George W. Bush Resurfaces For His Media Redemption Arc

George W. Bush has returned from retirement to remind us that only 4,424 and 2,440 Americans died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively. Only $700 billion was spent by Congress on TARP to bailout Wall Street. Only 2.6 million Americans lost their jobs in the Crash of 2008. The country was also relatively united after 9/11 when only 2,996 Americans died in New York City.

Note: This means I am no longer the worst president in history, right? 68,002 Americans are currently dead from COVID-19. Even W. was smart enough to grasp that COVID-19 wasn’t the flu. He wouldn’t have put his son-in-law in charge of dealing with it.

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  1. I will say that I think Trump is a shittier person than Bush. Basically Bush was not the brains behind the Iraq war, he just went along with what others were telling him. Trump on the other hand is actively involved in his bad decisions, where Bush is just someone who decided to sit in the back seat and trusted the wrong people.

  2. The father Bush was behind the Russiagate and all that get Trump Russia collusion business. Add it up, HW Bush, former president, former head of CIA, plus the way Trump went after Yeb? Why didn’t Trump speak at the dead father Bush’s funeral? Why? It was because HW was trying to destroy Trump. And don’t think Trump does not know about it.

  3. Bush was morally responsible for his wars. Trump is only really responsible for that the decisions revolving around airport closures or lack of them. After he gambled on keeping them open, Hell opened up.

    I don’t know how history will judge this one. Depends on who writes it.

    • We write. Trump will end up as Gorbachev. Gorba was in charge 6 and half yer until our liberalism went down. You already have lock down. Soon food crisis will come and finally liberals do what our ones did, removed Gorba from office and brought tanks to the street. And then everything blew up.

      • @Juri…

        Interesting analogy of Gorbachev to Trump.

        I know Gorba is not very popular with Russians, to say the least.

        Really, I do not think there is an American president in recent history who is disliked by Americans so much as Russians dislike Gorbachev.

        But, then again, America has not yet gone through something comparable to what Russians suffered during The Yeltsin Years.

  4. LBJ is the worst (worst for white America) president in the last 100 years. FDR 2nd. (He’s the worst for Europe, of course.) Trump 3rd, Bush II 4th. Obama not really as terrible, bc he was always a recognized enemy of whites.

  5. I don’t know how that war criminal Bush sleeps at night to be honest. Having the blood of 2 million people on your hands must weigh heavy on the soul.

    So far Bush is worse than Trump but can you imagine if 9/11 happened under Trump’s watch?

    • @Ricky…

      President Bush is not aware of what he has done, Ricky.

      But, then again, if he were aware, he would not have done these things, right?

      My take on President Bush is that he is New England Yankee Gentile Alfred Neumann, who somehow thinks himself a Texan, much as his brother, Jeb Bush, has declared himself to be a Latin.

      That said, I have known quite a few New Englanders, not to mention their lands, and, all in all, I have found them to be a very smart race that has produced an interesting civilization.

      Come to think of it, President Bush’s daddy and mama were smart folks, and very very well behaved.

      G.W. got the well-behaved part – but, the brains definitely not.

      In my book, G.W. Bush is right up there with Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Barack Obama for the worst presidents this country has ever had to suffer.

      More than a bit of what is ailing this country is because of an Obama presidency following on the heels of G.W.’s.

      16 years of pure tee equine refuse, and they have the nerve now to run Biden!

  6. Geo, W. Bush, the biggest moron to be elected president. I’m glad I voted for Pat Buchanan.

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