Boris Johnson Bungled The Pandemic

In the case of Boris Johnson, he can at least say his government had won a majority to get BREXIT done and that he made good on his central campaign promise in January.

Times of London:

“There is a simple mathematical truth that would have caused alarm about the coronavirus pandemic if it had been more fully appreciated when it was first flagged up in reports from China in late January. The number of people infected appeared to double in as little as three days. The maths was remorseless. It meant one case would become eight in nine days, and after 21 it would be 128. In less than nine weeks, one case could infect a million people.

So time was already running out for Britain when, amid the last of the late February storms, Boris Johnson returned from his working holiday at the state-owned Chevening residence to face opposition accusations that he was a “part-time” prime minister.

On Monday, March 2, the virus had been in the country for almost five weeks and was multiplying fast. This was an important day as Johnson had decided to get a grip on the crisis by doing something he had notably failed to do since it started. “I have just chaired a Cobra meeting on coronavirus,” he declared in a video message to the nation. …”

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  1. do you realise that Boris’s plan to make Britain great once Brexit is finalised is to: apply yet more liberalism!

    it’s why he didn’t want to do anything about covid, in February he gave a speech saying there was bizarre autarkic talk of closing borders and restricting movement in connection with covid but he assured Britain that we would be like Clark Kent removing his glasses and bursting from a telephone box as Superman, wide open to business and ready to trade!

    then he caught covid and the country has been a clustefuck since, we do lead Europe in deaths though!

    I didn’t vote for Brexit, not out of love of Europe but out of fear of what kind of Brexit these public school oafs would want to implement,

    well the Brexiteers think they got what they wanted,

    always be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it!


    • That’s why Starmer can’t lay a glove on him in QT. Starmer never suggested border closure nor did he suggest quarantining London.

  2. BJ was a total disaster when he was the mayor of London. He pretty much bungled everything. So, this was not unexpected.

    • BJ is the British LBJ: a man without any principles or strong convictions but with a great ambition for power.

  3. Boris and the U.K. government certainly did not “bungle” in the sense of doing something by accident or mistake.

    Also, I think Brexit is more about increasing the U.K.’s subservience to the U.S. than escaping Brussels’ influence. Brexit will not create national autonomy for Britain. It is a divide-and-conquer move that will increase the U.S.’s influence and control over Britain.

  4. Is bojo still alive? last i heard he was seriously sick with wuflu. I don’t keep up much with uk politics though its own libtard conservative shitshow circus from hell

  5. Brazil under Bolsonaro is pretty fucked too. There seems to be a strong correlation between being a Zionist boot-licker and letting covid-19 run rampant.

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