Montgomery Hospitals Overwhelmed By COVID-19

Happening now.

“The number of coronavirus cases in Montgomery rose so sharply in May, the metro landed on White House list of locations to watch. Hospitals converted some areas into dedicated COVID-19 treatment wings as the virus surged.

The four counties making up the Montgomery metro area have seen a combined 721 new confirmed coronavirus cases since May 4 – an increase of 110 percent. Some of those new positives could be explained in part by an increase in testing, but testing isn’t increasing at the same rate as new cases. …”

Do you remember when Fauci warned about little spikes turning into outbreaks?

It was only a month ago when Tucker Carlson was assuring his audience that the crisis was winding down and that the threat to rural America was miniscule. I was wondering which city around here would become the next Albany, GA. I’m not surprised that it turned out that it would be my own.

The growing epidemic here in Montgomery is one reason why I was concerned about the chest pain that I had last week. Fortunately, that turned out to be just a mild injury.

Note: It has been weird watching Tucker Carlson and the mainstream media trade places. The important thing seems to be to always take the polar opposite position.

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  1. Those negroes didn’t show up to the hospital cuz they were sick, they’re just lazy and wanted to lie down.
    Similar statistics in Brooklyn. The doctor just put the hassids on ventilators to shut up their complaining temporarily.
    “Oy gevalt, from such a cough you should nevah know!”
    But seriously though, HW is doing great coverage of this COVID biz and the Orange Shabbos in Chief’s continual bungling of same.

  2. As this may go on for some years, we are just going to have to get used to spikes up, spikes down.

    We cannot shut down 3/4 of our society and half of our economy until we feel safe, because it never will be safe to be a soul in this mortal realm.

    Even if I have to die in this, I would rather that than be spared at the expence of an entire economy, the vote by-mail cheat the states out of their electoral votes scam, or hiding timidly out in my yard like a ‘possum, just because I had succumbed to the fear of being infected by on sale body lotion bottles at Bath & Body Works at the shopping mall.

    • Fortunately, most of our economy is frivolous. Shutting down 1/2, 3/4ths or 7/8ths probably still leaves core nessesitates production (food, fuel, nessisary consumables) at an ok level.

      I don’t really see why shutting down the economy isn’t a bonus, rather than something undesirable.

        • I’ve lost some income streams and expanded others, per the times. My local butcher, mechanic, and family run restaurant are all open for business and havnt really had a bump in their sales either way. I have to pay the guys at the scrapyard to grab parts for me instead of getting them myself but that’s more a delay problem than a major one.

          Yes, ladies like you can’t go to the salon or get pedicures or get their bath and body works muck. Thats too bad for them, but it’s frivolous.

          So is fast food. So are 24 hour stores. So is most of the financial sector (which sadly isn’t closed). So is all of the entertainment sector.

          The fact that people depend on pointless jobs is a complaint about how our economy is set up. It doesn’t justify most the population ditch digging and filling in.

          There isn’t enough value added work for the late industrial era ideal of the 40 hour work week. Corona is showing how glaringly true that is. But I’ve been pointing that out for a decade at least.

          Adjusted labour laws to cut the workday and cut all worker migration so we have a labour shortage of 3-5% and things would get immesurably better for workers. Demanding more make-work just exasperats the problems. Relying on make-work just shows how worthless most workers are in the current year.

      • @Grey…

        “Fortunately, most of our economy is frivolous. Shutting down 1/2, 3/4ths or 7/8ths probably still leaves core nessesitates production (food, fuel, nessisary consumables) at an ok level. ”

        It’s difficult for me to see how most of our economy is frivolous for those who depend on those jobs, that you regard as the most, for their sustenance.

        Think of the small businesses, alone – families who have expended untold energy over years and decades to provide services for their community.

        Life is more than just what the body needs, it has emotional and spiritual planes, as well, and many many folks are suffering needlessly under what has become an obviously unnecessary lockdown.

    • Oh but according to HW that makes you a liberal because you dont want ZOG to shut down most small businesses and force most Americans into being totally dependent on the state.

      • fr4nz.liszt: That is the irony in all of this. Small businesses, including my own, have been decimated. The “essential” retailers allowed to remain open are of course the large, big box corporate behemoths and this further concentrates what little power they did not have into their hands.

        “Bring on the mark of the beast! Let me worship the anti-christ now and forever! Hail Satan!” -Lil’ Weenie Bradley Griffin

        • Why didn’t Trump have your back with more than $1200? Why didn’t he order a freeze to your rent/mortgage/lease? Why didn’t he give you the money he printed up special for Wall St?

  3. “Montgomery Hospitals Overwhelmed By COVID-19”

    Hmmmm, what’s the racial composition of the Montgomery area ?
    A little on the dark side ?

  4. We never shut down 3/4 of our society or “half” of our economy. The world economy has constricted by .9% since the out break . The alarmism over Covid measures has been equally a bunch of propaganda. We had a few beach arrests and some people shewed out of parks (oh the humanity). Show me one “empty shelf” meme that was followed up on, proving that it stayed empty.
    Watching dissidents cuck, to carry Neo-Con water, has been disgusting……………..a bunch of butt hurt sissys, crying over having to change their dinning out habits; pathetic! If we can’t survive the system being shut down for a few months, to save Nana from catching the coof, then it’s a system not worth saving.

    • Our country now having 38 million unemployed is more than people “having to change their dining out habits”. We dont know how much worse this will get nor how long it will last. Furthermore, this isn’t about advocating to the interests of neocons. This is about preventing our people from being put in govt funded slums and having their rights stripped from them.

      I dont like the system we had anymore than you do. It was killing us and it needed to be replaced by something better. However, its probable that its now going to be replaced by something worse thanks to the virus.

  5. Last four comments get it. Yet, this site, which has great ideas in regards to nationalism and populism has been going headlong into this preempted crisis, even going as far as promoting lockdowns. They are illegal and unconstitutional, as the states would have had to declare Martial Law in order for them to legally enact these orders, they have not which worries me. Governor rule by decree [even when the legislature opposes it like in Michigan] and unconstitutional laws being put on the books and enforced. The laws is REALLY CLEAR ON THIS, which is why two state supreme’s already ruled these lockdowns unconstitutional. This website missed the picture, and that is a bad precedent of rule by decree even when legislature is opposed and unconstitutional laws being prosecuted, up to criminal court. Second we have lockdown itself, a wet dream of Club of Rome, effectively instituting a Global Warming fanatics wet dream and shutting down industry, travel, flights, and confining humans who are viewed as viruses exactly as the Club of Rome views humanity. Then you have the post-Corona world, mandatory RNA editing vaccines with forced “immunity certificates” before one can travel or get a job? Mass surveillance grid being deployed alongside 5G to completely remove all autonomy and privacy worse than Ted Kaczynski’s worst dreams? There is a lot this website doesn’t analyze, which is frustrating. For a site with such a principled take on populism and Nationalism, it is failing miserably and completely out of its element. Just force meming pro-lockdown MSM stories, not mentioning the possible repercussions as I mentioned above, and not taking any real analytical take. Highly disappointing, it’s sad that Occidental Dissent fails at moment of crisis because I had so much hope in this site. Rather one paragraph takes on the failures of Trumpian Conservativism over and over and over, while I get it, it gets rather boring rather quick. Then the force meming of “Heteros will get AIDS just as much as Homos” Scammer Fauci [you can’t leave house till I get patent royalties] and assorted NYT, MSNBC and other MSM articles about virus is a fail. Especially in this time of crisis. I do not trust a government replacing white people and evaporating living standards for the last 50 years on this. I’ve read Tavistock, Royal Institute, Club of Rome, elite eugenicist of white peoples white papers and know they want a zero growth pod living bug eating hellscape of poverty. Why am I being dismissed as a lunatic conspiracy theories on this end? Lack of foresight? Anyways I appreciate you letting me post my dissent.

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