Andrew Anglin: The White Savior


Since Andrew wants to troll us during the pandemic, we will respond by allowing him to argue with himself since he has changed his views on virtually every subject from Jews to religion to race to economics, particularly on capitalism, since he was grifting off the truther community in 2012. It is worth noting that this episode was recorded only several months before he found Adolf Hitler and announced his conversion to Neo-Nazism at The only two things that have remained consistent with Andrew throughout his political life are conspiracy theories and miscegenation.

In this episode of the Reality Situation, Andrew Anglin is joined once again by his black co-host Lewka Peel to discuss “issues that concern” us like the evil White man, racial differences in intelligence, lynching Christian missionaries who destroyed Africa and traditional Filipino culture, the evils of civilization and consumer culture, wage slavery to the money system, the destruction of the rainforest, going back to nature and Andrew’s plan to save Filipino tribes from the onslaught of modernity.

The turnabout has been quite stunning. In 2020, Andrew now wants to send everyone back to work in a pandemic because Wendy’s is running out of beef. But in 2012, Andrew was trying to live among the most primitive tribes in the Philippines and rally them to fight off Christian missionaries, Monsanto and American civilization and consumer culture. He didn’t want to work. He wanted to live in the jungle in a bamboo hut and fish and eat coconuts for he wouldn’t have to work himself.

Andrew has been through at least four ideological phases in the last decade: conspiracy theorist/truther nutcase at OutlawJournalism, utopian anti-racist and anti-Christian hippie liberal who was going to save Filipinos and the rainforest while the White man was bred out of existence at, “brutal extremism” and Neo-Nazism at and Daily Stormer and most recently “American Nationalist” constitutional patriot, racist liberal and conspiracy theorist at Daily Stormer.

Note: I’ve never had any interest in Neo-Nazism. I don’t have any pagan tattoos either. BTW, Andrew says in this podcast that subjects like math, history and science are useless information that the education system stuffs peoples heads with, which explains why he knows so little about anything.

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  1. I notice Dr. Duke no longer has him on his program. Indeed a lot of people Duke has invited over the years often end up burning or embarrassing him, going psycho, or doing a 180 degrees turn around and embracing the enemy or at least enemy philosophy. I always wondered how people can do that. Once you are awakened to reality as it actually is you cannot go back to what it was before you awakened or look at society in the same way and live previous modes of existence. I suppose the Biblical reference to a dog returning to his vomit is somehow apropos. It makes me wounder if they were ever truly awakened!

    • The almighty dollar. Mainstream acceptance and status. A return to “normalcy”.

      People are weak and easily corruptible.

    • I believe Anglin cut ties with David Duke immediately after he had Patrick Little on his show. Little was exposing the Zionist shills in the MAGA movement and so was despised by the subversive Jew Weev and Trump-shill Anglin.

    • @Heartland…

      Amongst idealogues, either Left or Right, secular or religious, race irrespective, Heartland, there is a great deal of mentally instability.

      Idealogues are kind of like trumpets – blaring their tunes, with ‘blaring’ being the key – not the tune.

  2. most recently “American Nationalist” constitutional patriot

    There are at least a few genuine “Neo-Nazis” here and there. But every “American Nationalist” and “Constitutionalist” I have known is a grifter.

  3. If you come from a broken family that lacks a wise patriarch, then historical information is not transmitted. Farm communities in the past had multi-generational families that could transmit across generations. Larger communities that held history, culture and race, were de-racinated (see Jones, Slaughter of the Cities.)

    So, if you are born into a patriarchy, you are born on third base. If you are born into a broken household or community that was deracinated, then you have to run all the bases to get home. You might not even get up to bat.

    So, Anglin has had to run all the bases. Let’s give him credit for learning and adapting to clown world. He has never wavered from the causation, but only in the response to said causation.

  4. I think I’ve figured Andrew out. After reading everyone’s else’s opinions of him, my conclusion is that he suffers from a little… to a lot… (in no particular order):

    Mood Swings
    Severe Anxiety
    Panic Disorder
    Identity Disorder
    Drug Addiction

    Thank the Lord he has only been afflicted with a few of the many.

  5. Just read the article you’re referring to. Extremely galling, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised— all DS has ever done is accuse others of what he’s doing: cartoonish neo-nazism; working with informers; etc.

  6. The 2012 version of Anglin was, unironically, a million times better than the current incarceration. I agree with most if what he is saying.

      • I look at Anglin like any other blog writer, some stuff is good, some bad, some stuff just downright stupid…I mean, if a guy reads a blog and decides he wants to put on red shoes and beat and rape women, “because dats what da blog guy said to do”.. That’s on the guy, not the blogger…I think Anglins done some good work, his readers have sent him 2 million in bitcoin so, he’s doing something right…he’s a smart guy for sure, whether he’s running a psy op?..maybe! That whole site could be about locating opposition too..I see that as a possibility…we know how jews like to attack peoples reps, jobs, social circles and opportunities without their target knowing they are doing, I definitely think its possible DS could be about that.

  7. Anglin has been consistent tho in being an entertaining figure … he has superb talent as a showman, as his millions of viewing numbers suggest

    Hunter in his consistency has been dreary in his coronavirus panic support phase … tho redeemed by keeping the comment sections fairly open to critiques and to the data on establishment corruption

    It’s not necessarily a fault or failing for a youth – Anglin being still essentially an over-grown teen-ager – to cycle through a number of widely different political or religious viewpoints, as one tries to confront key societal problems, and tries to find the framework that offers some solutions

    Anglin himself wrote today, that “your previous affiliations” don’t matter in the end, what is key is where you stand now as we face an ambiguous or worse future … he’s got a point, even tho the past is certainly relevant

    However one might want to slam Anglin for ridiculous, sometimes nasty, and oft-changing ideas, he has been speaking to needs and experiences of many, in a very direct, compelling, and often funny way, that doesn’t really have a rival

    With his nutty but often perceptive presentations, Anglin has probably saved a few young guys from killing themselves or doing something else dark and awful … that remains applicable to him and Alex Jones and some others, even if in the end they are controlled opposition psy-op fronts, with substantial negatives as well

    • I disagree.

      Anglin was deeply involved with the conspiracy theory/crackpot truther world and that has determined his response to the pandemic. In contrast, the science-oriented HBD side of the Dissident Right has come down firmly in the opposite camp.

  8. This once promising site for white Nationalists is dying from a peculiar, myopic hysteria. Either that or it was compromised by the Jews that control damn near everything. Kind of sad in either case.

    • This website is siding with science Twitter (JayMan, Gregory Cochran, Razib, etc.), not with the conspiracy theorists, libertarians and conservatives who said it was the flu and who will be discredited by this.

      • Idk Brad, “It is not about race, but class” sounds a bit different from Heimbach’s rhetoric over the years. Personally, he’s always struck me as a caricature perfectly suited for a Jerry Springer episode.

        The difference between Anglin’s “cartoon Nazism” and Heimbach’s is that one is satirical and the other was dead serious.

    • @Db …

      At your behest, I read Mr. Heimbach’s article. Synthesizing your commentary, and that of Mr. Griffin, i would say the following…

      Yes, Mr. Heimbach has, on the whole, very similar views to what he had some years back. So, in that sense, he has not much ‘changed’.

      On the other hand, there is an undercurrent within his thinking that was not so pronounced as before and which, for lack of better terms, I would describe as – being one of reconciliation, as opposed to estrangement.

      I sense the growth of the Holy Ghost within him.

      If you do not have this phenomenon within you, you won’t understand this, and I apologize for being unable to explain to you how it is, for it is utterly preternatural.

      Superficial evidence of The Holy Ghost working within Mr Heimbach is his looking to unite people rather than divide, his recognition of what an addled, and or, daemonically usurped, human being acts like, and how so many of those sorts unwittingly USE Nationalist politics as a foil for their churlish, malevolent, vituperative, megalomaniacal and misanthropic ends – something which Dr. William Pierce spoke about throughout his life.

      Well, that’s it – Our Lord Jesus Chryst at work in Mr. Heimbach, and, with the passage of each year, it will become more and more pronounced, because once He gets into you, it colours everything else.

      • Hope you don’t mind the theological question, Ivan, but do you see this virus (and the reaction to it) as part of the continuing battle between God and Satan?

        • @Boomer…

          Hey there, Friend – sorry that I am only now seeing this. Good thing I decided to have a look see, for reason I don’t know!

          Yes, I am highly suspicious that this virus is a part of the battle (between God and Satan over this realm)

          And just how, you ask?

          The Good Lord works by sleight of hand through outsourcing. In other words, if He is unhappy with a situation, or a person, or a community either sets into motion those things He feel would help those concerned make a change, or He would allowed some other agent, or circumstance, to do so for Him, and make no effort to prevent it from transpiring.

          But, Ivan, how can you think such a thing?

          Because I see that this realm is an anvil upon which souls will be hammered, and, just like a slab of metal, some souls will raise to the occasion and prove to be a good, blade, or a great one, even, while others break apart in the process from the defects.

          I see everything that occurs, and does not occur, in that light.

          Now, let me ask you – how do you see this world, in theological terms, and what place does this virus occupy in it?

      • “To be able to get everyone behind the idea [that] the purpose of our movement shouldn’t be about reforming America, shouldn’t be about trying to make the system better and less unfair towards us, it’s about flipping the table over. It’s about going to temple and saying that this is a violation of God’s law and creating a new homeland for whites around the entire world.”

        “This is our home and our kith and kin. Borders matter, identity matters, blood matters, libertarians and their capitalism can move to Somalia if they want to live without rules, in the West we must have standards and enforce them”. – Matt Heimbach

        Ivan/Brad, I’m not sure how you can reconcile these quotes with the sentiments expressed in the article and not see much contrast in his viewpoint. Now, “it’s not about race”? From what I gather, Heimbach believes today that we should be more concerned with the interest of a working-class Jew more so than a middle-class White. But I’m not going to beat a dead horse. If you don’t see it, you don’t see it.

        I just thought Brad that since you had a personal relationship with this guy, you would offer a post giving us some insight on his change of heart.

        • @Db…

          “Ivan/Brad, I’m not sure how you can reconcile these quotes with the sentiments expressed in the article and not see much contrast in his viewpoint. Now, “it’s not about race”? From what I gather, Heimbach believes today that we should be more concerned with the interest of a working-class Jew more so than a middle-class White. But I’m not going to beat a dead horse. If you don’t see it, you don’t see it.”


          Sorry, Db, but, I am just seeing your comment here.

          My impression of Mr. Heimbach is that he is looking in a little deeper than before, while still retaining a lot of his former conclusions.

          In between the lines I see his conflicts driving him less, with his harmonies driving him more.

          As someone who experienced the Holy Ghost coming into him and gradually reshaping me, within the context of my own personality, it is fairly easy for me to detect this process going on in someone else.

          I see this process going on in Mr. Heimbach.

          Very difficult to put these things into words because, if you have never experienced the supernatural process that is The Holy Ghost, such talk sounds like gibberish.


          P.S. By the way, Db Major is a fantastic key at A-440 pitch. Is that why you chose it?

  9. The Daily Stormer and Occidental Dissent–in alphabetical order–are the two websites I visit every day.

    • @ John Bonaccorsi…

      Can you elaborate on that, Dear John – why that is, and how that is different, if it is, from your daily readings a decade ago, and, if you will, from 2 decades ago.

      • I’ll have to think about that for a moment, Ivan. Let’s see …

        I think I began visiting the Daily Stormer during the 2016 presidential campaign. It had funny memes about “God Emperor Trump” and “Empress Melania.” By that point, I had been visiting Occidental Dissent regularly for several years; and at some point, I realized that they were the websites that dealt with subjects in which I was interested.

        Well–here’s a funny thing, Ivan: In a sense, I, an atheist, am possibly the most Christian person here–in background, anyway. You know how St. Paul, I guess it was, scorned “the knowledge of the world.” Well, for the first thirty or thirty-five years of my life, I did exactly that, because I thought that that was what was required of a Christian. (As a Catholic, I might not be considered Christian by some Christians, but I think every Catholic thinks of himself or herself as a Christian.)

        So–well, here’s an example: Some years ago–more than five but fewer, maybe, than ten–I posted a comment here, at Occidental Dissent, in which I asked Mr. Wallace, our host, whether there were many blacks in his part of the country. That’s right: I was in my fifties, had lived my entire life in America, had undergone higher education, and wasn’t aware that there were blacks in Alabama. That’s what you call having “no knowledge of the world.” (Mr. Wallace’s answer, by the way, was, “Duh.”)

        When I lost Jesus, the world opened up to me, and Occidental Dissent became for me a source of much very-interesting historical info. I guess the Stormer is like that for me, too, in a way, simply because Andrew Anglin expresses directly many things that were in the back of my mind when I was his age but that I was unable to bring to the fore of my mind because they were blocked off from it by liberalism.

        About a decade ago, the main website I visited was View from the Right, whose host was Lawrence Auster. Well, there were white nationalists in those days who didn’t like Auster and regarded him as a subversive because he was Jewish. I don’t know–I just found him insightful.

        If we go back twenty years, then the website I was visiting regularly was Alex Linder’s Vanguard News Network (VNN). My experience there was like my experience with the Daily Stormer: Many things that had long been in the back of my mind were being said there. I guess that that’s the main thing: I enjoyed the insights of all these men: Alex Linder, Lawrence Auster, Hunter Wallace, and Andrew Anglin (in chronological order or their discovery by me).

        When I first found VNN, I hadn’t been an internet user for long. Early in my use of the internet, I used some search engine–pre-Google, probably–to search for “Aryan.” When I did that, I figured I might be the only person interested in that word. By that time, what Mr. Wallace now calls White Nationalism 1.0 was well developed on the internet, which is to say, I quickly discovered that I wasn’t the only person interested in the word “Aryan.” In addition to visiting VNN, I would listen to the weekly audio pieces by William Pierce. I enjoyed Kevin Alfred Strom. I learned many interesting things from all these men.

        I hope this has been a proper rely to your request.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          Just getting this, Dear John. Thank you so very much for this substantive reply to my inquiry.

          When I first read that you had ‘lost Jesus’ my heart sank, but, almost as immediately I heard a voice from the void say, ‘No, he has not.’

          As to not knowing that Alabama has Blacks, I think that is hysterical! Also, I appreciate your sharing with me what you don’t know, and not just what you do. That’s a great quality of you, instead of always trying to seem formidable to other men by never admitting to not having known something beforehand.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          Why do you think that Jews, or Jewry, for lack of a better term, have become such a big issue for you?; and do you see a time up the road when it will either become less important to you, or cease to be important at all?

          Lastly, what does your mama think of your evolution, vis-a-vis Chryst & Jews?

          • It’s strange, Ivan. Having grown up in a neighborhood that was, when I was growing up, largely Jewish, I have had Jewish friends as long as I have had friends at all. I mean friends as good as any friends I’ve ever had, and I’m fortunate enough to have had many good friends. Without getting into detail that would be clutter in a blog comment, I’ll say there came a point, when I was about forty, when the political questions that, as a whole, used to be called–and maybe still are called–the Jewish Question began to get my attention. The more I thought about it, the more I ventured to say, in conversation with persons with whom I was comfortable discussing the subject, things like, “Well, the Jews [whatever].”

            Naturally, the American taboo against remarks of that kind meant that a galvanometer would probably have registered a significant change in my skin-conductivity every time I would utter something like that, and a galvanometer would probably still measure that today. It takes, in other words, something close to an act of will for me to utter such things, even today, though that doesn’t stop me from uttering them regularly.

            If a “third party”–by which I mean someone who is neither an antisemite nor a Jew–were to say to me, “Well, how do you reconcile that? How do your reconcile those hateful utterances of yours with your memories of your Jewish piano teacher, whose fondness for your family all but erupted from her every time she entered your house; whose sparkling eyes, even though she was far from young, enabled you to see the lively young girl she must once have been in whatever European country was her childhood residence that accounts for her vocal accent? How do you reconcile that with your memory of the Jewish friend who made a pot roast and brought it to your house, so you’d have something to eat while your siblings and you were trying to comfort your mother and make funeral arrangements after your father dropped dead in church on Good Friday?”

            The only answer I could make would be: “I don’t attempt to reconcile it. It is like nothing else in human affairs, nothing else in human history.”

            I hope that answer is good enough for the moment, Ivan. I suppose no, I don’t foresee a time when the Jewish Question will become unimportant to me.

            As to your final question … Well, my mother is so simple-hearted, Ivan, that these subjects are not really part of my relationship with her. About two-and-a-half years ago, when she was first recovering from an injury that, after the surgery that remedied it, left her with impaired mobility, I would sometimes hear her say, as she was moving around, “I know you will help me.” For a period, I thought maybe she was speaking to me; but eventually, I realized it was a kind of prayer. In her simplicity, she was speaking aloud to her invisible “friends,” Jesus and the Blessed Mother. At age ninety-seven, she is still the girl whose typing and shorthand were strong enough that an employer hired her even though she told him she would have to arrive at work an hour later than he preferred each morning, because she had to go to Mass first. She is still the girl who says a bit of the rosary each night, in bed, before she drops off to sleep. If her son has crazy ideas that don’t involve Jesus or the Blessed Mother, well, she doesn’t even notice. She just tells him how nice he looks when he puts on a shirt she likes.

        • John Bonaccorsi…

          “Having grown up in a neighborhood that was, when I was growing up, largely Jewish, I have had Jewish friends as long as I have had friends at all. I mean friends as good as any friends I’ve ever had, and I’m fortunate enough to have had many good friends. ”


          As you know, Dear John, once of the complexities of life is that you wind up with dear friends from groups which you dislike, or, even, might actually despise, and enemies from those groups you love – such as your own.

          I always thought God has a penchant for irony.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          I am going to ponder your comment, for now, because I am working.

          Suffice it to say that I love your mama, and, oddly enough, have felt that way since about the first time you mentioned her.

          If you ever want to bring her down South, for a little vacation, just let us know, and we, having more than one guest bedroom in our old antebellum mansion, will host y’all.

        • @John Bonaccorsi…

          “How do you reconcile that with your memory of the Jewish friend who made a pot roast and brought it to your house, so you’d have something to eat while your siblings and you were trying to comfort your mother and make funeral arrangements after your father dropped dead in church on Good Friday?””

          Really, John, White Southerners go through this kind of thing, and have gone through this kind of thing since the beginning of Dixie.

          Most Southern Whites are not all that attracted to Southern Negroes, nor think all that highly of the race, as a whole. Yet, many Southern Whites have that feeling stuffed down their craw by the fact that they have any number of Negroes whom are absolutely dear and to them are just like a part of their own family, so long has the association been.

          Less common towards the Appalachia part of the South, where Blacks are kind of scarce, but, this kind of things is the norm in the old plantation areas.

          And, to tell the truth , this is pretty much how Southern Blacks feel about us, Southern Whites – would not, as a whole, trust us with a 30 foot pole, yet, love certain members of us like there is no tomorrow.

          It comes down to this – multiculturalism is, in the context of the History of Mankind, abnormal and, that so, it produces this kind of awkward situation, over and over again.

          America is based on abnormality – or corporatism, if you will.

          God established the nations, but, man has listened to the wiles of Satan and corrupted it.

          This situation, when you talk of your association with Jews (“I don’t attempt to reconcile it. It is like nothing else in human affairs, nothing else in human history.”) is one of the prices of our corruption.

  10. I was a Ron Paul Libertarian 10 years ago, and a normie conservative before that, when Bush was President. I consider myself a southern nationalist/secessionist now, after years and years of growth/evolution, and disappointment with the government and status quo. What value is there in nitpicking past beliefs or phases of “red-pill” dosages? It makes me no less serious or earnest in my desire to see the current elite ousted, and I suspect this is true of AA as well.

    This article reeks of jilted bathroom graffiti about an ex girlfriend. You’re better than this.

  11. These little daily tit for tat battles are embarrassing and reminiscent of what two makeup tutorial or gamer YouTube personalities would engage in, only with more venom and making less sense. Its not clown world, it’s a clown show. You’re better than this Brad

    • I disagree. Anglin got bullied off Gab for being a Zionist Trump-shill, it’s time to bully him and his retarded followers off the entire internet for being the establishment bitches that they are.

  12. Anglin’s main purpose seems to be to start drama now. I used to like him but it’s become obvious he’s just here for show.

    • Let’s not sugarcoat the situation. He works in partnership with a psychotic Jewish midget to produce pro-Trump propaganda while simultaneously encouraging his followers to glorify white terrorists. He’s an enemy of the white race.

  13. Why are you spending any time at all discussing this individual? I’m still waiting for your first book.

  14. Would it be an “absurd” conspiracy theory to claim that Anglin is part of a counter-intelligence psy op by one of our 17+ intelligence agencies. He’s got everything that would indicate that. Money (budget), he’s taken a crash course in the subject matter and his website is much more notorious than this one. I also do believe that this website,, is legit, which means it will always be copied and ripped by the Deep State intelligence agencies.

    • One thing that I find strange about DS is the sheer volume of posts and articles, mostly written by AA?..everyday?…I think theres a lot more writers on that site than what they’re saying..which is why it should be taken with a grain of salt,consider it entertainment and not some thought leader messages…at the end of the day, its on the reader to think for himself.


    Neo-Nazis of this time in history are rather a different lot than were average Germans, who happened to be Nazis, in the time of The 3rd Reich.

    To see exactly how that is, just look at who Hauptsturmfuhrer Michael Wittman of the SS-Leibstandarte was, how he was as a social animal, and how his life story played out.

    Wittman, as were the overwhelming majority of the countrymen of his day, was an ordinary country-bumpkin who wanted to be of service to defend his country.

    Wittman was shy, understated, modest, not given to drunken behavior, profanity, racial diatribes, or degeneracy – he marrying his childhood sweetheart and not wandering from there. He also was regular in his habits, highly focused, well-groomed, totally lacking in eccentricity, and extremely brave in the face of great peril.

    Wittman took no psychotropic drugs, watched no porn, did not harbour ill sentiments towards women, and did not threaten his neighbours, when he was home on leave.

    As one who was blessed in his young life to have several mentors that were German veterans from that era, I can say that I found them to be of a similar stripe – good people upon whom you could depend and who did not suffer fools gladly.

    When I try to imagine people like them in the Nazi parties of today, I cannot see it.

    For every connection one might make between the Nazis of the German past and the Nazis of The West, today, you might make there are 3 or 4 disconnects.

    Very very different people, these Nazis of different centuries, and, though some of the rhetoric of both may sound the same – these two groups were striving for very different ends – one striving to construct, the other striving to deconstruct, or, rather, destruct, if you will.

  16. Of the DS crew Andrew always seemed the most snake like chameleon. Always riding the current and trying to steer us in a bad direction. Don’t even get me started on AZZface.

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