72% of Americans Would Take a COVID-19 Vaccine

As a “paid shill” or someone who has “lost my mind,” I am posting this for the conspiracy theorists and truthers who are utterly out of touch with public opinion right now.


“Most Americans are optimistic that medical advances to treat or prevent the coronavirus are on the horizon, and around seven-in-ten say they would get a vaccine for COVID-19 if it were available, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted April 29-May 5.

Americans’ expectations for the year ahead include an effective treatment or cure for COVID-19, as well as a vaccine to prevent the disease: 83% and 73% of U.S. adults, respectively, say these developments will definitely or probably occur. At the same time, 83% of adults expect another coronavirus outbreak within the year, and 69% expect the focus on the coronavirus to delay progress on other disease treatments.

Around seven-in-ten adults (72%) say they would definitely (42%) or probably (30%) get a coronavirus vaccine if one were available, while about a quarter (27%) say they would not. The survey comes amid concerns that activists and others who are hesitant to get vaccinated for other diseases might not get inoculated against the coronavirus. …”

Yes, I know this one is a bitter pill to swallow:

Maybe it is not a conspiracy?

Maybe the conspiracy theorists and truthers are in their own bubble?

84% of Americans with a post-graduate education would get a COVID-19 vaccine.

77% of Americans who are college graduates would get a COVID-19 vaccine.

74% of White Americans could get a COVID-19 vaccine.

72% of Americans would get a COVID-19 vaccine.

65% of Republicans or Independents who lean Republican would get a COVID-19 vaccine.

64% of Americans do not think stay-at-home orders violate constitutional rights.

64% of Whites do not think stay-at-home orders violate constitutional rights.

68% of moderates do not think stay-at-home orders violate constitutional rights.

55% of moderates either fully trust or somewhat trust Dr. Fauci. 13% of moderates either fully distrust or somewhat distrust Dr. Fauci.

51% of Americans either fully trust or somewhat trust Dr. Fauci. 16% of Americans either fully distrust or somewhat distrust Dr. Fauci.

50% of people who watch FOX News believe Bill Gates is trying to chip them.

44% of Republicans believe Bill Gates is trying to chip them.

28% of American adults who are 50% of the FOX News audience think that Bill Gates is trying to chip them.

28% of Americans believe in the New World Order.

24% of Americans who are Independent voters believe that Bill Gates is trying to chimp them compared to 45% who do not.

20% of Americans believe vaccines cause autism.

15% of Americans believe that the medical industry invents diseases which are a hoax.

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  1. What I’d prefer to see is a vaccine developed in a university setting like Oxford or in a Swiss/German research clinic lab. I’d prefer not to have an American based and Israeli controlled firm sell one.

  2. Trump’s 2020 base is a small minority of very vocal morons who have walled themselves off in a echo chamber apart from reality. Ironically, Hillary supporters had a similar echo chamber in 2016, which is why they were so surprised and distraught when Trump won that they spent years chasing a Russian hacking hoax. I imagine Trump supporters will have a hoax narrative prepared. Maybe Chinese hackers or Q’s greatest enemy, the boss of the blackhats in the deep state.

    • Well it looks like the USA November election is cooked between the mail-in ballots, illegals allowed to vote etc

      And Biden seems to have boxed himself in to pick a ‘black-female’ running mate

      Kamala Harris is half South Asian Tamil from India, so it’s gonna be Georgia’s Stacey Abrams

      Who the media is selling like she’s the new Obama, ‘Her star is rising!’

      Biden resigns by March 2021, Stacey Abrams the nominal President getting told what to do, Soros will be thrilled

      That will be something to see

    • The MIGA crowd are already preparing the mail-in voter fraud narrative as the excuse for their loss. I hate Trump supporters more than any leftist, they would shoot at us if ZOG told them to. They are not our people, they are cancer.

  3. Oxford University study of the brit-bongs:

    59% per cent believe that to some extent the government is misleading the public

    62% agree to some extent that the virus is man-made

    21% believe the virus is a hoax

    The above from Aangirfan’s superb coverage on her site


    Am not seeing the outbursts of true eloquence that Hunter used to have

    Some say the old Hunter is gone and replaced … there’s the ‘conspiracy’ mind for you

    He does seem ‘changed’; I recall there was an absence, then this mainstream-following Hunter showed up with his insistent corona posting

  4. There’s never been a successful vaccine developed for this particular type of virus so all talk of vaccines is just the Zionist Trump team trying to talk up the faltering economy. They are shameless liars and will say anything to get the whole anti-white shit system chugging along again.

    Also should they want you to take a vaccine they can easily do it by making it a requirement for employment, school, childcare etc. That way they can force you to take it without actually looking like they forced you.

    • The virus will likely hit herd immunity before a vaccine is available. That’s what happened with the 1968 flu pandemic. A vaccine eventually became available, but it hard already ran its course by then.

  5. I question all polls.
    There are too many ways to skew the results

    What polling companies don’t tell you, most ppl won’t respond to being polled.
    They just hang up or walk away.

    • The CDC is either lying on purpose or it is full of retards. The CFR they stated would imply that all of NYC has been infected, which we know isn’t true. I would actually be less pissed off if they were simply lying because the thought of bureaucrats in the CDC who can’t do elementary school math being paid six figures with government benefits is infuriating.

      • The CFR doesn’t have to be the same everywhere. It can be higher in NYC and lower in Alabama and therefore average out to the CDC number. Hunter Wallace has hitched his horse to this farce so he will not change his mind. At one time I found OD to be a reasonable editorial website. Going back I see that was my mistake the clues were there before.

        • It’s not so low elsewhere that it would ever average to the CDC number. They are lying or stupid. My guess is both.

          • So it’s a conspiracy or they are lying when the numbers go our way, but its not when it goes pro-lockdown? Just really, your either a troll or sycophant. This blog has gotten the lockdown consistently wrong, and its rebranding as an anti-“conspiracy” platform has pushed clown world limits with “JFK was killed by Oswald, Bush really though Iraq had WMD’s, and Global Warming will kills us all”. If that is you ammunition against “conspiracy theories” then you already loose. JFK was killed as result of conspiracy, the Zionists in the Pentagon and State Department hoaxed the intel, so yes, they knew because CIA patriots like Valeria Plame were screaming this out at the time for the Zionists to try an burn them. And don’t even get me started on Royal Society Greta and all the retardation that brings with it. It’s one thing going against QAnon and the Bigfoot killed Elvis crowd, but junk conspiracy is transparent disinfo. You will not discredit 40 years of research on JFK with garbage media reprobate articles.

  6. Turns out Jaden Hayden was a COVID patient. Remember the NY law on mandatory COVID treatment in nursing homes? Yes, the government you believe will protect us and inject us has been intentionally mandating treatment of 20 year old COVID patients in nursing homes. Obviously they were trying to kill Grandma so you would go along with their plans. How more retarded can you be? The CDC just said this has a 0.027% fatality, obvious higher if you stick violent negroes next to 75 year old veterans. I’m horrified at the sheer stupidity and force meming of MSM propaganda here.

    • Re: “The CDC just said this has a 0.027% fatality”:

      That means you probably don’t even wear a mask in public, and are being completely careless, because of the online “authorities” like Dr. Judy and Dr,. Sherri who say what you want to believe.

      A recent CDC estimate of the COVID-19 death rate was 1.3 percent, which is thirteen times higher than the death rate for seasonal flu for 2018-2019, which is 0.1 percent of cases, according to the CDC. As more testing is done to discover more mild and asymptomatic cases, the death rate drops and settles around 1 per cent, China’s death rate was initially reported to be 5.6 percent, falling to 3.8 percent by Feb. 20, and finally to around 1% which seems to be the worldwide average for COVID-19 wherever sufficient intensive medical care is available for the serious cases. As in China, the U.S. death rate seemed to be higher in the beginning when only serious cases were being confirmed by testing. The death rate in third world countries without sufficient intensive care will be much higher than 1 percent, and in any other country when the medical system is overwhelmed.

      If only 1 to 2 percent of the U.S. population is infected now and 60 to 80 percent must become infected to achieve “herd immunity,” and if “only” 100,000 are dead now, multiply that by 30 to 40 times more. That makes how many dead when “herd immunity” finally kicks in? I know, most of the deaths are “just old people” and other “expendables.”

      The pandemic is real, and it’s not over yet. In fact it’s just getting started.

  7. Wow, let’s look at the top 3 “conspiracies”. They are real and real can get. 1. JFK was killed in a conspiracy, CORRECT! 2. Bush intentionally lied about WMD, CORRECT! 3. Global Warming is a hoax, CORRECT! Why are you pushing this filth? Your just like a pathetic wine tracker thinking how intellectually superior you are because you believe everything the media tells you. Wow, just out of words, wow. Will you devote articles on how Lee Harvey did it and that if we don’t stop eating meat and living in pods we will all die of a temperature increase? Completely ridiculous, this is beyond the pale. I used to think this was because you tied your hitch to the COVID, but know it appears as if you might be compromised.

  8. Wow, 72 % that would nearly match the 2025 depopulation forcast predicted by that military/government website degal.

    It says 2020 the U.S. is 325 million and by 2025 the U.S. will be 100 million.


    By the way, the same goes for Western nation’s according to that site.

    But it’s very INTERESTING that China, India, and some others are not affected at all by DEPOPULATION.

    I guess the Devil’s will have all the robots do all the work.

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