Natural Conservatism vs. Conservative Liberalism

I’m a natural conservative.

I strongly dislike “conservative liberalism.”

As a natural conservative, I am psychologically predisposed to support authority, to dislike change and to be sensitive to threats to my community. Natural conservatives value the familiar over novelties. They are wired to value social order, cohesion, continuity and stability.

Natural conservatives typically have a positive view of their own ethnic group. They revere the past and think of future generations. This is the psychology of people who become alarmed by the demographic demise of their own ethnic group and the degeneration of their own culture. In contrast, liberals tend to be selfish and value endless novelties over the familiar. They chafe and feel oppressed by authority and tradition. They are constantly challenging and overthrowing established norms.

In the United States, the entire political mainstream is composed of liberals: conservative liberals, libertarians and progressive liberals. Each faction is biased toward its own highest good which is liberty or equality. Natural conservatives tend to support conservative liberalism because it is the only option available to them that even pretends to be resistant to change. As a philosophy though, conservative liberals are people who simply want to return to an earlier and purer version of classical liberalism that existed before the ascendance of progressive liberalism under Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

There is nothing about conservative liberalism as a philosophy that is conducive to satisfying the needs and desires of natural conservatives. It celebrates liberalism and free-market capitalism which are inherently destabilizing. Natural conservatives are reacting against the steady expansion of liberalism and free-market capitalism which have consumed our entire culture. There is less social order, cohesion, continuity and stability BECAUSE there is more individual liberty, equality, tolerance, rights and individualism. The free market now regulates aspects of life it was walled off from in the past like relations between the sexes. As liberalism has advanced over time, it has demolished all limits in its path.

Lady MAGA is a great mascot for conservative liberalism. In the name of individual freedom, the limits of nature, gender and sex have been overturned. Conservative drag queens have gone mainstream now though because what is important is to celebrate liberalism and free-market capitalism. It is bigoted and transphobic to look at this spectacle which is a triumph of freedom and equality and oppose it. Morality itself is being rewritten every step of the way in liberal societies.

Liberal societies are like all types of human societies in that they are ordered toward their highest good. This is what a society ordered toward liberty and equality looks like after 200 years of progress towards its end. Maybe with a few more Republicans it will all be turned around and this long term drift toward the destruction of the good, the beautiful and the true will be stopped but I seriously doubt it.

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  1. It’s true that liberalism is the enemy, but a return to traditionalism with Zionists still in power would be just as bad. This is what I saw in the early days of the MAGA movement, Jews were proposing a deal with white America where they allow the white man a certain degree of racism against Jew-safe targets such as Mexicans and Muslims and in exchange for that Jews would remain the unchallenged rulers of America. In other words Jews were proposing to lift the boot off the white man’s neck just a little bit and white men were expected to be grateful. It’s this whipped attitude of some white people that really bothers me. The majority of the alt-right would be content to leave the Jews in power as long as the Jews share just a tiny fraction of that power with them. They’re happy for Jews to be at the head of the table as long as the white man gets a tiny seat at his own table. Most online “Nazis” would be content with 50s America, or even 80s America. Times when Jews were in charge but compelled to adhere to white values.

    Jews created hyper-liberalism because it is the environment they feel most safe in, but they absolutely can remain our overlords under traditionalism too, just like they did in the first half of the 20th century.

  2. Hunter I laugh a bit when you call yourself a ‘moderate’, and reject the ‘far right’ label

    Usually, ‘moderate’ is a label used by someone trying to get along with the flow … however negative that flow is … it’s the label of someone trying not to pick a political-ideological fight, whilst trying to survive economically

    In many ways your views are those of what many 1930s Europeans were trying to get at, sometimes clumsily or with horrific detours

    The labels sound ugly now – far right, fascist, nat-soc

    But carving away from the connotations and associations, the views you espouse – your honour for ‘tradition’, ‘respect for authority’, work, family faith … that’s the 1930s European package, with the labels you are understandably trying to avoid

    Which people sometimes try to label now as ‘third position’ because one is left on economics whilst right on social issues … versus the social upheaval ‘left’ with market ‘right’ hellscape

    To the SJWs gazing upon you, Hunter, you are pure far-right, because you want a culture they say you can’t have anymore

    ‘Social right’ is maybe a good term

  3. Well stated Brad. This distinction needs to be made everyday to people. What masks as Conservative today is a corruption of the word.

    The same as “nationalist”. What does a “nationalist”even mean in a world with Hazony and his brand of kosher “Nationalist Conservatism”? What does being a “nationalist” mean in a country which hates my people and openly seeks to replace them? You’re telling me I should wave the stars and bars with Hazony while supporting billions be given to Israel while millions of foreigners pour into my country and deviant sexual and moral practices are held up as the highest of values?

    No thank you. They take our terms and mudle them as a means of watering down their meaning

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