Trump Lashes Out At Twitter

Nice flex by Twitter.

Jack Dorsey is showing him who is the boss.

What is he going to do about it? LOL nothing.

The president is so mad right now that he might cut Jack’s taxes again and allow him to import more guest workers. His whole presidency has become a meme.

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  1. Hahaha. This is the sort of behavior from Twitter that would have riled me up back in 2016, but now it’s just hilarious to see Jack torment the Orange Jackass. Presidential harassment!

  2. Trump had four years to do something about voter fraud and social media censorship, and did absolutely nothing about it except to “monitor the situation”, and fire the people who were trying to actually do something about it.

    If he loses the election because of it he has no one to blame but himself.

    • @Meh…

      Well enough, but, this is not just about President Trump’s reelection, but, about all future elections, as well.

      • “Well enough, but, this is not just about President Trump’s reelection, but, about all future elections, as well.”

        Yes but Trump only cares about Trump.

    • Trump is grossly incompetent more than anything else. A politician’s job is to get reelected first, then to take care of his friends. Trump has punished his friends and rewarded his enemies.

  3. First they came for the White Nationalists, and Trump did not speak out and Conservatism Inc. celebrated—
    Because they were not a White Nationalists

    Then they came for Trump—and there was no one left to speak for Trump.

    After that they came for Conservatism Inc. and no one cared at all.

  4. The thing is, this is a problem that he could and should have solved years ago, and the solution is simple and obvious: for every tech company that has appropriated a huge sector of the public space for their own benefit, you declare them a public utility, subject to federal regulation. Which includes constitutional ones: Facebook/Twitter/etc are no longer permitted to remove ANY posting by ANY user that does not conflict with federal law and constitutional restrictions.

    You need to formalize what is de facto true: that these companies are managing the public space, including speech, and that as de facto federal entities they are not permitted to impose restrictions contrary to the Bill of Rights.

    This would super-energize all his supporters and Republicans and right-wingers in general, it would cripple the left, it would cripple the Silicon Valley left’s ability to restrict public speech and channel it in directions they want, it would restore a basic value that the country was supposedly founded to protect. And it would be to his benefit.

    And he can’t be bothered to do anything except whine about the problem.

    • Trump does not actually see it as a problem. He agrees with the direction and shape the censorship takes. He just has to pretend he doesn’t because that layer of abstraction helps sell the role he’s playing.

  5. I’m sure Trumpo is “monitoring” the Twitter situation, and will offer the Holy Roman Catholic Jack Dorsey more tax cuts and more foreign guest workers! After all Roman Catholics are like Jews, they are a protected class who believe in censorship!

    • Hunter, why do you or whoever moderates these comments approve these anti-Catholic troll posts?

      • Free speech i’m guessing but krafty is just miss guided Jack Dorsey was raised Catholic but its laughable to suggest Catholics have a monopoly of stifling free speech on twitter we already know who does and they ain’t Catholic. Dorsey is probably agnostic

  6. To do something, leader must first get people angry. In the ancient times, wise kings always let enemy loot their lands first to get people angry and ready for war. Average Joe must understand that there is no repression of goodwill political opponents but fighting with merciless enemy.

    Only after that understanding leader can make his moves. Moves must not be cosmetically, so after a symbolic retreat enemy can roar back, take down walls or other irrelevant symbols but change must be permanent and irreversible. So first leader must convince people that serious and very violent changes are absolutely necessary. For convincing, leader must let enemy loot and many people suffer to get a great awakening.

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