Incompatible Beliefs

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my ideals.

In my ideal world, we would have a strong state and a competent government that would deliver collective goods like a fair economy, public health, a clean environment and secure national borders. More than anything else, this strong state would focus on putting an end to an age of permanent social revolution and would restore order, cohesion, continuity, stability, decency and normalcy to society.

As I thought about this, it occurred to me that my beliefs used to be almost completely mainstream. White Americans used to have a positive sense of racial and ethnic identity and a greater sense of community and feeling of continuity with the past. We used to accept the reality that there were natural differences between the races and the sexes. It used to be normal to honor the Confederate dead even for American presidents like Dwight Eisenhower who wasn’t slavishly devoted to Israel.

There was a time in this country when we did a lot of great things. We brought back the American bison from the brink of extinction. We saved the Redwoods and reforested the Great Smoky Mountains. We throttled immigration for decades to assimilate European immigrants. We busted the trusts and regulated the American economy. We taxed the wealthy, shackled the banks and eased the grotesque levels of income inequality that caused the Great Depression. We lifted destitute sharecroppers out of poverty and built the TVA which brought them electricity. We conquered infectious diseases like malaria, yellow fever, smallpox and polio. We built infrastructure on a massive scale that was envied all over the world. This country deported millions of illegal aliens twice under Hoover and Eisenhower. Even Hollywood for a time was expected to adhere to a minimum standard of decency in its movies.

By and large, this was all done before National Review was founded as the flagship of conservative liberalism in 1955 and before the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s mainstreamed a more libertarian ethos on the Left and Right. The late 20th century was a time of a great relaxation of cultural and economic norms compared to what had come a generation or two before. The conservative liberal and libertarian movements were founded in the mid-20th century to undo what by contemporary standards seems almost like a utopia. It seems incredible today that young people could once expect a rising standard of living and a normal middle class life in a country that hadn’t gone completely insane. Is it even possible that this country was once designed to be almost 90% White?

The history of the liberal Right has revealed it to be a total and complete disaster. It was moderates and an earlier generation of progressives who given the grim realities of their time had gone against the grain of liberalism to create a more stable and conservative social order than these people. These conservatives and libertarians reacted against it and created the neoliberal era that has existed since Ronald Reagan was president in which the answer to every problem is always more liberalism.

Is empowering the liberal Right ever going to bring about a society that will satisfy the natural conservatives who are their base? The answer is no. We know exactly what the liberal Right does with power as the continuity of their project across the last forty years has shown. It uses power to bring in more immigrants and to cut taxes and regulations that wealthy donors and business interests find annoying. It reshapes the federal judiciary to be more pro-business and friendlier to the wealthy. It does absolutely nothing at all – I repeat, zip – to reverse or even stall our cultural decline. The erasure of identity, the loss of cultural cohesion and the fragmentation of the public into an ungovernable, incoherent, atomized mass of consumers has accelerated while the liberal Right has been in power.

Forget even challenging the yoke of political correctness over our culture. The liberal Right goes along with that too and makes identity politics based appeals to blacks and homosexuals while policing and marginalizing anyone who violates these norms. It is completely opposed to our worldview. It glorifies selfishness, individualism and materialism as the foundation of its philosophy. It denies us any type of legitimate collective racial, ethnic or cultural identity. It does not value collective goods like public health, the environment or worker safety. It wants a weaker state in which Jewish oligarchs are wealthier and have more power and influence over society. There are no solutions to any of our major problems, particularly the loss of identity and ethnic and cultural cohesion, within its paradigm. Electing politicians who represent their beliefs like Ben Sasse or Mitt Romney does not in anyway advance our interests.

We have always stood outside the liberal Right. Instead of being an “Alt-Right” or “Dissident Right” and trying to change the fundamental values and beliefs of those people, which are extreme individualism and materialism and a complete lack of social concern, we should have the self awareness to realize that we are moderates, not conservatives, which is why we never fit in with them.

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  1. Bravo Hunter! Another great essay! I have rarely found someone I am in 90% agreement with on various topics. You bring honestly and balance to any discussion.

    A few thoughts on Mr. Kirk, the GOP and their Homo agenda.

    When I was a kid in 1960s Arizona, Homosexuality was highly illegal. Homosexuals were frequently arrested and charged with lewdness, sodomy, public sex acts, and other various crimes.

    As a kid growing up in a “1950s-ish” environment and culture (96% white) we knew about the existence of homosexuals but it was a forbidden topic to openly discuss. We often taunted other kids by calling them “Homo” and “Fag” but no one really knew any open homosexuals: it was hidden and taboo.

    Around the time my friends and I turned 11 to 13, homosexual predators began propositioning and soliciting us in public restrooms for sex. Talk to any man who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s and they will tell you about homos lurking in men’s rooms, public bathrooms, public parks, etc. and trying to have sex with young boys like us.

    This fused in my young mind a connection between homosexuality and predatory behavior. I never saw them as “full human” or “normal” but as perverts and predators looking for prey in public restrooms.

    When the “Gay Rights Movement” began, we watched in horror as those who were lurking in public bathrooms looking for young teen boys to rape were now “respectable, upstanding” members of the community.

    Now, Charlie Kirk and Trump, and the whole GOP Establishment will say, “Oh those were not Gay Men: they were child molesters. Pedophilia has nothing to do with being Gay.”

    That, is a lie, designed to deceive weak minds.

    First, we were not “young children.” We were teen boys 11 to 18 years old: some of us were as big as men. Second, the homosexuals who were lurking in those bathrooms were in fact; homosexuals. They were not “straight men” and they were not women: they were homosexual “gay” men looking to have sex and or rape teen boys as young as 11.

    At an early age, we came to fear and despise homosexuals.
    Am I a bigot? Behind the times of “progress and modernity?
    Yes, guilty as charged. Charlie Kirk and the GOP can go to Hell.

    • @Geir…

      After roundly decrying Jeb Bush at the 2016 GOP debates for ‘The Bush Record’, it is difficult to resist the notion that President Trump has pirated that agenda for himself.

      Thus, the coming election in November is a battle between Obama 3.0 or that of a would be George Bush 3.0, if only, albeit, with a better tan and less of an Alfred Neumann face.

  2. The focus of our movement needs to be on getting our own house in order, not on innovating strategies with respect to those politics and events, which may be thought external to our movement.

    These days, I’ve been reading Ted Sallis’s blog, EGI Notes, for a good, critical view of the movement, and I recommend it to others:

    Concerns like the ones Sallis writes about are where our priorities should be. Until such basic issues, of internal organization and thinking, are taken care of, no amount of retooling our orientation for the left, right or center is going to have much positive effect.

  3. There is only one thing that really matters today: Are you pro-White or pro-White genocide?

  4. I guess it’s hard for most normies to accept the FACT that the desert people are unironically essentially cartoon caracitures of evil villains.

  5. Watching Republicans now, I think a lot of these people genuinely believe the supply side nonsense. Even when demand is crashing and unemployment increasing, they focus on trying for tax cuts rather than on boosting demand. It’s nonsensical even from a big business perspective because they lose out from lower demand, too. You can cut Apple’s taxes all you want, but if nobody is buying their products because they’re all unemployed, those tax cuts don’t really help.

    And their cure for lower demand is attempt to push up consumer confidence by pretending the pandemic is a hoax and hoping the rubes will buy that.

  6. Economic conservatism and social liberalism translate into materialism. Freedom to consume, without limits from self-harm, and freedom to produce, without limits to externalities whose costs are borne by the public consumers, not the private producer. Standards in personal behavior were no longer enforced because freedom allows more wants needing satisfaction. Standards in how products or services are produced were relaxed to meet the increased demand, generating more and steadier profits. Furthermore, civil rights granted by law increases both the supply of employees, driving down wages, and increasing numbers of consumers, backed by increased debt to finance both consumption and production. As long as all believe the future moves in one direction, the debt is serviceable. Break the belief and the Ponzi chain stops.
    The Equality paradigm works as long as enough people act on that belief: from each according to their capacity, to each according to their need is the best system as long as a super-majority of citizens act on that parameter 95% of the time. A homogeneous society can potentially make it work for a time. A heterogeneous society can make it work only if the mechanism for dispute resolution is viewed as justified in its results, an unlikely outcome.
    In reality, human beings trust at a lower level of abstraction: family, ethnicity, race, gender, etc. Therefore, the equality paradigm is doomed to failure, unless the people band together to impose a modus vivendi between Capital and Labor that establishes a material stability for all consumers and producers so that live and let live does not break down order and tradition. That is a tall order for any society.
    In America 2020, Oligarchy is too powerful to be thwarted by mere politics or elections, as their control over both the communications and coercive apparatuses allows them to stymie any genuine change. It will take virtually all citizens acting together through a general strike, withholding both their labor and consumption, to force change. A heterogeneous society like ours has little chance for that type of cooperation as is necessary to FORCE a change in the power dynamic. Even at OD, where participants are mostly aligned in thought and deed, agreement on what to do, or even whether to do anything, is impossible. Now imagine trying to join others of different philosophies and actions to the Team America fight against TPTB. We are all too selfish, lazy, and cowardly to do anything not 100% guaranteed to succeed.
    That is the reality, and that is why Brad and Ann Coulter are so public in their private anger at Trump, because his election and subsequent failures show that he AND WE are too feeble to fight the power. No one wants to be shown where they really stand in life, not all powerful, but instead reliant on others for sustanance and hope. As I’ve said here many times, united we might win, divided we will lose. Truer words you will never hear. Join me, or stop complaining about your wage slavery, people.


    I don’t know where he was born and where he lives, but, I can tell you this : ———- Mr. Kirk is an ole-timey New England Yankee Republican.

    This is exactly why The South has got to be separate from New England, their party, and their Grand Ole Republic – because this kind of theological ideaology, what Mr. Kirk has listed, (even if you get past how historically convoluted it is) is completely antithetical to our survival as a civilization.

    Mr. Griffin politely calls this ‘The Liberal Right’, but, it is important to point out that this is a Puritan-Congregationalist-Unitarian Nihilist mentality which, though originally from New England, is now dangerously circulating far beyond the frontiers of that region, and is a million times more perilous than anything Wuhan has cooked up.

    The South played a major role in fashioning a United States that was about Local Control for Mature Local Property-owning White Christian Men, in Good Moral Standing.

    New York Jewry and New England Yankeedom (the deathly alliance that has run this country for the last century+) has basically removed everything that I just listed from this country.

    All that is left is to actually remove the bodies of White Men,(unless they are gay, anti-White, anti-Southern, and or anti-Christian) because one thing is sure – most of our collective head has been exiled from the very country that was principally built by our forefathers.

    When Kirk says, ‘know your history, know your mind’, it is very clear that he either does not know history, or simply reviles it.

    As to Kirk’s mind, I would say this : ———– the ultimate destination of a Puritan is to give everything they have away – so that they can feel smugly self-assured.

    When people rue that Jewry is so powerful in this country, and wonder how they have been able to turn it up on it’s head – just look at who handed the country over to them – New England.

    Sadly, Southerners are now very very complicit in foisting The New England Mind on the whole world.

    We must, be all honourable means, withdraw ourselves from this madness – no matter where you are from, but, especially if you are Southern.

    • First you say you don’t know where he was born and where he lives, and then you claim he is a New England Yankee. You are seriously demented.

    • Re: “does not know history”:

      History: Charleston, S.C., was the center of Jewry in the thirteen colonies, and the U.S. up to the 1860’s when New York became the new main centre They even called Charleston “New Jerusalem.” There was a foothold in the original Santa Elena settlement even before the British took over.

      Re: “Mature Local Property-owning White Christian Men, in Good Moral Standing”:

      “Christian” and “good moral standing” requirements would certainly exclude buyers, sellers, owners, and breeders of African chattel slaves.

  8. Hunter, you have a big problem in the South. Conservative liberalism is the ideology of the modern white Southerner, it is their identity. We have even seen a boomer cuck on these comments recently say he would welcome a Mexican majority South as long as the “assimilate into muh Southern culture,” which he claims they are already doing just fine.

  9. You took a vacation … but you’re back. Very good article. It’s a first step in the direction of discussing solutions. I agree with 90 % of it. I’d only caution you left out the HUGE spiritual factor, and part of our cultural personality IS individualism … like we grew up with Clint Eastwoods man with no name westerns. “Individualism” isn’t bad. But yes we do need reintroduce the “white” collective, and build on that. We need a manifesto, a plan, a direction at least 80 + % of us can get behind. This will take the slow careful creation of a THINK TANK. Because of Trump, ( bad as he is in some ways, ) we have a short window of opportunity to make this happen. Know that to save America in the ways you seem to hint at, we’d either need to restructure into 4 + “Republics,” which can be done by vote … OR deport about 40 million 3rd world darkies in a complicated process of other things our so far unformed think tank has yet to even discuss. Had the with got elected … forming a think tank would maybe be impossible ?

  10. Re: “Botswana decriminalized homosexuality today. President Trump’s global push to decriminalize homosexuality is achieving results across the world”:

    Here is another U.S.-supported policy to “improve” Africa: Ethiopian Orthodox (Eastern Orthodox) women are being birth-controlled and sterilized en masse, while Muslim Ethiopian women are not being sterilized.

  11. Excellent essay yet again, HW, and (once again) deep, thoughtful comments from readers that I can wholeheartedly endorse.

  12. Why do Jews support all the gay anal? Everything the Jews do is to prepare the world for their messiah, the Moshiach. So when the Jews and this Charlie Kirk thing promote all the gay stuff it is for the Moshiach. But why? The only possibility is the Jew messiah is a flaming faggiola who loves it in the poop chute. And the Jews worship him, love him and must have him. Kind of makes you wonder, did the Jews reject Christ because he would give them gay anal.

  13. Ivan is right-non-Jewish neocons and white liberals are just Yankee Puritans recast and renamed to make us think they’re something new when they’re actually something very old! These sanctimonious “Roundheads” preen on their supposed moral superiority and feel they are anointed to transform the rest of us by force-there is no way of reaching a compromise with such people. The English Crown knew what it was doing when it created the Massachusetts Bay colony-it was never intended to make money for the mother country. Instead it was to be a dumping ground for religious crackpots! Too bad they didn’t locate it in Antarctica!

    • @Blowtorch…

      Thank you! I love your phrase,’Sanctimonious Roundheads’.


      That just says it all, as does your analysis of ‘The Massachussets Bay Colony.’

      You know, I never thought of it as a kind of English Devil’s island for those with theomania, but, now that you bring it up, I see that clear as day.

      That said, I defend New England’s right to be anyway it pleases.

      The problem comes in that they have sold a lot of others, including many Southerners, on their concepts for ‘America’, and, indeed, the world – because being the way they are, they would have no life if they did not try to export it and foist it upon the rest of the world.

      So, now we have tens of millions running around like mini New Englanders, even though they never have been there!

    • Ironically, the South as know wouldn’t exist today if not for those Puritans. Without Cromwell’s intervention in 1649, the Irish Papists would have likely exterminated the Scots-Irish Protestants from whom large number of Southerners are descended.

      • @Ellis…

        What do you know? – it just happens that we, Southerners, owe our existence to The New England Yankees Race and their Bankster-financed Roundhead Puritan forbears!

        Why am I not surprised to hear something like this?

        • Well, the Ulster Scots certainly owed their existence to Cromwell’s Roundheads and millions of White Southerners are Scots-Irish in ancestry. I’m one of them.

          The Puritans settled in every English colony, not just in New England. The very first colonial governor of South Carolina was a Puritan. Charleston’s two rivers are named after a Puritan, Anthony Ashley-Cooper.

      • They wouldn’t have exterminated them, just sent them back to England, where they came from. Demographic change and the stronger Irish culture will eventually unite Ireland. English migrants in the North are already on the defensive culturally, making up fake Irish identities for themselves and claiming to be Irish patriots who somehow, never the less, support NI being in the UK. It’s clear which group is being absorbed by the other.

  14. I believe social conservatives “conceded” the Democratic Party to become Republicans and that went against their economic interests. Instead what they should do is sort of make a party within a party

  15. There are natural law put in place by the creator that govern the world of politics and nations just as gravity governs the Cosmos. One of the laws is the Law of Political scale. There comes a point when a nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively.Any nation that believes it is “exceptional” and above natural law will be taught a rather harsh and bloody lesson!

    As regard who is and is not superior nature knows only one test; that which is superior is that which survives. At present East Asians are the superior race.

    I must agree with Geir. As a preteen there was a Gay pedophile in our neighborhood who was a newspaper delivery man for a major state paper. He tried to get me and my cousins in the car with him by showing us disgusting books he kept in his glove compartment. Naturally we never got in the car but we did see him take many young preteen Negroes boys out of town.

  16. Ivan-the English Crown’s assessment of the Puritans as religious crackpots proved uncannily accurate. Shortly after the founding of the USA New Englanders ,veered into weird variant forms of worship such as Unitarianism, Universalism,Transcendentalism, Rosicrucianism, and Mormonism,

    • @Blowtorch…

      Yes, indeedy, how right they were!

      Come to think of it, a certain Reverend Thompson, born in The Mother Country in the 1750s and who came here at age 12 screamed up and down to the North Carolina Convention to The Constitutional Convention, NOT to get in a ‘union’ with New England, because, according to him, it would render The Revolution moot.

      Interestingly enough, that Thompson lived just slightly over a block from where I live today.

      Sadly, however, they did not pay the good Reverend heed.

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