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  1. The cult is going to embrace whatever “Dear Leader” tells them to. The Republicans have lost their trust (rightly so) and Trump is all they have left to cling to.

    If they lose Trump they only have the abyss to stare into and they subconciously know it.

    • “If they lose Trump they only have the abyss to stare into and they subconciously know it”

      Nah alot of the Ron Paul movement will embrace Rand Paul and the basic conservatives will probs rally around Ted Cruz. Forward!

    • Well, I can see you’re drinking the koolaid as others have. Sad. If the President thought for one minute that this was a scam by Bill Gates he definitely wouldn’t take the bait He hasn’t taken the bait and since he hasn’t reached out to bill gates I would think your thought process is very skewed.

  2. “At the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

    Start with Jared and Ivanka.

  3. Q will say that the vaccine has been secretly switched out for MMS by white hats without the deepstate knowing in a masterful chess move by Trump. Patriots will thus be fine with taking this vaccine and Trump promoting it, should it eventuate. I, however, will not be taking it as I do not trust a vaccine that is recklessly rushed to market for the sake of Trump’s reelection and to enrich his cronies. I will be waiting until a first-world country either starts using the vaccine or develops their own.

    • A WHO Expert Committee and the International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) concluded in 1996 that the presence of 10 ng of heterogeneous DNA of non tumorigenic CCL per dose of product poses negligible risk for safety and that “nuclease treatment of products during manufacture would probably add more concerns than it would remove.” The group concluded that every product must stand on its own merits for safety and efficacy and that the use of alternative manufacturing methods not involving the use of continuous cell lines would be irrelevant to the acceptance or rejection of a product derived from a continuous cell line.

      maybe that one?

      or these…?

      The first tumorigenic cell line to be considered for use in the production of a live viral vaccines was the PER.C6 cell line. It was used for the development and production of a replication-defective adenovirus vectored HIV-1 vaccine (VRBPAC 2001). While adventitious agents and residual cell-substrate DNA are potential concerns with all novel cell substrates, there may be a heightened concern when the cell substrate is tumorigenic or derived from a tumor. In particular, the potential risk of adventitious agent contamination (including TSE contamination, since PER.C6 cells are neural derived), of residual cell-substrate DNA, and of whole cells were considered.

      The next tumorigenic cell line under consideration was the Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cell line, proposed for the production of inactivated influenza virus vaccines (VRBPAC 2005). Additionally, a non-tumorigenic MDCK cell line was considered for the manufacture of a live, attenuated influenza virus vaccine (VRBPAC 2008).
      Cellular DNA emerged as a major safety issue. Thus, all possible functional DNA would need to be eliminated from the biological product with DNAses treatment and purification steps during the manufacturing process.

      The current repertoire of cell substrates is inadequate for manufacture of certain types of new vaccines. To address this issue, the VRBPAC (2) recognized in 2012, that human tumor-derived cell lines could be an important addition to the repertoire of cell substrates for the manufacture of viral vaccines, and there was nothing that a priori precluded the use of such cells. This position was not confirmed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


      Vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox and more recently Rotavirus, HPV, are currently manufactured using cell cultures. Due to the H5N1 pandemic threat, research into using cell culture for influenza vaccines is currently being funded by the United States government, including the use of mammalian, avian and insect cell- based processes as well as vegetal cell line and plants. As a consequence, currently all paths are open, including novel insights coming from the fields of recombinant DNA-based vaccines made with new vectors, and the use of novel adjuvants.

      chimeras and GMO injections further tainting our bloodlines and destroying us.

      • Yes, the new methods, tumor-derived cell line, insect-based, plant-based, etc., are increasingly alien to human DNA, and therefore probably increasingly dangerous. Some of these new methods are cheaper and much faster (and potentially more profitable) than the “antiquated” use of fertile chicken eggs that has proven mostly safe for generations.

  4. President Trump: ‘We have to get back to work’
    The economy is collapsing.

    Revenue is plunging and spending is soaring wi skyrocketing deficits.

  5. The US handling of the cov19 has to be the epitome of mismanagement.
    Everything done too late and at the wrong sequence.

    USA, #1 corona deaths !

    • Or, for the less caved-in-head conspiracy moron perspective …

      They’re using the military because they’re a large number of people not currently doing much of anything, who they don’t have to pay anything extra to above what they’re already paying them, and who they can order to do tedious jobs, with zero chance of refusal, since they’re in a chain of command.

      The military, in short, is a large, idle labor pool, already paid for, with considerable transport and mobility available, also already paid for.

      It makes sense.

      That won’t stop you clowns from pant-hooting in ridiculous, primitive, Negro-like panic over a reasonably good idea, though,

      Because you’re clowns of the deepest honk.

      • Pant hooting and calling us innocent goyimz joggers…

        Glad you are here to keep us baboons in line with your level headed rebukes of us inbreed maroons!

  6. Seems his next timeline threshold has drifted to “end of the year” lately.

    2021 will be a fabulous year, the greatest year ever. You ready?

  7. Unless I’m mistaken Bill Gates wants to eliminate 90% of the earth’s population. What could possibly go wrong with any vaccine he’s involved with?

    • Exactly, this reminds me of a DS article about Richard Spencer selling out, and the wider implication of the movement’s titulars heads being controlled by the FBI into promoting this corona-virus hoax. FYI the virus is real, but its a bio-weapon design to be of limited lethality. Just enough to get everyone panicking but not lethal enough to kill Gill Bates’ relatives. After reading this article I am starting to take people promoting this hoax less seriously. I used to give this blog a pass, agree to disagree. But this lockdown is taking more and more sinister turns. And this attacking alternative theories, calling them conspiracy theories is retarded. It sounds like MSNBC, and no, I’ve been an open advocated against junk conspiracy like Q. Maybe the Fed’s got their finger in this, who knows? Matt Heimbach was an agent of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and no one knew. He admitted to working with them to promote “Holocaust Education” a year before he became this big leader… All I’m saying is, use your head. IF this lockdown doesn’t make 100% there is a good reason for that. They are using this to enact lockdown technocracy, and this site doesn’t even mention a peep about that.

      • The virus has reached the point where conspiracies are being explained in terms of conspiracies and some of the people who joined the Alt-Right and who came out of the conspiracy theory/truther community have returned to being conspiracy theorists.

        • Hunter – are you in the trials for the Gates vaccine? You said, sometime ago, that you’d rather just take the vaccine and just get it all over with.

        • What Alt-Right? There is no more alt-right, all its characters are sell outs and feds. That’s assuming they weren’t stage pets like Heimbach was, LARPing and character playing. Let’s cut through the BS, what is it exactly you want to happen? Let’s say your an the biggest of the oligarchs, and its up to you to decide what happens, how would you play this? Because standing here it looks like 1. They don’t give a shit, and 2. They never did. Why are we trusting a government that has been replacing white people for 50 years to do the right thing this time with unlimited power? This goes against all Alt-Right logic, so a bunch of burnt out discredited actors like Richard Spencer have little to no merit. The applied AI and surveillance technologies being implemented are not going away. I recommend you listen to Whitney Webb and her articles on this. This is why the tech companies are so quick to Shoah any critique and dismiss as conspiracy, because they stand to gain the most in a post Corona, albeit still locked down world. As they have a fake reason to implement full AI surveillance grid as a result. This website has already admitted the virus is 10x less lethal than they previously thought, and WHO pandemic’s should only be called when it has 13% lethality. We are at the worst estimate at 1% lethality, and remember shelter in place was to “flatten the curve”, WHICH MEANS they don’t want the hospitals to get overwhelmed so people will have a chance at treatment. Well guess what, the hospitals were NEVER overwhelmed, all the ships and tent camps are being sent home and dismantled, so why are you still encouraging lockdown, it makes no sense because it doesn’t lower contact with the virus in the near future whatsoever. IT would be better to attain herd immunity. And this is from a person that wanted to ice pick Merkel, Macron and Johnson when they called for herd immunity, at a time when the virus was unknown and assumed to have a 6% death rate. Well, we now know more about the virus, and death rates are at minimum 10x lower, so herd immunity looks to be the best way of dealing with this. Unless you trust a man who wants to get rid of 90% of the world population and has admitted a way of reaching this goal is through mass vaccination create you a syringe that you will inject into your bloodstream, filled with DNA altering GMO’s. Mind you that Coronovirus also contains retrovirus, retrovirus is notoriously impossible to vaccinate against as we have seen with the HIV-AIDS. Also, why no criticism of Fauci, the doctor who said Homosexual behavior does not lead to AIDS and hoaxed that heteros will get it just as much. He’s an open fraud. No matter what MSM articles about Mitkovic you can pull out, that doesn’t change the fact that she did actually work with these people and is reporting on them being greedy and corrupt. Not about her take as a female affirmative action virologist.

          • 1.) It is a good thing that the Alt-Right doesn’t exist anymore in light of all the trash that we became associated with during the Trump campaign in 2016 which with the benefit of hindsight was a colossal mistake.

            2.) There were people who affiliated with the Alt-Right in 2015 and 2016 who came out of the conspiracy theory/truther world. It was a very eclectic group of people. Some of those people have always seen conspiracies everywhere.

            3.) Vaccines have been around for two centuries and the government has been largely successful in eradicating infectious diseases like yellow fever, malaria, smallpox, measles and polio. We also have flu vaccines which reduce mortality from the flu. The government also defeated SARS, H1N1 and Ebola although Donald Trump wasn’t president at the time.

            4.) Clearly, some people are ignorant of American history as infectious diseases was the leading cause of death in the United States throughout most of our history. At least until COVID-19.

            5.) Smartphones and social media are surveillance technologies.

            6.) 1% IFR would produce 1.8 to 2.2 million deaths in the United States.

            7.) 2/3rds of the United States is no longer under stay-at-home orders.

            8.) Herd immunity can only be achieved after millions of deaths.

            9.) Ever since the Imperial College study in February, it has always been known the virus has a 0.5% to 1% IFR and that it varies by age and preexisting conditions. Nothing that has happened since then has changed that.

            10.) There isn’t a coronavirus vaccine. Even if there was a vaccine, there is no reason to believe a vaccine is worse than the virus.

            11.) If it is difficult to create a coronavirus vaccine, why are you worried about it?

            12.) Drug addicts who use needles can also get AIDS. So can heterosexuals.

            13.) Fauci hasn’t said anything nearly as stupid as wearing a mask “activates” your own coronavirus.

  8. Probably a good idea to pass on any vaccine that’s rushed out.

    As for Trump, I can think of two extremely good reasons not to vote for him in November:

    1) Murder of Soleimani
    2) Betrayal of Assange

    He deserves to be punished for the above.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with Jannie on both points.

      It’s reported that Trump will ok $10 million to fund holocaust indoctrination. Gotta keep the goyim from questioning what’s being done to them and what’s being done in their name abroad. Seems like a good time for yet another Trump holocaust speech…

      • Trump is also giving away hundreds of square miles of West Bank territory to “Our Greatest Ally”. Two minor problems with it: 1.) The land is already occupied by Palestinians who don’t want to be driven out of their homes and will fight back. 2.) The land is not Trump’s to give away, not one square inch of it.

    • Jannie, those are two very good reasons for not voting for him, and just two of hundreds of crimes of the U.S. and U.S. leadership to be punished if international war crimes trials ever come about.

  9. Trump is not only bragging about how his military will vaccinate, although there is no vaccine, he is also bragging about how the U.S. military (the new U.S. Space Force) will be taking control of the moon and outer space for the benefit of big corporations to monopolize, and about his new hypersonic missile that will be better than Russia’s….

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