Murder Hornets and Exponential Growth

I’ve taken a strong stand on the coronavirus.

In doing so, I upset a lot of people who bought into all the misinformation being peddled by conservatives, libertarians and conspiracy theorists. They all said it was just the flu.

Feel free to check our archives. I made up my mind about the virus in January. I saw everything that I needed to know about it when it first broke out in China. I’ve stood by my position ever since. It is now May and we are still dealing with the virus because it isn’t the flu. 72,000 people are now dead.

Dr. Bill Mitchell compared the virus to deaths from falling off ladders. Dr. Zman compared the virus to deaths from lightning strikes. Dr. Ramzpaul is now comparing the virus to bee stings. None of these things are highly contagious and capable of exponential growth like COVID-19 with its R0 of 3.

[OC] Total deaths per day in Spain from 1941 to 2020 from r/dataisbeautiful
[OC] Mortality in Sweden each day compared to previous 6 years (1st Jan – 26th April) from r/dataisbeautiful

We nearly went down this road with SARS in 2003.

New Yorker:

“SARS? I knew of it only as a bad viral disease that, in 2003, came out of southern China and killed people in Toronto, Singapore, and a few other cities. The acronym stands for “severe acute respiratory syndrome.” It’s an ugly illness that can lead to lethal pneumonia. A little more than eight thousand people were infected, of whom about ten per cent died, and then the outbreak ended. “Why SARS?” I asked.

“Because it was so contagious, and so lethal,” he said. “And we were very lucky to stop it.” SARS was the bullet that went whistling past humanity’s ear. This was on our lunch break, I had stopped taking notes, and it was fourteen years ago, so I can’t swear that Khan mentioned the other thing that is most relevant about SARS: It was caused by a novel coronavirus. …

Some people loosely say that SARS “burned out,” having killed only seven hundred and seventy-four people worldwide. It didn’t burn out. As Ali Khan told me, it was stopped.

“What are you most concerned about now?” I asked Brenda Ang, at Tan Tock Seng, six years later.

She laughed in frustration. “Complacency,” she said. “And apathy.” Mundane but crucial infection-control measures—the assiduous hand washing and wiping of doorknobs with alcohol—can lapse after a crisis. “People become complacent.”

What do you think?

Do you think they will still be at this when we blow past 100,000 deaths?

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  1. ‘Do you think they will still be at this when we blow past 100,000 deaths?’

    They are in love wi their own opinion.
    They will be saying it at 200k and more.

    Comparing this to bee stings and lightning is just absurd.

    Ppl self justify by any means they can.
    Just like that guy who gained weight on take-out and justified it as supporting the local economy ………. :p

  2. I am curious what all you brave dissident men are planning to accomplish anything when you run for the basement as soon as the oh so trust worthy government tells you to.

    Regardless of the actual danger of the Covid, how are you going to turn around and object to the .gov that shackled you to save you from Covid after spending these past few months begging for it?

    I’ll take my chances with dieing over licking the boots of the state that hates me. Really not try to be contentious here but it is a pretty big disappoint to see ppl here take that turn.

    • It’s a reasonable response to plague to seek isolation and quarantine. All history points to this as the correct response, the only viable response. If you are too poor and too stupid not to seek separation for a month or two you’ll regret it in the long run.

      • ” all you brave dissident men are planning to accomplish”

        No fear involved.
        Just reasonable precautions being taken, like crossing a busy street.
        I enjoy my privacy, ppl who hyper-socialize annoy me.
        I enjoy seeing bars, casinos, restaurants etc. closed, ppl are too wasteful.
        Plant a garden, get a tan, open air exercise, play frisbee wi the dog………

    • At this point I am convinced that prior libertarianism is one of the biggest obstacles facing the dissident right sphere or whatever this is.

      Instead of taking this tailor-made opportunity to pound our message down people’s throats, everyone is bitching about our retarded government.

      We have a situation where:

      1- migration is at a standstill or going backwards, supporting our position that global migration is, at least in part, driven by the desire of others to leach of off of western prosperity.
      2- open borders and mass international travel contributed massively to the spread of the virus, and where the countries who shut their borders down quickest are doing well
      3- global supply chains are currently being exposed as putting millions of people in the country in jeopardy. hurr durr global superpower cant make a fucking mask
      4- general rise in the acceptability of racial, ethnic, cultural waryness of outsiders
      5- the cemented realization that consumer capitalism and wage slavery have left people with lives that they cannot bear to face without work to distract them
      6- an increase in the time people spend with their families, while conservatards talk about sacrificing grandma to mammon in order to keep the big line moving up.

      and yet all 50-75% of you can do is bitch about the state.yes, we fucking know that the state will use this opportunity to fast-track its various diabolical plans. this is arguably better than slow-rolling it,as at least people might notice it happening all at once.

      But, even if the virus is a hoax, or whatever, we have had a golden opportunity in our lap and we are fucking failing. What is the most frustrating about this is not the missed opportunity, because i believe structural factors drive the development of history more than highly online political movements do. but the fact, once again, that there is so little cohesion in this sphere when shit starts getting real.

      • Your points are absolutely correct. Well done! However, what is the strategy we could’ve used? The structural failures of our current system have been made glaringly clear because of corona-chan, which does a lot of the work for us. However, presenting an alternative only works when enough eyeballs will be on the relevant websites to make our ideas matter.

        I got here in the course of a long journey, with many stops along the way. Most normies aren’t into self-exploration, though, and most are definitely not curious about anything outside the mainstream. Only if they’re desperate will they visit sites like this. Maybe a happy accident will bring them here. Our best bet to have influence is to get policymakers to believe we’re a vanguard for a large chunk of the white electorate, and we’re not there yet. “Identity politics” is tribalism is all of history, but it’s still not kosher for us. It will be soon, I think, and that is where our turn at the plate comes up. Many pale people are getting that the CivNat trope is empty and ahistorical, but the programming has been done to us over generations, so it’s not easily defeated. It will take time. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

      • White people have NEVER had cohesion. They are too busy with their little factions to get the big picture. The only thing we can agree on, is that there is a problem…

        BTW, the Murder Hornet carries the Corona Virus…

  3. Jeez these murder hornets look absolutely terrifying, big ugly bastards. Its bad enough we are all dealing with the wuflu but now the murder hornets from hell are going be stinging us to death thats just fricking great

  4. Libertarians are comfortable defending positions that they know are politically non-viable. “When Pigs Fly” we establish Y, QED. Communists tell us their ideas have never been tried, libertarians rely on that state of affairs implicitly. And yet they are responsible, at least in part, for the fact that so the state and so many “private” interests have been able to get away with the crimes associated with this contagion. Like an invasion, this disease does not compute when it is plugged into libertarian ideology and they spit out error messages. Nevertheless, the scoundrels who take refuge in “liberty” have profited tremendously from this, because they feel perfectly immune from consequences. They have robbed this country blind.

  5. Those hornets came from Asia. They kill thousands of honey bees. One hornet can wipe out 50,000 honey bees. If your think Corona Chan is bad -one hornet is FAR FAR worse. The hornets are an absolute plague. Honey bees are more important to life on Earth than ANY Corona Chan “victim”

    • @Denise…

      How right you are, Miss Denise! The beekeepers all talk about that in The Olde Confederacy.

      The bee situation is an incredibly serious issue, and not only are these great friends of our imperiled by Asian hornets, they are devastated by the wholesale agriculture spraying that is done every year.

      As self-destructive as we are, it’s a wonder we are still alive on this planet!

      • Thank you, Ivan – for knowing about the absolute GENUINE disaster that is the utter destruction of the honey bee population. The coming food shortage, due to the plandemic scam, is NOTHING compared to the devastation that WILL be caused by the extinction of honey bees.

        • @Denise…

          You’re very welcome, My Dear. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at it) my wife and I pay close attention to the world – starting with food and how it gets to our table.

          I’ll never forget my mama’s parents – hardscrabble hardworking Southern farmers who, with almost no education, had absolutely no interest in the affairs of the world, except these very essential issues.

          I doubt they ever voted, for they trusted no politician, nor, really, anyone into whose eyes they could not look.

          So, their reading habits were The Holy Bible, newspaper cartoons, The Farmer’s Almanac, and anything to do with what was happening to our food.

          As a little boy, I would be at the table, wolfing down things like homemade biscuits & butter, cream of corn, country-fried steak, pickled watermelon rinds, and would always be fascinated about how my elder kin, impossibly reserved and understated in practically everything, would suddenly grow very tense and dramatic of the issue of agriculture!

          For whatever it is worth – the only sprays we use in our large yard, are those we make of essential oils to keep the mosquitoes away from us.

          To keep the weeds down, we use the Ruth Stout Method (one of your famous smalltown New Yorkers) and cover all our beds in thick layers of pinestraw.

          To spray away fungi and blights, we make homemade sprays of Baking Soda and Aspirin powder, to keep our Hawthorn trees and rosevines less affected, and sprays of garlic clover, onions, and peppers to repel critter and bugs from small flowers and berry bushes.

          Because of this we can have many beautiful beds and I do next to no weeding, except at the edges, where the lawn runs into the beds.

          All other creatures are welcome – from King and Ratsnakes, bats, bees, and yes, my wife adopts stray cats and feeds lonely possums!

          • Ivan – your folks sound like excellent people! There are famers on both sides of my Fam -and I know EXACTLY what you mean, by the reserved demeanor, that suddenly turns to glowing passion, almost awe and reverence regarding food production.

            Most people, who have been born into what’s left of the West have not EVER experienced food deprivation. Oh we get a lot of bad food – the processed junk food stuff – but there has been food o’ plenty for decades .

            That may or may not change in the near future.

            Those “organic” methods of control you refer to are bringing back find memories, I think people may be forced to relearn all those methods again – and that’s a good thing!

            Again – you come from really lovely people. You chose your ancestors well!

        • In my rural idyll I’ve never seen so many bees in the cherry blossoms and flower beds. The only good side to COVID19 appears to be the bee population rebounding and thriving. However as long as the famines are in the third world I’m not that worried. The recovery of fauna in Africa will be a positive benefit of mass starvation in bongo bongo land.

          • @Captain John…

            Glad to hear that things are well up yonder where you are. I can similarly report that, though bee populations have been taking serious hits across the globe, as have that of frogs, the bee populations in the Olde Confederacy seem to be doin’ right fine.

            Not that I would know beyond the bees that visit us in our garden, but, we have a dear friend who is a beekeeper, and he works all around our area.

            Rarely does he have to purchase bees, either, because this area keeps him in such good supply.

            In fact, he’ll often remove infestations from folks’ houses, for free, just because he gets to keep all the bees!

        • @Denise…

          Thank you so very very much, Dear Denise, for your very kind comments regarding my family.

          Yes, I was blessed to come from salt of the earth types who welcomed me into this word and spared no effort to share their insights with me!

          I did not know that you had farmers in you clan, and I am intrigued to see how you recognized their basic natures and reactions as similar to your kin!

          I hate to sound naive, but, I thought the reserved nature of my kin, blended with passionate outbursts about agriculture, was a Southern thang’ ,but, clearly it ain’t!

          Ye learn somethin’ ever’y day!

          Perhaps you are right – folks will have to get back some to basics.

          I hope it does not come as the result of a lot of pain, but, in any case, it would be a good thing.

          Everybody could stand to benefit by knowing how to grow vegetables and then either preparing them for the table or canning them!

          As always, god bless you, Girl!

      • a footnote to History; Hitler’s father kept bees as a hobby a fact Hitler often commented upon in private conversations.Son of the beekeeper? Or the bee keeper’s son would be a good code.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      What a city-slicker! LOL!!!

      And, let me guess, nowadays you prefer to live at the edge of the wilds in a small town?!?

      Just you wait, My Friend – a bee is on the way.

      On second thought, if you are going to be stung, 10-1 odds it would be by a wasp on your front porch, or a hornet in your backyard!

      • City-slicker–guilty as charged, Ivan. On the plus side, I have no trouble reading a subway map.

        Some of those insects have come close to me on occasion, but none of them has struck. I certainly avoid antagonizing them.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          “I certainly avoid antagonizing them.”

          A good strategy, My Friend, and probably not just for bees…

          • @Nellie…

            In my experience, Miss Nellie, bees will sting what they think don’t like them.

            If you are respectful, they may fly close to you, but, they’ll never bother you.

            That has been my experience.

  6. One thing that is certain is that the United States is a reactive and not a proactive nation. It always gets caught with its pants down metaphorically speaking! Pearl Harbor, 911, HIV, the fall of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, all caught the U.S. by total surprise. And now so has COV-19. The fact of the matter is the United States was not sustainable long before COV-19 came along. The United States is some 243 years old and it should not take any nation that long to get its sh*t together! It’s sh*t is still not together as we can see with its response to COV-19! Heretofore our oceans protected us from our own incompetence but no longer in this age of mass transportation and inter-ballistic missiles.


      “One thing that is certain is that the United States is a reactive and not a proactive nation. ”

      Yes, and no, Sir. To the ‘no’ part of it, I will remind you that, according to a recent congressional report, The United States has been involved in the overturning of 87 countries, in recent decades.

      To my count, in fact, the number is much much larger, particularly if you count how many times The United States’ Government has overturned the governments of just one country, such as has happened in Latin America.

      This is the reason why we must have new Confederacies to take the place of the United States’ Government – because they are busy in everybody’s business, trying to tell everyone what to do – no matter how many people they have to kill.

      • Oh, the US is very proactive, when it comes to forced race mixing, mass immigration, exporting good jobs and any other suicidal scheme.

        • Anything benefiting the donor and professional managerial classes will be made into law or gov’t regulation. The only way to change that is to declare war on them. Put the regulatory books in the shredder, sunset all legislation, and destroy the structure maintaining the crazy income inequality we have. Go back to Eisenhower-era tax rates on personal and corporate income (highs of 91% and 52%, respectively), encourage unionization and maintain strict protectionism. Bring back the manufacturing base, and threaten nationalization (asset seizure) of any large business balking at providing jobs to Americans.

          To ensure no non-wealthy American — the 99% — is left at the mercy of the markets ever again, let’s also have a substantial UBI ($1500-2000 a month). Guaranteed financial security forces corporations to compete by offering better wages and benefits, too. Smaller businesses can be given tax breaks, rebates and other incentives to offer those higher wages. Screw the rapacious acquisitiveness and callous inhumanity of the so-called “upper” class. Let them exist on our sufferance, for a change.

          • What an arrogant fool. As if being called a peasant should bother anyone not in the elites.

            To what elite could you possibly belong, btw? Wops aren’t up there with the WASPs and heebs in the hierarchy. The “says you” level of your retort (and your comments in general) wouldn’t allow you to be in the top percentile of retards that wear protective headgear.

  7. You’ve been 100% solid on Covid-19 and with no biased opinion. The Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, and so on all have a biased opinion. I really miss the days when even the “mainstream media” and Fox News just focused on the news and let the people decide. The political activists and others had the one way or another opinion. Now it seems everybody has an extreme opinion on everything and we’ll greatly lost the fairness in the media days. I see the “Asian” Hornets as yet another version of the future War between the US Empire and China. The trade war turned into Covid-19 and will eventually turn into a War with China. The US has been making “friends” with North Korea knowing it’s a Communist Dictatorship….kind of like the US made deals with Communist Russia vs the Nazis. It’s all a game and the US only cares about being the Super Power of the World. This Imperialist Nation is our enemy…..we already know that because most of us are Confederates. The World should walk back from the cliff before this whole thing ends in a horrible Nuclear War that could very well be the End Times. Deo Vindice !

    • Boomer,

      No need to insult fellow Europeans, since we have more than enough grief in this regard from jews, and browns of every hue.

  8. These hornets can kill up to 10 000 bees a day and they sometimes behead the bees. If they kill up to 10 thousand a day, they basically commit a genocide of bees in 4-6 weeks they should be called Hitler hornets or pol pot hornets These murder hornets are useless too they make no honey only bees can do that. They are just giant bee killing pest bastards

    Look at vids of murder hornets in china the infestations get so bad there. They wear special suits and they torch their nests with a flamethrower
    Should murder hornets be called Hitler, stalin or pol pot hornets? I think we need a vote on that and did the chimcoms plant them on us for blumpfs tariff war? Or just another unintentional happening like the wuflu?

  9. Killer hornets headed our way in the midst of a pandemic? This is almost Biblical in nature. Is God pissed off at us from some reason? How can that be? Jude0-Christains (especially southern Baptists) have stated time and time again that God will bless America because America has blessed Israel. When can I expect my blessing?

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