Trump Signs Executive Order On Social Media Censorship

He is mad.


He is SO MAD that the conservatives like Ajit Pai at the FCC and FTC have been instructed by this new executive order to monitor the situation. This is MONITORING: CODE LEVEL RED.


What it does: The president has framed the order as a bid to prevent online censorship, which he says disproportionately affects him and other conservatives. It aims to address the issue by doing the following:

Directs the Commerce Department to file a petition with the Federal Communications Commission to craft new regulations limiting the scope of protections provided to tech companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. That measure, which hasn’t previously fallen to the FCC to interpret or enforce, immunizes online platforms against liability for content their users post.

Asks the Federal Trade Commission, which polices unfair or deceptive acts, to take action against platforms whose content moderation practices restrict speech in ways that don’t align with their publicly stated policies.

Directs the attorney general to create a working group to help states enforce laws prohibiting online platforms from engaging in deceptive or unfair practices.

Orders the attorney general to develop a proposal for federal legislation to promote the order’s policy goals.”


“A ruling that emerged from a powerful federal appeals court in Washington on Wednesday morning is strong evidence that the courts are unlikely to be receptive to President Donald Trump’s claims that he and his political supporters are being silenced by social media platforms like Twitter.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit resoundingly rejected a lawsuit the conservative legal organization Freedom Watch and right-wing provocateur Laura Loomer filed in 2018 against four major technology companies: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple …

The unanimous court decision from a three-judge panel runs to only four pages, but is dismissive of a wide range of legal claims some conservatives and liberals have leveled at social media firms in recent months.

The appeals court judges said that, despite the companies’ power, they cannot violate the First Amendment because it regulates only governments, not the private sector. “

It is unclear what this does.

I tend to doubt it will have any impact at all.

We’re now only five months out from the election. This will get tied up in the federal courts and punted over to the FCC and FTC. Unless it has an immediate impact before the 2020 election, which is highly unlikely, it will go nowhere if Joe Biden is elected president. The time to move on social media censorship was at least two or three years ago when it could have been resolved before the election.

As recently as February, Trump was boasting that MAGA now stood for Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple. His policy was “you fight it by just being good” until his own account was fact checked. This was around the same time that he said the coronavirus was going to disappear in April.

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  1. Now you did it, Cornholed Jack! Blimp is so mad, he’ll REVIEW your rules! TAKE THAT!!!

    Wanna solve this problem, Chump? It’s easy: Are they publishers or public forums? Pick one, you bloated orange coward!

  2. This twitter spergout, the riots in Minnesota, the jogger, corona chan, and the karen garbage, is it just me or have we reached a new level of absurdity. It’s all so tiresome.

  3. Beginner cuck owner manual. Cucks desperately want to be cucked. You shall keep stress level near maximum to avoid them cuck back into comfort zone.

    As soon as you give cucks some security, cucks are cucking and every non feel good politican fall back into irrelevance.

    There were the times with strong economy, family values , low immigration, low crimes and so on. The result. Controversial politicians were ignored like David Duke or Enoch Powell or any other , who made cuck uncomfortable.

    Every last revolution ends when average Joe gets his job back and can sit back in front of TV and ignore uncomfortable issues. Lenin saved his revolution with NEP. New Economic Policy. As soon as worst madness ended, entire opposition rushed to get nice things, nobody cared communist power and murders anymore, resistance collapsed and when communists roared back, there was no resistance whatsoeve

    This works for us too. When normie feels good, he do not care that liberals disappear every night and there are rumors around about commies sent to reopened Auschwitz and passing medical experiments for cancer or corona cure.

    Nationalism must become new cocktail party comfort issue. That is why intellectualism does not work and we must have our own Antifa. Donald knows this too and keeping stress up until normie breaks and cucks to our side.

  4. His actions will do very little. I don’t think social media really cares about an Executive Order. Sure it’s nice he did something. However the next Democratic President will remove all of his Executive Orders including this one. The reality is Conservatives / Republicans don’t have real courage on dealing with these issues. None of this is partisan in nature. It should be 100% about Freedom of Speech especially on political debate. I think social media should read the Bill of Rights for a change. Deo Vindice !

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