The 1957 Asian Flu Pandemic

70,000 to 116,000 Americans died in the 1957 Asian Flu pandemic. It was one of the three influenza pandemics of the 20th century. It was the second worst pandemic.

“With this knowledge, Hilleman put out press releases announcing a new flu pandemic had arrived, and would reach the United States by September 1957. Though he met some resistance, he successfully convinced companies to begin working on flu vaccines to have ready by then. Fertilized chicken eggs would be necessary for this production, so he told the companies to remind farmers not to kill their roosters at the end of hatching season.

Making a vaccine for a new flu strain is very different from making a vaccine for something completely new like COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that emerged in 2019. Doctors and scientists first developed viable flu vaccines in the 1940s, so they were not starting from scratch when they went to work on the 1957 flu vaccine. Still, Hilleman bypassed regulatory agencies in his efforts to push the vaccine forward because he worried those agencies would slow the process down.

When the new flu strain hit the United States in September, just as Hilleman had predicted it would, the country was ready with a vaccine. The virus, dubbed the “Asian flu,” killed an estimated 70,000 to 116,000 Americans and one to four million people worldwide, but experts suggest it would have killed many more if not for the vaccine. Around the time Hilleman was born, the “Spanish flu” of 1918 to 1919 killed an estimated 675,000 Americans and 50 million people worldwide. …”

We were a different country back then.

By the time the virus arrived in the United States, we already had a vaccine for it. We landed on the moon a little over a decade later. It was around that time that the U.S. Surgeon General declared victory over infectious diseases. Now, we don’t go to space anymore. We don’t believe in vaccines.

Note: By the end of the month, COVID-19 will surpass the death toll of the 1968 pandemic. By mid-June, the death toll will surpass the 1957 pandemic. In three months.

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  1. Yes and the most important thing is the Vaccine. That’s literally how we get everything back to normal. A good clean Vaccine that works! Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian Pace…

      In theory you are right, Dear Brian. But, in practice it becomes more problematic, because of what they add to vaccines that are unnecesary and damaging to the health.

      Moreover, they never have found any kind of a vaccine that can work with the Covid Familiy, because they mutate too quickly.

      For that reason, Elderberry, (when when it gets into your blood system, turns down all the spikes on every Covid Virus cell – which prevents them from stabbing and infecting healthy cells) remains the choice defence against these sorts of illnesses.

      Around the world Elderberry (Sambuca Nigra) is famous for this, has been so for centuries, and there is a whole heapload of clinical data supporting this behavior of Sambuca, but, sadly, North Americans have been conditioned to respect only those things which are synthetic and purveyed by the establishment.

  2. “A good clean Vaccine that works! ”

    I’ll have everything fixed, as soon as I find my magic lamp.

    Anyone remember the Swine Flu Vaccine ?

  3. Other nations have protected their populations.

    The same path forward is right in front of us and invincible stupidity prevents us from taking it.


    Because their is no “us”. Their is only a squabbling and disunited rabble overseen by a hostile and alien ruling class composed of Jews and treasonous Anglo-Saxons.

    • When the final toll is counted the quantity of nigs will be enormous.

      Both the lockdown was unfairly enforced against them, and their medical care was substandard and on top of that any whitey who protested the lockdown was trying to murder blacks.

      Bank on all three ideas symultaneously being promoted without a hint of shame or irony.

    • “Because their is no “us”. ”

      Hey, “diversity is our strength”, 80,000 and counting.

    • Excellent summary.

      And the phrase “invincible stupidity” fits so perfectly I must congratulate you, sir.

    • “Other nations have protected their populations.”

      Any nation that accepts” racial equality”, is too stupid to advance.

  4. So we are ignoring the fact that the population of the USA at that time was about 180 million? About 0.05% of the population died back then.

    We are now at about 330 million (at least) and as of this moment have 80k deaths, which is 0.02% of the population. We need 100k more deaths before it’s an equal to the 1957 pandemic.

    • Math is hard. BTW, Trump is going to win reelection. While you all have been obsessing over the virus the Establishment Coup has been unraveling. Biden was a part of the Obama Administration systemic spying on political opponents, starting in 2012 and going forward even past Obama’s departure, as his executive branch acolytes remained to man to resistance. That is abuse of power. As a historian, our host ought to be covering these facts. But blaming Trump for all of life’s ills is the only game in Eufaula, Alabama.

    • We are ignoring everything. This is madness not pandemic. I thought cultmarx will end up like Soviet Union or Weimar Republic. I never thought that West end up like Aztec Empire.

    • And without immigration, the population would still be about 180 million and still mostly northwest-European White.

      I think 80,000 is an underestimate and the death toll will reach at least 1 million this year; and then it still won’t be over, because without a socialist (people-serving not plutocratic) leadership and a uniform, cohesive population that can work together to stop it, a pandemic must “run its course” through the expendable lower classes.

    • [This is a reply to Jimmy Sheehan, in case it doesn’t show up under his post.]

      Say what?

      So the more people a country has, the less value each individual life has?

      So if a single life in a village of 100 people is lost, that life has one-thousand times more value than a single life lost in a city of 100,000?

      What an inhuman notion.

  5. Jimmy is correct. If you assume the 116.000 death toll for the 1957 Flu, and you adjust for population Coronavirus would have to kill 217,000 people in the US to reach the same per-capita death rate. This is not to make the “just a flu bro” argument, but instead there is a significant element of mass hysteria about the current Coronavirus outbreak.

    In 1957, the media downplayed the epidemic, and lots of old people expired without much public attention or fanfare. Fast forward to today, and we have doom-mongering quantitative models, dashboards with hourly tracking of the growth of the infection, and a clickbait media fanning the flames on all channels.

    Coronavirus is a serious medical threat. But the social media contagion of “Coronaphobia” has triggered a second Great Depression. The latter may be the more significant threat to health and well-being in the long term.

  6. What interests me now is how education will be restructured.

    How do you sit children down in classrooms tell them to keep apart and then teach a lesson about the evil of segregation? About evil Nazis?

    It’ll send children crazy. You can’t play with a friend at school normally but look, it was evil to keep x y z segregated in history too… Lol.

    Home school vindicated I guess.

    • “How do you sit children down in classrooms tell them to keep apart and then teach a lesson about the evil of segregation? About evil Nazis?”

      Easy, our entire society holds many contradictory concepts.
      It’s the feels , man !

  7. There are also hot conspiracy discussions going along the same direction as Hunter, but doubling and tripling the heat level

    Veterans Today agrees with Hunter that this is not the flu, it’s quite deadly, and Trump has really screwed things up

    But VT says right now, there are Deep State roving bands of somewhere between 50 and 100 Covid-19 super-spreaders, young and immune themselves tho infected, intentionally roving acros the USA, to make sure NYC-style coronavirus death rates will be repeated in rural and remote areas, with hundreds of thousands to be dead in the USA by July

    One of those is probably headed down to ‘Bama right now, to Hunter’s neighborhood … so HW needs to be alert for carpetbaggers in the vicinity

    VT says too it’s a USA-made bio-weapon, inserted into Wuhan via the hundreds of USA troops attending the World Military Games there in October 2019, hitting Iran hard next, then Italy to help wreck the EU, and finally in NYC and the USA to destroy America for the new kosher world order

  8. Bill Gates and Microsoft have purchased major media globally, as well as buying controlling influence in heallth organisations such as the WHO, the Fauci / Birx orgs etc

    They have spent millions, often via ‘donations’, to buy control or major influence at

    MSNBC news in the USA
    NPR National Public Radio in the USA
    Comcast & AT&T media in the USA

    The Guardian in the UK
    The BBC in the UK

    Le Monde in France
    Al-Jazeera in Qatar

    “Gates himself is the head of a gigantic media empire. The Gates Foundation underwrites the entire Global Development section of the Guardian, and has given the British newspaper over $9 million.

    It has also contributed over $3 million to NBC Universal, over $4 million to the influential French newspaper, Le Monde, over $4.5 million to NPR, $1 million to Al-Jazeera, and an astonishing $49 million to the BBC’s Media Action program

    The company also owns stakes in media giants like Comcast and AT&T. And the ‘MS’ in ‘MSNBC’ stands for ‘Microsoft’.”

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