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  1. “subverting cultural norms and undermining the social order in the name of liberty and equality for the sake of transgression jewish takeover.”

    • Corona is drying up money all over the place, good. The hostile elite will throw its own into the fire without hesitation if it serves their interest, just like Trump. All the left wing media outlets have been laying people off while the wealthy left wing moguls like Bloomberg won’t throw a dime to these groups.

      The so called “charities” are also in dire straits because of corona. They all depended on government for their daily bread and now they are in trouble. True charities, which had popular support from white communities in the past are dead, replaced by government run bureaucracies. Now those governments are short of money because the economy has caved in and there isn’t the tax money to pay them.

      The politicians and their owners get paid first, in full, on time, everyone else can pound sand. That’s how it works in a democracy.

  2. Just from my personal experience with Vice I believe they’re pretty fair on covering the news. They covered our Klan rallies a couple of times and was very honest and professional. I think that’s really something missing from the news media. I think each news channel or show should be honest and make a note the religious, racial, and political views. Same goes for websites. However something that’s missing is those in the media who just report the news in a fair and honest way and let the people decide. That kind of media and journalism is needed more than ever reporting the news from a 100% moderate and nonpartisan way. Deo Vindice!

    • Bill Maher is an anti white creepy lil jew hobbit manlet gremlin who belongs in a human sized soap kiln

  3. Comedy Gold. The left has been smoked or turned into scolds. See the mess with Dominic Cummings. While I have been a proponent of shutdown, I do see that in family emergencies the rules will tend to go out the window.

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