America Burning

If it was really people like us burning down the country, do you think it would be going on for the fifth night in a row? Would celebrities be contributing to our bail funds?


The Reginald Denny of 2020 just arrived. Antifa have also killed a cop in a different incident. It seems the rioters killed another woman in Minneapolis too.


In light of what this country has become under the liberal Right thanks to its cracked vision of a good society, you could say it is “getting what it deserves.” We are staying out of it.

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    • Let’s not jump the gun. On a similar note, and I admit a little outrageous but, maybe the harsh sentences for the Charlottesville victims were a way of keeping white nationalists off the streets when the “storm” in “the calm before the storm” ignites.

      Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. The calm before the storm. ~ President Donald J. Trump

      I think this is the storm. Well, the beginning of it.

      What was it that was said…. it will become so unbearable you’ll welcome the NWO with open arms. Or something like that. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s true.

      It’s about destroying the old. Everything whether good, bad, or ugly.

      • Yes, the kikes and their shabbos freemason goyim puppets are ushering in the age of aquarius ..we are dealing with unspeakable evil that the human mind cannot fathom.

        There will be nothing left with lawlessness and godlessness fully prevails.

        Millenia’s of barbarism and slaughter are my witness.

  1. Thanks, Southerners, for bringing the Black Plague to America – we Yankees and the rest of White Americans owe you all a debt of gratitude.

    • Blacks were brought into this country by Northern shippers, freed by Northern soldiers, and raised to full citizens by Northern meddlers. You created this, and we never asked to be stuck with you.

      • @Hugh…

        You know, Brother – I normally prefer my replies to this sort of Northern Invective over what others give, but, in this case you buried me alive.

        Yours was a fantastic retort – deadly so!

      • No demand = No supply – the Southern States demanded slaves to pick cotton and they were supplied with them.

      • Jews brought them over here, and Southern One Percenters bought them. Northerners did their own work. It doesn’t matter who freed them. They were a cancer that would have eventually been a problem for everyone, either way. They should have never been spread to any other continent.

    • @C D….

      And yet your New England Yankee United States’ Government had not the slightest problem supporting itself on the proceeds from our agricultural economy, or, when that did not suffice, to tell us to whom we could sell our produce or not?

      Nothing better illustrates the continued Northern disconnect on slavery that General Lee & General Grant.

      Before the war, General Lee got rid of his slaves.

      After the war, General Grant still had his slaves, and when someone asked him, ‘why?’ he replied, ‘Good help is hard to find.’

      And, after The War, The New England Yankee United States’ Government had absolutely no problem with Southern Slavery, so long as it was given a new name – ‘Share-Cropping.’

      Why, even today, as Northeasterners continue to lecture The South about the evils of slavery and it’s lasting legacy, your government has imported tens of millions of dark skins, from every region of the globe, to do work for a pittance, with no citizenship, no social security, and, in general, no voting privileges.

      Yet, that could not be slavery, because The New England Yankee United States would never call it anything that remotely resembled what it is.

      No, what you call it is ‘Free Trade’.

    • Your American history is God awful unless this was sarcasm. On Occidental Dissent of all places. HW has compiled a far superior and more thorough compendium on the history of race in America than exists in the finest libraries in the world on this blog. So I hope you were joking. If not, No I will not get into an internet comment board argument with you. Click through the archives of the very site you are currently reading and educate yourself. God bless your heart.

      • @Standfast…

        “Your American history is God awful unless this was sarcasm.”


        It’s Northeastern history, which means you don’t have to read it to know that it says the following things…

        #1. The South is so ignorant that it requires constant instruction from The North

        #2. Whenever there have been problems between The South & The North, it’s always The South’s fault, because The South is not properly appreciative of the North’s genius

        #3. The South should not want to secede, for it would never survive without generous Northern handouts, moral rectitude, organizational skills, and peerless perspicacity.

        #4. The South lost ‘The Civil War’, because it started it.

        #5. it was Southern Slavery that marred The United States, NOT Northeastern unconstitutionalism.

        #6. The reason why the country is in the shape it is in today is because Southerners are either too racist or cucked to think..

    • They still want AntiFa shot dead on Southern soil and grieving parents back home in Michigan or Pennsylvania demanding that “thier government” finally do something, once and for all, about those evil Southrons.

      Once this happens, all focus will shift off of the rioting niggers, their Judeo-Yankee, AntiFa kommissar controllers, and back onto gun control and on to the need for the Southern People to be reformed and brought up to New England cultural standards, so that the cities of the Great White North won’t burn again. And respectable, civilised Yankees won’t be threatened by Bubba and Skeeter in the wilds of ‘Bammer anymore.

    • If Northerners has crushed New England and the Abolitionists, like a lot of New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians had wanted to do, the niggers would have been sold off to the caribbean by 1900-10.

      But they had an itch to rule all of America for themselves, instead, using Niggers as political weapons and as tools of conquest against other Whites that they hated and wanted to dominate and destroy. Then the Jews settled in the Northeast and took over the Yankee political machinery, like the proverbial turn key operation, and reduced the Yankees to junior partners and low level functionaries in the empire that they had built.

      But the time for recriminations has passed.

      For us in Dixie, it’s time to retake everything. And to insure that our state governments remain intact and become Southern again. The government in Washington hasn’t got much longer to go.

      As an aside, by the time the Minnesota Guard is fully deployed, the unrest will vanish as quickly as it appeared. Whack a mole is the game afoot. Just enough action to make the state and national governments look weak and ineffective, without long and protracted engagement.

    • c d isn’t entirely wrong, though. The plantation owners bought and bred the Negro because they were too greedy to pay for free White labor. Basically, they were the Tyson and Monsanto of their day, polluting our White country with foreign labor scabs because they didn’t want to pay Americans a living wage.

      That doesn’t absolve the North of freeing the vermin rather than sending them back to Africa. But they were here to begin with because of the reckless greed of you good ol’ Southern boys.

      Ultimately, it’s your fault, so don’t get too high and mighty about it. The Negro was allowed to colonize this country because you brought the invasive species here under the arrogant assumption it would never escape and multiply in the wild.

    • Southerners did not bring the African slaves to our shores. They did not round them up for deportation over there. They did not finance the slave trade nor did they own the ships that brought them here. Some of them were guilty of hiring cheap labor. It was not free labor. The slaves had to be housed, fed, clothe and treated for ailments.

    • White slaves were brought here before black ones: “From 1609 until the early 1800’s, between one half and two thirds of all the White colonists who came to the New World came as slaves. Of the passengers on the Mayflower, twelve were White slaves. White slaves cleared the forests, drained the swamps, built the roads. They worked and died in greater numbers than anyone else.” Michael Hoffman, “They Were White and They Were Slaves.”

      Slavery is about power, control and money. Importing dark foreigners is about undercutting wages and dividing the lower classes, which makes it easier to control society and concentrate wealth. Want to lash out at someone? Go after the modern divide-and-conquer plutocrats in DC and corporate America. They enable and continue the slavery system into modern times.

  2. For many years I have maintained that The United States’ Government is lawless.

    But, usually, I have meant this in the sense that they feel free to skirt the law they are sworn to uphold. This, however, is another kind of case : ——— that The United State’s Government, even when they are not directly involved in any lawless activities, cannot find it within themselves to curtail someone else who is, and who comes under their jurisdiction, or, if they do uphold it, it is only sporadically and arbitrarily so.

    With The United States’ Government there is most frequently some other concern, or group of concerns higher, than the actual law, itself.

    Nothing better illustrates this quandary than the president’s actions, and or inactions, over recent nights, his blood giving him the right law and order instinct, but, his ultimate choice being made to evade those responsibilities.

    Of course, when The United States’ Government wants to arrest you, they can find laws all over the place to prosecute you – as happened to poor General Flynn, either through warrantless wiretaps, entrapments, or, when all else fails, or in simply applying laws to (in Flynn’s case, The Logan Amendment) that have never ever been applied to anyone else.

    When folks ponder why we are in the state we are in, in this country, you can say what you want about Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Negroes, Hispanics, Outsourcing, Antifa, The Far Right, Communists, Fascists, Jews, Gentiles, Southerners or Northerners, Easterners or Westerners, Nationalists, Corporate-Globalists, Atheists, Christians, Homosexuals or Prudes, but, in the end, they are not the biggest reason why we are here, at this point in history.

    No, we are here because The United States’ Government is capricious, inconsequential, and arbitrary, and largely unserious about their principle task – to uphold the law to protect The Citizenry.

    And when /The United States comes to it’s end, this governmental lawlessness will be the principle reason to blame, whether anyone wishes to think it or not.

    A country composed of so many different kinds of peoples is already at the edge of what is probable, but, with a government that is estranged from The Law, the basic premise of The United States of America because impossible – absolutely impossible.

    Nothing better illustrates this than these riots, or the fact that our Attorney-General stated last week that the soft coup to thwart the campaign of President Trump or overturn his presidency, would not seek to prosecute the chief conspirators behind it – Vice-President Biden & President Obama.

    Was it not Candidate Trump who leered at Secretary Clinton, when she suggested that he was the last man in the world who should hold the nuclear keys, and suggested that, if he ever were president, she would be in jail.

    Yet, is she in jail?

    Is George Bush in jail for lying to The American People about his motives for a permanent occupation of The Middle East?

    Is Bill Clinton in jail for raping secretaries and being a frequent traveler to Epstein’s Island?

    Are any Congressman in jail for having taken bribes to export out The American Manufacturing zone, leaving most of Smalltown and Rural America permanently strapped and destitute?; or in continually importing a hostage slave labour force to take the place of Americans in the economy?


    And so it is that examples like these could literally go on for days.

    But, we won’t.

    Suffice it to say that The United States’ Government, though many decent, upright, and lawful patriots serve it, in every department, is lawless at the very top, and nothing about this week, or this year, demonstrates that it has any intention of being anything but that.

    • Hello Ivan;

      Yes, the U.S. Government is lawless and no doubt everyone reading and especially commenting here is violating several laws all the time, probable so-called “civil rights” laws. What was it Lavrentiy Beria said: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”. That is the U.S. “Justice” system especially since right after WWII when the Supreme Court set an evil precedent by stepping beyond their bounds with Shelly v. Kramaer. It was off to the races with the 1960’s so-called “civil rights” legislation and its attendant civil disorders leading to extra big government to enforce its unconstitutional laws.

      • @12AX7….

        Hey there, 12. Your analogy to Lavrentii Beria is fantastically apropos, and, yes, you can dang sure be sure that you have already broken thousands of laws just by your comments here!

        You’re also complicit because you are hanging around Southern Secessionists, and there are all sorts of laws against the doing of that!

        Have a good day!

        • And I’m not even from the South but I lived in Dixie for several years! I guess I have a rebellious nature.

  3. It’s important to remember that blacks only do this because they know they can get away with it. Sure they might have a genetic predisposition towards stupid and impulsive behavior, but they would never dream of burning down cities when the white man was in charge.

    All societal problems can be traced back to Jewish ideas. All of them.

    • This is correct. The Negro can be kept in line, but only if he knows the White man will crush him if he oversteps his bounds.

      The history of the past 60-70 years has been steadily removing those bounds and straitjacketing the White man, resulting in the rampant baboonery of the present.

  4. Trump is like a dog that growls and barks but never bites. Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! Rumor is he is afraid to act because he might lose the black vote in an election year! Probably advice from Jared Kushner. Think of those prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in Charlottesville for what seems minor infractions compared to what is now going on. Antifa’s fingerprints are all over this. The United States is indeed terminal. This may die down in time but it will always come back in a more virulent form each manifestation more powerful than before. Its time to leave. The United States will not even protect its citizens! The social contract is null and void! It is time for red states to secede!

  5. Hunter has done the FINEST article on this to date.

    “The colored races are not pacifists. They do not cling to a life whose length is its sole value. They take up the sword when we lay it down. Once they feared the white man; now they despise him.”

    But ever since the Boxer Revolution in China, the Indian Mutiny, and the revolt of the Mexicans against the Emperor Maximilian, there will be found, deep down, everywhere, one and the same thing: hatred of the white race and an unconditional determination to destroy it.
    —From Decline Of The West, by Oswald Spengler

    We are going to really need the 2nd Amendment…

  6. I don’t know why the protesters don’t go after the real corridors of power. Maybe we should help them find them but it’s their fight not ours.

    • “I don’t know why the protesters don’t go after the real corridors of power. ”

      Those stupid morons ?
      If you drew them a map, they couldn’t read it.

  7. The hysterical part is when they finally realize that what they ushered in is far, far worse. The not so-hysterical part is that we’ll be with them.

    • What these riots have shown is that it doesn’t matter if Trump wins — he has zero functional power on the ground and neither do his atomized supporters. This was a ferocious display of genuine power, at the drop of a hat. Trump is so scared he’s trying to dump all the blame on White communists who smashed up some banks and his impotent and terrified voters are going right along with it. Their bluff has been called.

  8. I like video games like Civilization 4. Playing the Americans during Rhyes and Fall you would eventually become so large that civil unrest occurs and America splits not between North and South but by ethnicity. Let’s say you have a large population of Chinese on the west coast and a bunch of Scandinavians in the Midwest all of a sudden you have Chinese and Vikings or whoever else taking the bulk of USA. This one scenario seemed unlikely when I first started playing the game but now it makes more sense this will divide us ethnically. Balkanization will happen a lot sooner than I thought. I never thought that I would see it in my lifetime.

  9. ” a man attempted to defend his shop wi a sword”

    Watching too many ninja movies.
    (Anyone trying this is a fool, unless they have a semi-auto wi multiple large clips and backup)

  10. If this happens over the shooting of an orc,
    What will happen in a major financial collapse?
    During a food shortage ?

    • or if EBT cards and section8 vouchers dont come in the mail one day??
      I guess the africans and mestizos will hunt, trap and fish ….because thats why i’d do and we’re all the same, right?

    • To ask is to answer. It is good that you brought up this point, Arian because too many knuckleheads buy all ammo but no food. Truth is it’s unlikely most people will ever need their firearms, at least in a Rambo type situation. It’s necessary to own firearms and their magazines, 4x scopes, maybe thermal imaging if you can afford it etc. and lots more ammo but food is likely to be the trouble spot by the end of the year. It’s available now fairly cheaply, too. Stock up with those FRNs before they lose their value to inflation.

      Whatever you do remember, diversity is our strength and all men are created equal, just like it says in the Bible.

  11. One day after being murdered by an El Nuevo Rodeo bouncer named Derek Chauvin (dressed like a cop), for passing a fake $20, George Floyd is spotted ordering a Big Mac at McDonald’s, with a handful of crisp new $20 bills.

  12. What happens next is the announcement that Trump and his supporters and white supremacists are real cause of this and to save freedom and democracy US need to go full Soviet.

    So they will launch massive attack but because nobody knows who those badasses are then this will be attack on the entire white race similar to 1991 coup in the Soviet Union.

    Then entire society freaks out and this will be the end of Empire. About Donald election chances . Maybe Donald knows that things heat up so much that there will be no more elections. I suspected this all the time when Donnie ignored his most fanatical supporters.

  13. Have all of these rioters contracted coronavirus due to lack of social distancing? Is coronavirus over now that something else has taken its place in the news cycle?

  14. You are doing great reporting, Hw. If you were a standard liberal or even cuckservative, you would have a nice, cushy job working for the kosher Clinton News Network or Maga Fox Snooze. But no, you tell the truth in all its brutality, so no doggy biscuits for the goyim.

    This is what a nation gets pretending all are equal. This is what a nation gets for putting cash uber alles. This is what a nation gets for still not arresting George Soros and his minions.

    Die versity is now hitting numbers where the scum in society are truly exploding. Decades of importing the third world literally given the ok by a virtually all white House of Representatives and Senate in 1965 should go down as the most treasonous act in American history outside of nothing being done to push Lincoln’s plan to deport former slaves back to Africa post his assassination.

    Only white people can be this altruistic and insanely stupid. The price is being paid big for this with no end in sight. Diverse societies are loser societies. Yeah but ” muh kabobs and food choices are sooo much better now!!”

    We have become a society of hot air- unless the perpetrators are pro white. The entire Democrat Party is now an extension of Antifa and Black Lies Matter. This is why nothing is done to savage rioters. They are all Democrats! Throw in the fact Soros backed district attorneys are being elected throughout the country.

    Final thing. I am starting to think the super rich communist Michael Moore should pick my lottery numbers. He predicted Trump last time and now again. Trump seems to be very lucky with the weak candidates he runs against. Shillary and Senile Joe? And now with nationwide riots that feeds into Trump’s strength even if he is a windbag.

    Biden must be putting his two remaining brain cells together figuring how to suck black azzz while also pretending he is pro American.

  15. The apparent impotency of government at all levels to stop it, with the shameless lie that “white nationalists” are behind it, is complicity in actuality. “Diversity” means chasing down White people. We ceased to have our own country some time ago. it should obvious to even the most dim witted now.

  16. From Jim Stone’s blog:

    We now know the cop and the “guy he killed” worked together for years. SO:

    If George was really getting killed by someone he knew, why did he not ever mention the cop’s name while he was being assaulted and dying? He said lots of other stuff, but not that. Why not? Obviously because it was not in the act.
    I can prove the police, in ALL MAJOR CITIES WITH RIOTING, are in on it with one simple statement:

    The police pulled up in armored vehicles several times to shut down businesses that opened under coronavirus lock down. WHERE ARE THOSE DAMN ARMORED VEHICLES NOW????? ALL police departments in major cities have multiples of them, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?

    If you have riots in your city, and those vehicles are not doing overtime, the police are complicit in the riots, there’s no way out of it. They are to be considered ANTIFA. And we are all getting the answer now: The armored vehicles are not for upholding the law, they are for taking out decent people.

  17. You can just watch the news and realize that a Race War will soon be here in America. Some could argue it’s really already happening. These race riots are going on night after night. Sure it might not be an official “Race War” yet but one day these riots will keep going. I’m talking about during an election and every year. Every day. Every night. So on. The Anarchists, Black Racists, Communists, and Liberals hate us all. Anybody that even thinks like an American good or bad is now the enemy of these people. It’s no longer about Confederate Flags or Monuments….it’s about destroying all America. What we should realize is all these race riots and violence does nothing but help our cause for White Nationalism. Not only White Nationalism but progressing on economic and social issues into more of a Nationalist or even National Socialist direction. The National Guard is already on the ground in Minnesota and other states. However the National Guard like the Police are controlled by Politicians. The politicians should get out of the way for 1 day and let the National Guard fix the problem. Same goes for defending our Confederate Monuments. The Confederate Monument at Ole Miss was spray painted last night. We need the National Guard armed in the streets of all major cities and even small towns and defend our Confederate Monuments, all businesses, and all citizens. We should also realize that not every Black person, Mexican, Asian, and so on will go along with all these race riots and violence. We should shake hands with these people who care about America and still like the idea of our cities and buildings still standing after all the Communist scum race riots are over! We’re fighting for the very existence of this country and all the good people in it. It’s time we advance in terms of politics and push hard that the National Guard is used even in an extreme way and save this country, society, economy, and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

    • My cop sources tell me the police are extremely angry at the government and politicians. This is redpilling a lot of cops – if they aren’t already.

    • In order for a race war, you need two sides to fight it. Unfortunately, only the blacks are willing engage while whites tremble in fear that being called a racist is worse than death. Blacks believe in action while whites take to social media to type and gripe. The more violent the blacks get, the more they are feared by the elite. Just look around you if you don’t believe me. Who’s stopping them ? Surely not the police and surely not the ammo-less NG. Starting to see how it works yet white man? The low IQ blacks know what it takes to win. While the idiot whites are worrying about wearing masks and social distancing, the blacks are doing neither. Only idiot whites believe what their govt proxies tell them. Wear a mask and be a good goy. BTW, why isn’t HW and his mask wearing saps not chastising the blacks for not wearing masks spreading the coronhoax when they riot, loot and burn? Because blacks are not dub enough to fall for those lies. Only stupid whites fall for that crap.

  18. Police knees on necks to restrain people on the ground, is standard practice in many nations … Here are 3 media photos of police in France, Portugal and Israel doing the exact same thing Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd

    And George Floyd is literally an actor – if you turn off your browser’s ‘family filter’, you can find him starring in ‘Kimberly Brinks f–ked by Big Floyd’ on various adult sites

    And Chauvin and Floyd knew each other and worked together, co-workers on a small team of bouncers at a Latino nightclub

    The mugshot of the policeman arrested as ‘Derek Chauvin’ doesn’t look like the guy in the video, ears and hairline different etc

    Chauvin’s neighbour says there was no idea he was a policeman … the ambulance did not act like standard emergency med techs when attending to Floyd … etc

  19. After watching on Tv the utterly obscene reporting, I am convinced tv media has virtually nobody decent and they want America finished off. No lessons learned. The same reporting of: blacks always innocent and whites always bad. Zero coverage of why the police always have interaction with blacks. Psssttt. It’s in the crime rates! It’s like a demonic mental block.

    While watching Fox Snooze( please don’t hate me!!) I am watching this literally useless Howard Kurtz. This guy is literally paid great money to say nothing of importance ever. I mean, ever. Just psycho Jewish babble about muh victim blaxxx. Was Trump wrong calling looters thugs? I mean these are literally the 4th grade level questions to a panel that makes a Jerry Springer guest seem normal. Of course the black guy on the panel can rant about black bullcrap forever. Blacks are victims of white police; blacks get followed around by evil white people. Blaxxx are doing everything right but evil whitey… The whites on the panel are just say nothing drone cuckservatives. You know it’s hopeless when Molly Hemingway from the Federalist is far and away the most interesting on the show. I mean far and away. At least there is not 100 percent sucking black azzz on the best of a bad lot, Fox Snooze. Only about 97%!!.. That show ends.

    Then super Yiddish Chris Wallace comes on. He who makes a cool four or five million per year to pretend to be balanced with horrible guests from some putrid think tanks. I had to shut it after five minutes of black worship.

    This is why America is done. A media that consistently lies and promotes a false narrative like a psychotic girlfriend or boyfriend. Just keeps on lying and spinning. No conversation on huge black crime rates, destruction of schools, black on white hate crimes. Zero. It just waits for another inevitable white cop/shady black dude scenario. What country can keep going with this twisted scenario? If the blaxxx and their white pets, Antifa, hit the suburbs and rural areas then Civil War 2 is here…finally. Hey guys, I volunteer to help write the new constitution and put a period on keeping out kosher folks from media ownership!

  20. There will be no race war. Whites are finished. Bullshit talks and money walks. Whites will accommodate and comply with whatever demands are placed upon them, as they have for the past 55+ years. A small handful of resistors and their families, will be ruthlessly suppressed. The best any of us can hope for is a Brazilian-like scenario for our children/grandchildren.

  21. Trump finally designated antifa a terrorist organization. He should have done this four years ago. Antifa organizations should have been infiltrated and prosecuted for inciting violence.

    • You actually believe that lie? He did the same thing 3 years ago. More empty promises by the panderer in chief. Notice he hasn’t said a word about BLM because that might hurt the 2% black vote.

      • Now that is a very true comment, Mike. Trump is 100% scared of the black vote. He got eight percent last time. He is realistically probably hoping for 12 to 15% in November. I at least am happy President Drag Your Ass declared antifa a terrorist group. Trump taking too long as usual but every single Democrat would never, ever declare them terrorists. It’s their voters.

        America has literally become all about slobbering to black savagery. This is the white man’s greatest purpose now. I see some clips from Minnesota and I see a Jewish, Democrat mayor with his black top cop. I see the black mayor of sister city St. Paul which is now a crime ridden city. A black mayor indicates that immediately. A black, Moslem congresswoman from Minneapolis in Omar.

        Minnesota is still a heavily white state which Trump- shockingly-almost won. Yet the disgusting pandering to blacks does not end. And that is a road that leads to the end of America. Diversity is only good when it comes to food. That’s it. The once white and Republican city of Minneapolis is now a typical high crime, die verse, Democrat crap hole.

        The toxic mix of too much Jewish power, uncaring capitalism, massive debt, insane levels of immigration, slobbering to blaxxx, fake news hating whites, Hollywood hating whites too, and allowing welfare people to have as many kids as possible is turning America into those dumps just south of us. A point of no return is knocking on the door. It seems a military strongman may be needed to suspend the constitution and truly clean up this dump. The whites from another century sure would. The weasels of this era? Much to have disdain for.

        • @Jeff…

          Yes, you’ve analyzed it correctly – the long deteriorating situation has many causal elements.

          And, as all corporations (which at this point is all The United States is) that come to a failure point, the whole entity will have to be split up and reorganized.

          How that is done, when, where, and by whom remains to be seen, but, in the end, it will occur, at which point things will begin to get better.

          For now, however, we are mired in the end of the failure process, complicated by the fact that most Whites are so sentimental for the country they think was in their childhood, they are in a determined denial about where we actually are and what will have to follow.

  22. Hopefully, these riots end any claims of “the blacks won’t dare riot in the South/Texas/Red States!” That has long been a conservative cope.

    • Yup, Atbotl. Don’t forget the white mayor of Houston at the time Hurricane Katrina hit invited hordes of blaxxx to come to Texas- Houston specifically. The white pos then started begging them to go home after large spikes in crime and welfare. They never did.

      The stereotype of Houston and Dallas being filled with white dudes in large cowboy hats has passed. Both cities are majority non white now. That white store owner who stupidly came out with a machete the other night and was lynched by black savages got his final breath due to die versity in Dallas. Had stones thrown at him and was then stomped to death. That one nog gave a final heavy kick to send the white store owner to his death.

      Many blacks are heartless and soulless. I have known and met some fine ones but there is just something not right with them as a group that never changes.

      Dallas and Houston remind me of how people talk about Memphis. Just as the Texas cities are still viewed as places with tons of white men with cowboy hats instead of whites being a minority in both places, Memphis Tennessee is often still discussed as if it’s still the Elvis era. Whitey loves to live on a cloud. Elvis has left the Memphis building and now it’s a black hell hole.The wrong people are having all the kids!!

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