34 Days Of Pandemic

Why am I not surprised?

Washington Post:

“The epidemiological models under review in the White House Situation Room in late March were bracing. In a best-case scenario, they showed the novel coronavirus was likely to kill between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans. President Trump was apprehensive about so much carnage on his watch, yet also impatient to reopen the economy — and he wanted data to justify doing so.

So the White House considered its own analysis. A small team led by Kevin Hassett — a former chairman of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers with no background in infectious diseases — quietly built an econometric model to guide response operations.

Many White House aides interpreted the analysis as predicting that the daily death count would peak in mid-April before dropping off substantially, and that there would be far fewer fatalities than initially foreseen, according to six people briefed on it.

Although Hassett denied that he ever projected the number of dead, other senior administration officials said his presentations characterized the count as lower than commonly forecast — and that it was embraced inside the West Wing by the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and other powerful aides helping to oversee the government’s pandemic response. It affirmed their own skepticism about the severity of the virus and bolstered their case to shift the focus to the economy, which they firmly believed would determine whether Trump wins a second term. …”

Imagine being a fly on the wall in the White House.

I would love to read transcripts of Trump’s conversations with private equity and hedge fund billionaires like Steve Schwarzman and Nelson Peltz in February in which he was advised to “ride it out” and think of it as “just the flu.” What role did Dr. Jared Kushner and Dr. Sean Hannity play in making that call and coming up with this absurd narrative? When did the WHO inform Trump that it was “just the flu”?

Did Dr. Jared Kushner look up “coronavirus” on Wikipedia and conclude that COVID-19 was the common cold and advise Trump that it would disappear in April? What has Dr. Laura Ingraham told the president at the White House about Fauci and Birx? Did she recommend injecting disinfectant? Has anyone in the White House read Dr. Andrew “Mountain Dew” Anglin’s findings about the coronavirus?

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  1. “reeeeeeeeeeeeee! Get back to work goyim.”

    Give these advisors a fair trial and then ga sthem.

  2. If there’s anything good about this disease, it’s that it’s redacting, shall we say…”off-Whites”…at a higher rate than Whites. With any luck, those trends will continue.

  3. China bad
    Russia bad
    Muslims bad

    Rinse. Repeat.

    Can I interest you in a loan at 24.9%?

      • The Chinese and Muslims have never attacked white people as a race. Jews created the Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism and “Holocaust” propaganda that is making our people hate themselves.

        It’s not white people vs the rest of humanity, it’s humanity vs Jews.

  4. Hunter, what would Thomas E. Watson and other Gilded Age populists say about returning to business as usual and forcing millions of workers back to work during the pandemic?

    I am 100% certain they would be protesting loudly AGAINST it.

    It is the very nature of PLUTOCRACY to “ride out” the pandemic, continuing business as usual at the expense of millions of “lesser” human beings becoming dead or permanently disabled.

    • How about speaking your own mind, if you have one? At least to the extent of at least describing certain specific points and arguments that you agree with and why. Wouldn’t that be more worthwhile than demeaning yourself to being an empty channel for whatever certain other people choose to use you for?

  5. Sky News (even worse than Fox News) is working very hard, spewing tons of propaganda to make people believe China created it, probably as a bioweapon, and that China must pay the world trillions in reparations.

    • Shilling for China. Parthetic. Perhpas is would be best is China took over. Then you and the other brain damaged Race Traitors shilling for those monsters can babble about how great life is under Gook rule.

      • Denise,

        This is the latest on my MIL. I don’t know if you saw my other comment where I responded to yours but I think our overlords are definitely manipulating us.

        First, I still believe Covid-19 exists and is a bioweapon. However, I now suspect it did not cause the massive spreading we are being led to believe.

        A recap:

        My MIL had fallen in her nursing home and upon examination she had a fever.
        They sent her to the hospital where she was “officially” diagnosed with Covid-19.
        My husband confirmed it with this hospital that she does indeed have Covid-19.
        My husband and I are suspicious because she is not quarantined and is getting physical therapy despite being in her 90’s.
        A nurse responds with “she’s got a great immune system” – I believe she is 92 and will be 93 this year but has a cancerous tumor that is slow-growing. So, how the heck does she have a “great” immune system? Total bullshit!

        I think that if anyone falls into a certain category there is a financial incentive for them to diagnose Covid-19 or they go along for some sick, stupid reasons.
        My MIL in on Medicare with a supporting private insurance plan as well. We have not been told of any ridiculous pricing scheme or pop-up expenses.

        I got this interesting link in my email box this morning:


        • In the link, pay special attention to the possible role of prior vaccines in Covid-19. I haven’t had a vaccine in a good decade or more. I wish I never had any as an adult. We all believe the bullshit in the beginning but those that observe realize the bullshit is “official” and more insidious than we could ever imagine.

          • Snow – thanks. I’m glad to hear that your MIL is doing so well, considering. Cancer, at 93 – yes it’s serious. The tumour – it depends on where it is. She may well have a terrific immune system. If she’s still alive, and her body is fighting cancer-she may well have very good genes. Keep in mind that people her age were not exposed to all the processed foods and chemicals in everything, as children.

            Who knows if the Chinese virus is in her system. I doubt it; she not quarantined If she has Medicare and a private plan – she get excellent treatment. There won’t be any restrictions as far as treatment goes. JUST MAKE SURE THEY DON’T VENT HER!

            I didn’t see your previous post. But thanks for the info. I’m glad she’s doing so well, under the circumstances. It’s eye-opening, isn’t it, to see what goes on, up close and personal?

            Also – THANK you for actually boning up on medical research. Bothering to study what things are, and what things are not. I am not “anti-vaccines”; it depends on the condition in question. But you cannot vaccinate against a VIRUS. To do so it so “vaccinate” against your own DNA. To attack your own DNA. Your own body.

            Gates wants to poison the entire world. He’s insane. So it any-one that listens to him. And his cohorts.

        • Dart you cretin – why is it one or the other? And do you seriously think Chinese rule ISN’T Jewish rule? You are beginning to reveal your woeful ignorance and idiocy.

          • Denise,

            It was communist jews from Russia and America that brought Mao Dung to power in the first place.

          • It was General George Marshall, who intentionally withheld needed – and promised – military equipment to Chiang Kai-Shek that brought Mao to power. It was the globalists both Jews and non-Jews. Marshall was a globalist. Of course “The Allied” press spins him as a savior.

            Well our new world will be communitarianism. Socialism within communities. This is a good synopsis of where the globalists are taking us:


    • Where did this “WorldoMeter” …..

      The very reason I put most value on the excess mortality tables and graphs.

  6. So those daring and transgressive rebels demanding their right to Shop Til You Drop are taking their cue from government flunkies in the highest office in the land with a propaganda campaign overseen by Jared The Jew?

    The “Just The Flu” morons are crisis actors in the hoax…exactly as the powers that be want them to be.

  7. Michael Gove just got grilled by a BAME about BAME I got to thinking why are black patients dying so much at the hands of black staff

  8. Stephen Moore and Victor Gao are duking it out on BBC right now. Moore really wants a war. Fuuuggggggg…. BBC Global Questions.

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