Second Wave Poised To Hit The South

Montgomery’s hospitals filled up with coronavirus patients yesterday. I’m not sure what we are going to do because daily coronavirus infections here are poised to spike from 35 to 216 a day. Mobile is also expected to spike from 31 cases a day to 366 a day over the next month.

Washington Post:

“Dallas, Houston, Southeast Florida’s Gold Coast, the entire state of Alabama and several other places in the South that have been rapidly reopening their economies are in danger of a second wave of coronavirus infections over the next four weeks, according to a research team that uses cellphone data to track social mobility and forecast the trajectory of the pandemic.

The model, developed by ­PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and updated Wednesday with new data, suggests that most communities in the United States should be able to avoid a second spike in the near term if residents are careful to maintain social distancing even as businesses open up and restrictions are eased.

But the risk for resurgence is high in some parts of the country, especially in places where cases are already rising fast, including the counties of Crawford, Iowa; Colfax, Neb.; and Texas, Okla. and the city of Richmond. Since May 3, Crawford County’s caseload has risen by 750 percent, and Colfax County’s has increased 1,390 percent, according to state data compiled by The Washington Post. …”

Daily Beast:

“A new analysis being reviewed by the White House shows southern states that moved too quickly to relax social distancing guidelines face significant risk for a resurgence of the coronavirus over the next several weeks. In several cases, counties will see hundreds of additional cases by June 17.

The study, which was put together by PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is part of a data set being reviewed by top coronavirus task force officials and people working with the team, The Daily Beast reported earlier this month. A previous model by the PolicyLab predicted that if officials moved too quickly and too aggressively to reopen in mid-May, individual counties could witness hundreds, if not a thousand-plus, more coronavirus cases reported each day by August 1. …

As these communities reopen, individuals residing in Miami-Dade County will see the daily coronavirus case count spike from 232 to 785 over the next four weeks and from 68 to 211 in Broward County, according to the study’s projections.

Dallas County in Texas will see a similar spike, as will Mobile and Montgomery counties in Alabama, the study says. In Dallas, the daily case count is projected to jump from 233 to 715 by June 17. In Montgomery it’s projected to go from 35 to 216. And in Mobile County the case count is projected to spike by more than 300 cases from 31 to 366 in the next month. …”

The HOAX is about to get very real in Alabama in June. We reported 368 new cases yesterday. I see that it is up to 544 new cases as of 5:25 PM. This is significantly worse than it was in April.

Note: As I have repeatedly pointed out, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who saw what happened in Albany, GA.

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  1. And no doubt Trump will then criticize those same states for opening up without following the guidelines that he has been encouraging everyone to ignore.

  2. Can’t wait for the collapse!

    We REALLY need an authority figure at the top to ACTUALLY BE RESPONSIBLE and not play hot potato like we’ve had with dumbocracy for so, so long.

    If there’s anything good about this virus, it’s steeling normies for a coming world with mass unemployment, a world fewer distractions like the NFL—bread and circuses. 🙂

      • He would have kept things under control and would not have allowed corporations to gouge profits from the crisis. In other words, he would have been condemned by the “free market” cuckservative types.

    • @Neil…

      “We REALLY need an authority figure at the top to ACTUALLY BE RESPONSIBLE and not play hot potato like we’ve had with dumbocracy for so, so long. ”

      What exactly is it that you would have an authority figure do?

      • @Ivan An authority figure would have closed the borders, obviously…but a president is no real authority figure. Trump accurately saw the presidency as the top-rated reality TV slot. He was the most entertaining figure, that’s why he won, and that’s really the best you can expect from a system that’s infected with late-stage Judaism.

    • I try to tell people to prepare for disruptions caused by a second wave and they look at me like I am crazy. “By that time it will all be over” I hear or “they will have a vaccine”. And if they don’t I reply? . . . blank stares back, optimism reigns supreme.

      I am just trying to get people buy extra canned and dried food and the means to cook it without electricity or to get an extra ninety days of prescriptions if they need them. Apparently those suggestions are just too radical, nothing bad will happen now, the worst is behind us. What can you do? With stupidity even the gods contend in vain.

  3. With PPE and targeted quarantines of the infected and exposed, our society could’ve gone on without much disruption. Better to have businesses operating at 50% than at zero percent.

    For future high-risk flu seasons or other viral epidemics, we could just use those same precautions for the sick and those most vulnerable. We shouldn’t again shutdown the entire society.

    This lockdown occurred because our elites were greedy and unprepared. “F having manufacturing and good-paying jobs here in the first world, let the lowest-status peons be forced to do it in whatever hellhole we can send it to!” Like always, everybody everywhere suffers because of their inhuman idiocy. Some may believe this situation was engineered to wring out more profit and power for the malevolent 1%, but it’s clear that any such moves emerged after this sh!tshow happened and a lot of money and face was lost. Reconsolidation of resources by the elites has been going on, imo. We’re still getting screwed, of course, but not out of far-sighted cleverness.

    • There is also the problem that many Americans are resistant to wearing masks. Need for closures is much less if you have ample supply of masks and >90% public compliance with wearing them.

      • @Dart…

        You’re right, a 90% compliance with wearing the masks will never ever happen.

        If you are dilapidated, have your kin go shopping for you and stay home, otherwise, buck up and go out as a normal person, just as you have for all the years before, when aerial crud was waiting for you on every aisle.

        • Ivan has shown a maskphobia in a couple of comments. Buck up and put on a mask for other people you want to protect, big guy.

    • Boomer X — outbreaks, because they grow exponentially, and because have the destructive consequences in terms of loss of life (and economic damage) of nuclear weapons, need to be treated like forest fires, with a heavy initial response. Nations taking this approach are much closer to normalcy; those who have used half-measures, like the UK, are in trouble.The risk is that hospital systems become overwhelmed, making the 1% death rate something higher. If 10 infected explode into 100 infected, that doesn’t seem like much, but imagine 1,000,000 infected ballooning into 10,000,000 in a span of a few weeks of no precautions. Common sense thinks linearly, which is why we can easily get blindsided and swamped by exponential growth.

      Stay safe!

      • Our “leaders” went draconian on us after corona-chan had already traveled all over the land, because they were so unprepared. Our national stockpile was filled with unusable masks, for one example. I agree that we needed to go all South Korean on the spread of the virus, Some Dude, but our political water brains acted like Special Olympics runners unaware the race had started until it was almost over. We’ve had time and opportunity to get PPE distributed to anyone who wants it, but our manufacturing ability has become so crippled that most of us still can’t get any.

  4. The good news, Sir, is that research with primates has shown that, once you get over being infected, you become immune.

  5. But, but, but….Muh (Service) economy bruh!

    Meanwhile, those of us with essential (AKA Real World) skills AND a plan are literally unaffected.

    THESE are the people who you need to target HW.

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