Can We Ally With The Left?

Personally, I don’t care for conservative liberals or progressive liberals. We shouldn’t align with either the mainstream Right or mainstream Left. My political views are about equally distant from both. Keith Woods is often accused of being a “communist” but that is not where he is coming from.

I’ve always disliked liberalism and free-market capitalism for pretty much the same reasons. Both are a disease that demolishes and erodes cohesive cultures and leads to a permanent state of social revolution. George Fitzhugh and Thomas Carlyle made the same argument in the 19th century.

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  1. The left have no principles and nothing to gain by allying with us. Much like when we found out that, whoops, Muslims aren’t actually worthy allies. If anything they’re the most Shabbos of all goys.

  2. The left is actually going to get power in America, the only right that will get power is the george w bush / donald trump right.

    In not a long time, only a cnadidat elike Bernie sanders will be able to win Democratic elections. This will occur when millennials assert themselves against boomers.

    i’d rather carve my spot on the left than play around with free market clowns.

    • The reason the left is taking over America is conservatism is too dumb, cowardly, and corrupt to stand up to them, let alone take any new ground.

      You don’t ally with the left any more than you ally with cancer, AIDS or conservatism. The left infiltrates organizations, subverts, and purges those who are not part of their small ideological cliques, leaving no one with competance to run things, and then you get mini Chernobyls all over the place.

      See what they’ve done to countless communities and organizations in the past for proof of that. Currently they are taking over and destroying the open source software community as we speak, and now we are seeing left wingers pretending to be nationalists, calling anything they don’t like ‘racist’.

    • I believe we will see a shift in the right to a Latino machismo party. They will just start running a lot of Hispanic military officers and pushing a Latino flavored version of neoconservatism and American imperialism. This will be some time down the road after the boomers have mostly died off.

      Some of the shill-right like bronze age pervert are already advocating something like this in their “mestizo futurism”.

      • You’re echoing my thoughts on the parties post-Boomer die-off. The Democrats are already too tightly in the grip of the Black voting bloc to be able to muster a lot of Mestizo voters. It was the Black voters who kept the Democrat Party from embracing the kind of socialism that would appeal to White voters, i.e. Medicare for all and free college. This bloc very much believes in limited socialism for themselves and capitalism to fund it for anyone who is not Black. This bloc is hyper-vigilant for any signs that the Democrats may be trying to woo a new client group, so the Dems are SOL.

        Mestizo activists do a lot of sword-rattling about the “Latinx” vote, but, in reality, many Mestizos, even those who are legally here, do not bother to vote. Both parties bend over backwards to accommodate them and there is more of a pay-off to them by keeping the competition going and throwing some crumbs to both sides.

        I also think that the Mestizos WILL sign on to the Republicans but only after the White Boomer die-off sets in. I don’t believe there will be “Latino-flavored neoconservatism” coming from the post White Boomer” Republicans. And neither does AIPAC or they wouldn’t have allowed Donald Trump to wrest the presidency from Hillary Clinton. Nor do I think its any accident that they are pushing the pedal to the metal on all of their demands to Trump. i.e. getting Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied Syrian Golan heights and now the rest of occupied Palestine lands – GazaStrip into their hot little hands.

        I don’t see any chance of an economic comeback. We are heading into a depression that is going to make the Great Depression seem like a walk in the park in comparison when there aren’t enough printers in the world to produce enough currency to buy this country out of this.

        So, I think that any “Asians” – East Asians or Hindus are going to grab their loot and self-deport dragging any Jews in their wake, looking for the next host to invite the Eternal Guests aboard.

        That will leave the Democrats relatively unchanged, still in control of the Black bloc, but purged of any remnants of blue-collar traditional White voters and ultimately any White liberals, however much White self-loathing they claim. Anyone who is not Black will either be Muslim and there will be a small cadre of Jews trying to keep their hand in things.

        It is the Republicans who will be transformed by the Mestizos from neo-libertarian, neo-conservative war hawks into their own form of socialism that will favor the Latinx voting bloc. I think that then Post-Boomer White socialists (who will have been completely purged from the Democrat Party) will join them, but more as junior partners. I don’t see the future Republican Party being in the pocket of AIPAC or bowing to pressure from Xtian zionists either. Those Republicans will be all about getting their own “gibs,”

        I base this prediction on what I am seeing. Of the Whites who marry outside the race, the vast majority of them, male and female, tend to mix with Mestizos. One of the founders of the Mexican Mafia in California was a White Croat by the name of Joe “Pegleg” Morgan. Quite frankly, a bankrupt country won’t be able to fund its police forces, so i think Whites will band with Mestizos for mutual protection against Blacks and Muslims.

        The Usual Suspects may run Mestizo former military officers as candidates, but I think it will devolve into the corrupt, easily bribed military we see south of the border. I can’t see them as being willing to engage in high-risk missions like elite White forces like the Navy Seals, for example. The vast majority of a Mestizo military will be uniformed gangs more interested in fighting their own turf wars over here than Israel’s in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

        Last, but not least, any pure White fighting men will comprise a highly elite private army protecting the very rich. Much more mercenary than patriotic.

        My best recommendation is that young Whites like HW get themselves and their children as fluent as possible in Spanish and then legally change their children’s last names to something Spanish before they start middle school if not sooner.

        Wanted to add that, Liberalism as we know it is about to die an ugly death and a lot sooner than we think. Ron Freeman AKA Kievsky of the Mindweapons in Ragnarok often said that, real support for Social Justice liberalism is a mile wide and an inch deep and that when the money dries up, it will evaporate into the mist.

        For the past sixty years, this country’s loony left Social Justice agenda has been upheld by Paycheck Liberals who will cease to uphold this agenda when their paymasters can no longer pay them.

  3. Let’s just be clear about one thing, the point that most true leftist aren’t anti-racist, they’re anti-white, is true. And being anti-white is more logical than being anti-racist. And to an extent I can sympathize with being anti-white if it’s not taken to such an extreme gradient that its against all subdivisions of white society. Which means I don’t mind using non-whites to knock out whites who I don’t like.

    It’s a chess game, and I’ll collaborate with some black chess pieces to remove some white chess pieces. it’s not about unity across an entire race.

    • The “right”, such as it is has been cooperating with the left for decades now, that is how the left has won every culture war even if they (temporarily) lost a few battles along the way. National Review, the Republican Party, the Wall Street Journal etc. all have opposed the left in internationalism, growth of government, bad causes like so called “civil rights” etc. then compromised, then accepted defeat, than championed the causes they previously opposed. They all represent corporate America, inc. as the highest good, the apotheosis of state and government, designed to conserve corporate interests which are always to maximize profits by hook or by crook.

      When the Republicans claim they are “conservatives”, they are telling the truth. Charlie Kirk and his black boyfriend, FOX TV, Rush, Hannity, DJT, Pierre Delecto et al. are all truly good conservatives, it’s just that they are conserving the interests of corporate America first, last and always. They are not conserving America beyond it being merely a giant free trade zone, that is not what they truly believe in.

      America was built for big business interests, big business is above the political process as far as governing the country goes. This was acknowledged by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case which allowed unlimited political spending by corporations. Already there aren’t many limits on “campaign contributions” to the scumbags in Congress or at state level. These “campaign contributions” are nothing but legal bribes designed to get certain things done and prevent other actions by the government, the public interest be damned.

      The U.S. is a perfect example of democracy, a system of rule by oligarchs based upon bribery and extortion. That system has reached (and exceeded) its natural limits and is unlikely to last much longer in its present form. What comes next is unknown but the America that was founded by the left in 1964 to replace the older America pre-1964 is just about done.

  4. Why ally with them? Why not usurp their issues that will be popular and merge them with others that will also be popular and will defend our ethos? I believe there is historical precedence for this strategy.

  5. You already are colluding with your eventual murderers. Enjoy the trip.
    The anti-Trumpers will erase you immediately once you grant them power.

      • Me either. Democracy is a sham. The High-Low coalition against Normal People, as Andrew Yang calls the rest, renders participation in elections a pointless endeavor. Trump has answered Michael Anton’s Flight 93 election question whether it is worth taking a chance on an outsider. Nope. TPTB is too strong, and the rest too childish and cowardly to fight. Let it burn. Minneapolis is destiny. America is voluntarily bringing home the Phoenix Program. About time.

      • @ JR Here we go again. Do you honestly think we’re better off with Trump? If so you’ve completely missed the point of this blog and should go to National Review instead. I’m tired of your talking down to us, you have no answers.

        • My post above makes clear I am off the Trump train as a viable alternative. I am also saying any political solution is no longer possible. So I agree with Brad that neither party is worth supporting. Since I also don’t see citizens cooperating against Oligarchy, I would say just sit back and laugh. If you want to join me in the general strike to force UBI, feel free.

  6. But what is the difference between the left and the right these days? Both sides agree that homosexuality is normal, that women should make up at least 50% of the workforce and that “diversity” is a good thing. The only difference is that one side hates whites and the other side hates Muslims.

    • The truth is that BOTH sides hate white males.

      + Diversity is hatred of Whites.
      + Feminism is hatred of Males.

      Bingo, the crosshairs center on white males.

  7. The answer should be: we need to become the Left.

    If White Nationalism wants to have, or deserve, any success it needs to start advocating for extreme Socialist policies and the redistribution of resources to the dispossessed, focus on building a support base from the economically disadvantaged and oppressed, show unconditional solidarity with North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and above all – Palestine. It needs to start making its discourse one of revolutionary class struggle, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism and liberation of a colonized nation from Jewish oppression.

    Read Frantz Fanon and apply his ideas.

  8. If pro-Whites want political power, we’re going to have to pick our poison: state or corporate power. The left is associated with state power. Corporations don’t care about people, just profits. To get that power, we need to appeal to left pols as a voting bloc. Pols will crawl over broken glass to have access to the corridors of political power. If we can package our views and organize, the future is bright for acceptance of our views in the mainstream. Identity politics is a winner on the left.

    As we become a minority in our own nation, some of the pale woke idiots will have the consequences of importing cheap labor and left-establishment voters shoved into their face, up close and personal. Identitarian politics will become necessary for normies to accept, if they want to survive.

    O/T, Yanis Varoufakis’ idea of taking 10% of corporate ownership to provide a guaranteed dividend for citizens in the face of market downturns and future workplace automation is getting traction. I prefer JRC’s 50% Sovereign Wealth Fund as a UBI, but hey, we can compromise on numbers. Taxes won’t be paying for it, therefore it will not be dividing the working classes. Having to wait for donor-knob gobbling pols to maybe send us a few hundred shekels, while they give corporations trillions, gets old.

    • Thanks Boomer X for the SWF UBI shout out. That would be my policy as a benevolent dictator. Vote for JRC 2020 as Huey Redux and that is what you would get. Unlike Trump, Bernie, or Yang, I would be both competent and ruthless in exercising power.

  9. The problem is that the far left in the west is entirely liberal today. The CIA made sure of that during the cold war when they puffed up the anti-soviet left. So there really is not any “left” to ally with in our case, unless we look internationally to non-white leftists, who are generally nationalistic and could potentially be reasoned with.

    I would advocate alliance with geopolitical competitors to the American empire and non-white “leftists” in the third world. I have actually thought that it would be easier to advocate for white nationalism if we were in a non-white country. Example would be setting up somewhere in Asia where there is not really any taboo on nationalism, calling ourselves the “White American national government in exile” or something like that, and trying to network and get support from Asians for our White American separatist movement. Sort of like how the USA will back “Kurdistan” or Hong Kong or whatever to harm their competitors, we could potentially court foreign support for our separatists.

  10. Ally with WHAT left? Nearly all “left” is fake today. Green parties in the U.S. and Europe are prime examples of fake “leftism.” “In the aftermath of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Biden last month, the Green Party is presenting itself as the continuation of Sanders’ “political revolution.” Workers and youth seeking an alternative to the Demagogs & Thugs must be warned: The Green Party is a capitalist party with no real independence from the Demagogs. The Green Party is presently on track to nominate Howie Hawkins, one of the co-founders of the party in 1984, as its presidential candidate. Hawkins has announced that Angela Walker will be his running mate for vice president. Both Hawkins and Walker are also members of Socialist Party USA and Solidarity, pseudo-left groups that operate in the orbit of the Demagog Party. The Hawkins-Walker campaign platform itself is an eclectic list of various reform proposals, centered on an “Ecosocialist Green New Deal.” To fund their programs, they call not for the expropriation of the wealth of the capitalists or the nationalization of any corporations, but simply “progressive taxation.” The words “working class,” “capitalist class” and “revolution” do not appear in their platform. The various reforms proposed by the Greens are no more meaningful than those proposed by Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and the like, as they are tied to a political strategy aimed at bolstering the Demagog Party, a party of Wall Street and the military. Under conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which over 350k people have died worldwide, including over 100k Pindos, while the working class faces social dislocation on a scale not seen since the Great Depression and is being forced to return to work in deadly conditions, the response of the Hawkins-Walker campaign and the Green Party is to try to keep opposition contained within the framework of bourgeois politics. Their campaign has only released a handful of statements addressing the pandemic, none of which raise any serious solutions to this unprecedented crisis. Rather, they call on Congress to expand Medicare and enact the Green New Deal, urge Trump to utilize the Defense Production Act more thoroughly, plead for the OSHA to demand that PPE be provided to workers, and place other minor demands on the existing political establishment. All of their statements omit any criticisms of the nearly unanimous Demagog Party vote for the multi-trillion-dollar handout to Wall Street through the CARES Act, including by Sanders and Warren. Further, they say nothing of the culpability of Democratic governors across Pindostan who are rapidly “reopening the economy” in line with the Trump administration, including Gavin Newsom of California, Andrew Cuomo of New York, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, and more”:

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