Bill Gates Is Going To Chip Us

I’ve been attacked for not believing this.

Here is the same divide we see opening up again:

50% of FOX News viewers believe it.

44% of Republicans believe it.

44% of Trump voters believe it.

Moderates don’t believe this nonsense.

Once again, it is about half of conservatives and Republicans who believe this. 28% of adults believe this compared to 40% who do not including 45% of Independents.

Right now, there are conspiracy theorists and truthers who are weaving me into their conspiracy theories because I agree with 70% of Americans. I also agree with the scientific consensus that the IFR of COVID-19 is ~1%. Three strikes and I am out!

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  1. Moderates never believe any conspiracy theory nonsense! Moderates believe the media.

    Believe that Bill Gates has sinister intentions, that’s sheer paranoia, religious kookery, antisemitism, etc.

  2. Americans are uniquely susceptible to this kind of conspiracy thinking because America is a post-truth society from the bottom up. There is no incentive to ever ask “is this true?” when you can ask “does this make me feel good?” “does this frustrate, confuse, demoralize my enemies?” “does this give me an advantage?”

    The fault lies with the vile psychology of the average man much more than “the elites” who merely took advantage of how dishonorable people were willing to be with the right incentives. And it is an unsolvable problem, for the time being, because nobody will take anything seriously but a cope, a prepackaged excuse for how it is somebody else’s fault that things are shitty. So all political discourse is just salesmen trying to market different flavors of cope, either to hustle a buck, soothe their ego, or do some gay op for feds/jews/whoever.

    I see a future where most who were able to keep their psychology and critical thinking intact during this age of copes are killed by savage mobs, but a few manage to evade this fate and create secret societies based around the idea of objective truth and scientific method. People will gather clandestinely and try to keep the ideas of logic and truth alive in the midst of a total embrace of conspiracy and and retarded shit by the public at large. 500 years from now they will be talking about a secret group who control the world from the shadows with evil science-magic, they will be called The Moderates.

    • Bill Gates, long time associate of the Rockefellers through his Planned Parenthood father, a monopolist selling a redundant product (MS software was never indispensable for anything) for billions upon billions, now trying to establish a vaccination monopoly. No ulterior motives possible. WASPS and their pitiful sense of superiority really is the cancer that has destroyed America.

        • Doesn’t look like it to me. Available information says his ancestry is Anglo and Scottish (surnames like Gates and Maxwell) and his family was Calvinist.

          I think a lot of the crap Gates gets is from Jews themselves because they always try to defame their rich gentile competitors. He’s some liberal progressive utopianist, but I see no evidence that he is insincere in those beliefs or that he has ulterior motives.

  3. My question is to what end is the tracking intending to accomplish? I can’t think of anything.

    It’s logically incoherent.

  4. They don’t really even need to chip anyone. People can be tracked in all sorts of ways today that are more reliable than rfid. Facial recognition, gait analysis, text fingerprinting, etc.

    • Universal biometric ID with universal cryptocurrency, nothing to worry about. Just Bill Gates the monopolist who acts like he owns your computer wants you to know you’re licensing him to alter your physiology. And you must do so, to keep your Planned Parenthood approved Kike Central Bank credits.

      We need wholesale extermination.

      • Rational white people need to be exterminated because they don’t believe your nonsense which is being used to subvert people from focusing on the real enemy, the Zionists? How very.. interesting.

  5. We are really doing the “moderate” thing now? Um alright I guess.

    What if I’m a functional professional with a family, career and normal life and I identified politically as a confederate national socialist?

    Still a moderate?

    Labels don’t matter, so I will avoid the trend of offering my own rebrand, but moderates already exist. They’re retarded centrists, philosophical slaves to the extremes that actually have convictions.

    Just my 2 cents, “moderates” are some of the most worthless players in the western diaspora.

    But at the end of the day, I guess yet another repackage is not terribly important to core beliefs.

  6. BG needs an appointment with some old fashioned technology. Made from genuine hemp, not silicon, that rhymes with dope.
    The rest of the big shots, too. Or jail.

  7. Didn’t he tell a crowd at a TED Conference that he was going to vaccinate them through genetically-engineered mosquitoes. The crowd laughed. Will Bill get the last one though?

  8. The technology and patents are already here to use vaccines to implant an invisible tattoo type of implant that would be used to hold a record of your vaccination history, your medical record, your ID generally, including criminal record, social history too, eventually. This can easily be combined with a chip to link to your finances. Gov’t and business heads are openly advocating for this, this is happening right now, people are getting implants to use to go shopping etc. in parts of several countries…… In the future, dissidents will simply be unable to make any of the purchases they need in order to live, as the government will just cut off their ability to buy anything via the implanted chip- the danger of the cashless society. Vaccines might be beneficial, it depends on certain factors, but the Big Brother misuse of technology is guaranteed. None if this is part of any ‘conspiracy theory,’ all of this is future truth, future shock, and the future is now. Should we trust people who are part of the Establishment to give us vaccines when these same people have been stampeding white people over a cliff for the last 50 odd years ?

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