Reuters: A Quarter of Americans Are Hesitant About a Coronavirus Vaccine

Just sharing another poll.


“(Reuters) – A quarter of Americans have little or no interest in taking a coronavirus vaccine, a Reuters/Ipsos poll published on Thursday found, with some voicing concern that the record pace at which vaccine candidates are being developed could compromise safety.

While health experts say a vaccine to prevent infection is needed to return life to normal, the survey points to a potential trust issue for the Trump administration already under fire for its often contradictory safety guidance during the pandemic. …”

It is the same 1/4 of adults and 1/2 of Republicans that we have seen in all the other polling about the coronavirus and conspiracy theories:

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  1. In 1968-1969, I was in 2nd grade. There was a flu pandemic. We all lined up in the school auditorium and got vaccinated. Nobody to my, admittedly hazy, recollection was freaking out about some bizarre conspiracy theory. We are truly degenerating into an Idiocracy.

    • I hate to be the voice of reason over this but we aren’t in the 60s anymore. Now manufacturers of vaccines have full indemnity against any lawsuits or other action resulting from people dying because their vaccine was contaminated or otherwise toxic. Therefore companies have zero incentive to care of their vaccine poisons you, as long as it doesn’t kill you so fast that people stop taking the vaccine before they have made massive profits.

      Please don’t run out and take the Trump Vaccine just to virtue signal that you aren’t a retard like the anti-vaxxers. Trump’s handlers will be putting massive pressure on pharmaceutical companies to rush a vaccine to market to get people out and consuming again. There is a very high chance this vaccine will cause severe medical problems down the road. Wait until a stable 1st-world country allows its population to use the vaccine, or releases their own.

      • You don’t understand though, only kooks think vaccines might be dangerous. Hunter Wallace is not a kook.

        • @JPS…

          No, Mr. Griffin is far from a kook, but, many of us do not share his (and your) take on both the efficacy of viral vaccines, or, perhaps more importantly, the very negative of side-effects many incur by having Mercury (the preservative) injected into their system – which, being a heavy metal, runs right to your brain.

          Case in point, my wife – the one time she agreed, many years ago, to let her doctor giver her a flu shot, and she was terribly sick for several days.

          Thus, she has not had a vaccine in all this time, and she has not been so sick since.

          Vaccines are a much better proposition outside of The United States, because other countries have long recognized the perils of using Mercury with them, and thus, you do not intake a heavy metal, when you are innoculated against something.

    • Report from Iron Mountain courtesy of DARPA. How to reduce a nation’s population without destroying infrastructure. With all the morons out there, I’m starting to soften on this type of thinking.

  2. The military/government website degal forcasts depopulation as follows:

    It says 2020 the U.S. is 325 million and by 2025 the U.S. will be 100 million.

    WOW, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE PEOPLE???????? Did they take the Vaccine? or was it something else?

    By the way, the same goes for Western nation’s according to that site.

    But it’s very INTERESTING that China, India, and some other countries are not affected at all by DEPOPULATION. What’s up with that?

    I guess the Synagogue of Satan will have the robots do all the work.

  3. Those graphs are interesting and demonstrate that communists are united but anti communists are divided. This is not new thing, Hitler Germany was doomed because of disunity. Soviets were behind Stalin despite colossal mistakes. Germany had fierce infighting about every last small irrelevant issue.

    • The only reason they got behind Stalin is because Hitler was a damn fool. He could have added hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian freedom fighters to his ranks if he had the wisdom to do so.

      • @Powell…

        Yes, all Hitler had to do was be gracious and accepting of some new friends, but, no, he had to look down his nose at them – as if Slavs had never done anything worth appreciating!

        Classic case of your own state of mind being reflected back to you.

  4. I don’t believe Gates chips will be in a vaccine, but some of them are made with dangerous substances like mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum. (Those vax ingredients came from a CDC webpage, btw, not an anti-vaxxer site.) You don’t have to be into Alex Jones to question the healthiness of vaccines. Just read the list of what’s included and the possible side effects of the medicines for yourself. Be agnostic about everything you’re told about what’s good for you by approved sources.

    I’m not completely anti-vax; tetanus shots have been life-saving, in my case. Not having access to polio vaccine didn’t work out so well for some Ethiopians I know. Just be careful, good people.

    • Right. It isn’t overly-cautious to at least entertain the idea that some of these ridiculous anti-vaxxer types are vaccine shills trying to muddy the waters. Vaccines are a massively profitable market with zero risk, since the manufacture has indemnity in the event it sickens people. It only makes sense that pro-vaccine shills would try to make anybody urging caution in regards to the plethora of new vaccines being rushed to market look crazy and stupid.

  5. If memory serves, last night on his radio show, Michael Savage said…

    ‘Vaccines are 35-50 ineffective for flu-viruses, and even worse with the quickly mutating Covid strains, not to mention the harmful side-effects.

    I am not taking the vaccine – not for Bill Gates, not for Abraham, not for Moses, not for Noah, and not for Christ. No, I’ll go to jail. or join a militia. Yes, I’ll join a militia, rather than take the vaccine. I’m not taking the vaccine.’

    • Only 44% believe Bush deliberately misled on Iraq WMDs? I thought this had been ruled as fact and not conspiracy back in, oh, 2004. Who are the 56% who think Bush really believed Saddam had WMDs? The same ones clamoring for the covid vaccine? WTF Murica?

    • I’m with you on the cryptos and Joe’s a good fella but this group won’t “get it” in time. Just saying.

  6. Well, at work it’s the blacks who refuse to get the annual flu shot with crackpot responses how it’s a government plot against them. I think it’s reasonable to wait a bit as a rushed vaccine could have some unforeseen inflammatory responses. My brother is convinced all the vaccines they gave him in the Marine Corp gave him a severe psoriasis flare up. He blamed the Anthrax shot although who knows. I get the flu shot every year and have no issues although I had the pneumonia shot once and my arm was pretty sore for a few days.

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