Montgomery Becomes COVID-19 Hotspot

I’m sure I will be attacked for sharing this.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has become another culture war shitshow. If you tune into FOX News, Tucker Carlson is ranting about media scolds and tyrannical governors in New York, New Jersey and Michigan. The narrative is that the crisis is overblown and everything is fine.

If you tune into MSNBC though, there is far more coverage about what is going on in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia and North Carolina, which frankly is far more interesting to me. You would never get the impression from watching FOX News these days that here in Montgomery, AL we are just now getting hit and that our hospitals have been overwhelmed since the reopening.


Very disappointing.

The local media has been great though. Alabama hit 664 new cases today. This is the worst it has been here since the beginning. Conservative media is ignoring the rise in cases in the South and Midwest.

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  1. You and the family be safe brother. The same to all my southern friends on here just getting hit by the misery. Covid tore through here and it is an absolute nightmare. Best case scenario you will suffer 24/7 for atleast two weeks to the point you question sanity and how much you want to live. Wear yo

  2. This is the main problem with you, the Americans: you do not have a fix set of beliefs and you cannot be trusted because of that! Today they are a libtards, tomorrow libertarians the next year white nationalists, few years down the road they could go from Buddism to Catolicism and back to being atheists and doing drugs. Case in point Andew Anglin who today defends the blacks and Hunter who now apparently enjoys watching this disgusting lesbian Maddow.
    The only fixed thing with you is your love of money!For them you are ready to do literally everything! That’s why the juden had such an easy time infesting this country from top to bottom.

    Minneapolis: White Cops Murder Unarmed Jogger to Death

    We should probably be standing with them. We have more in common with oppressed joggers than we do with the oppressor cops.

    I hate to do it but I gotta do it.

    I gotta post this jogger song.

    I don’t have any choice.

    They have brought me to this.

    I have no choice too, you guys brought me to this to post David Bowe song?
    “I am afraid of Americans”

  3. Talking heads including the great Tucker are played to put an agenda out if you think they have free will you have an excellent opportunity I have for you it’s a bridge toll booth style HMU

  4. I would expect any place with lots of black people to get it. One can toss in overweight folks of any race as well and people living in pretty crowded areas. I had it. It was not fun and it was worse than a normal flu. Tylenol had a shockingly positive effect on me. Usually it’s ibuprofen. But for coronavirus, ibuprofen did nothing and actually raised my temperature. Taking vitamin c powder also helped quite a bit. You only need like a quarter teaspoon or a bit more for the powder to take hold and be effective.

    It’s obvious we are going the way of Sweden and will largely stay open now no matter what. I think most people prefer it that way. Obviously Trump does.

    Masks really should be used for a long time in many places. I got the coronavirus early when masks were considered a luxury and all the Chinese in this country had them and few others. I always wear a mask when out now. I expect corona time to be hanging around for a while. I also expect it to radically change where many live or push forward plans that were held off regarding moving and new lives started.

  5. Pneumonia death figures do not square with the U.S.’s (and other rotten plutocracies’) official Covid death tallies. Covid may be killing up to three times as many people as rotten plutocracies (including Australia) will admit:

    “As countries across the world, including Brazil (…) and ‘Pindostan’ (the US), continue to force their populations back to work even as the coronavirus continues to spread, there is increasing evidence that the actual fatalities caused by the pandemic are up to three times the numbers officially reported. Data from the CDC on coronavirus cases and pneumonia cases are among the most revealing. Pneumonia kills an estimated 30k to 60k people every year in Pindostan. But from February to mid-May this year there were 89,555 recorded pneumonia deaths. Coronavirus can cause debilitating pneumonia in severe cases and many of the deaths attributed to pneumonia most likely are COVID-19 related. A similar effect can be seen in the death counts of individual states. In Illinois, the CDC reports 4,856 COVID-19 deaths while reporting 2,149 pneumonia deaths, more than five times the five-year average. In Ohio, the coronavirus has caused 1,969 deaths and pneumonia has killed 2,327, which is 1,507 higher than the five-year average. And in Florida, which recently fired a state employee who developed its coronavirus tracking database, the number of COVID-19 deaths stands at 1,762, while pneumonia deaths are currently 5,185. The five-year average deaths over the same time period are only 918. If the excess pneumonia deaths are in fact deaths caused by the coronavirus, it suggests that the actual death toll from the pandemic in Pindostan is at least double the reported rate. The pandemic is also spreading to the more rural areas of the country. According to data from the NYT, the number of cases in Fayetteville-Springdale, Arkansas is doubling every 6.2 days. The number of deaths in Milledgeville, Georgia are doubling every 5.2 days. Amid this spread, Trump asserted in a tweet yesterday: 100k looks like will be the number”:

    Note that the Dow Jones hit 25k just as the pandemic death toll reached 100k:

    “Among the main factors fueling Wall Street’s euphoria is the belief that all systematic and nationally-coordinated efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic at the expense of Wall Street’s interests have come to an end. Dr. Anthony Fauci is yesterday’s man. The attempt of the scientific and public health care community to educate the public and implement a national program of testing, contact tracing and social distancing have been drastically undermined by the persistent and insidious campaign conducted by the Trump administration and substantial sections of the media to discredit the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the scientific community as a whole”:

  6. The tucker cucked himself hes more concerned of personal freedumbs then the zog like octopus strangling the world. Hes right about mask enforcers tho but him not covering corona in the south is bullshit

    • This is such a retarded take.

      Not even Rachel Maddow is capable of lying about all things, all of the time.

      Shitlib anti-war people were right about Iraqi WMDs: the WMDs did not exist.

      True things do not suddenly become false just because a shitlib is saying it.

  7. Ironic, isn’t it? That “liberal” media is more truthful on this issue than “conservative” media?
    As far as there being a “culture war” in my opinion, it is all smoke and mirrors. We lost the culture war: everything being fought over now is nonsense and a distraction.

    For example, last night, after firing 4 Minneapolis police officers, the mayor and governor publicly condemned them, and left no doubt who’s side they were on. Later that that night, a Minneapolis police station was attacked by a mob of black (and a few white) people who fire-bombed police cars and destroyed several police cars and spray pained threats on the side on the police building.

    No one person in government, not one person, condemned these attacks upon the rule of law.

    Because the black criminal element and their SJW white allies have won the culture war.

    For some perspective on this, just making a Molotov cocktail is classified as a “bomb” under Federal law. Making or using one, especially against a police station or law enforcement vehicles, can get someone 20 years in a Federal prison. So why is there silence on the part of the Minneapolis Mayor and the Governor of Minnesota? It is because the black mob is on “their side” in this “culture war” a “war” I might add, that we lost a long time ago.

    I left Minneapolis and I now live among corn fields and cow pastures in order to get away from blacks and their enablers. Civilization, our civilization is gone. What happened in Minneapolis last night and what has happened all over this country should bring that into focus.

    • I’ve no sympathy for nogs or pigs. Most piggies I’ve encountered are bullies with badges. They have the “right” to commit violence, usually without any consequences. (This occasion is a notable exception that proves the rule.) Nogs commit violent crimes at a rate of something like 15 times more than we civilized Europeans, so F them even more.

      This death happened because the pig went way too far. He kept the pressure on the “jogger’s” throat minutes longer than he should have. The incident was captured on phones, and witnesses were yelling at the cop to stop cutting off the nog’s airflow. Because it tends to lead to loss of life, you know? There are no heroes in this story, only villains.

      The Mpls. area is one I would love to put in my rearview mirror, for good. Even my strong attachment to a few people I cherish is losing its’ hold. I’ve lived in neighborhoods in Mpls. St. Paul, and suburbs that were majority-minority when I got there, and some where I could see the effects of the dark ones as they started moving into formerly all-White enclaves. It’s always the same: Crime rates of all kinds are or become incredibly high; Schools get more violent and drop in testing results and graduation rates, even though money is poured into resources for the kids of darker shades; Neighborhoods that were once attractive and well-kept turn into ramshackle sh!tholes. When we “evil” pale people aren’t around or aren’t in charge, everything falls apart. I’ve seen it over and over again. I’ve got to move to a place where most of the people there aren’t woke, and aren’t easily cowed by those that are multicultural.

  8. I thought you were happy to see Trump voters punished for your mistake in supporting MAGA in 2016. Shouldn’t death in Ruby Red Alabama be a feature, not a bug, in the OD revenge tour 2020? As long as your family and friends don’t suffer, of course.

    Gotta pawn the costs of a mistake onto other people, like any good collectivist/ child, while at the same time reaping the benefits of the work of other people. You think that money you want to collectively take from one set of citizens to give to another group (you) transmuted itself into existence?

    That’s not a rhetorical question. Individualists acting in their self-interest created the world you wish to preserve with that authoritarian obedience thing promoted here. That is called freedom. It allows people to create something to conserve. Order/Security/Rules/Tradition and Individualusm/Freedom/Liberty are two sides of the human genetic reality we call Life.

    You cannot go back to 1950s America. You live your life, others will live their life. Your children may follow your way, or they may do their own thing as adults. You would not and did not obey your parents’ way of life, you took advantage of technology to play realistic video games which did not exist as such in their time. Somehow you grew up to be a somewhat responsible adult yourself, despite those technological and cultural innovations.

    Collectivism need individualism and vice versa. Everything needs its contradiction to survive and thrive. That is genetic and evolutionary reality. Stop fighting it. You “my way or no way” types cannot win. On the subatomic level, all matter and energy interact and impact each other. There is no one way to exist. Everything flows in the socio-political-economic complex. Enjoy the chaos. You have no control over anything. None of us do.

  9. Gaza, the world’s largest concentration camp, has just experienced its first official Covid fatality, with many more to come in the crowded space with very few medical facilities.

    Meanwhile, a White, Scottish “Nationalist” says that Zionist ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians is the fault of the Palestinians themselves (“self-inflicted”) ! Evangelical (“Christian” Zionist) White Americans would mostly agree with that.

    • Scottish Protestants, like English Protestants, have been philosemitic for hundreds of years.

  10. Do you have a racial breakdown on the cases and deaths ? What’s the racial distribution of Montgomery city and the greater suburban area ?

    I’d think the cases would be heavily skewed to the black side, given their careless and gregarious nature.

    • Right you are, fam. Up here in WI most “people” dying of the Coof are niggers.

    • November,

      Thanks. I never would have thought of something like this or that it would be available.

    • The chimps chimped out all over Minneapolis, burning and destroying at will. Yet they supposedly can’t go outside without being attacked by the po-po. If you want to bring the jungle to civilization, let the animals behave as they naturally do. When virtue-signaling pols tell nogs they are blameless angels, the simians feel empowered to go on a rampage.

      All in all, it was just another beautiful day in our multicultural utopia. Life is always good here in Mogadishu on the Mississippi.

  11. To the system, the Northeast and Great Lakes states, along with their Pacific Rim colonies,
    are the U.S.

    The South and the Interior West just don’t matter, unless we say or do something that upsets the elites in Boston, New York or Chicago. Or they need a scapegoat.

  12. Christy,

    Always glad to help.

    There was a channel on jewtube that was streaming video from several sources on the ground in Minneapolis that has the Minneapolis PD dispatch as audio.

    It looked liked the a Planet of the Apes movie.

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