanted international travel to grind to a halt. They wanted the European Union and Canada to close their borders. They wanted to shutdown immigration in the United States.

Globalists secretly wanted to get rid of our consumer society and to discredit globalization after decades of neoliberalism.

The Deep State secretly wanted over a million Americans to be infected by the coronavirus for American leadership could be discredited on the global stage as the president of the United States recommends injecting disinfectant to the treat the virus in front of the world.

China which was making a fortune off globalization wanted to bring its decades long streak of economic growth to a halt in the middle of a public relations catastrophe.

THEY wanted the virus to disproportionately kill Hasidic Jews, Hispanics and blacks.

SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon which escaped from the lab in Wuhan but fortunately it is just the flu so it really isn’t that bad.

The WHO is conspiring with Bill Gates by rejecting immunity passports.

The WHO is covering up the fact that the virus is “just the flu.” It failed to notify the world early enough that we were due for a normal flu season.

The real threat isn’t the virus that has killed 59,000 Americans. It is a nonexistent vaccine for it.

5G is causing all the deaths from the coronavirus which is why South Korea has been devastated by 246 coronavirus deaths.

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to arrest Hasidic Jews!

THEY wanted Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn to be the national epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States.

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  1. I love you HW. Can we get some other news or commentary? It’s been 24/7 corona can you please do other articles.

      • That Neil Oliver documentary on the Kuklux Klan. I’d like to know some more about that.

        I think every sensible person understands this is real.

        • @Mr. Griffin…

          Yes, Sir, I am with Captain John here.

          Thanks to your exhaustive international coverage of this historic event, I am much better informed than practically anyone else in Eastern North Carolina.

          Thank you for that!

          That said, I stop caring about Covid several weeks back, once I realized that, though it is more powerful, and, yes, much more contagious than the flu, the original models proliferated by the government and press were wildly in err.

          I miss you interesting and penetrating coverage of a vast menu of both domestic and international events.

          And, yes, I again agree with Captain John – Dr. Oliver’s thinking on how Scottish Clan thinking wound up being seminal in The United States’, plus, the interview given by Dr. Hill, would be very much appreciated!

          • The good fight has been fought already. Anyone reading knows the score now. Its a good time to switch topics out.

  2. Why did JewTube pull that interview with the two doctors who exposed the inflated mortality stats of the Wu Tan Clan virus, HW? Why are Dr. Guinea, Mister Bill and his husband Manlinda pushing so hard for vaccines? And why is the government/media Establishment trying to prolong the nationwide lockdown? Clearly there is a conspiracy, or perhaps a group of related conspiracies, afoot to steer events in a direction that will profit certain parties, yes?

      • That’s not an ANSWER, Hunter. Why did JewTube pull THAT video, after over 5 million views? Susan JewTube doesn’t want “misinformation” aka non-Kikenvermin approved (((narratives))) to get out. But it has. The Internet is FOREVER. the clumsy attempt at censorship has only served to enhance those 2 doctors’ credibility.

        WHY is Jewtube trying to squelch accurate medical information and insight from ACTUAL doctors?

          • Who does JewTube ban, though? And why this one? One of the criteria for staying on is making money. Attracting enough views. THAT vidoe got a spectacular amount of views in no time at all.

  3. If you want the best part, go to the Twitter replies. #1 is regular Trump grifter “Melissa A”, standard fare black MAGA Christian letting everyone know the Democrats are out of control. #2 is new Right Wing hero “Joey Saladino”, formerly disgraced YouTube prank channel entrepreneur, who let’s everyone know “Literally Hitler”.

    Deblasio may be a self hating white with an……. Interesting family, but this Tweet took huge balls. We all knew the replies would be nothing but “did he really say that. The man is an anti-Semitic nazi” and yet he still did it. I almost feel bad for the dopey looking fool

      • So he is German… Don’t really see your point outside of it adds a bit more ironic humor to the situation. Never said i liked the guy no matter what his ethnic makeup is… More interested in the level of shit being heaped upon him online and offline

  4. Also Brad, I’ve been meaning to send you a NYC style Sicilian style pie when this situation lightens up… Seeing as a barrel of oil is significantly cheaper, I figured i would leave it up to you, winners choice. Barrel of crude or frozen and shipped pizza pie. Your call, keep an eye out in June for your prize

  5. Hunter tells tales of named Arab hijackers working for an ex-CIA agent on dialysis who’s totally not working for them [or the Mossad, which is our greatest ally in the war on terror] anymore, lone gunmen, and man made Carbon killing us all in 12 years.

  6. When leadership, such as ours and throughout most of the West, is unworthy of trust conspiracy theories are inevitable.

    • True. Normal people cannot grasp the pure malevolence behind the destruction of the West. (Diversity, nationofimmigrants, propositional nation, exceptionalism, structural racism, feminism). The alternative is to grasp at straws of unlikely alternative theories.

  7. First, if the Hasidic Jews want to die, let them. Anyone who wants to die or is too stupid to recognize the dangers, let them.

    Second, De Blasio kept the subways running. That was the largest single contributor to the pandemic disaster in NYC.

  8. The Hassids are notoriously hostile to any authority that doesn’t agree with their culture. So their defiance of the stay in place is no surprise. These fanatics can’t even get along with Non-Hassids, whether they ‘re secular or religious Jews. Even the Israeli government has problems with these obstinate Osten Judes.

    • Those orthodox yids always huddle together like rats in the bowels of a ship or a sewer.

      Sometimes I ask myself if perhaps I am being too unkind to the kikes. But then I remember what they did to Russia from 1917-1925 and again after the collapse of the USSR. Or what they are currently doing to the Arabs and Christians in Palestine, how they treat attractive shiksas who want an acting or modeling career, etc, etc. No, they have to go. They must all be swept away.

  9. “There is also increasing evidence that stresses on the health care system and fears about catching the disease have caused some Americans to die from ailments that are typically treatable” NYT

  10. I heard David Duke on with Andy Hitchcock doing his best RamZpaul impression.

    The best thing this lockdown has taught me is just how uninformed people are on this subject. People I once respected, I now laugh at. It’s truly fascinating to watch this slow-motion 9/11 happen right before our eyes.

    Good work, HW. Keep it up.

    • “I heard David Duke on with Andy Hitchcock doing his best RamZpaul impression.”

      I stopped taking a lot of people seriously, after watching them go in hard for Trump 2016 and his Jews. Its a money raising racket, like those evangelical TV preachers.

      Jews this! Jews that!

      Yeah, whatever dude.

      • It would be a far more money raising racket if guys like Duke became “anti raycisss” and made Tv appearances about how wrong he was and how multiculturalism is cool and then wrote a book

        He would be worth millions in little time and suddenly be doing tv snooze next to George Stephanopoulos and the gapped tooth retired pork ball sacker, Michael Strahan. Or suddenly Dave would have his own show. He could be working with Bush’s daughter. Meanwhile daddy Bush made killing a sport. When I see so many of these young former military guys with limbs blown off on Tv looking to raise money I think, this Tv ad brought to you by Bush.

  11. The funny this is he does nothing with moslems congregating and in fact delivers food to them. Whatever. He is done as mayor soon. He would be reelected easily if he could run again.

    It’s always hilarious reading people who are clueless conservatives saying the people will rise up and vote guys like this In majority non white multiculturalism holes like most big cities in America, guys like Deblasio are loved despite some squawking. If anything the Hasidic Jews he is talking about vote against him. But the blacks, non religious Jews, Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals more than make up for it.

    These types of jews are like kids. You have to keep telling them ” no” as they grab at the cookie jar. Their cult makes a big deal out of a rabbi’s death so they all pour out into the streets. It’s all so predictable and boring. Lol.

  12. “The Plandemic is the dumbest conspiracy theory of all time.”

    No it is not.

    TruNews GodCasts have been doing a wonderful job exposing the GATES OF HELL as Microsoft prepares to roll out a COVID-1984 control grid over the Christian populace.

    Oh and the Jews have been trying to censor TruNews too!

  13. Oh, come on. Talk about using a straw man. The issue is not a planned conspiracy. It is the use certain assholes have made of the hysteria and panic. This is not the Black Death and the media, government, and sheeple panicked, plain and simple. Bad thing? Sure. But knock off the end of the world crap. Summer will take care of this bug. Count on it.

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