Conservatives Are Finally Rising Up

For decades, nationalists have argued about what it will take for the average American conservative to rise up. The answer was when FOX News told him to spread the coronavirus in his community.

If nothing else, the coronavirus should settle this question once and for all. Nationalists have never been able to connect with these people because of their orientation toward individualism and materialism and their ideological frame which is liberalism. They simply don’t share our core values and beliefs.

Conservatives only have an extremely weak sense of racial or ethnic identity. They have a national identity which is based on liberalism. Their whole belief system is built upon an edifice of individualism and selfishness. Why is the Coronavirus Tea Party springing up around the country now, but not before? It is because conservatives and libertarians have been personally impacted by the virus.

As recently as February, conservatives weren’t rising up in the streets. Over the past twenty years, countless black-on-white crimes have occurred … and they slept. Tens of millions of illegal aliens have poured into the country … and they slept. American culture has gone in the toilet … and they slept. Their daughters were impregnated by blacks … and they boasted about it on Facebook. Confederate monuments were torn down all over the South … and they slept. Trump betrayed all his campaign promises except for the tax cuts and the stock market boom … and they slept. They lack a conception of the common good.

I’ve only seen conservatives “rise up” twice in my lifetime. The first time was after the Crash of 2008 when Rick Santelli on CNBC called for a “Chicago Tea Party.” The second time was after the Trump Crash and the lockdowns when FOX News began promoting the protests against stay-at-home orders. Is it a coincidence that conservative activism is triggered by stock market crashes? What happened to the Tea Party? It disappeared after electing Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley. After the economy recovered and the stock market soared to record highs and the GOP had control of all three branches of government, activism was unnecessary and ceased to be promoted by conservative media outlets.

Do you remember Charlottesville? In that case, we were protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. We were attacked by Antifa in the streets. The Democrat governor and Charlottesville city government set us up and had the police stand down. The media played their part and said we had rioted. I will never forget the day when we were all condemned by Donald Trump and the GOP for engaging in activism over something other than money. Now those same people who condemned us as evil for honoring the memory of our forefathers are out there protesting for their right to kill a bunch of weak and elderly people! Tens of thousands of them!

As we all remember, Heather Heyer died in Charlottesville after the Unite the Right rally. If the Charlottesville government hadn’t botched its own plan and kept that intersection closed, it never would happened either. It is impossible to tell whether she died from the impact of the Dodge Challenger or with the impact of the Dodge Challenger due to her preexisting conditions which were smoking and morbid obesity. Everyone else who was hit by the Dodge Challenger was healthier and survived. Do you remember a single conservative pundit making this distinction at the time? Donald Trump said that day that James Fields, Jr. was a “murderer” and “a disgrace to himself, his family and this country.”

I don’t have any problem believing that Heather Heyer died in Charlottesville from the impact of the Dodge Challenger and with her preexisting conditions. The distinction doesn’t really matter because without being hit by the car the poor soul wouldn’t have dropped dead that day. Well, 80,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and 188,000 are expected to die by August 4 and suddenly conservatives aren’t calling Donald Trump a murderer. They aren’t even saying he is guilty of manslaughter. Trump isn’t “a disgrace to himself, his family and this country” for listening to Jared Kushner, Steve Schwarzman and Nelson Peltz and making the call to “ride it out” and “think of it as the flu” in February. If Heather Heyer had lived three years and died of “just the flu” in 2020, conservatives would have written it off as a death from a preexisting condition. Unhealthy people drop dead all the time. Big line has to go up!

I don’t support the Coronavirus Tea Party because the protests aren’t about the common good of the nation. These protests are solely about individual grievances. I’m literally dying here because I am locked up in my house. I’ve lost my job. My rights have been violated by a tyrannical government. Ultimately, it all zeroes back to liberalism and Number One, which is why we know nothing will come of these protests like the previous Tea Party. Once the pandemic fades, the economy revives, the stock market goes up, the stay-at-home orders are suspended, it will be back to business as usual with these people. They will all go back to not caring about the future of their country and the world beyond their own doorstep.

I’m against pandering to conservatives and libertarians. I don’t see any future for nationalism within any kind of liberal framework. The nation will unravel and die of individualism, materialism and selfishness as it has been slowly disintegrating since the end of World War II. Indeed, this crisis proves that there is no future in racist liberalism because a people who can’t even pull together over a common good like stopping a deadly epidemic won’t pull together to do anything else, and certainly not over any of the things which don’t even arouse this amount of anger like our racial and culture decline.

Liberalism and ethnonationalism are philosophically incompatible. The former celebrates the individual and his rights and the “virtue of selfishness” and denies the existence of any type of higher common good. The latter holds that the ethnic integrity of the nation is a common good and the highest good of the state and that the rights of the individual must be subordinated to it. The coronavirus has laid bare what a conservatism that lacks any sense of the common good and which celebrates the greed of billionaires over the general welfare of the nation, particularly its weakest members, will ultimately lead to.

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  1. Good article.

    Its my feeling as well.

    The Alt-Right attracted conservatives, not people who want real change, and they dragged it down into the abyss.

    Such it is.

    • “The Alt-Right attracted conservatives”

      True. It also attracted:

      – Homosexuals
      – Zionists
      – Snake oil salesmen
      – Shysters
      – Grifters
      – Cam whores
      – Cat boys
      – Conspiratards
      – Failed rappers
      – Out of work porn stars
      – Yellow fever fetishists
      – Cross dressing perverts
      – Sociopaths from 4chan
      – Based black guys in MAGA hats

      Of course these categories often overlapped.

      The “Alt-Right” was a textbook example of the Jews getting in-front of, and taking over a budding nationalist movement. At the end of the day the Alt-Right was just Zionist neo-liberalism in MAGA hats and the only thing they accomplished was “triggering the libtards”. White Nationalists who got involved with it not only compromised their principles, they sullied their brand indefinitely.

    • The autopsy said she died of a ruptured aorta caused by blunt force trauma to the chest. That’s not a heart attack. I think the 400 year jail sentence is unjust, but let’s not pretend James Fields isn’t ultimately responsible.

      • “let’s not pretend James Fields isn’t ultimately responsible.”

        Let’s not pretend that antifa weren’t beating his car with bats and threatening him with AR-15s.

        Let’s not pretend that he speed up to escape a violent mob and then hit the brakes when he realized he was going to hit the cars stopped in front on him (all of which is documented on video).

        Let’s not pretend that Heather Heyer and the various other antifa were responsible for stopping those cars that James Fields ran into.

        Let’s not pretend that the city and state governments were ultimately responsible for creating this situation in the first place by denying the marchers their legal rights to freedom of speech and assembly, while enabling antifa to run riot and attack people with impunity, and then prosecuting any protesters who had the temerity to defend themselves from physical assault.

        Yes, let’s not pretend.

      • James Fields is “NOT” responsible for Heather Heyer’s death even if he hit here with his car which is questionable… He was surrounded by violent thugs who were hitting his car with bats. A college professor even pointed his AR-15 and stated he’s going to kill him. Most of us would have done what he did. I know that I would have. He was terrified…

        • Not just bats, one had a crowbar, mace not sure if it was ordinary ps or bear mace, and a antifa who was a professor had a assault rifle pointed at fields at one point if I remember correctly

      • The guy was trying to escape a liberal armed hoard. They were pointing rifles at him. The fat bitch should have got out of his way. Stopping someone being able to leave is a crime.

  2. Who would have guessed in 2016 that we would see a full revitalization of the Reagan Republican tea party stuff only a few years later? Necromancer Trump brought it all back from the dead.

  3. That blob should have worn her pantaloons that day. In the good old days, the first thing people would do is provide coverage for dignity. Not these loony leftists.

    I laugh at the photo above. I’ve never seen firemen wearing FIRE shirts instead of something like CFD (Charlottesville Fire Dept) or ACFD (Albermarle County Fire Department). Am I being conspiratorial again?

    • Agreed. One is too fat. The physical for a fireman could not be passed with a gut like that.
      You have to be in good cardiovascular shape to keep a job like that. You are right that fat one is not a fireman. They have to be fit and agile.

  4. The Common Good is made up of individuals who have either of two basic philosophies of life: giving the unknown future a chance, or preserving the status quo past that has stood the test of time. These philosophies are genetically based, and as a result cannot be wished away by people who accept the other way of life. Moreover, each view is appropriate in different times and places in meeting people’s felt needs. Therefore, a stable society adopts minimum rules of conduct that give each philosophy a chance to survive and thrive. Hunter is of the preservationist view, while individualists of either political party are of the other viewpoint. Both must find a way to accept the other while living as they wish. That is hard, of course, but acceptance of the Other is necessary, literally and politically, to have a decent country once more.

  5. I have always thought that the reaction to the current order will come from the left. Communism or National Socialism will seize the day because the left is capable of unity and community spirit. Antifa despite their name does a pretty good imitation of the Brownshirts both in look and mentality. The left also has the advantage of thinking in racial terms almost constantly which terrifies the right. It’s a short trip for them mentally.

    The right also tends to have a weak sense of community despite their rhetoric. They let their communities die, their churches are subverted, their schools taken over, and they do nothing or they join in hoping for a pat on the head for the effort.

    Libertarianism appeals to conservatives because it is essentially ideological narcissism. Their weak sense of community and nation are justified and they get approval to look out for themselves at any cost.

    Conservatives aren’t capable of unity and a cohesive group will always beat a disunified crowd. They are the enemy because community, nation, indeed any overarching idea comes with costs and they aren’t interested in paying any price which is why the left has been running the tables on these jokers for over a 100 years.

    They lose constantly and they are fine with that as long as they can keep their goodies and get to posture every once in a while. They adopt the left’s positions from a couple of decades past and call it the new conservatism and they are outraged if anyone points out their hypocrisy.

    Conservatives will never come over to our side.

  6. “Do you remember Charlottesville? In that case, we were protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. We were attacked by Antifa in the streets. The Democrat governor and Charlottesville city government set us up and had the police stand down…”

    HW, it is always a good thing to remind this corrupt nation of what the Left is trying to get away with in the Charlottesville setup. These Commies firmly believe that if they repeat their lies often enough they will be established as the truth.


    • I am in favor of genuine libertarianism, meaning you may keep the benefits of sex and drugs and rock-n-roll nihilism if you also agreed to pay the price when the exercise of freedom goes wrong. So, for example, if you lose your job due to excessive drug use, you pay for your own drug treatment, or for any damages to other people your behavior causes. Or you pay for the unwanted kids your sex acts bring into the world, without pawning the time and money costs onto either taxpayers or grandparents.
      Of course, the reality is that people who demand freedom, whether rich businesses or lower class workers, are really asking to be treated like children, so they benefit personally from their acts, financially or in highs or orgasms, but pawn off burdens onto others. Like children. That is modern politics, the childish becoming the basis for adult action. So, in the sense of how liberty is exercised today in 2020 America, I agree with our host that it is a plague on our nation that must be stopped, and personal responsibility imposed.

      • @J.R.

        For about 40 years now I have believed this nation is to be destroyed for all of the sins against God. At times I thought it was getting close and now as it seems to be getting much closer I am wondering if this latest pandemic will start the final slide into total destruction — I don’t really know. We may recover and go on sinning even more but I hope not and I will probably not live to see the final outcome.

        However, I do NOT believe it will be JUST a plague that takes us down. In the end it will be much more. A severe multi-year drought that will wipe out everything along with disease and famine and then the final straw — almost every major city nuked/destroyed. Most of us who survive the nukes / famine / plagues / etc will be taken captive. So much for the freedom to sin as you please that this nation seems to pride itself in.

        I think HW is doing the best he can to protect our people from this plague. He should be commended.

  7. All you need to know about “conservatives” has been bludgeoned into us, again during this “jogger” incident. Conservative means supporting taxes and fighting “socialism”. Oh and lower taxes. Drag queen story hour, the knockout game, white nationalism trials by the ADL.

    Not their concern. And when they do speak on it, expect the same thing as your garden variety shit lib. Exhibit A, Charlie Kirk

      • It is the height of redundancy but they are hyping this up to Ferguson levels, I suspect as a distraction from everything else. All i know is that people keep posting these men’s addresses on Twitter and social media with calls for “vigilante justice”. And the posts aren’t being taken down for some reason. This is going to be a bad one. I can feel it in my bones

  8. There isn’t any organic conservative movement, there are organic conservative sentiments. Poor soil, to be sure, but not poor because of mistaken ideas and deeply held liberal values. Rather poor soil because of weak-mindedness, ignorance, disconnectedness. There is a conservative core to the ethnically American people (those descended from those who settled this continent) and it is rooted in history and identity. The real problem is that there is no effective organization that is not utterly subverted. We cannot appeal to these people because we have almost no money, little organization, little skill in persuasion, and no ability to unite right wing cat herd.

    Erik Prince and the Jews (who may well be responsible for the initial release of the virus) have the ability to “unite” the ugly Americans and put their ugliness on parade for the cause of business danger of plague be damned. They have vast financial and propaganda resources and the incomprehensible, immovable ignorance of the boomer to work with.

    • “Rather poor soil because of weak-mindedness, ignorance, disconnectedness. There is a conservative core to the ethnically American people (those descended from those who settled this continent) and it is rooted in history and identity.”

      Wrong. The earliest settlers brought the liberalism. That’s why this problem is so intractable in America compared to Europe, where ethnic nationalism is surging everywhere, under much less pressure from diversity than modern white Americans have gladly tolerated for generations. This is a “we have met the enemy and he is us” problem.

  9. The problem comes from pandering to simplistic worldviews and refusing to adapt beyond that because it brings short-term limited traction. Literally every talking point in the “online/alt right” comes back around to jerking off resentful weirdos who want to go back to the 50s but with the comforts of high tech, not reaching out to adrift young people who want to lead an honorable life and find real meaning. And it is young people not young men, women have just as much of a hunger for meaning in their life as men and it is an energy that needs to be harnessed to bring real change.

    In my view the biggest issue in dissident politics is few ever talking about an inspiring vision for future society beyond “white man good, tradition good”, and that’s because any sensible vision wouldn’t jerk off resentful gamer weirdos so it can’t gain traction in the “right”. Fairness, compassion, compromise, humbleness, justice are all qualities that are vital to a worthwhile and stable civilization, only appealing to those qualities can bring real change since they are the only qualities that offer a coherent alternative to selfish liberalism and endless war.

    The world has changed, technology isn’t going anywhere and non-whites aren’t giving it up. A vision of the future that panders to seething racial resentment and desire for power and dominance isn’t going to move the needle because it isn’t viable for the future where power is being distributed. White people can choose to be emotional degenerate monsters and then be suppressed by the technology of the civilized races, or we can develop and nurture a vanguard of civilized and rational pro-white people and have a path into the future. All magical thinking and “right wing” talking points must be dropped, white people will go extinct only if they insist on returning to the past.

    Imagine if the Egyptian pharaohs had reacted to change by seething and clinging to tradition and pandering to angry retards only, there would have been no England.

    • There is no inspiring future for Whites in North America. The possibilities are either bad or worse. That’s it. Either way, it will not be good or “honorable” or anything like that for Whites. If you need to be inspired with fantasies, then you might as well just end it all right now.

  10. The ‘racist liberal’ meme is kinda funny but only half accurate, because Conservatives don’t have a sense of belonging to anything real, let alone their own race.

    The only people Conservatives hate are the poor.

    If blacks weren’t poor, Conservatives would not run whenever they move into their neighborhoods. If blacks had money, Conservatives would welcome them in by the 100s of millions.

    If you are rich, you are in the Conservative Collective. If you were once rich, but became poor, then you are out of the Conservative Collective. Their sense of belonging is solely based on wealth. To a Conservative, not having money means you are a bad person.

    Also, Conservatives are full of self hatred for their own race. Have you ever seen the Conservative reaction to White victims of diversity? They’ve been telling me point blank for 20 years, I Don’t Care!!!, whenever I mention a White victim of diversity, but if a White does anything bad, they scream Blue Murder! just as much as the liberal mass media does.

    Conservatism cannot be reformed, because you cannot reform sociopaths. The part of the brain that causes them to care about something other than hedonistic pleasures, never developed. It is just a stub that doesn’t do anything.

    • White American baby boomers of both dominant political parties suck at the teat of the holocaustianity. The fable of “The Six Million ” is their ‘moral cornerstone.’ On the whole, their actions and beliefs are 180 degrees different than the majority of White identitarians and the 14 Words.

  11. This article is so true! The conservatives only care about their own limited desires. They don’t give a care about the millions of nonwhites replacing whites in America, as long as the immigrants come here legally. And they certainly don’t care about the white elderly dying from the coronavirus. In fact, many of them have said that they were going to die anyway! How these conservatives know that these patients would have died on the very day at the very hour from a preexisting illness if they hadn’t died from the coronavirus is a mystery!

  12. The overwhelming majority of the “Dissident Right,” including the readers of your website, are racist liberals.

  13. The unfortunate paradox here is that the civil rights movement, the lgbtqrstuv movement, and pretty much every other social movement since WW2, has been rooted in egalitarian, “greater good”, collectivist/socialist thought. The undeniable fact is that Americans have been steadily trained to see everything in terms of “red white and blue”, and that “we are all the same on the inside”…so that the idea of the “collective” is “all of humanity”, and that the greater good is that which serves all of humanity.

    Even with this virus, the notion of sacrificing for “the greater good” must come from a perspective that the greater good is going to include people of color too. (And gays, and feminists, and Yankees). Yes, you have to abandon all selfishness to come together to fight a pandemic (and I agree this is a good thing), but I disagree that populist and nationalist ideas are incompatible with libertarian individualism and selfishness. (Sometimes selfishness is a good thing). People who are nationalists tend to have stronger feelings for their immediate family and local community, rather than concern for the global community. Overall, people who have a high degree of concern about the spread of the virus are equally concerned about it ravaging the 3rd world and poor minority communities. I contend that selfish, individualistic people TEND, overall, to be more family oriented and racially aware, while (unfortunately) also not very identitarian where race is concerned.
    Take for example the McMicheals (or whatever their names are) who shot the jogger. They’re most likely very much “don’t tread on me” 3%er types. Oh they’re most definitely “racist”, and undoubtedly use the word nigger very liberally. But they would balk at the idea of white nationalism (or the idea of southern nationalism with a segregated society). That’s a bridge too far.
    Having said that, I believe that selfish, individualistic people on average are more likely to embrace a nationalistic framework than “greater good”, socialistic people. I think there is evidence to support that thesis, considering that the entire Trump movement (outside the “alt right echo chamber”) was propagated by alt-lite type conservatives and libertarians. Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Milo had far more cultural influence than OD, Daily Stormer, TRS, or even VDare and AmRen.

    I think that across the board, both the mainstream left and mainstream right, are worthless. The populist left is only marginally better on some issues, but on the concept of nationalism it is WORSE. Let alone globohomo. The only think that the populist left really gets right is the attack on corporate globalism and Wall Street. As a former libertarian, I spent a good deal of time in anarchist circles and learned a lot from those folks. But I know they are NOT my ally.

  14. there is no right wing in america. you have the collectivist party of non-White open borders and welfare vs the party of selfish individual liberal capitalists and their masters the billionaire tax cuts and war hawks for israel.

    we need to be very loud in opposing BOTH parties. neither serve Whites.

    • Three months ago I sympathized with your position.

      Since then I’ve lost my false consciousness.

      Racialism is a preference. Racial “nationalists” are merely ea$y money white cucks who prefer living around other whites. We are neo-liberal beneficiaries of billionaire global capitalism, first and foremost.

      The mainstream and “racialist,” cuckservative and lolbertarian response to the coronavirus has proven beyond any doubt that when push comes to shove, it’s ea$y money, neo-liberal capitalism over ALL lives.

  15. “the ethnic integrity of the nation is a common good and the highest good of the state and that the rights of the individual must be subordinated to it.”

    There was a guy who said the same thing 80 years ago. He is now demonized as the most evil man who ever walked the earth. But look around at the state of this society that demonizes him.

  16. There’s nothing “racialist” about anything mainstream or libertarian, but you know that. I think that’s your schtick here.

  17. This article is saying exactly what I keep saying:

    Where WERE all these protesters all these years when REAL evils needed to be protested against? They are not men, they are puppets being used!

  18. Hunter, I well understand and am in full sympathy with your disappointment with and anger at Trump.

    But, as Denise pointed out, we are delusional if we think there is going to be a UBI coming to us out of this. Lots of people are still waiting on their $1200 stimulus checks. Those that got it blew through it PDQ because it doesn’t go that far. In less expensive states it pays two weeks of bills and this economy has been shut down for far longer than that.

    All your posts point out to how horrible Trump is for wanting to get people back to work even as that Southern Red State Republican says that unemployment benefits will be extended over his dead body.

    You seem to be very critical of Trump’s performance over this CoVid virus. But you have not outlined what YOU would do if you were president.

    Call me a selfish boomer. But in Trump’s place, I would have NOT shut down the economy OR encourage the governors to do so. I would have laid out the case I am making now. The government cannot print a bunch of money for UBI. You will have some very hard life and death decisions to make, depending on your situation; either continue to go to work and risk infection OR slowly starve to death and brave the elements while you live under a bridge.

    Because that’s the reality of the situation. Now, I would do my best to make sure that PPEs and masks were available to nursing home workers. I would set up testing centers and field hospitals to tend to CoVid victims, but I would push for no ONE size fits all – especially a huge city like New York run by an incompetent like DeBlasio in a state run by an incompetent like Cuomo. A country this large and diverse should have been encouraged to keep as many areas – especially those with sparse populations – open as possible.

    Finally, in Trump’s position, I would point out that this virus was bipartisan corruption and corporate greed at its finest – MADE IN THE USA and how stupid it was to transfer all our industry to what has been the epicenter of every pandemic in recorded history since the bubonic plague.

    Trump is in a position to halt all temporary workers, shut down all immigration. It’s no longer a case of more jobs than Americans to fill them. THAT excuse was always questionable and is plainly no longer valid.

    But this is not a case of whether or not to re-open the economy. We have no choice BUT to reopen the economy for most people to survive. The only thing the White House should be pushing is manufacturing more zithromycin and hydrochloroquine (drugs that have been proven to work – but, alas, whose patents have expired, making them very cheap) to help Covid victims recover more quickly.

    We also need to stop pushing a vaccine. Most Covid victims have had flu vaccines. I have an elderly relative who died of two strains of pneumonia and bronchitis complicated by Covid. She was a COPD sufferer who dutifully got her flu shots and pneumonia shot. So pardon me if I take a dim view of remaining under lockdown until we can all be vaccinated. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Amen brother. Could not have made your points any more clear and lucid. Despite what HW keeps saying about dissenters to his lockdown forever viewpoint, the question isn’t should we try to contain the spread of the covid-19 virus, but whether the economic costs ought to be borne only by the lower income classes (those “nonessential workers ,” I. e., those citizens lacking in political power or higher status voices speaking out on their behalf) or whether we should reimburse them while they are prevented from being self-sufficient. As you cannot prevent people from taking care of their literal needs for survival indefinitely, either end lockdowns or pay them a UBI until lockdowns end. Those are your choices. Otherwise, the Boogaloo will arrive.

        • That may be so, but you have made clear that your sympathies are with States that plan to stay locked down until there are both zero new infections and zero new deaths attributed to covid-19, which suggests that would be your preference for Alabama as a whole, and your county and city in particular. Therefore, my point is correct, despite your “is does not mean is” formulation, recalling Slick Willie’s impeachment defense. Words with no meaning are worthless. The truth is you have an independent source of income that lets you join the Establishment in trying to punish Trump and his supporters for your mistake in believing a consistent con man, which is a blow to the self-esteem of a dissenting pundit. Understandable, but not justified.

          • New York, Washington and California are all reopening.

            I was told by conspiracy theorists and truthers that it was a permanent totalitarian lockdown. Also, my income has nothing whatsoever to do with my response to the virus. If I was motivated by money, I would close this blog tomorrow.

          • “… in trying to punish Trump and his supporters for your mistake in believing a consistent con man, which is a blow to the self-esteem of a dissenting pundit. Understandable, but not justified. ”


            I genuinely and sincerely hope Hunter can get past the unbelievable amount of resentment and bitterness he holds for Orangeman, and the foolishness he likely feels for stumping for Trump so hard during the last election.

            He probably will deny this, but he and a lot of alt-right types took turns being the conductors of the TrumpTrain™, and were especially hurt and burned over the perceived “betrayal” at Charlottesgrad.

            Fact is, Trump never cared about them, either before or after C-Ville — nor, for that matter, did he ever even care for anyone he personally knew who directly, and REALLY helped him get elected — such as Cory Lewandowski, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen, or people who served in his cabinet who he also threw under the bus, like General Michael Flynn.

            It absolutely boggles the mind that relative noboby alt-righters, who merely have blogs, and wrote a few kind articles about Trump during the election, should feel that they’re somehow entitled to more “respect” from the fat, showboating, NYC atheist who even sold his friends out when it was expedient.

            Hunter et al: Get over your maladaptive obsession with Trump, and stop basing every friggen decision and opinion you have thru the prism of whether or not it may look bad for Trump (in particular you’re total focus on the ChinkFlu, because you think your somehow, someway “embarrassing” Orangeman cuz of it. You emphatically are not embarrassing him, but you are embarrassing yourself.

          • Maybe you weren’t reading this site in January, but I have been writing about the virus since Wuhan was locked down. I was writing about it a month and a half before Trump bungled his response to it.

  19. “I’m against pandering to conservatives and libertarians. I don’t see any future for nationalism within any kind of liberal framework. ”

    The only feasible way forward is in states’ rights – leaving each state to blend as it sees fit, historic Liberal and Conservative values that existed before the neobrands of both.

    The more the states can fully conduct their economies, cultures, and political lives, the less turmoil will exist – because everything will not be dictated from the unbelievably corrupt and megalomaniacal centre in Washington, D.C.

    The new diversity of Sovereign States (the old diversity) would create a system whereby there will be mass migrations of people to lands whose values they hold dear – and that, too, will be another source for harmony.

    Unfortunately, when The New England Yankees took over the constitution of this country in 1865, their desire to modify and control even the most minute aspects of Southern life & culture, led them to gradually evolve against the original system of diverse of sovereignties of this country, and developed a new land where only economic values can be varied among the state, nothing else.

    It does not work – because few are happy in this kind of ‘union’.

    The original formula of this nation was, ‘Local Control by Local White Men’.

    A slightly tweeked variant could still serve well today : —– ‘Local Control by Local People’ … and if one does not like where one is, one can sell one’s house and move to one’s version of Shangra-La.

    That, and only that, is the political formula that is the ending destiny for the unending strife which we witness today.

  20. On topic for once…try this on for size, on the jew-tube: Stranger Than Fiction News…I’ve been trying to troll these idiots and not doing a very good job of it.

  21. Liberals are the sword of Jewry, conservatives are the shield. Liberals attack Whites on the orders of Jews and conservatives prevent Whites from fighting back as a race, also on the orders of Jews.

    • Liberals are the sword of Jewry, conservatives are the shield. Liberals attack Whites on the orders of Jews and conservatives prevent Whites from fighting back as a race, also on the orders of Jews.

      This possibly may be one of the best comments I have EVER READ on this subject.

      You sir are a modern-day Oswald Spengler.

  22. The AFP-directed and Ayn Rand inspired local Tea Party has just been resurrected, and it’s fully funded and going on the warpath to force “opening the economy and getting our freedoms back.”

  23. Hey Hunter,
    I do not comment here much anymore, but wanted to say that I enjoyed this post of yours. You are correct that with most American “patriots” it is all about themselves, not the good of their country (or even their neighbors and their extended family). I only went to one Tea Party back in 2010, and was rather unimpressed. There was like one Negro there, and he was on stage…Muh liberty!
    It was patriot’s pathetic stance on race and Jewish subversion that made me leave the patriot movement several years ago, and lead to me writing *Rethinking the Propositions*, where I dismantle the patriot issue and “conservative liberalism”. I got annoyed enough at Amazon that I ceased paperback distribution of RTP through them a few months ago, and now have a PDF version of it downloadable on my website.

  24. What we need is an ideology that combines the social, the national, and the democratic into one coherent and transcendent ideology. By social I mean social communitarian. I think Robert Putnam noted what happens to society in which the social communitarian aspect is absent. By national I mean Ethno-Nationalism. By democratic I mean Democratic populism whereby corporations and and business entities are not allowed to contribute to political campaigns and political action committees are banned. This would also include national referendums and citizen initiatives. Think of a combination or Orania and Switzerland!

    OS: On an unrelated note have you seen the new Gerber baby?

  25. Also, Conservatives are full of self hatred for their own race. Have you ever seen the Conservative reaction to White victims of diversity? They’ve been telling me point blank for 20 years, I Don’t Care!!!, whenever I mention a White victim of diversity, but if a White does anything bad, they scream Blue Murder! just as much as the liberal mass media does. @Hal

    What an excellent comment, Hal.

    Really sums up all to well the mentality of your typical White Boomer con-$ervative.

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