COVID-19 Is Now Polarized

This hardly comes as a surprise.


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — The novel coronavirus pandemic provides a view into the deep partisan divisions that have persisted despite the unfolding national crisis. Two recent Gallup/Knight Foundation surveys find Americans’ understanding about the coronavirus is strongly shaped by partisan affiliation and news consumption habits, especially when basic facts are politicized.

Specifically, while Democrats and independents increasingly see COVID-19 as more deadly than the seasonal flu, Republicans’ views have not changed. And while Democrats tend to think the death toll from COVID-19 is understated, Republicans believe it is exaggerated. …”

The same divide can be seen in the polling data on the “Bill Gates is planning to chip us” conspiracy, whether the stay-at-home orders violated constitutional rights and dozens of conspiracy theories. The decision to turn the COVID-19 pandemic into a culture war has broken down like this:

Half of Republicans believe the death toll is inflated.

Half of Republicans believe Bill Gates is planning to chip them.

The conspiracy theory/truther world is all on board with the plandemic conspiracy.

Politically, this is toxic for Republicans. It is Republicans and conservatives who are split on the issue. Democrats are united. 75% of the country thinks the death toll is either about right or understated and it is not “just the flu, bro.” Contrast how Trump handled this with Australia where 100 people died and Prime Minister Scott Morrison now has a record 66% approval rating.

Unlike Donald Trump, Morrison took the true nationalist and populist position. He called on the country to put their ideological differences aside and adapt their behavior to fight a threat to all Australians. He navigated the crisis and improved his political standing. In contrast, our “American Nationalists” have shown their total lack of concern for their fellow citizens.

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  1. Re: the picture of the man holding the “No coward” pitchfork sign:

    NUDISTS are also not “afraid” to not wear anything. So-called “courage” (foolishess) in both cases, will finally get what it deserves.

  2. I am on The Right, politically, and I think the death toll in this country is considerably understated.

    Hell, the majority of the population remains untested, and of those that have been, it only got started in March … 3 or 4 months into the existence of the virus here.

    As to the position President Trump took on this – it was Corporate-Globalist Nationalism, which is, for better or worse, what we have.

    All the way back to the tussles between The East India Company and The Rothschild parliaments of the mid 18th centuries, this country has been Corporate-Globalist.

    Though our Founding Fathers thought they were fighting to free us from that, the country they founded did not wind up that way – but, instead, merely became another franchise of the same corporation.

    The Southern Confederacy was the last serious attempt to prevent that, but, alas, those in charge of The Stars & Stripes did not like the notion of a nationalism for the people, but, instead wanted to ram down the throat of The Average Man a Corporate Globalist Nationalism for the benefit of domestic vultures and their alien friends.

  3. “Morrison took the true nationalist and populist position”:

    There is nothing praiseworthy about Evangelical so-called “Christian” warmonger Morrison. He is no true nationalist or populist, and only seems to be right about this issue like a broken clock sometimes happens to be “right.”

    “Australia’s federal, state and territory governments are rapidly overturning lockdown measures introduced for the coronavirus pandemic. This is in line with the demands of big business for a ‘reopening of the economy’aimed at ensuring corporate profit-making activities and stepped-up exploitation of the working class. Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers are returning to schools, crowded public transport services are operating and millions of workers are being herded back onto the job. In a number of states and territories, large gatherings, which pose a particular risk of mass COVID-19 infections, will resume over coming days. The campaign is accelerating despite ongoing community transmission of the coronavirus, especially in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria. These are the two most populous states and also have had the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and fatalities. Nationally, 7,116 cases and 102 deaths have been reported officially since the crisis began in March. These official figures, which likely understate the true rates, indicate that there are still more than 500 active infections. The federal Liberal-National Coalition government and state and territory leaders have openly acknowledged that the reopening will result in increased infections, meaning that growing numbers could become seriously-ill and possibly die. Yesterday, federal health minister Greg Hunt stated that once restrictions were overturned, they were “unlikely” to be reinstated, regardless of the progress of the health crisis.(…) As in every other country, the crisis response by Australian governments has been aimed solely at ensuring the fortunes of the corporate and financial elite. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been handed to the largest businesses, while only a pittance of official relief has been provided to the millions of workers who have been thrown out of their jobs or whose earnings have been slashed, since March. TODAY, PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON DELIVERED AN ADDRESS TO THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, OUTLINING THE ECONOMIC ‘ROAD OUT OF THE CRISIS.’ He signalled sweeping cuts to public spending and a further pro-business overhaul of industrial relations, to be enforced by the unions. This is aimed at returning workers to conditions not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s”:

  4. It’s unfair to compare Australia and the U.S.

    Australia is still overwhelmingly a White country, its non-White population mostly comprising educated, cultured Asians. In the U.S, Whites are less than 60% of the population, with many parts of the country turned into jungles by feral, low-IQ Blacks and Mestizos. Even if we had a competent administration, it would be very difficult for us to the control the pandemic like Australia has done.

  5. In the kosher sandwich, “left” and :”right” take turn believing in ridiculous conspiracy theories.

    Today it is the “right” with “just the flu, bro”; yesterday it was the “left” with “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

  6. Cdc just came out with new numbers, mortality is 0.62 percent, that is about 300 percent more than a bad flu year…

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