The Post-Alt-Right

The Alt-Right doesn’t really exist anymore.

There were some people who were drawn to the Alt-Right from conservatism and libertarianism. They have returned to conservatism and libertarianism. There were some people who came from the conspiracy theory/truther world. They have returned to their conspiracies and truths. Finally, there were people who joined the Alt-Right who were moderates. They have gone back to being moderates.

Moderates are the “Third Position” stuck in between the Left and Right:

Moderates are socially conservative and economically liberal. They are authoritarian and practical, not libertarian and inflexible. They favor a competent and robust government. In the 2016 election, moderate independents voted for Trump because he sold them on a “national populist” revolution that was different from Jeb Bush’s mainstream conservatism and Hillary Clinton’s neoliberalism.

The James Allsup vs. Styx debate captures the divide. Conservatives and libertarians are more satisfied with Trump. Moderates are extremely dissatisfied with Trump and don’t plan to vote for him.

The same is true of the ongoing debate over the coronavirus. It is half of conservatives and Republicans arguing with the rest of the country.

Where are moderates on the issue?

49% of moderates say “His policy is not taking the risks seriously enough” compared to 5% who say he is overreacting.

49% of moderates strongly disapprove of reopening protests compared to 7% who strongly approve of the protests.

69% of moderates do not believe stay-at-home orders are violating constitutional rights as opposed to 19% who say they do.

37% of moderates believe the pandemic is going to get worse, 23% believe we are in the worst of it and 18% think the worst is over.

Even before the coronavirus, 20% of Americans believed that vaccines cause autism. 28% believed in the New World Order. 15% believed the medical industry invents diseases. 13% believed that Obama was the Antichrist. 4% believed that Reptilians control the planet. This is the libertarian leaning Alex Jones audience that is a big swath of the MAGA base who believe the virus is hoax. It is not the same swath of Americans who are moderate independents.

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  1. “The Alt-Right doesn’t really exist anymore.”

    When President Trump orchestrated a successful outside takeover of the Republican party in 2016, and called it ‘Nationalism’, that was Alt-Right enough for most people on the Right, including many of ‘The Alt-Right’.

    For some it was way too much ‘Alt-Right’ and they call themselves ‘The Never-Trumpers’.

    If, and or when, a Democrat is elected to The Oval Office, you will see something of an Alt-Right surface again, because it still is there.

    That said, most of this country does not agree with the basic positions of The Alt-Right, or, if they agree, they are not ready to fight for those positions, as are members of The Alt-Right.

    So, ‘The Alt-Right’ or whatever you want to call it, has no current path to The Mainstream.

    This is The Era of Trump – like it or not.

      • @CD…

        As you surely realize, it was already the Golden Age for Jews decades before President Trump took office.

    • “When President Trump orchestrated a successful outside takeover of the Republican party in 2016…”

      No, the GOPe orchestrated a successful outside takeover of blump.

      • No, I think it’s very clear that Trump was playing a role in order to be elected. He had a very, very long history prior to the 2016 election cycle showing exactly who and what he was. Use a bit of common sense.

        • @Anonymous…

          Yes, I tend to think on this matter like you.

          My wife said just a few weeks after he was elected that she felt he had never thought he would win, so he was just throwing the kitchen sink at us to gain publicity to whatever end he would wish to use it.

          In any case, it is difficult to evade that notion that Candidate Trump was more than a bit of construct.

      • @ATBOTL…

        Is that the case, or is it that President Trump never had any intention of enacting some of his main promises?

  2. 1. F the alt-right
    2. I am in this moderate camp you describe (economically left, socially right, statist)
    3. I think “Independent” is a better term than moderate. Independent implies separation from the left and right, and could even imply separation from the entire liberal politic. Moderate sounds like you just want a little less liberalism, which sounds reactionary and also not true to the third position spirit.
    4. This will catch flack, but I don’t like this demonization of conspiracy theorists. Corrupt US intelligence agencies came up with that term to smear anyone exposing their corruption. Yes, I agree the kooky lizard stuff is ridiculous, but things like the NWO is very real. Kissinger, Bush, Brezinski, the Pope, all use this term. The UN literally has a NWO website. – I came into this via the truth movement. They have been talking about globalism and Zionism for decades. Not all truthers believe the kooky stuff. I only believed what I could verify, and stuck to geo-politics, not aliens.
    5. Keep up the good work Hunter!

    • Well said. I think some things are clearly a conspiracy (JFK, RFK, 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin and the Boston Marathon to name a few).

      The problem is once you go down the rabbit hole, it sometimes gets difficult to discern what’s real and what isn’t. I know I sure struggled with it for a while.

      I think we all should be skeptical of government power. History has shown that governments have routinely abused their powers. It’s our duty as citizens to question what our government does in our name.

      The reality is that anytime a nation loses its moral foundation, the result is a more oppressive and dangerous society.

      We are in that decline right now. The funny, but not so funny part about the boomers complaining about the lockdowns is that they haven’t seen real oppression yet.

      Unfortunately they are going to see it when whites become a minority.

      • I don’t think you will have to wait that long (for white European stock to become a minority). I think if Biden wins and Democrats retake the Senate (a strong likelihood, IMO), crying Chuck Shumer will eliminate the filibuster for all Senate business, and with Democratic discipline they will pass the Equality Act allowing SJWs to sue in federal court for anything they desire (watch all those “conservative “Trump appointees, including Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, vote to uphold suits under that act against constitutional challenges). They will also open the borders once and for all (disbanding ICE and the Border Patrol, and probably the DEA), grant $10,00 per year reparations for AAs ( an UBI for POC alone), and pass the Green New Deal (exempting themselves from its rules, of course). Finally, they will impose a 75% tax rate on all taxpayers, but slip language into the bill to exempt themselves and their donor/supporters.
        All you people pining for Trump and Republicans to lose reelection in 2020 are going to be in for a rude awakening in 2021-2029 when the Biden-Abrams Administration is over. Your desire for revenge against Trump will blow back on you and yours. Karma is indeed a bitc*, as you will learn the hard way.

      • @SC Rebel…

        “I think we all should be skeptical of government power. “”NS is the way to go.”


        That’s interesting. How do you reconcile the two impulses?

    • A globalist NWO is necessary. Technology changed the world. Nation states are now outmoded in the same way tribes were when nations replaced them. Any political movements that want to be relevant going forward have to accept that new ways of organizing the world are required. The Luddites, the conservatives, they never win. The future belongs to those who can adapt and work with the trajectory of the world to bring about real outcomes. Those who mindlessly fight against change and say “I just want things to go back to normal” get pushed to the outside and made irrelevant. That’s the point of conspiracy as a social weapon, to make all active opposition irrelevant so that no coherent and logical opposition to this particular NWO can form. Globalism is the future, no political position that doesn’t address that can be relevant going forward.

  3. I’m with you on most of your conclusions Hunter, even though I don’t believe in a republic and lean more strongly to NS.

    Serious question: can I call myself a moderate if I have a less-than-moderate need to arrest and try all Jews for treason?

  4. The notion that there is this category of obviously false beliefs called “conspiracy theories” is sheer intellectual laziness. Belief that polls are honest and trustworthy is also very lazy thinking. Linking all manner of views on the past that deviate from the mainstream as “conspiracy theories” is the same as believing that polls for public consumption are generally trustworthy as opposed to being instruments of propaganda. It is a manifestly false belief.

    People don’t like the tardy, inconsistent, overkill measures that were enacted to contain the disease. People don’t like their incomes being interrupted. If someone tells me that’s not true, I am going to be very skeptical. The media may tar the protesters a little to make them look disreputable (not nearly to the degree they did at Charlottesville, the media is Jewish controlled, after all – that’s not a conspiracy theory either) and so people may not identify with the protestors, that’s fine. I think the protests are counter-productive, but what can you do when have have stupid people like Erik Prince and his sister organizing such things?

    What do blacks and minorities think? How many of them count as “moderates” – the notion of “moderate” as holding to the media’s preferred narrative of events as shown by polls is classic propaganda. Not really interested in it.

    Trump is to blame for this situation, let’s not tard this up by trying to sound like waspy fags.

  5. That alt-right made the most progress when we set ourselves apart from conservatives and ridiculed them. Once blump came, we tried to ingratiate ourselves with conservatives and began pulling our punches. Then our movement was flooded with new people calling themselves “alt-right” but not really understanding what the alt-right is. Many of the new people had a chip on their shoulders against the pre-blump alt-right. They talked about us like we were scum who were to blame for not winning already. There was no pushback, we took the abuse, happy that new people were using our issues. Those people have proven to be fools and many have already denounced the alt-right or sold out.

    It does no good to learn any lessons from this if we can’t apply them. We need firm policies to ensure that new people cannot be leaders, cannot be spokesmen for us and must spend years learning from long term nationalists before having a place at the table.

  6. The anti-liberal ‘Social Right’ or whatever one would like to call it, is much less discouraged in Continental Europe, and gaining rapidly, for a variety of reasons, including proportional voting with multiple political parties in parliaments, the higher ethnic homogeneity and local bonds, and less of a sense of being politically tied to particular personalities

    Hunter I gather that what is really driving you recently, is the wish to be ‘mainstream’ and hence your attraction to labels such as ‘moderate’ etc

    But it’s too late for that, for anyone who is serious … It is the nature of this horrid social frame run by cultural marxists, that a whole passel of what were ‘normal’ views up until recently, are now marking you as a ‘far-right extremist’

    That tag is attached to you personally, Hunter, and that just the way things have assembled in this messed-up world

    The middle ground is gone … you are either a servile tool of the system or you are a vilified ‘extremist’ for sharing the notions of very recent ancestors

    There’s no escaping the cult-marx dragnet … anyone being in ‘dissent’ now needs to appreciate that

    Hunter, your JQ views alone, mark you as full ‘conspiracist’ to the powers that be … so it behooves to lighten up about others whose conspiracy venn diagramme is just a little larger

    There is a lot of shite that will go down, and maybe it’s wise not to be too dismissive of some potential allies as things happen

    Funny that Anglin too is publicly yearning also to be ‘moderate’ and ‘normie’ and is already re-making his website to try to do that

    • People who believe the world is flat or that the entire planet is engaged in some pandemic conspiracy are so far beyond rational thought that they are not only embarrassing but potentially dangerous given how stupid they are showing themselves to be.

      Recruiting allies at the shallow end of the gene pool never ends well. It’s why blacks make a mess of anywhere they have significant control or influence.

  7. People have a felt need for both security/order and freedom/liberty in order to proceed toward their goals, from short-term to their passing. This is true for both their general philosophy on life, in terms of their comfort level with one state of mind or the other, and in adjusting to events (freedom lovers want to preserve the fruits of their liberty as exercised, traditionalists sometimes see the need to try new things when the status quo no longer works).
    As these two sides of the human genetic endowment will come into conflict as people proceed to act under one paradigm or the other, there will be a need for justification for the disparate results produced:. that is, there will need to be Justice felt by the society and its citizens when disputes are resolved.
    That is what has been lost in 2020 America, a feeling that conflict can be settled in a manner both the winner and loser will accept. We no longer have anyone or any institution we all trust to be honest brokers, meaning sometimes security/order is upheld and sometimes liberty/freedom will win.
    The primary basis for this divide is density. Rural people have to live as responsible individuals, yet rely on the good faith and willingness to help of neighbors. Urban people must act collectively due to congestion, but can’t rely on neighbors from wherever. And the culture combined with technology gives citizens resources greater then kings in earlier times, so the ability to stabilize social equilibrium with tradition is less effective then before.
    Combine these factors with the ability of producers to accumulate assets and you get an Oligarchy that can buy permanent success, by both manipulating supply and demand through society’s coercive tools and by controlling the communications apparatus so that citizens who don’t investigate their world can be diverted away from awareness of the materialist chains enslaving them to the Other as the source of their slavery:. divide and conquer,reinforced by bread (obese and diabetic poor people) and circuses (trash culture).
    As neither traditionalists nor individualists can any longer be suppressed permanently, the conflict will continue, unless a cataclysm destroys the infrastructure of delivery of survival resources (the food supply cut off or the computer grid for delivering electricity, money access, etc.) or people in unison decide to finally cooperate across identifiable visual or status differentiations. I am not confident of the latter possibly, and I am fearful of the former situation creating a real State of Nature.

  8. I don’t think moderate captures what we are at all. Alt right, dissident right, nationalist right, racial realist right, all fine – label doesn’t matter. What we believe is right wing, period. This constant rebranding with terms that dont make sense doesn’t make any sense. We aren’t moderates. Moderates are cool with trannies and diversity, have no core identity or beliefs and are slaves to the extremes.

    • The defintion depends on who is in power and who isn’t.

      If you are an opponent of the existing regime, then you are a dissident. If you want to conserve the existing order then under that system you play the role of conservative. A communist in the USSR was conservative. A capitalist was a radical.

      We have lost so badly over the years, that what was once a common sense and moderate position has become radical and extremist. For example, if you support Israel as a Jewish state, while at the same time denying the right of whites to have their own country anywhere on the planet, (which is obviously an extremist and genocidal postion), then you are a conservative under the current system. Twitter would let you keep your blue check mark if you repeated that every six months or so.

    • Re: “Moderates are cool with trannies and diversity, have no core identity or beliefs and are slaves to the extremes”:

      But those are not moderate views and behaviors in the sense of moderate that I think Hunter means: true moderates are those who are rational (or reasonable), moral, temperate (or disciplined) and appropriate in their views and behaviors – which also happens to be the sense of moderate in the oft-quoted scripture (Epistle of Paul to the Philippians, 4:5) “Let your moderation be known to all men….” – and the Golden Mean in Aristotelian philosophy.

  9. SC Rebel,

    I’m glad you acknowledge that NS is going to be our path forward. As you probably already know, at least online, National Socialism is extremely popular with White advocates, especially those under the age of 50. The other sects on WN have acolytes, but they definitely in the minority and in the fringes.

  10. An excellent post. Being moderate, in the sense I think you mean, is being strong and wise, not weak and mindless. The virtue of courage, for example, is a trait of moderation (being moderate), whereas cowardice and recklessness are deficiencies of moderation.

  11. Conservative is a relative word. The progressive liberals gained control decades ago and are firmly in power. They therefore act to conserve the current system. We who are out of power have become the revolutionaries. To say, for example, that race is real and it matters, is to make a revolutionary statement. To say that marriage is between a man and a women is another revolutionary statement. TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER AND NEITHER DOES SCIENCE. POWER IS ALL THAT MATTERS. The two party system is just as Hunter decribes it–opposite sides of the same liberal coin. The job of conservative liberals is to try to channel all revolution against the current system to protect the system. They do this by incrementally normalizing the “advances” of the progressive liberals.

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