Let General Forrest Rest In Peace

If you have followed this website and my activism over the last decade, you are probably expecting me to be outraged by this.


“(CNN) The remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife will be removed from a Memphis park where a monument of him once stood.

The decision to move their remains came after the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a non-profit organization of male descendants of Confederate veterans, agreed to drop a pending lawsuit against park owners, according to CNN affiliate WREG.

Forrest, who was a slave trader and early Ku Klux Klan leader, and his wife, Mary Ann, had their graves at Health Sciences Park, where a monument to Forrest used to be.

City leaders voted in 2013 to change the name of three parks that honored Confederate figures in Memphis. Then, in 2015, they voted to move the Forrest statue. To proceed with the removal, they sought a waiver from the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act, a law that governs the removal, relocation or renaming of memorials on public property. But the Tennessee Historical Commission denied the city’s request. …”

I’m not outraged though.

At this point, I would rather General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife just be left alone to rest in peace. I’ve been to that park many times over the last few years. The area around it in Memphis has deteriorated. The same is true of all these Southern cities that have these monuments.

Let Applebee’s and the bars on Beale Street and Broadway close down for a month. That’s what it takes to provoke a real conservative liberal uprising. These people have been thoroughly deracinated and don’t care about these issues. They are consumers who live in an economic zone now.

Note: Tennessee has a Heritage Protection Act. It was toothless and the Tennessee Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal filed by the SCV.

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  1. A lot of white people have been de-racinated over the decades, and for some, over the centuries. I have met many white people over the years who did not know what their ethnic background was. Not even a hint.

    What if some of the DNA testing performed by companies linked to the control mechanism were fudging the results to make people believe that all of us are mixed, that we are all connected much more than we thought. This would put people at ease with globalism. I heard this discussion on a podcast.

    Did you hear that story that some DNA workers admitted they would alter the results especially if people rejected their supposed negro blood?

    Race is everything.

    I think fighting the removal of the Confederacy is already lost. People just don’t care anymore. Many white Southerners care more about the game than they do their heritage. It was obvious that The Sons of Confederate Veterans couldn’t garner the support they had 50 years ago to fight the onslaught.

    Demographics is everything.

  2. @Snowhitey…

    “I think fighting the removal of the Confederacy is already lost. People just don’t care anymore. Many white Southerners care more about the game than they do their heritage. It was obvious that The Sons of Confederate Veterans couldn’t garner the support they had 50 years ago to fight the onslaught.”


    Perhaps the fight has been lost in many places, to ‘remove The Confederacy’, but, in some places it has been.

    It is true that White Southerners qualify for all 5 conditions of Rafail Lemkin’s positing of what is a Cultural Genocide, that was adopted by The United Nations in the early 1970s.

    I agree that most Southerners do not care, but, I would not say it is not necessarily that they do not about who they are anymore, but, just the fact that they don’t care, period.

    Indifference, at this time in history, in Dixie, is shocking.

    As to The Sons of Confederate Veterans, I can only pass this along – When I made an inquiry with them about researching my ancestry, they most graciously did so – they informing me that I am not only the direct descendant of numerous Confederate veterans of Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina, but, as well, Revolutionary War heroes and heads of the pre-revolutionary Virginia militia.

    Then the man who did my research requested that I call him to receive an assignment to an SCV post, which I did.

    No sooner had we passed salutations than he asked me if I was a secessionist?

    When I said with little ado, ‘Yes, Sir, I am.’ He nearly screamed at me that it was unacceptable and that such a thing could never be!@#$%!

    Shocked at his unexpected harangue,there was a long silence on my part, after which I recovered myself and said,’ I’m sorry, Sir, but I am unhappy with our situation and I cannot change out my blood.’

    After he gave some sort of begrudging reply, the conversation ended.

    To me, that tells you why The Sons of Confederate Veterans can no longer garner the support they need to fight, sad to say.

    • Off topic, Ivan, but just want you to know I did reply to the question you put me in Mr. Wallace’s Andrew Anglin entry (“Andrew Anglin: The White Savior”) of May 7.

  3. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is the definition of Cuckfederates. It’s Cucked over and over and over again on everything Southern. Same goes for Conservatives that have never conserved anything especially Christian Family Values and Morals. Oh but these people just love Trump even now with the World being in a Health Pandemic. Just saw a news story that home prices in Northeast Mississippi have actually increased during this Covid-19 health pandemic. Why that’s reason enough why all these idiots would still just love Trump cause he’s the money man. As crazy as it sounds I have more respect for a Black Panther, Mexican Gang Member, and an Islamic Terrorist than I do a Cuckfederate or a Republican. I know full well those I mentioned are the enemy of White Christian Southerners. Oh but Cuckfederates and Republicans run around saying they care about us. Heck No. Those people are no different than Jews who love money and reject Jesus Christ. It’s time White Christian Southerners take things serious and stop playing heritage and politics. It’s time we take back our Nation, save our Southern Heritage & Culture, Tribe, and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

    • The cucks who support the removal of the statue and graves believe the vandalism of white monuments will end when the last Confederate monument is torn down. Confederate monuments are attacked first because they are easy pickings being associated in the popular imagination only with slavery because of relentless mainstream/communist propaganda over the last sixty years. All white monuments of all kinds are ultimate targets; statues, buildings, public squares, parks, books, paintings etc. no matter what accomplishments they are commemorating.

      In California statues of white pioneers and statesmen have been torn down even though one of them, a statue of President McKinley, was a Union veteran but committed the cardinal sin of championing the westward expansion of the U.S. during his presidency.
      A statue of Christopher Columbus was torn down in Los Angeles and the City Council declared Columbus Day to be replaced by something called “Indigenous People’s Day”, an action repeated all across the U.S.
      In Plymouth, Mass., a “woke” town there has been repeated vandalism of the 1620 Pilgrim monuments.

      All of these actions make sense from the viewpoint of the non-whites in the country. The wogs are incompatible with the (slim) white majority and are naturally in conflict with the demands of civilization, a civilization they enjoy the benefits of but are incapable of maintaining. What is inexplicable is the white majority encouraging and accepting this vandalism of our heritage, a form of warfare being waged against us. . . . “Why? Why? Why would someone do this?” Gayle Manning asked . . . ” regarding the vandalism at Plymouth as quoted above in USA Today.

      Because they hate us Gayle, that is the answer, whether or not you want to hear it, and you don’t. They hate us and want us dead, six feet under. Whether your ancestors fought for the Confederacy or for the Union, whether they landed at Jamestown or Plymouth or came later from Europe, the wogs don’t care. The wogs want us gone. It doesn’t matter that without white people the electricity, clean water and food stop, they just hate us. Period.

      • Exactly,after the momuments are taken down,the buildings will be taken down,then the public square,them your houses and farms, and then YOU.e. g South Africa.

    • @Brian pace…

      Yes, Brian, your assessment of how pathetic the SCV leadership is, and your pointing out the evil on all sides is absolutely spot on!

      Yes, who can respect an organization that, essentially, does not even try to fulfill it’s task?

      Yes, sad to say, all those groups, who are either not us and or are against us, are more respectable than The Sons of Confederate Veterans.

      In the end, one can point the finger at The United States’ Government, Jewry, New England Yankees, The Media, The Judeo-Bolsheivst Academies, The Corporate-Globalist Establishment et al, but, it all comes down to us.

      We do not have to accept this terrible situation, but, we do.

      It’s a terrible time in history to be a Southerner, and, what’s worse, it may be the last time in history to be ‘A Southerner’.

  4. @Hunter So what’s the SouthNat take on this then? Should he be exhumed and moved to a safer place? Or are his remains not “holy relics” (not being sarcastic, just can’t think of a good parallel).

  5. The Sons of Confederate Veterans did a piss-poor job of defending the statue and the interests of the white community on this. SCV rank and file members were admonished to defer to their “betters’-limp-wristed local SCV leaders who wanted to control their members and be the exclusive spokesmen for their side of the argument. These so-called “leaders” looked like “deers in the headlights” every time they were interviewed- too politically correct to do anything besides discredit their side of the argument, and too dim-witted to make winning arguments in reply to the Jacobins on the other side . Add to this elected white judges in Middle Tennessee that refused to enforce Tennessee’s Heritage Protection law because they have no fear of being voted out of office for their treachery by whites. Chalk this one up to feckless white leaders and Politically Correct white judges who the blacks will vote out of office soon enough(good riddance!) also an overweight, sissified carpetbagger Memphis Mayor scared to death of the black voters who would never vote for him anyway. Memphis is now an officially accursed city, like Detroit, New Orleans, Birmingham and Baltimore, destined to wither, rot and die. Next time, call on the League of the South if you want spokesmen more interested in winning than in maintaining their cherished “reputation in the community”-which the feckless SCV leaders didn’t have anyway. As T. S. Eliot said, “This is the way the world will end-not with a bang, but a whimper”

    • @Blowtorch Mason…

      “Next time, call on the League of the South if you want spokesmen more interested in winning than in maintaining their cherished “reputation in the community”-which the feckless SCV leaders didn’t have anyway.”


      Yes, if there is another institution left in Dixie, other than The League, that can be relied upon to be Southern, I cannot think of it, sad to say.

      We, Southerners, are like a once proud antebellum mansion, the sill beams of which have been been so long gnawed by cowardice, indifference, and termites, there is only one little part of the once proud edifice left to walk in – The League of The South.

      • The three things every Confederate soldier I ever heard of remembered about the Civil War: Being hungry. Being thirsty. Being sick.

        For some reason ” ‘Pornt’ Lookout” gets a lot of mentions too. LOL.

        • @Krafty…

          Right, but, these were not all the problems, Krafty – not by a long shot.

          Perhaps the thorniest problem for many soldiers was what my great-great grandfather, Isom Richardson, went through.

          When war came in 1861, Isom was not at all eager to go fight. He knew what that meant – that he could either be killed or, worse, maimed, at which point he could be only a permanent burden for his wife.

          Eventually, in May of 18 & 62, Isom reluctantly left his bride to go off to war, at which point my great-great grandmother, Jane Crouse Richardson, was left alone with 2 toddlers on a difficult hilly and remote subsistence farm.

          Isom’s daddy & mama, Alexander & Martha, pitched in as best they could to make up for his absence, but, it was a far cry from what Jane and the kids most certainly needed.

          For that reason, when Isom was wounded fighting with the 61st NC Regiment in March of 1863 near New Bern against The United States’ Government in Eastern North Carolina, he was sent to Columbia, South Carolina where, after a month convalescence, he was released with a month’s leave.

          When Isom did not return to his unit in late June, a summons was issued for his arrest. Eventually, in October of that year the law caught up with him, at which point he was taken back to his unit. He was not tried for desertion and executed, even though he had deserted, because he told them what the circumstance of his family was – utterly destitute, penniless and starving without him.

          Many Tarheel ladies were going through the same thing which is why, later in the war, they actually marched on Raleigh, to attempt to acquire some redress for their complaints.

          In any case, in November of 1863, Isom was very sick and he was allowed to leave Petersburg and go home on leave. Though his presence was of great was of spiritual succor to Jane, it was not of much material compensation, for in the two months of Winter Isom was home, he was unable grow no food.

          Returning to his unit in January of 1864, Isom served until his wife’s desperation set him to desert again after the Battle of Spotsylvania in June 1864.

          After improving Jane’s situation, Isom reluctantly returned to the frontlines late in ’64, because of the increasingly desperate situation of The Confederacy. In spite of being in mortal peril many times, he stayed with the 61st North Carolina through the Siege of Petersburg, and then the final major battle in North Carolina, at Bentonville.

          The story of Isom and Jane was a commonplace story, and it is why North Carolina had such a high desertion rate during the war – men were unwilling to leave their families to rot, this as our Confederate Government did not see fit to provide any compensation, beyond the pathetic badly deflated wages the men received for risking their lives with the unsanitary conditions and dietary deprivation of camp and then the tremendous dangers combat life.

          The difficulties of that period, and in the period immediately thereafter, were ultimately assuaged by the fact that both Isom and Jane would live happily ever after in each other’s arms, they being blessed by The Lord and their own hard work to have a fruitful farm and raise 9 children – 8 of them surviving.

          A life well-led, shortly before the first world war, Isom & Jane went on to The Final Victory in Chryst.

          • Ivan,

            I’m glad your ancestor, Isom, survived the war and led a happy and productive life. Was he by any chance related to the famed cotton planter Edmund Richardson?

          • @Gilchrist…

            Thank you so much for your well wishes to me and my family, Sir.

            There must be some connection of my family to him, for I see that he was born in Caswell County, NC, which is but 100 miles to the east, on the same north/south parallel as my most recent Richardson kin, who were inhabiting the Sparta NC/Galax Virginia area just south of Lynchburg, around the time of Edmund’s birth.

            That said, my Richardson Clan was here in Ole Dominion, and moved all about it, from the earliest 17th century forward – from the southeast gradually to The West.

            So, there must be a connection, though the specific trail is no known to me.

            All the best to you and yours!

    • @blowtorch We are looking at roughly 180 years that separate us from our Confederate ancestors. Most of what I know comes from my grandmother’s grandmother who was a Virginia teenager at the time of the Civil War, and a partisan of the Confederate cause. I do know that both of my grandmother’s grandfathers were Confederates. I really know little of either, because I didn’t ask, or don’t remember the old stories. I really wish now, that I had asked more of my grandmother, and taken down what she told me. She would have called California for me to get the answers? LOL. That’s probably why I didn’t question her more.

      I think the thing that really keeps us from going ballistic are the years, not the cause itself.

  6. From what I am seeing, the state was not allowed to take down the statue, so instead they created a private non-profit which the city then sold the park to, in order to circumvent the law.

    This is standard policy that we will see more and more. Privatize everything so that rights and laws can then be ignored. Same deal with a lot of the internet censorship in recent years. Give away DNS to non-profit ICANN, then your domain name can be taken.

  7. Honestly, we should be more concerned with the addendum to the “Patriot Act” that Tennessee senate leader McConnell is pushing through congress that will allow the DOJ to without a warrant search everyone’s web browsing and Internet history.

    The exhumation of General Forrest and his wife’s remains is another distraction to what ZOG-USA is doing in the here and now.

    • @November…

      They have already been doing this for 15 years. McConnell is only trying to make the practice of destroying your 4th Amendment Rights more respectable.

      Of course I am concerned, but, as long as my fellow Southerners are more worried about getting biscuits at Bojangles there is no amount of concern that shall allay or ameliorate the situation.

        • @November…

          Speaking of ‘boiling the frog’, the reasons why The American Revolution was fought…

          #1. Prevent Parliament from forcing us to buy Rothschild’s money

          #2. To prevent our being taxed without representation.

          #3. To prevent search & seizures based on general warrants.

          #4. To guarantee every American due process of law.

          So, as far as I can see – The United States Government ‘boiled’ Reason #1 in 1913 with The Federal Reserve Act.

          The Supreme Court ‘boiled’ reason #2 with the ‘Citizens’ United decision in 2010, and then 2014.

          Reason #3 was ‘boiled’ by The ‘Patriot Act’ of 2003.

          Reason #4, now that reason #3 has been ‘boiled’, is on shaky legs.

          So, November, looks to me like the United States’ Government wants to act like King George, which, to my way of thinking, means that they need to be given the exact same treatment our forefathers gave it.

          Problem is, too many Americans do not care, so long as their Big Mac is delivered within 5 minutes.

          Can you say July 4th?

  8. November-McConnell is from Kentucky, not Tennessee, but Tennessee does have Lamar Alexander, and until recently Bob Corker, 2 U. S. senators that make McConnell look like Stonewall Jackson!. So much for relying on Republicans to look after the interests of Whites. -All 3 are so bad they should be offered honorary memberships in the SCV!

    • @Blowtorch…

      Alexander and Corker make McConnell look like Stonewall Jackson?

      My, God – it’s the mutant GMO club of scalawagdom!

  9. @Blowtorch Mason,

    You’re correct. I should have remembered that he was from Kentucky because of the running feud he and Ashley Judd had a few years back.

  10. Or….

    How about some new sacred places for the bones and ashes of our heroes?

    What s become of the property where the Randy Weaver family was attached and Vickie and Sam Weaver was martyred ?

    That should become a monastery and a sacred place for burials, births and yeah consumption of marriages .

    The German National Socialists did all this stuff right before their wars in the East went bad.

    The birth place of AH
    The martyrdom of Horst Wessell
    The blood sacrifices

    C’mon folks we can do a bit better for the bones and ashes of Nathan Bedford Forest and his family

    What was Mrs Nathan Bedford Forrest like?

    Was she a bit sexy? Fun?

    Who was the boss in the NB Forrest family household ?

    Why hasn t Mrs Nathan Bedford Forrest bern immortalized in paintings and poetry ?

    • Don’t know about his wife, but his grandson, also named Nathan Bedford Forrest, was killed while leading a bombing raid on Germany in 1943.

    • Jack Ryan, according to your friends James Edwards and Keith Alexander there are still Forrest descendants alive, and they signed off with the SCV on having the Forrest bodies moved. You can ask Keith and James about it.

      That Andrews fellow from the Tennessee SCV sounds like a stand up guy, who wants to see Forrest and his wife escape from Memphis.

  11. Let Applebee’s and the bars on Beale Street and Broadway close down for a month. That’s what it takes to provoke a real conservative liberal uprising. These people have been thoroughly deracinated and don’t care about these issues. They are consumers who live in an economic zone now.

    If there’s any upside to presenting a concern for one’s heritage as being in competition with concern for one’s material well-being, I fail to see it.

  12. One fact that cannot be ignored is that they have weaponized sports against us. The Southeast Conference is one of the blackest football leagues. Bear Bryant, is the one who started the ball rolling for the SEC! Might I recommend a book by Paul Kersey “Opiate of America. College Football in Black and White.” I personally quite going to SEC games although as a child I have pleasant memories of going to football games with my dad.

  13. Dart-the transaction deeding the former Forrest Park to a “‘private entity” is the textbook definition of what the law calls a “fraudulent conveyance”, meant for no purpose other than to frustrate the law-in this case to avoid the strictures of the Tennessee Historical Preservation Act. An honest appellate court would have so ruled and set the fraudulent conveyance aside. Unfortunately Tennessee doesn’t have such a court-instead it has one run either by politically correct cowards or biased Libtards. on the bench…

  14. Heartland Specialist- I agree about SEC sports. One little known fact that Paul Kersey didn’t mention in his fine book is that the two best coaches in the SEC at the time SEC sports were racially integrated(1970-71)-Johnny Vaught of Ole Miss (football) and Adolph Rupp of Kentucky(basketball) mysteriously resigned. A Memphis sportswriter, William Sorrel, reportedlyl, asked Vaught in the late 60’s what he would do when the league eventually integrated(which Sorrell thought was inevitable) Vaught supposedly replied, “When a black player comes to Ole Miss good enough to make my team, it will be time for me to retire”. Both, Vaught and Rupp knew how integration would degrade and cheapen the games they loved. Before integration, the ambition of white recruits in the South,was to play for the flagship school of their home state. Black players , on the other hand, only wanted to be paid, and saw college basketball and football as a necessary evil on their way to the pros and the payday they demanded. Neither Vaught nor Rupp wanted to get drawn into recruiting scandals involving under the table payments to black prospects, which they saw as the inevitable.result of integrating the league..

  15. Anti-Southron forces have been rattling their swords about destroying all Confederate monuments for years. The church massacre in Charleston, SC gave them the wind behind their wings on this subject.

    But years before then, the otherwise worthless Jeb Bush was prescient enough to build a museum and move all Confederate monuments there for “historical research purposes.”

    Too bad the Sons of Confederate Veterans did not foresee their turncoat city/state government getting around the historical preservation law by selling it to private owners and find a way to anonymously buy and fence in this park themselves.

    But I have noticed that Southerners tend to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to preserving their way of life, i.e. quietly working as a collective to pull all White children from the public school system and put them in private/religious academies when the warning bugles of court-ordered desegregation were baying.

    Of course when you point a finger at another group, you have three pointing back in your direction. The White Irish of Boston, MA fought the same losing reactionary game.

    We Whites in general need to up our game.

    Wanted to point out that the reason why a lot of these Confederate monuments were allowed to go up was to sucker young White Southern men to fill the ranks of the military of the United States. ZOG is rattling its swords to go to war with Iran, Venezuela, and God knows who else.

    I hope ALL White men, but especially Southern White men, get proactive about evading the economic draft that is about to imposed on them. Get very proactive about finding a non-military way to preserve a middle class lifestyle, because this economic meltdown is a prelude to another war.

  16. Clyminestra57-I agree that no Southern white should enlist in the armed forces-llet the Tribe fight its own wars. The city of Memphis sold the parks(Forrest and Confederate parks) to an insider-black member of the county commission who created the non-profit and was in on the scheme from the get-go-for a pittance-they would not have sold it to the SCV for a pittance.. You have to get up pretty early to outflank the Tribe!

  17. Ivan-there is a good group besides the League of the South-it’s call the Southern Legal Research Center-it’s out of North Carolina and it has successfully defended against confederate monument removals in the past.

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