The End of the New World Order

Ross Douthat has another great article this weekend.

New York Times:

“It’s a mistake to believe most conspiracy theories, but it’s also a mistake to assume that they bear no relation to reality. Some are just insane emanations or deliberate misinformation. But others exaggerate and misread important trends rather than denying them, or offer implausible explanations for mysteries that nonetheless linger unexplained.

This is as true in the Trump era as in any other. Extraterrestrials are probably not among us, but we keep being handed new evidence that the U.F.O. phenomenon is real. QAnon is a landscape of fantasy, but the fact that powerful sexual predators have ties to presidents, popes and princes is a hard post-Jeffrey Epstein truth.

Sometimes, though, conspiracy theories outlive the reality that once sustained them, surging in popularity just as the real world is making their anxieties irrelevant. And something like that may be happening right now with conspiratorial thinking about the so-called New World Order. On the one hand, the coronavirus is inspiring a surge of N.W.O. paranoia, a renewed fear of elite cabals that aspire to rule the world. But at the same time, the actual new world order, the dream of global integration and transnational governance, is disintegrating before our very eyes. …

But unlike in the 1990s or 2000s, when New World Order paranoia exaggerated real developments and trends, in the current moment the reality is the opposite of what is feared. Instead of leading to some sort of globalist consolidation, the rule of the coronavirus is unraveling internationalism everywhere you look. …”

Very true.

The conspiratards don’t understand what the New World Order actually was and why it is passing away because of COVID-19. It is receding in the rearview mirror.

RIP N.W.O. (1990-2020)

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  1. Every pillar of Liberalism has crumbled away. Its quite extraordinary.

    • lol – you are delusional, as so many are – the liberal Jew World Order is more firmly entrenched than ever

      • The only way to sustain this system is to strategically reorder capitalism or to go planned economy.

      • The NWO has been accelerated by Covid

        There is more universal surveillance, more controls on movement, more suppression of cash, more complete logging of transactions

        The NWO does not need mass travel and tourism by plebes, and it does not need as much global trade, with the world’s middle classes destroyed and cast into the ‘new feudalism’

        Which involves the serfs needing permission to leave the manor, just as in the old feudalism

  2. Globalist consolidation is only temporarily held back. After this crisis passes, I don’t see that the borders will stay closed or that Hispanics will stop pouring into our nation, for instance. Latin American gov’ts are still corrupt and incompetent, so they need our nation as a migration pressure valve for their stupidity and malfeasance. The Dems and US CofC need the illegals for their own purposes, and those needs won’t go away. The lust for power, money and control that the elites have won’t magically vanish.

    DC just handed the large corporations a guarantee of stability and resources smaller businesses don’t receive, so after this mess a lot of businesses will either fail or be bought up for pennies on the dollar. Due to gov’t being so heavily involved in funding business cronies (choosing winners and losers), our society will be more unequal than ever. After the elites last tanked the markets, many middle-income jobs never came back. It will happen again, and after this massive unemployment, people will take any job they can get. Incomes for the hoi polloi will once more take a sizable hit.

    The only hope for a different, better world is to institute major political and economic changes. People aren’t rising up, so that means pols need to work on behalf of voters instead of donors. That won’t happen unless the pols are afraid they’ll lose access to power. We need to motivate the powerful through fear. People are always status-conscious, and threatening to destroy or damage an elitist’s inflated sense of self-worth and self-importance will get the more sensible among them to finally act on our behalf.

  3. Not that Trump’s the answer, but if Hillary were in now, there would be no “receding in the rearview mirror.” This would be THE takedown and white southern nationalists would be a memory in the rearview mirror. We have, “a window of opportunity.”

    Any ideas ???

  4. Those idiots never understood anything. It’s a similar reasoning to why the Reformation spawned so many kooky offshoots of Christianity. You give a moron the Word of God without context and suddenly he’s interpreting it to mean the opposite of what it’s preaching.

    The N.W.O. was always supposed to be a U.S. led project to global government by the U.N. under “Democratic”, Liberal Capitalism. Ever since the time of Bush 2 this has been slowly eroding and under Obama hit the brick wall when Russia intervened in Syria, preventing the destruction of that nation like in Iraq. People somehow interpreted that plan as meaning “they’re taking muh guns.”

    Now we have complete retards who think it’s about the U.S. government wanting to know when you are and are not masturbating by keeping you inside until they can watch you via Bill Gates’ nanobot vaccine with the Coronavirus as an excuse while hoping Trump and Q will call down the fire from heaven against China.

    Pearls given to swine, these are the type of people that need benevolent authoritarianism as they’re unable mentally to interpret information rationally and need others to do it for them.

    • The Alex Jones narrative is that globalists are trying to destroy America and that only America stands in the way of global government. They say this with a straight face while the USA has hundreds of military bases all over the world, controls most global commerce, acts as the enforcer of international liberal democratic norms, etc. The USA and globalism are one and the same. No other entity has the power to enforce a global order.

  5. Donald destroyed the NWO, not flu. Without Donald we would have another SARS with bunch of dead bodies and nothing special. Does anybody really believe that Jewry cares about our deaths ???

    What we see now is attempt to repack us and reform the economy and society for newer better NWO using flu s as scapegoat. But like every controlled thing , when tens of millions people involve, the controlled thing becomes uncontrollable very fast. What they want is destroy the economy and blame opposition.

    This will be good for two reasons. Getting rid of debt and getting rid from opposition. But what they don,t understand, is that we have information society and today opposition is not inbred rotten filth like aristocracy before WWI.

    Jewry historical super weapon, information control is gone. And it seems that they do not understand what to do. They keep flooding society with lies and defamation but today opposition is not pre WW I aristocracy which did not understood the information war and had no mechanisms to fight back.

  6. I have to disagree here, Hunter. The NWO is alive and well. COVID may have been a minor setback or an advancement, I don’t know, but America is the “indispensable” nation because it is indispensible to the spreading of liberal democracy across the entire globe. Pay attention to foreign policy, for it is in the arena of foreign policy that both sides of the liberal democracy world worder come into perfect agreement.

  7. We were deceived by MAGA. MAGA was about ensuring a unipolar world order with America at the top for the spreading of liberal democracy to ever inch of the globe by sanctions, bribery, and, when required, outright open war. We thought MAGA was about a multipolar world where we left nations alone to determine their own way forward, but it was just the opposite. MAGA is doubling down on America as the indsipensible nation for forceing Globo Homo on the world.

  8. Even if the NWO ends it won’t stop the psychotic drive to rid the world of White people.

  9. LMAO you think the new world order is gone because of covid19…thats a good one!
    Yeah, because TPTB cant just print money whenever they want and they haven’t already created more wealth and power for themselves beyond your minds capability of understanding in the last 100 yrs…nah.

    They need to keep pimping out us wage slaves for 6 million more centuries nonstop or else they don’t really control us…lol imagine believing that because you believe this narrative hook, line and sinker!!

    We are in a spiritual battle for the minds and souls of the human race…and this is just another step in the direction of transhumanism or human 2.0…

    The evil “people” who run this world don’t do what they do for money….that should be obvious by now.
    They have more control over peoples minds than ever before…which is the plan.

  10. “Babylon” may be falling now, nearly everyone hopes. How quickly? Will it fall over centuries, decades or years?

    • The US is a multicultural Shithole bound together by a Common Currency – take that away and see how many days before the US becomes the Balkans in the 90s

  11. The Covid-19 global crisis did a blow against the New World Order in terms of global integration and the whole “World” order thing. I’m sure everyone is thinking twice about global travel, global trade, and things like that. However I think it’s gonna do even bigger damage in terms of Corporatism. I think people walking into Walmart and seeing the coolers and shelves empty will remember that. Heck just walk into Walmart right now and you can’t find any Beef in site. It’s really symbolic of what Corporatism has done….it merge corporations over and over and over again and now only a few Big Corporations (rich people) control the entire Beef supply right on Memorial Day. Sure it could have been planned out that way as a way of keeping people “social distanced” aka not cooking out over Memorial Day. However it shows 10,000% percent that Big Corporations have ruined it all. I think people will really be looking at supporting small farmers and small business owners. Why? Because we need much more competition and more localism in terms of the food supply. I would hope our elected officials would figure it out that you can’t eat Furniture especially during a global health pandemic. We would be spending much more on farm subsidies especially for the most small of farmers and we should have less junk being made in factories and more FOOD Products!!!!!!!!! I’ve been saying this for years and it’s finally playing out. However some politicians are just stupid and can’t figure it out….the same reason why those politicians don’t like the Confederacy……because it was based 100% on Southern Farming. It’s time we restore that economy and way of life here in the South and take care of the Food Supply! We need it right now! Deo Vindice !

  12. The top level jews pulled this Co-YID hoax to bury the epstein case.

    Anytime there is even a slight mention of the epstein case, they always seem to draw the attention somewhere else.

    The epstein case is so big that it involves practically all the western governments and thats why they had to pull this off to try and bury it.

    Even the norwegian royal family is involved, just think about that…

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