The Liberal Right Blew Coronavirus

It has been a dispiriting few months.

We’ve been sitting here watching the earliest stage of what will be recognized in hindsight as one of the greatest crises in American history. Donald Trump is the president and was elected as the leader of a “national populist” revolution in 2016 and has blown the power that he was given.

There is take making the rounds that nationalists have squandered the opportunity of a lifetime. The coronavirus was almost tailor made for a “national populist” president to push through his stalled agenda. It was a foreign threat could only enter the country and kill the old and the weak through uncontrolled travel and immigration. The Left was hesitant to close our borders even to a deadly virus that disproportionately kills non-Whites because of “racism” and “xenophobia.” The nation had been left nearly defenseless by globalists who had outsourced the medical supply chain. The crisis vindicated Trump on the core issues that got him elected: uncontrolled immigration, trade and foreign policy.

There is an election in November and this would have been the perfect opportunity for Trump to win over swing voters, consolidate and expand his base against a sputtering and senile Joe Biden. It is times like this when the public demands strong and competent leadership, not a nanny state “mommy,” but a “father of the nation” figure, to navigate the nation through a major crisis. He could have acted swiftly to impose real travel bans on China and Europe, not an optics ban that allowed American citizens to come and go as they please, and to regulate international flights like every other country that has successfully fought the virus. He could have followed Dr. Bright’s advice and mobilized domestic industry to produce masks. If he had listened to his own intelligence agencies, it is easy to imagine Trump devoting the 2020 State of the Union address to preparing the country for the looming threat of a deadly pandemic.

None of this happened like it did in Hungary and Australia because Donald Trump already had a plan for winning the 2020 election. The plan was that he would be reelected on the basis of the conservative policies – the tax cuts and deregulation – that had created the greatest economy in the world. The stock market was surging to Dow 30,000 in February. He didn’t want to take any bold and controversial actions that would have screwed that up. As a result, Trump downplayed and minimized the virus and wrote it off as “just the flu.” He consulted with his donors and made the call to “ride it out.” In doing so, he ignored the WHO, his own public health team and his own intelligence agencies.

Look at where we are now because of the choice that Donald Trump made at the fork in the road of his destiny: 94,143 dead and 14.7% unemployment in two months. The worst aspects of the liberal Right have been put on public display: the selfishness, materialism and extreme individualism at the heart of their philosophy, a callous disregard for the lives of the weak, the elderly and the poor, the rejection of science and medicine, the embrace of conspiracy theories, obsequious deference to wealthy donors at the expense of the common good, attacking doctors and nurses putting their own lives at risk for doing their jobs in a national crisis, the descent into polarization at the worst possible moment and the scapegoating of foreigners for our inept management of a global crisis.

As bad as things are today, the worst is almost certainly yet to come with COVID-19. The first wave of the Spanish Flu which started in the spring of 1918 was spotty and mild. It did not affect the entire nation. It was not seen as a pandemic. It was not even thought of as a remarkable event. It did not kill anywhere near as many people as this. 195,000 Americans died in October 1918 in the deadliest month in American history. To put this in perspective, only 22,654 soldiers died at the battle of Antietam in 1862.

If Donald Trump had risen to the occasion, he would be coasting to reelection in November. In other countries, trust in government has soared where the crisis has been handled well. It is natural to rally around the leader and to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. This was a golden opportunity for Trump to impress and win over his critics both at home and abroad. It was a legacy defining event which will determine how Donald Trump is remembered in American history. The most tragic part about it is that all it required was for him to act to move on his own instincts and agenda. You would have thought that a germophobe and authoritarian national populist Donald Trump, not Jacinda Ardern, would have gotten credit for the wise decision he made to close our borders to contain the virus. If he had done so as the virus ravaged the world, maybe one day a Trump monument would have been built in New York City. He could be boasting right now that he was smarter than The New York Times.

The Donald Trump that showed up in February was a stock market cheerleader who preferred to relentlessly tweet about the lowest black unemployment rate in history. As a result, the Donald Trump who will be facing voters in the fall will be campaigning during one hell of an October Surprise.

Note: In 7 out of 8 of the major pandemics that have occurred since 1700, a second peak has come approximately six months after the first peak.

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  1. Not to worry,HW…we will bounce back greater than ever…our recovery will be amazing…trust the Plan…MAGA…(roflmao). Actually, I can’t wait to see how joe spudsack and whatever WOC he picks as his replacement will run this circus!

  2. All it needed for example was to have a few drones buzz the hub airports and protesters blocking the international gates…in Mein Krafft.

  3. Here’s the real problem – Republicans changed Trump more than Trump changed Republicans. i don’t think Trump really believed what he campaigned on, because if he truly did, he would have had a fall from grace in the business world. you couldn’t be against the iraq war in 2003-2004 and not have a big fall out like countless other people did. A good example would be former minnesota governor jesse ventura. Once he came out against the war, he couldn’t get any air time at all, but it’s also much more than that, it’s msnbc anchors like Phil Donohue, Pat Buchanan, it was even country music radio. There’s no way Trump could have got away with truly believing and airing his beliefs, even if his beliefs were dead set against us foreign policy except on Israel.

  4. Trump’s view of his supporters is that they are marks to be exploited. He can’t even stand to have the consultants who helped him win anywhere near him, when he can play the gangster President with his family and rely on the legion of sycophants to cheer his foolish comments and disastrous decisions. On the Right, we supposedly have nowhere to go, so long as he talks a good game and picks those Federalist society judges, we are stuck to his falling star. He’s made a principle out of doing the wrong thing, and that is why actually stopping the disease was out of the question, when his associates could profit by letting it spread and offering only lip service and symbolic measures to keeping it out of the country. He was never going to actually try to protect the country, how does he and his family benefit from that?

    • We have to remember that most blump voters were pro-Bush, pro-Iraq war, pro-Israel types who would have voted for any GOP candidate. The populists, nationalists, Paulites, blue collar Democrats, alt-right, paleo etc. voters are well under half of Trumps voters.

      • How many of those were supporting Trump during the primaries before he was sure to win? Look, I don’t know what sort of point you’re trying to make. Trump was taking us for a ride, the patriotards are just on a permanent ride where they “win” by accepting everything the Left shoves down their throats while cheering on fake opposition.

  5. It wasn’t a missed opportunity. They took the opportunity to pump their donors trillions of dollars.

    It’s only a missed opportunity if you believe that “populist right” is an actual thing within the Republican party. It isn’t and never will be. Trump does not want controlled borders or nationalism. Trump’s version of “nationalism” is America-based multi-national corporations having higher market cap than “foreign” multi-national corporations. That’s the extent of it.

    That is why the amnat strategy can never work. The Republican party is controlled from the top by donors. Even if a politician has “good optics,” if he doesn’t toe the line then his funding will be pulled and he will be defamed in the media (owned by the same people who fund the party). In 2015-2016 normal people were somewhat able to counter the mass media because of unmoderated social media, but that loophole has since been closed and now social media is almost as controlled as anything else, while the slack is picked up by increased astroturf presence.

    The only way we will ever get anywhere is by having our own infrastructure. Entryist strategies divert energy and funding away from building our own infrastructure and funnel it into enemy infrastructure instead.

    • In DC, some populist measures have recently been proposed by Sen. Hawley (covering 80% of wages during the lockdown and leaving the WTO are recent examples). But they’re not being taken seriously by leadership. As you suggest, Dart, the bought-and-paid-for political establishment quashes most measures benefiting the peasantry. Chump betrayed his voters to prop up the S&P 500, which, as Max Keiser says, is now mainly the elites’ preserve. The stonk market isn’t THE marketplace, and (in the main) doesn’t represent the productive economy. Production is what provides jobs to the forgotten proles. Any populist movement will come only when a majority of entrenched pols fear for their jobs, or perhaps for their lives, imo. Sharpen the pitchforks, people.

      • Hawley is an establishment pressure value meant to keep nationalist voters engaged with the GOP.

      • I believe Hawley is a fake populist like Tucker Carlson. He knows that these proposals will go nowhere, so he feels safe pushing them. Similar to how Republicans will occasionally throw out some radical anti-immigration legislation only when they are certain that it cannot pass, to keep up appearances that they are trying to accomplish things for their voters.

        The tell with Hawley is his foreign policy stance and general support for American imperial goals. There is a new trend with some Republicans to play to the MAGA crowd with these fake populist displays. Even Rubio has gotten in on that recently.

  6. And don’t let any people fool you into believing that our own infrastructure would not work because our ideas are not popular. They are very popular, which is why tech companies have been forced to spend millions of dollars and lose even more income than that reducing the quality of their products in order to counter us. The entire landscape of the internet has been altered in the last few years just to prevent our ideas from reaching mass audiences.

    • One good thing DJT did was fill two Supreme Court vacancies and more than a hundred lesser court vacancies. BHO was incompetent also and left those crucial positions open in lower courts even when he had a majority in the Senate. The Republicans would have compromised away everything with him anyway when they controlled the Senate, they always do.

      • Those GOPe Supreme Court nominees are all vetted by the Federalist Society and are totally worthless cucks.

        If you are using “but muh Supreme Court vacancies” as a cope, you are falling for the same losing strategy that conservatives have been pursuing for the past 75 years.

        Losing slowly or choosing the lesser of two evils is not going to save us.

      • Republican supreme court justices aren’t really a positive thing either. They just end up defending the police state and big business.

      • 12A, exactly. I mean the alternative is Biden. The guy is senile and totally corrupt. His son made a few million having zero experience sitting on foreign nation boards. Biden has run a very anti white campaign not even mentioned by our fake media.

        He has promised far more immigration as well to flood whites out of existence. That is the Democrat playbook.

        Joe is senile and Pelosi is mentally gone from her obvious anti anxiety meds she is on plus being 80. She looked like a bag lady, deranged lunatic talking how Trump stepped in poo. That is what leads the Democrats.

        Trump is 1 trillion times better than any Democrat. Hey Biden: don’t forget to vote for Trump! You don’t want to be president for a couple of years and then pass it on to either resting bitch face Whitmer or anti white whale out of water, Abrams!

          • If the Democrats get hold of the Supreme Court it’s lights out for the 1st and 2nd amendment, hello “hate speech” laws we are always violating because we are white. That is just the start of new bad laws. Fundamentally the Supreme Court is a nine man legislature except that it cannot originate legislation but otherwise, it legislates and is completely unaccountable to anyone.

            In some ways the Supreme Court is more powerful than either the House or the Senate, its decisions cannot be vetoed, they are the final authority. The lesser Federal courts are almost as powerful by selecting the cases that become precedent for the Supreme Court. Who gets appointed to the courts is a crucial power that has long term effects, good or bad.

            Surprisingly, DJT’s appointments to the courts have been pretty good, even for a Republican. This is not a trivial power, it goes to the core of the Left’s strategy for seizing power since they cannot rule through elections. Shelly vs. Kramer (outlawing housing covenants), Brown vs. Board of Education (schools), Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States (public accommodations), Loving vs. Virginia (miscegenation laws) are a few of the Supreme Court cases that upended established laws, imposed parts of the left wing agenda and wrecked the country.

            On the contrary the Civil Rights Acts of 1875 were declared unconstitutional effectively freeing the South from the boot of Radical Republicans’ racial tyranny after the Civil War. In the next century entirely different Supreme Courts appointed by entirely different men declared Civil Rights Acts of 1964 through 1968 constitutional ending liberty in America and sentencing whole cities to destruction at the hands of the nogs. Plyler v. Doe (1982) granted illegal alien children the right to attend public schools opening the door to benefits for all the dregs south of the border effectively adding another class of people just like the nogs.

            Different judges make different laws and it’s the legal system the Left has used to seize power, not elections. This is why the Democrats have flooded the country with wogs since 1965. If the Republicans ever appoint enough good judges the bad laws can get overturned. Changing the population is permanent however.

  7. Your Antietam figure, where did it come from? It seems like your number might be the total of casualties (killed, wounded, captured/missing). There have always been arguments about numbers killed, but it seems most can agree on around 5000 killed at Antietam, including both sides, and yes, some wounded died sooner in their lives than if they had not been at Antietam, so maybe you can stretch it and say they died there. But it’s still nowhere near your number. I just looked at my copy of Boatner’s Civil War Dictionary to get my figures.

      • After the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg the Stonewall Brigade had 100 men still standing—that’s 100 of the entire brigade!

        My ancestors were mostly in the 33rd Virginia, although I know of one who was in the Kanawha Rifleman ( I was asked about this guy over 50 years ago. LOL., and a few other possible candidates who were in the 2nd Virginia.

        Most of what was left of the 33rd Virginia, and 2nd Virginia, deserted in late October of 1862 after Antietam when they received orders to march back to the Richmond area. They enlisted to fight for their homes, farms and property in northern Virginia.

        What I heard, was that the fellows were told, that they could go home as long as they returned the next Spring? This is strictly oral history, but, I’ve heard it too many times, from too many people, for it not to have some truth to it.

  8. A strange question popped into my head today:

    How would a President Hillary have dealt with Covid?

    I don’t really have an answer, but the question intrigued me.

    • It is an interesting question because Hillary’s self image is that of a genius technocratic policy wonk, but in reality she is also an ideologically committed neoliberal. So she would have internal conflict between the technocratic approach (eradication) and doing what financial elites demand of her (Trump’s approach). I imagine she would have handled it better than Trump, whatever the case. She would have at least ramped up PPE production more than Trump and created a big campaign for wearing masks.

      I don’t think she would have been questioning the effectiveness of masks while telling people to just take experimental drug cocktails and inject bleach like Trump has done.

    • If HRC was presideent youwould still have COD 19 but also a war with Ruusa since she would have declared a no fly zone over Syria and shot down Russian planes.

  9. I’m bookmarking this piece, so I can point people to it a year or so from now, because there WILL be “nobody could have predicted” nonsense going around by then.

  10. Every though it was intentional. Remember the WHO said it wasn’t transmissible? Once it was calculated to infected the world the lockdown begins. Not any earlier because this COV is an excuse to usher in the Brave New World. The technocratic UK dystopian elites wet dreams. The Zero Growth,Bug Eating, Pod Living, microchip implanted surf being surveilled by 5G awaiting his 12th round of RNA editing “vaccines”. Moments away from humanities dawn to the transhumans sunrise.

    • Your narrative doesn’t make sense because the UK very publicly decided to go for herd immunity early on and the financial elites of the USA began pushing for reopening almost immediately after states shut down. If “they” wanted a shut down and to lock you in your house forever, there would have been a federal shut down, not just leaving it up to the states, and the shut downs would have lasted longer than a month.

      The ironic part is that all of the plandemic conspiracy nonsense and protests have been astroturf by these same elites who have been pushing the reopening. Low IQ types like you gobble it up, thinking you’re defying power while you do exactly what they want.

      • @Dart Complete head caved in log. Your going to trust the same government destroying living standards and replacing white people for the last 50 years with unprecedented dictatorial powers. Secondly, your are not bothering to analyze if what they are asking us to do even makes sense. To get into Staples people had to wait in line outside next to one another. If someone was sick they could spread it, versus letting everyone in the big box store where they wouldn’t run into one other. The thing is you believed a bunch of nonsense, your not an epidemiologist that has looked into what works and doesn’t in terms of lowering spread. Almost all epidemiologists who DON’T work for the government are asking what the hell is going on? Because it doesn’t make sense. The measures were to “flatten the curve” so hospitals were not overwhelmed, it wasn’t meant to mitigate spread. Turns out they weren’t overwhelmed but empty. Low information people like yourself are always assuming people who can read into nefarious government plots as “Conspiracy” theorists. The truth is we don’t live in a democracy, we live in Technocratic Oligarchy. UK and Germany’s original “herd immunity” stunt was a psyops, they were going on telling people 60% of them will get it, and that of those 5-7% would die. It was so macabre that people started willfully demanding action. Secondly it doesn’t matter what the rich men want reopening or not, this is above their pay grade, the actions being taken are by the people who print the money and control the financial markets. It’s really clear what they want, just like the oil companies use to be against Global Warming Hoax before they were invested into the carbon trading scams, They are pushing to dystopic Zero Growth Model. Bug eating, pod living, taxes on personal movement, economic slump and austerity. This is why Greta STFU after Corona, because she got everything her emaciated little body wanted. We are living in a Green New Deal world and your not even bright enough to get it. So sick and tired of people who are arrogant and think they know everything and call people “low IQ” “conspiracy theorists”, when it’s clear you don’t know jack shit. The truth is no one knows what the next year holds for us, what they will implement and keep as a result. I am not willing to trust them, why the hell are you?

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