Ramzpaul: Communism Sucks

I think Ramzpaul is responding to us in this video.

I did make that joke about how he was posing as John Galt in an empty restaurant in the Ozarks. The point was that Arkansas never had a stay-at-home order and the lockdowns followed the shift in public behavior. You can’t really “reopen the economy” with 30% of the public on board.

I’ve never thought of myself as a communist before. The banner of this website has been “Nationalism, Populism, Reaction” for years now. As anyone who follows this website knows, I was criticizing liberalism and free-market capitalism long before the coronavirus. I’ve always been a dissident in the sense that I do not believe in liberalism which is the root cause of most of our problems in the West. I’m a nationalist because I believe the nation is a collective good that is worth caring about and preserving. The family is another collective good. Public health would be another collective good.

A year ago, no one in our circles imagined that this is where we would be in 2020. We were zeroing in on the flaws of liberalism though which is the belief system of conservative liberals and libertarians. The ideology is built on selfishness, individualism and materialism and for that reason is incapable of recognizing and mobilizing to deal with collective challenges like, say, preserving “Happy Homelands” for Europeans or maintaining a healthy culture that can be passed on to future generations. Indeed, it has been highly instructive to watch conservative liberals and libertarians rise up as individualists and start a second Tea Party to defend a collective good for once. We now know that they trust the expertise of billionaires and economists, not doctors and biologists, and value the economy, but not public health. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson also ignored the coronavirus until the stock market crashed. This puzzling behavior makes sense from a selfish, individualist and liberal perspective.

In East Asia, we have noticed that it has been the opposite regardless of the system of government there. In China, North Korea and Vietnam, there have been 4,633 deaths. If the official figures are to be believed, no one has died from COVID-19 in North Korea or Vietnam. 7 people have died in Taiwan. 21 people have died in Singapore. 259 people have died in South Korea. 678 people have died in Japan. Every country in East Asia appears to be collectivist, authoritarian and practical. They have all deferred to science and medicine, worn masks and prioritized public health over the economy. Not only has there been significantly fewer deaths in East Asia than in the United States, the economic damage is less severe. China, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan also appear poised to survive this century as nations intact.

Does collectivism, authoritarianism and developmental capitalism lead to economic backwardness? Is liberalism and free-market capitalism the way to go? This is what conservative liberals and libertarians grew up believing in the Cold War. In the 21st century, Arkansas exports poultry to China which is a world leader in artificial intelligence. Taiwan exports semiconductors to Arkansas which has some of the worst levels of poverty and underdevelopment in the United States in the Ozarks and Mississippi Valley. Walmart and Tyson Foods are the pride of Arkansas corporate capitalism which is reflected in the sheer number of devastated small towns all over the state and the illegal aliens working in its meatpacking plants. In contrast, South Korea has gone from being one of the poorest countries on earth to having high speed internet underground. It now makes the Samsung flatscreen televisions on sale in Walmart which used to be made in Arkansas in the 1950s when Americans still made consumer electronics.

The story of the last 50 years has been American conservatives becoming infected with libertarian nonsense based on works of theory and fiction like Atlas Shrugged. In the real world though, development in most of the rural South has become synonymous with a new Dollar General or fast food restaurant opening up as the balance of global wealth and power has shifted inexorably to East Asia. The conservative self image hasn’t caught up with the current state of the global economy.

If you notice a decline in the posts here over the next few weeks, it is because I woke up this morning feeling a sharp pain on the left side of my chest. I’m hoping it is not the coronavirus, but if so, it will be just one of many long term collective challenges that our system has failed to meet because it is hopelessly biased toward short term thinking. There are no liberal individualist solutions to collective goods like public health or preserving a White ethnic majority. Both require government planning.

Note: I have nothing personal against Ramzpaul. I just don’t believe that liberalism and free-market capitalism can be reconciled with collective goods. The liberal Right is an exercise in futility because every collective good is neglected and declines under a liberal order.

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  1. I wish you and your family the best of health, Hunter. You have been busy doing your part in keeping us informed these past couple of months. It would be a good thing in any case to take it easy the coming weeks.

  2. The first law of politics is either the state controls capital or capital controls the state. The US has the later and therefore has an oligarchy. RamZPaul is either ignorant of that law or is approves capital controlling the state.

  3. “How do you call that right-wing?” Z-Man.

    Well, let’s see. Were Hitler and his Nazis left-wing socialists? Or were they firmly on the right? I have NEVER heard of anyone calling Nazis and fascism “left-wing socialism.” Ayn Rand tried this but failed. Her (and Z-Man’s) definition of “left” is anything involving government.

    The Germans, under the Nazis, received government subsidies for having lots of white babies and large families. Jews and Gypsies received no such government “welfare checks.” Was this equal to “liberalism” and “socialism?” I think not.

    By the way, our current “left vs right” kind of thinking goes back to 1789 and the French Revolution when one faction sat on the left in the assembly, the the other on the right. Such right vs left thinking is not helpful today.

    • “I have NEVER heard of anyone calling Nazis and fascism “left-wing socialism.”

      Really? I have heard this hundreds of times. That’s a standard conservative talking point. Go on Free Republic and say “the nazis were not left wing” and you will be met by guffaws and shouts that you are a troll.

  4. “If you notice a decline in the posts here over the next few weeks, it is because I woke up this morning feeling a sharp pain on the left side of my chest. ”

    I hope it isn’t corona, but it could also be a heart problem. See a doctor ASAP.

    “Note: I have nothing personal against Ramzpaul. ”

    I can’t stand weasels.

    RamZPaul keeps saying he is an opponent of nationalism for Whites and he is a fervent supporter of Israel, but he keeps reading and commenting on the websites of the people he told to stay the hell away from him. Conservatism is the shadow that follows radicalism.

  5. Put your health and your family before this site, please!

    Reducing everything to economic value has morally crippled American society. Putting profits before people has led to the near-total destruction of: our manufacturing base; small towns; the working class; and soon, the middle class as well.

      • Don’t screw around Brad, get your MD to give you an antibiotic like azithromycin or cefdinir. He will know what will work for you. The antibiotic will not do anything for the virus, but, the secondary effects of the virus are what kills you. If he can test you, or have you tested all the better.

        • An anti-biotic doesn’t do Jack Schitt against anything that the virus does, secondary or otherwise.

          • @Powell If you come down with COVID-19, and you develop pneumonia or another infection related to COVID-19, be sure and tell your doctor, that you do not want any antibiotics. No steroids for you either.

            Btw, Brad, our Oriental friends gobble antibiotics like candy. The Orientals believe in using them as a prophylactic to prevent disease.

      • Godspeed Brad, I really hope you don’t have it.

        If you do have to be away for a while, the conspiracy nuts won’t know what to do with themselves though.

      • I have heard that if you exhale deeply and hold you breath for 30 seconds and then left it out without coughing you are probably ok. But if you have a coughing spell you will be more susceptible to COV-19

    • Boomer,

      Rhetorically I agree with you on the notion of prioritizing profit and value are a large reason for our current predicament. The easy kills are:

      1) offshoring boosts profits by bypassing the costs of domestic labor which includes not only wages but insurance, employee benefits and regulations
      2) offshoring production boosts profits by maximizing global comparative advantage. this is basically just econ nerd fantasy world shit

      However, as a foreign policy buff I will point out that pure profit is not the entirety of why so much of former American industry is parked overseas. After World War II, American productive capabilities were sold out as a matter of winning the cold war. The idea was that we would bribe countries that we previously had trade barriers with. This is how so many Asian countries become wealthy. They undercut American manufacturing and put many companies out of business and that was part of the plan. They get rich, but they are now subject to American foreign policy.

      This goes even deeper. The cold irony here is that the US is staring down an ascendant China that was a war-torn agricultural country in the middle of the last century. Now as a result of brilliant liberal international relations theory, China has transformed itself into a potential peer competitor. How did this happen? Well the geniuses in the foreign policy establishment decided that they wanted to make China rich to balance against Russia (at the time the USSR) and incorporate China into the global liberal order. Really these people were so high on their own supply they thought the Han would overturn literal millenniums of cultural and ethnic hegemony for western liberalism.

      China got fucking rich and powerful because the US thought it could use them as a pawn in an idiot’s game of global chess. Now China is still significantly behind the US in certain areas, but all this post was to point out that the economic globalization was not simply something businesses decide to take up one day. It is a deliberate policy by the US government to enact its foreign policy objectives, though the bright idea with the Han is blowing up in their faces.

      • I appreciate the extensive and thoughtful comment, William. Although political machinations always factor in, they tend to do so after the economic groundwork has already been laid. Globalism/ Neoliberal Capitalism requires constantly expanding markets. The “replacement” Turd Worlders aren’t flooding in because Soros et al are magnanimous philanthropists. That is the political cover for their search-and-destroy economic missions. They are happy to use virtue signals to distract from their (more profitable) ultimate goals, and will send money towards NGOs bringing more future customers into their markets that demand continual growth. The NGOs, of course, are also making plenty of money off the “refugee” pipeline to the West. The markets are shrinking because our populations are declining, and that’s not good for the bottom line. The elites don’t like the common cattle anyway, so one exploited group is much like another.

        The costs for the Turd Worlders are socialized, so there is little risk for the international financial class. Give a few shekels to easily-bought politicians and to NGOs that share the globalist objectives (but not for the same reasons), and you have a system set up to provide the international financier with customers and income. Until you don’t make money anymore due to the market becoming unstable, but that’s no problem, because you’ve already got ten other irons in the fire in different areas all around the world. “Creative destruction,” as economists call it, is something to be admired in the eyes of all corporatists. It’s just the cost of doing business. Even though they don’t pay for the damage they leave behind; that’s the government’s problem, therefore the taxpayer’s hassle, although fewer will be able to pay taxes after their jobs are gone.

  6. Ramz is a useless twat. All hot air and complaining about the symptoms, but he has no actual problems with the causes of anything. He is the definition of a grifter, and he needs to be put out to pasture. Also, his face is extremely smug and punchable.

  7. What would the Gilded Age populists like Thomas E. Watson have to say about the lack of health care? The populists worked to establish new social services for the common man such as rural free delivery, and would have done much more if they had been able to take power.

  8. HW, take a few low dose aspirin to thin out your blood, in case you have a clot in either your pulmonary or cardiovascular systems. Also, check yourself for any signs of cyanosis (blueish color around you lips and fingertips) due to silent hypoxia.

    • Yes, it is still bothering me.

      I’m hoping that I just slept on my side the wrong way. No other symptoms so far. I’m going to keep monitoring it and if it hasn’t cleared up by tomorrow I will go to the doctor.

      • “Heart attack pain vs. non-heart related chest pain

        Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that cardiac chest pain will result in tightness or pressure in your chest that feels as if there is a crushing weight there. The heart-related chest pain usually radiates to your arm, jaw, neck, and back. You may also experience shortness of breath, cold sweats, and weakness.1

        However, non-heart related chest pain is usually in just one spot. The pain may intensify or go away when you change your body position and it may be severe when you cough or sneeze. The intensity of pain can range from dull constant pains to sharp chest pains that cause great discomfort. You may also experience a sour taste in your mouth from acid reflux (heartburn).

        So if you feel a tight, crushing, or squeezing sensation in your chest, seek medical help promptly.”


          • You’ve been staring into the abyss for the past month and it’s effecting your health.

            Get some air and take it easy for a few days.

      • Eat some citrus fruit, sit in the sunlight for at least one hour, walk some, and drink water preferably with lemon. And take two aspirins. Funny I had exactly the same symptoms a few days ago; I did those things[ minus the aspirin] and it has stopped. Good luck.

      • That was one of my first symptoms along with a weird back pain that felt like a badly pulled muscle.

        By the next day, I noticed the difficulty in breathing, and the day after that the fever started.

        Oddly enough, the cough didn’t get bad until a week or so into the illness, and wasn’t wet until the end.

      • Almost everyone is a liberal, so they are probably right about that. Liberalism is so pervasive that even those who claim to be illiberal are typically liberals themselves (i.e. Chomsky acolytes, antifa, etc.).

  9. The problem is that American “Communists” act like liberal Democrats and it’s accelerated because of Trump. A good example is Bob Avakian’s revolutionary communist party. It’s hard to tell them apart from Democrats now.

  10. If by Third Position you mean national bolshevism or Strasserism or Duginism or whatever, then yes, it is bullshit. I really wish some of you guys would be more specific as to what your ideal economic system is. Do you want a complete elimination of private industry and some form of Stalinism? Or do you want a more balanced national socialist, i.e. mixed economy, approach? Because I’m getting the impression that many in the Spencer wing are literal communists.

  11. Buy the following: a pulse Oxymeter, A bllod pressure test thing, get ready with a course of antibiotics on hand, get some piss strip tests so you can check you glocose, specific gravity etc… Get a baseline on morning and evening temperature readings.

    Btw Marcus are you actually recovered or still convalescing?

  12. “I have nothing personal against Ramzpaul”

    I do. He is part of the Zionist effort to infiltrate and subvert white nationalism and turn it into kosher conservatism. He is super friendly with neocons and Jewish supremacists and regularly has them on his shows. In other words he is a traitor to the cause of white self-determination and should be treated as such. Anybody who rubs shoulders with Milo and Laura Loomer needs to be shunned. In fact anybody who still supports Trump is an enemy.

    Regarding your chest pain, pressure on the spine can pinch nerves and cause pains in all areas of your chest. It’s caused by bad posture which is common for someone who does a lot of writing. Maybe invest in a better chair?


  13. 6 years ago I got a very sharp pain on the side of my chest too, got tests done revealed it to be gallstones. I hope you don’t have the corona virus hunter but I wouldn’t be too worried until you get really bad fever and unbearable headaches 2 biggest signs of corona if i’m not mistaken

    Long story short Doctor wanted to remove my gallbladder but I was against the idea of surgery and the removal of my gallbladder so I opted to eat very healthy consume plenty of fruits and vegetables especially beets, grapes and citrus fruits were the best for my gallstones. I was all the more better for it in the end and I got to keep my gallbladder with a little hard work and staying away from junkfood much to my doctors annoyance boy he really wanted to remove that thing lol

    Also eat plenty of sauerkraut and kim chi to keep up immunity, wash your face and hands 2-3times a day folks god bless

  14. The fact of the matter is for decades northwest Arkansas has been a white mecca that people in areas of Arkansas that are majority black (such as eastern and southeastern Arkansas and Little Rock) has fled to. Then came Tyson Foods and its massive importation of Mexican immigrants. Look at the demography of schools in northwest Arkansas (Rogers, Springdale) before and after Tyson! This is demographic warfare waged by corporate America against white working and middle class people in red state America!

  15. “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism (Communism) itself, in the fact that so
    many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

    The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919.

    Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality.

    The Communist Manifesto page 32

  16. Libertarian economy policy is feudalism. Outright and open. It will always go bad. Learning my lessons from Eastern Europe in the 90s, this so-called economic policy is surrender and pillage. Anyone calling someone opposing that a Communist is a deluded idiot. Russia grew immensely after that policy was scrapped in favor of Putin’s National Champion approach. It grew 1000% in a few years. That is how bad and inept Libertarian economic policy is. The problem is they package it with great sounding personal freedoms to sell their obviously hideous economics. Problem with Libertarians is the don’t understand that you can pick and choose between economics and personal freedoms separately.

  17. “The story of the last 50 years has been American conservatives becoming infected with libertarian nonsense based on works of theory and fiction like Atlas Shrugged.”

    You nailed it. Everyone has his own pet theory about what went wrong, but this is indeed “the story of the past 50 years.”

    The harm done to America by the widespread tacit acceptance of liberal tropes from Alissa Rosenbaum (aka “Ayn Rand”) – especially among the elites – is underreported. Because almost everyone in America is some brand of liberal. Heck, far from being “rebellious” or “controversial,” her basic premises, at least in the areas of human relations and the economy, are the unquestioned assumptions known as “the Washington Consensus.”

    I’m bold enough to say that the Ayn Rand Institute, not only through CATO but also in innumerable other ways, has been the #1 menace to the future of White civilization in the U.S. – a fundamental *intellectual* menace – during those past fifty years you mentioned. One can never slam these people enough. A site that at least does something in this direction is ariwatch.com.

  18. “The story of the last 50 years has been American conservatives becoming infected with libertarian nonsense based on works of theory and fiction like Atlas Shrugged. ”

    A lot of that was caused by a change in the demographics of conservatives themselves from middle class to affluent Northerners to working class to lower middle class Southerners. Say what you will about Puritans, they had a strong sense of the public good. Much of the “libertarian” posturing is simply traditional Southern values of laissez-faire economics, oligarchy and low public investment.

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