New York City Seeded Nationwide Coronavirus Outbreak

Look what is on the front page of The New York Times.

New York Times:

“New York City’s coronavirus outbreak grew so large by early March that the city became the primary source of new infections in the United States, new research reveals, as thousands of infected people traveled from the city and seeded outbreaks around the country.

The research indicates that a wave of infections swept from New York City through much of the country before the city began setting social distancing limits to stop the growth. That helped to fuel outbreaks in Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and as far away as the West Coast.

The findings are drawn from geneticists’ tracking signature mutations of the virus, travel histories of infected people and models of the outbreak by infectious disease experts. …

The central role of New York’s outbreak shows that decisions made by state and federal officials — including waiting to impose distancing measures and to limit international flights — helped shape the trajectory of the outbreak and allowed it to grow in the rest of the country.

During crucial weeks in March, New York’s political leaders waited to take aggressive action, even after identifying hundreds of cases, giving the virus a head start. And by mid-March, when President Trump restricted travel from Europe, the restrictions were essentially pointless, the data suggest, as the disease was already spreading widely within the country.”

How is Trump going to blame this one on China?

Unlike Wuhan and Hubei province, New York and New Jersey were never quarantined. There was never any shutdown of interstate travel. As a result, New Yorkers have been allowed to spread virus all over the United States. This is the exact opposite of what happened in China in January.

In China, the Chinese military surrounded and locked down Wuhan. No one was allowed to leave. The lockdown in Wuhan didn’t end until April 8th. Millions of people fled Wuhan before the lockdown and spread the virus to other cities in China. Those cities were locked down for two weeks to smother new outbreaks. 780 million people were locked down in China in early February. It worked and life in virtually all of China outside of Wuhan and Hubei province had returned to normal by March.

The American approach was to maintain liberal constitutional norms, “ride it out” like the flu and hope that it would “disappear like a miracle” in April. New Yorkers infected with the virus were free to travel anywhere in the country they wanted to go like Louisiana and Michigan. Even today, you can still get on a plane in New York City and fly here to Montgomery, AL. You can also drive here.

We know exactly how the virus spreads, how to stop it, how deadly it is to different groups and so forth, but we don’t stop it because of liberal ideology. Even with scientific knowledge, we also have millions of people who reject everything we do know about it in favor of absurd conspiracy theories. The virus isn’t what is killing Americans so much as it is liberalism or the open society.

Note: It was Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin who got their way in February when international flights from Europe were not restricted.

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  1. The “minstrel prophets” of times past…

    I used to live in New York City
    Everything there was dark and dirty…

    • One of the things that the late great Dave McGowan documented to high heaven, was just how absolutely many of those 60s hippie drugs and hedonism musical groups – Mamas and Papas included – were comprised of children of military and intel agent families, who ‘somehow’ gathered together at Laurel Canyon California

      E.g. Jim Morrison of The Doors, was the son of Admiral Morrison who ran the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin false flag, that kick-started the Vietnam war escalation

      In other words 60s ‘counterculture’ – was a gov-linked, establishment-managed operation

      Laurel Canyon where all these music groups hung out, tying together figures ranging from Charlie Manson to Frank Zappa etc, was also where the CIA also had movie studios, visited by Stanley Kubrick … will not say more about ‘space travel’ circa 1969 here tho …

      • “establishment-managed operation”

        I never took drugs, smoked pot but like many were surrounded by those who did back in that generation. I think I remember (if correctly) some interview with John Phillips where he said that he once visited a mental hospital for people who never came back from LSD trips and it sort of encouraged him to cut back.

        I think if there was anything “managing” this generation it must have been the drug dealers.

  2. “New York City Seeded Nationwide Coronavirus Outbreak”

    That is perfectly consistent with the relationship it (New York City) has had with the rest of the nation for well over a century now.

    To my mind, the issue has much much less do to with New York City, than it does with how long Rural & Smalltown America will permit itself to be on the ‘receiving end’ of this ‘relationship’…

  3. Veterans Today – whose site owners join Hunter in the ‘covid is a real killer’ camp – is saying flat out it was Jewish travellers out of New York escaping the illness there, who seeded covid all across the USA

    Jim Stone – who focuses more on the gov manipulation to intententionally destroy the economy theme re covid – says that the establishment chose New York for the preponderance of USA alleged ‘covid deaths’, because Jewish interests control so much of life there, and they could scam all the high death numbers there more easily etc … including listing a lot of Jews as covid dead as the perfect distraction in the scam

  4. It’s inconceivable that the Federal Government would ever quarantine NYC regardless of any mortal threat it presented to the rest of the country. NYC is where the financial elite live and issue orders to their political lackeys in D.C. It’s the real seat of power in the country and they would rather burn down the rest of the country then suffer or sacrifice anything for anyone.

    Their power ultimately comes from money, the US Dollar, which they are assiduously debasing daily, something they have actually been doing since 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. Zero Hedge has several articles today regarding how futures markets are pricing negative interest rates on Dec. 2020 Treasuries. Jan. 2021 Euro Dollar futures in London have also gone negative (first time ever for either, BTW) with indications other issues will also go negative, probably Sept. 2020 Treasury futures.

    This implies that people would pay the Treasury to hold their money. They would lose money on their deposits, exactly the opposite of the way financial markets should work. This implies, amongst other things that the time value of money is negative and keeping money in Treasuries is better than risking money on productive investments.

    This is a red flag flying warning that the overriding concern is no longer return on capital (i.e. savings/investments) but return of capital. This is the largest vote of ‘no confidence’ the liberal regime has ever had and is both politically and economically unsustainable. Gold is also up to about $1,720 USD/Troy Ounce (480 grains per Troy Ounce) today, another warning flag.

    When the money goes bad the political power of the hostile elite currently ruling over the West will evaporate like the morning dew. These greedy, evil idiots have dug such a hole through piling up debt that there is no way out now except financial collapse; that which cannot be sustained will not be sustained. Their power comes from the dollar ultimately and when the dollar goes, they will follow. What comes next will be up for grabs.

    • I think we are seeing the terminal end of Keynesian Economics.
      Where ever increasing deficits are used to spur the illusion of prosperity.
      The concept of ever increasing deficits will be funded by perpetual growth assumes an endless economic springtime, which is impossible.

      Will they bust the dollar or try to save it ?

      • That is an excellent question, I wish I knew the answer. To save the dollar the Feds would have to have high interest rates, an end to financial manipulation of gold, bonds, commodities and financial futures markets, cut back government spending and about a hundred other things that are highly unlikely. The government would also have to start paying down the debt, impose tariffs, and end favors through the tax code, also extremely unlikely to happen but anything is possible.

        Donald Trump boasted on TV that he is “the king of debt” and that he has used bankruptcy as part of his normal business strategy. The U.S. Government can’t go bankrupt like one of Trump’s casinos but there is no limit on how much money the Fed can print up (not backed by one grain of gold either) to use to pay down debt even if the purchasing power of the dollar is destroyed in the process. The Government has been on an unprecedented spending binge lately, most of it financed by the Fed, all of it debt.

        If the dollar goes down look for all the other fiat currencies to crash with it. That would inflate the debt away to nothing though which is why politicians are always tempted to borrow and spend today, inflate away the debt later then start with a new currency. This will create havoc around the world though and lead to a complete change of ruling elites after a period of turmoil.

        Look to the Weimar Republic as the best example this process.

        • I agree wi that.

          Saving the dollar would take Herculean effort and endurance. Printing is soooooo much easier.

          A wild inflation ride to a super depression ?

      • To be fair to John Maynard Keynes he did prescribe governments running fiscal surpluses and paying off debt during good times then spending the surpluses and going in to debt during bad times. He neglected to see that his theories clashed with the liberal state’s need for ever increasing growth and that once the link with gold and silver was broken there was no restraint upon the corrupt, ruling elite in the West.

        He was a typical college professor type; full of theories, completely impractical and oblivious to the real world. He also lost a fortune trading in foreign exchange. He said afterwards: “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent”.

    • We are going to have to hunt down dual citizens and take the property off them.

    • “This implies that people would pay the Treasury to hold their money. They would lose money on their deposits, exactly the opposite of the way financial markets should work. This implies, amongst other things that the time value of money is negative and keeping money in Treasuries is better than risking money on productive investments.”

      Wouldn’t it be just the opposite of what you wrote? Negative rates make it clear they don’t want you to save/hold any money. They want you to spend, spend, spend and keep the Ponzi scheme going. People with zero savings are easier to manipulate and control.

      • I get the feeling it will go like the Lira. We’ll be spending 10,000 for a cup of coffee.

      • ” People with zero savings are easier to manipulate and control.”

        That’s a powerful concept.
        A nation on welfare.

      • “They want you to spend, spend, spend and keep the Ponzi scheme going.”

        Ppl can only spend to a certain point, then they exhaust their credit. Their payments exceed their income.

        I don’t think our rulers realize the consequences of their actions. Too short sighted.

      • Mr. Powell, you are correct about the intent of the policy of negative rates, it’s supposed to act as a spur to spending by the general public because they would get clipped a few per percentage points per annum for saving money. Negative interest rates also indicate the time value of money is negative meaning saving would, at least in theory, not make sense. There would also probably be a rush to cash (i.e. currency) to prevent losses on deposits thus the push for digital currencies that can be tracked.

        In theory interest rates represent the time value of money in a free market which would encourage the formation of surplus capital available for productive investments of varying risk. The interest rate paid on money would compensate the saver for forgoing consumption now for more money later. The borrower would evaluate the risk/reward of investments based upon the cost i.e. the interest rate of money vs. the potential return on various investments. This would severely limit malinvestment through high interest rates for risky (and probably failed) investments.

        All of this is turned on its head by negative rates. In reality, money always has some time value, it’s never negative except to the college professor types. The increased spending when interest rates are too low always results in bad investments that would result in bankruptcy losses for investors except for the fact that the same government that forced interest rates below market rates will then compensate the losers on their bad investments instead of letting them go bankrupt. This, of course only applies to big players like money center banks, hedge funds etc., the small investor is just screwed.

  5. “Note: It was Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin who got their way in February when international flights from Europe were not restricted.”

    And……. It was (((Fauci)) who h3lped direct 7.4 million$ to Wuhan vir inst. To generate a more virulent strain of corona.

    ( when is he going to be prosecuted ?)

  6. .” Even with scientific knowledge, …….”

    Any society that embraces and promotes race mixing is going to shun experience and logic in favor of a fools fantasy.

  7. Sounds like a speech you should deliver this speech on youtube and call for a national revolution.

  8. Deliver this as a speech and let’s start the national revolution.

  9. All international terminals should have been shut down around the middle of February.

  10. I pointed out that we are dying from international airport hubs.

    Simple as that. Free movement and open borders have doomed us.

    Btw it is VE day. Yay Liberal Democracy.

    • “Btw it is VE day. Yay Liberal Democracy.”

      It could have ended terribly………. you might be speaking German.

  11. Two jews chose open borders and the health of Wall St. over the health and safety of American citizens. How shocking. And just last night I had a “friend” recite to me all of the primary jewish talking points of the “holocaust” as if he had just become aware of them. Some people just can’t put 2 and 2 together.

    • Mr. Powell, do you mean the attempted extermination of the Kulaks by the communists in the USSR before WWII or the attempted extermination of the Christian Armenians by the Moslem Turks in 1915 or even the killing fields of Cambodia in the 1970’s? Which holocaust?

      • I think you know which one he thought he had just learned so much about. It’s the only one that matters, right? “Did you know that Wernher Von Braun was SS?” Your point is well taken. This fool would not and will never have any clue about the events you just named. I will not waste time trying to inform him either. Just not worth the time and effort.

  12. “Note: It was Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin who got their way in February when international flights from Europe were not restricted.”

    Let’s face it, they know Americans, especially boomers are extreme conformists who are more afraid of appearing foolish than they are of a disease. This is why they were able to set this massive wealth transfer, planning the deliberate spread of the virus, while mimicking the cluelessness of the goyim cattle.

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