Reopen NC Leader Husband “Willing To Kill” In Fight Against The Government

Molon Labe, Patriots!

Charlotte Observer:

“With the ReOpenNC group planning protests in five North Carolina cities on Memorial Day, the husband of one of the group’s founders published a Facebook video that says violence shouldn’t be ruled out.

“Are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes,” Adam Smith said in a Facebook Live video posted on Friday.

Later in the 17-minute video, he said, “If you bring force, we’re gonna bring force. If you bring guns, we’re gonna bring guns. If you’re armed with this, we’re gonna be armed with this.” …

Ashley Smith said her husband is an ex-Marine who remains “willing to die for all of you too,” as he was when he was enlisted.

Adam Smith was also present along with other armed Blue Igloo demonstrators in downtown Raleigh on May 16. Blue Igloo is likely a play on the word “Boogaloo,” which the Anti-Defamation League describes as a slang term for a coming civil war. …”


“And America said, ‘No,’” said Smith, a Marine Corps veteran. “We’re taking up arms. It’s time for us to fight against this. We’re not going to stop. If you want to go to the full force time, we have the forces to retaliate. And that’s really at the end of the day the only thing that’s going to secure our freedom is our willingness to step up and fight. Do we want to pick up arms? Do we want to kill anybody? Of course not. Nobody wants to take lives.”

Adam Smith continued: “We don’t want to kill anybody. But are we willing to kill people? Are willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes. Is that violence? Is that terrorism? No. It’s not terrorism. I’m not trying to strike fear in the hearts of people by saying, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ I’m going to say: If you bring force – We’re going to bring force. If you bring guns, we’re going to bring guns. If you’re armed with this, we’ll be armed with this.” …”

These people are doing Boogaloo activism now.

After years of denouncing street activism as “goon marches,” The Daily Crackpot has now done a complete 180 and is encouraging people to go to these Patriot goon marches like the rest of FOX News.

“People need to go to these protests. They need to stand up. The government is not going to stop, of course, but we need to get the people organized to engage in resistance, and we’re only going to do that if we get out there and mix it up with the people.

Right now is the time. History is passing you by. Get to the rallies.”

It looks like the “racist liberal” shoe fits.

Note: I went to the original astroturf Tea Party protests that Glenn Beck was organizing. It was a complete waste of my time. Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley got elected though.

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  1. Boy, that’s weird. I seem to remember that the LoS and TWP were “goons” and “slobs” when they would demonstrate (they actually did things for their communities, not just march). Now Alex Jones’ less-pleasant protege says protests are ok again?

    • I like very much the Coronavirus, the price of soybeans that we produce increased almost 30% since January due to the valorization of the dollar caused by the pandemic. In fact I have more money than I really need now I could even donate to Bill Gates to help sterilize human trash.
      Many stupid useless business are disappearing definitely, and it’s funny to see dumb people wearing masks afraid because the media instructed them to be so
      Some days ago a couple closed his business close to my home, their business was importing bread from Munich to sell to autistic Germans around here, importing from Germany all the way to the south of South America, so I’m glad all useless businesses are closing
      So I like the Coronavirus fraud and support it, the same way that I like and support the global warming scam. nevertheless it’s clearly a fraud, it works similarly worldwide to the Holocaust hoax i think
      I know very well what’s happening in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay.

      • Di Caprio was most likely a victim of child abuse. His manager when he was a child actor, Bob Villard, is a convicted pedophile. I hope Di Caprio hasn’t inflicted on children what was done to him.

  2. At least someone has the balls to do something instead of just type and gripe on the internet. Words don’t accomplish anything.

      • @Krafty…

        “LOL. Do what?”

        You sound like Rothschild, when he got the news there were some of our Forefathers weren’t going to go along with his racket anymore.

        • @Ivan LOL. Take your fancy rifle out, and start blasting away, we will read about you in the paper and see your story on TV. I’m sure Brad will be thrilled explaining you to the media.

          Btw, the Legislatures of the various States passed laws calling for Independence from Britain. It wasn’t about individual crackpots with guns. The Legislatures provided troops for the Continental Army and the various State Militias.

          What fuckin’ planet are you from?

  3. I’m sorry, but I can’t take any of these people seriously anymore. Did they miss the memo that we live in a Police state and have for some time? Are there any real revolutionaries in America or in Europe? Stuff like this makes me weary because I know they’ll end up dead or locked away without accomplishing anything. ‘Propaganda of the deed’ is a useless gesture in the West and that’s about all they’ll accomplish.

    • Hot damn this is such a great and multifaceted comment I wish I could give you more than a virtual high five

  4. Nigger Anglin has cut out racism and mocking Jews on his platform. I think his numbers may go down. I’m sure he gets far far more readers than this site. Probably 100 times more people go to his site than here. Probably even higher than that.

    He wants to be taken seriously and is moving away from the loser neo maxi scene and the alt right people like Spencer and the Jewish Mike Enouch.

    • After Trump loses in November, Anglin & Co. will be fishing for clicks in the same fever swamp of libertarianism and conspiracy theories that existed before 2015. At the rate it is going, the GOP will likely end up losing the Senate too and becoming of rump of what it was in 2017.

      • At least he doesn’t deny JFK, Climate Realism, and Bush Knew Sadam didn’t have any WMD’s like this website likes to with force meme’d MSM garbage. The entire Mark of the Beast thing is real, they are experimenting on which way they can tag you, its a wet dream of the government. Here they brutally mock you, because they don’t think. They don’t think long term, the entire world will like 2020 in their minds 50 years from now. Here they trust the same government replacing white people for 50 years, the same government force mandating 20 years old mentally ill blacks with COVID into nursing homes like Jaden Hayden, and these derps are like, ohhhh yes inject me with that experimental Israeli vaccine, and yes good for Bill Gates and his eugenics program despite eugenics only being applied to Europeans, Japanese, and Koreans in its 150 year+ history. Africa’s population is still pegged to go to 5 billion while Europe has negative growth, this is the legacy of eugenics. Remember Bill Nye said your only evil if your white, because Africans don’t have much of a carbon footprint. That shows two things, 1. they hate you and 2. They want you to be poorer than a nigger, which after this lockdown is done raping small business you will get to see. RT reports the top billionaires adding 15% to their income during this lockdown. Literally NO ONE has benefited except a handful of the top oligarch class, not even the Upper Class are benefiting, this is restricted to the top merchants only. Yet here they want to bang on about how real conspiracies like JFK are fake because the NYT told them so, how we should stay locked in our houses until we can inject an experimental Israeli vaccine. These people can’t be serious, especially when writing a right-wing blog. Did the Feds extort these ramblings after Charlottesville, how else can you explain such a failure in COVID reporting, which is just literally blowing MSM articles making fun of “conspiracy theorists” reposted over and over.

    • @Ron this site has a long built in audience to the point I feel like I know almost everyone here. Brad is an excellent writer with top notch journalistic and research abilities and Anglin is also an excellent writer but with a flare for over the top lunacy. He might have more readers but I can guarantee they aren’t loyal like the OD family and friends.

      Andrew is a strange one who I can’t figure out. He really does have a talent and I have enjoyed alot of his work although not being able to share it due to its use of slurs and profanity isnt really a good thing but then again Andrew without over the top obnoxious vulgar antics loses alot of his appeal for many people.

      OD is stable and reliable like an old truck or good wife. As for Andrew I guess we will never know his true intentions based on his past. People are allowed to change but he is to all over the place. I didnt think he was a bad guy or that he hates anyone because you would catch a bit of empathy from his stuff seeping through. But his views on women in general are freaky.

      Alot like Fuentes. Maybe it’s just me but the either “bang hookers and don’t get married” or “be an incel and don’t have children” views these guys put out are awful and destructive

      • But then again,some people don t have anything besides”banging hookers” and “do nothing”(be an incel).Personally I choose do nothing except improve myself,if one day I get married,I will do my best,but thats very unlikely.

  5. Are they protesting to get social and cultural changes? No, merely to preserve our empty consumerist way of life. To keep on with the status quo. To encourage our continued enslavement to corporate interests. No thanks.

  6. But he’s allowed to broadcast about violence on normie/Boomer bait damn FACEBOOK while myself and almost everyone I know along with peers like Brad “Hunter Wallace”, Allsup, Lana Lokteff, Pastor Rick Wiles, and all their professional pages are deplatformed .

    This jerkoff called for possible violence because he can’t go to the local bar or strip club for 60 days but has no problems with the past 30 years of replacement or degenerate brainwashing. In fact we all know he would never stand up for his own or real Christian values because that would make him appear ‘transphobic’ or ‘racist’. And he would vigorously fight anyone who aligned him with said ideologies because he is a tough guy.

    But allowing him and his retard brigade have a public profile and voice is fine……. Yeah this isn’t a sham and our system isn’t broken and manipulated

    • Not necessarily. I’m thinking more like useful idiot. If he wasn’t on a watch list before, he is now along with all his family, friends, and “comrades.” People don’t take this stuff seriously. If you’re threatening the government with “slinging lead” you better be ready for all that means and these types aren’t. If you openly shoot it out with the government it’s not like you can just go home afterwards and return to your previous life. Have any of these people thought any of this through? Some days I feel like I’m living in a Three stooges skit.

  7. H.W., you fail to observe that, per your own link, when Anglin says to go to these rallies, he also says,

    “(Please note that there do not appear to be any of these “open carry” rifle retards, because apparently men in Texas have better self-esteem than men in Michigan.)”

    He is not at all in favor of the “Adam Smith” approach of pining for violent confrontation, only for peaceful protests.

    As for the WuFlu itself, I readily acknowledge that, during the brief initial spike, overall deaths went up, but it did not long stay that way, lockdown or no. It may be possible for East Asians to completely stop their lives for a few months, but Whites, and practically everyone else too, are different, so it is pointless to even try; this is why Western Europe was equally hard hit, despite a variety of government approaches. If most Westerners recoil at the idea of drug dealers or junkies being executed, they sure won’t stand for police shooting people who break quarantine. Despite hankering for a worse epidemic, this is more like Hong Kong Flu 2.

    Beyond opposing any approach Trump takes, the real reason the left is so eager to keep people, including themselves, locked down and afraid, is its hatred of life and joy. Leftists love rubbing everyone’s noses in filth and making human life as sordid as can be; that is why they fetishize concentration camps where they believe so many were murdered, so they can relish the evil in the human heart, and likewise why in schooling, efforts to diversify what is taught amount not to histories or literature about what Blacks and Indians did, but what Whites did to them. Or again, how they champion homosexuality, yet know that showing an opponent is a homosexual discredits him: they embrace it because it is filthy and they know it is evil.

  8. I watched the recent Alex Jones episode where he said, the Bill Gates vaccines against Corona virus are part of an alien plot to turn us all into aliens, He even showed pictures of the monster from the 1980s version of The Thing!

    I watched the rest of the 2 hr show and the issue Alex’s bald headed comentator with the beard kept bringing up over and over was UBI. He said if they bring UBI in, America as conservatives understand it is over.

    Strange how these people get up in arms over UBI, but sleep when trillions are spent bailing the rich out every time there is a crash, they sleep when trillions are wasted supporting Israel, they sleep when all the jobs are shipped out to Asia, and sleep when the country is flooded by non-Whites, etc.

  9. “They” want the Sheeple to demand this, and when the Sheeple finally get exactly what they demanded, it will be the Sheeple’s fault.

    Not that there is a conspiracy, just human nature: greed and ignorance.

  10. Things must start from somewhere. Soviet Union was also violent police state and somehow it came down. Revolution is never well organized event aka Swiss clock shop but chaos full of weirdos and circus. We may laugh about the Conspiracy Carl but guys like him taking the Empires down.

    Normal people never do revolutions. Normal people are too busy thinking what neighbors may think abut them and follow every written and unwritten rule.

    Sooner or later those protests go out of hands, tensions rising and then happens what happened in Soviet Union. Liberals losing nerves, doing something terrible like tanks on the street or whatever and this will be the end.

    • What happened in the USSR? You mean the KGB stage managed people power Revolutions alongside Soros? When the First Chief Directorate told its members that they planned to retreat and then take over the world, yet left the USSR and all of its people in abject destitute poverty and war in the 90? Literally nothing would of happened without the KGB, they were running Vaclav Havel and Walesa, they even stopped 10,000 armed Community Youth fanatics from Tienanmen Squaring Prague. It’s was all managed as per a 1986 agreement with the US on Eastern Europe. Which pisses me off, because between 1986 and late 1989 people made life of death decisions to make a run for the border, a few were even killed.

      • They tried to to this.

        Eastern Europe did exactly what Donald does right now. We played this game for a while . I always told that controlled opposition went over to uncontrolled opposition and probably everybody agree that Mr. Soros and his buddies are not very happy , what is going on in Russia and Eastern Europe right now. I think that Jewry gets from Donald as big disappointment, as they got from Putin and Orban and from other less known Jew financed and promoted guys.

      • Yes, but no as much as many people think. Samizdat was very small and almost nobody except serious political fans bothered to read it. Our main information was coming from well developed rumor mill. Samizdat like Solzhenitsyn, Chernobyl and lot of other things are terribly over hyped.


    If this were 1776 and y’all saw George Washington, some o’ y’all would say that he could not be trusted, because he had very bad teeth and worked for The Crown.

    As to Thomas Jefferson, if he appeared on the scene – some o’ y’all would say we could not believe anything Thomas Jefferson wrote because he was a spoiled brat and a race-mixer.

    Others would dismiss Thomas Payne as a anti-White ‘Nigger-lover’, because he wanted to get rid of slavery.

    Others would say Nathan Hale had not really been committed to the cause, because he had not offered up 2 lives!

    As to Andrew Jackson, some would say he was an agent of Rothschild, playing some sort of 4D chess on the White Man’s mind.

    Yep, that’s how it would be, and because of that, absolutely nothing could have been accomplished.


    Amazing to me that a White Man, of any part of this country in 2020, is willing to stand up and make himself a target (for something other than just his own aggrandizement) and nobody seems to respect it.

    I remember the militias at the Bundy Ranch, and I remember the day Lavoy Finicum died.

    Those men, no matter what their imperfections are, are proof that some White Men have not permanently misplaced their balls, and have not give into the idea of living only for themselves.

    It does not matter to me if they were ‘unsophisticated Cucks, ‘Damn Yankees’, or if they were lacking in sophistication and hygiene.

    These guys are heroes, just as much as are my ancestors who served in The Confederate and Colonial Armies, and Injun’-fightin’ militias of Virginia, beforehand.

    Until I get some solid evidence to the contrary, that is what my White Southern l Brother Adam Smith is to me – a hero.

  12. “Anglin” has of course consistently opposed those armed agents provoceteurs that go out to discredit legitimate protests. A former marine this time, surely currently on contract with some Amerifed agency.

    Well, “Anglin” made some false accusations against Hunter recently, so this post is tit for tat.

    We are inside the important 6 month window for the election. Biden is ahead. The Republican party has commited suicide, although the body isn’t quite dead yet.

    Dark times are ahead, as Democrats take complete control of the nation and the states. “Anglin” wants us to make enemies of all police, even your best cousin or friend that works for the locally elected Sheriff. That is insanity.

  13. @Thim…

    “Anglin wants us to make enemies of all police, even your best cousin or friend that works for the locally elected Sheriff. That is insanity.”


    Spot on. Anyone who regards the police, as a whole, as our enemy and a problem, IS, whether they know it or not, the problem.

    In our smalltown the members of our police department risks their lives everyday reminding less savoury elements in our community that they are being watched, just as they intervene in dangerously unpredictable domestic disputes.

    Moreover, our police department has defended this community against the big drug drug gangsters from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Miami, every time they have tried to settle here.

    Ask any druggie in my town, and they will tell you – ‘if you want the hard stuff, you’ll have to drive to get it.’

    No, if your politics are such that you see the police as your enemy, then you need to take hold of yourself and realize what you have become.

  14. Delusions of grandeur, this guy.

    He’s no different than the SJWs that claim they are fighting some just cause. It’s pathetic actually.

    • Yes, the Founding Fathers of this country were similarly suffering from delusions of grandeur, as well, SC.

      In fact, the whole world has been built by those suffering from grandiosite. If they had not had it, they would have stayed in line and marched to the tune of The Status Quo.

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