Seroprevalence Study Finds Low Infection Rate In Britain

5% infection rate in Britain.

17% have been infected in London.

Sky News:

“At least 5% of people in the UK have now developed COVID-19 antibodies, with the number rising to 17% in London, a study has found.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave the results of the study at the government’s daily coronavirus update, as he announced plans for antibody certificates.

The figures are the first ones to be released by a government-commissioned study run by the Office for National Statistics, using 1,000 adults to track levels of immunity in the UK. …”

Does that sound familiar?

It should because it was 13.9% in New York and 21% in New York City in April. It was around 15% in Stockholm in Sweden and rose to around 61% in the worst hit towns around Bergamo in Italy. The infection rate was 5% in Spain and France and only 2.8% in Indiana.

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