The Charlottesville Lie

I stayed up all night watching the endless riots.

I had seen it all before at Charlottesville and other events that turned violent in 2017. I used to enjoy being an activist, but the streets in Donald Trump’s America became unsafe and the justice system became too one sided. It gradually became too dangerous for people on the Right, but not the Left, to engage in street activism. If we engaged in activism, we could be silenced on social media, defunded by banks, lose our jobs, sued into bankruptcy, attacked by mobs in the streets and prosecuted for crimes we didn’t commit.

We were never the ones who were the problem. The so-called “Far Right” has always held street rallies to express an opinion, not to attack the police, loot businesses, destroy public property, overthrow the government, etc. It was always the people on the Left who came to our rallies to disrupt our events who had that mindset. These people believe in using violence to crush the speech of others who they disagree with. As anarchists, they reject the legitimacy of the law as a matter of principle.

From Day One of the Trump administration, Antifa have used violence to attempt to silence their political opponents. I was personally at the Trump inauguration where hundreds of them rioted in a brazen attempt to overthrow the federal government. They rioted at MILO’s event in Berkeley which set off a series of backlash “free speech” rallies by the Right that lasted through Charlottesville. They came to disrupt our events in Auburn, Pikeville, New Orleans, Charlottesville, Gainesville, Shelbyville and other cities. In most of these cases, the police did their jobs, upheld the law, protected our right to free speech, separated the two sides and restrained the Far Left, but in Charlottesville it didn’t play out that way.

In Charlottesville, the goal of the “Far Right” was to hold the Unite the Right rally. We went to federal court where we won and a judge agreed we had the right to hold that event. We fully cooperated with the police in the run up to the event. The Alt-Right’s plan was to hold a torch march to the Thomas Jefferson monument to honor the memory our ancestors, the Unite the Right rally the next day and an afterparty to socialize when the event was over. The job of the police in Charlottesville was to protect our constitutional right to free speech so that the event could proceed peacefully.

When we showed up in Charlottesville on August 12th to attend the Unite the Right rally, we discovered to our surprise that Antifa and Black Lives Matter had surrounded Lee Park and were blocking both entrances to the park. The police had barricaded themselves away from the crowd. They refused to intervene when Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked the Unite the Right protesters who were streaming into the area to attend the rally. When we were forced to defend ourselves and rescue others who were being beaten by the mob, the police declared an “unlawful assembly,” ordered us to disperse from our own event and the media ran with the narrative that we were the ones who had rioted and caused the violence.

It was a big set up. We had walked into a trap. The governor declared a pre-planned “state of emergency.” As the Unite the Right protesters dispersed to our cars to leave Charlottesville, we were followed and attacked by small groups of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters who assaulted multiple attendees. Deandre Harris and a group of his friends was one such group. He attempted to steal a Confederate flag and attacked people returning to their cars with a maglite. The mainstream media made him out to be a hero and the innocent victim of a brutal “white supremacist” mob.

My heart broke when I saw all these videos from the riots last night:

These are all Americans trying to escape from violent mobs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters who are rioting and ignoring police orders to disperse. Do you see how easy it is to panic?

That’s what happened to James Fields, Jr. in Charlottesville after the Unite the Right rally. He had his GPS set to return home to Ohio. The streets were blocked off and full of violent Antifa and BLM. His GPS routed him down that one way street into the mob … and then this happened.

James Fields, Jr. got 400 years in prison for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and panicking like lots of people do in this situation.

As for these Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs who came to Charlottesville to engage in violence, they were buoyed by the event. They were portrayed as heroes by the mainstream media who created the legend that we were the ones who had rioted. Even as the “Far Right” abandoned street activism, Antifa continued to engage in violence in late 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 all the way down to last night.

When Antifa and Black Lives Matter were emboldened by these media lies to the point of setting the whole country on fire this weekend (they even attacked CNN’s headquarters!), the mainstream media laughably tried to pin it on “White Nationalists” who were impersonating anarchists. This is what they did in Charlottesville to cover up the fact that it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter who caused all the violence that day. If it were not for them, Charlottesville would have been remembered as just another rally that the Alt-Right held that summer.

After everything we saw happen over these past two nights, will the mainstream media get away with lying again? Will they succeed in gaslighting people into believing that, actually, Antifa and BLM aren’t that violent and that the people who oppose them are the real problem?

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  1. Yes, they have turned BLM and Antifa thugs into heroes and martyrs.

    And no, this will not wake white people up to see that Charlottesville was a huge lie and a trap. Most people see and believe what they want to: regardless of the evidence.

    I just wrote an essay on this curious aspect of taking black thugs and criminals with long extensive criminal histories and multiple felony convictions and transforming them into heroes and martyrs.

    I call them, “incidental martyrs.”

  2. One bright side to the general decay of law and order in the USA is that it will open up avenues of corruption that can be used by normal people. Previously, corruption in the USA had been monopolized by the ruling class. They could do pretty much whatever they wanted as long as they didn’t step on the toes of their fellow rulers, but law enforcement was very strict for normal people.

    As the USA further decays, corruption will become more democratized, so that bribing police and minor officials will become more normal. This is standard in a lot of South America and Asia. It will be a good thing for Whites because it could become possible to pay officials to look the other way when we just happen to exclude all non-whites from our neighborhoods, for example.

  3. I heard a rumor today that AG Barr is going to go after the anti-White screamers and thugs in a big way. Seriously, no joke. I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

  4. Most people know that the looting blacks burning down cities aren’t whites wearing shoe polish. The insane narrative will still be promoted, however. The corporate media isn’t trusted, but most people go to them for the headlines anyway. So the surreal propaganda gets absorbed by the normies, and they’re generally not going to challenge what they’re told. Not openly, anyhow, which means it doesn’t matter if the mainstream nonsense is believed or not.

    To get change, white people need to challenge the power structure. They’re not desperate enough to do that. I have no idea what might get Europeans to organize and defend themselves. In Mpls., when the police station was allowed by the geniuses in charge to be taken over by the nogs, the phrase “shoot the white people” was circulating. That wasn’t widely reported, but the darkskin’s hatred of us is always just under the surface. You can’t help but notice it.

  5. I do not pay attention to weak, disorganized, confused “protests” (and counter-protests) that only serve to reinforce establishment narratives. They change nothing. As Trump says, he could shut all the present, ongoing protests down instantly using the “overwhelming power” and “ominous weapons” of the U.S. military.

  6. Brad, I really believe there is more going on on both sides than meets the eye. Sometimes things have to move along on a certain path in order to tackle an immense problem with many facets. I remember a press conference after Charlottesville where Trump said there were a lot of good people at your march and he was attacked. I can’t say for sure but I think we’re watching one helluva flick and there may be a real twist at the end. I refrain from saying which direction it will go. History is rife with twists and turns and lies and everything in between. We simply do not know what is really going on. The whole globe is constantly disrupted and most of it is not organic events.

  7. “We had walked into a trap. ”

    Yes, Sir, but, more exactly – you live in a trap.


    Because the brand of Nationalism that The United States’ Government advocates for White Citizens of The United States, is one of Corporate-Globalist Internationalist Consumerism.

    And, quite rightly, they identify any form of nationalism as a serious threat to this construct, and, thus, use their many proxy layers to dismantle it, before it becomes too big a problem.

    Your activism was, is, and will be, seen as something to squelch.

    The specifics of all this, no matter how fascinating, are ancillary.

    • Ivan: that is why America is not a nation but in all actuality and Anti-Nation in that it fights both domestically and internationally, against all expressions of true nationalism.

  8. When the USA right is finally strong enough to supply victim James Fields with honest fighting lawyers, not gov-fraud sleazebags who sell him down the river, then it can mean something

    Steve Sailer’s latest suggests an item for Hunter’s library

    In his major book ‘The Unheavenly City’, free online

    Edward Banfield sought to position liberalism itself as the cause of the urban crisis, the result of the liberal project as a whole.

    The Unheavenly City’s most infamous chapter is ‘Rioting Mainly for Fun and Profit’. Banfield argued that it was “naive to think that efforts to end racial injustice and to eliminate poverty, slums, and unemployment will have an appreciable effect upon rioting

    Rather than political protests or rebellions, Banfield argued that riots were largely opportunistic displays of violence and theft.

    Banfield argued that the poor mainly engaged in two types of riots: (1) rampages, where young men are simply looking for trouble and act out violently; (2) pillaging, where theft is the main focus, and the riot serves as a solution for a type of collective action problem for thieves

    Initial perpetrators included the media, whose neutral (or even sensationalistic) coverage “recruited rampagers, pillagers, and others to the scene.” They also made the rioting more dangerous by expanding the knowledge base of the rioters.

    The larger academic community was also at fault since, to Banfield’s ear, “explaining the riots tended to justify them.”

    Upper-class demonstrators were also responsible for raising expectations of what the poor could demand from the state and from society writ large

  9. Many great wars are won because of shock from first lost battles. My honest opinion is that C´ville was a victory, just people can`t recognize the importance of this even yet.

    Opinion of dumb sheeple is irrelevant. Serious people saw what happened and made conclusions and probably pretty soon we will see how much this tiny event really hurt Empire.

    Kursk battle is considered turning point of WW II. In military viewpoint, this was pretty much irrelevant bloodbath. The real damage was psychological. Lot of German Allies understood that nobody in Germany has no idea how to win a war and those allies started to look alternatives. For example instead of unconditionally supporting Germany, they started to sell information to enemy for life in the post war world. Germans suffered horrific damage because their well informed allies and also lot of Germans gave out every last secret Germany had.

    Wise men do not scream about their plans and we may only quess how many real leaders and known politicians understood that Empire is beyond repair and quietly writing new white ethno state constitution in their bedroom behind curtains.

    Real heroes of Soviet Union collapse were not brave fighters on the barricades but thousands of faceless and nameless apparatchiks who pulled their office phone lines out of plug in the most crucial day and left coup folk to isolation. Because they lost faith.

    Contrary of popular opinion, Chernobyl was pretty much irrelevant event. Loud bang and bunch of dead bodies was normal part of Soviet industry so everybody were used to this. Government reaction was a shock. Entire Empire was dysfunctional and beyond repair. This what did real damage.

    • “Many great wars are won because of shock from first lost battles. My honest opinion is that C´ville was a victory, just people can`t recognize the importance of this even yet.”

      Too many people were trying to blame each other for what happened at C’ville instead of trying to learn from their mistakes and plan their next steps rationally.

      What you say about the real long term consequences of some events is very true; we don’t know what they are sometimes until long afterwards; it is foolish to panic too quickly and too easily over every reversal or misfortune.

      Alan Watts illustrates this point with the story of the Chinese farmer:

  10. This is one hundred percent the truth. After CVille I went into a deep depression and believed life as I know it was over, similar to how I felt watching the Twin Towers collapse as as a young man. I went into a sort of isolation and was thankfully smart enough not to vent too widely whether on social media or just friendly company. I was scared. And I am rarely scared, if you saw what surrounds me here you would understand.

    But those close to me told me I was being dramatic and time began to heal all wounds as it does, making me think it was an outrageous act of injustice, media and power lies and more an anomaly. But I was right. In both cases. 9/11 brought about the Patriot Act age and endless waves of National Guardsmen and soldiers who DO NOT look like me or have anything in common, as guarding train stations for 20 years tends to go to recent “new citizens” or women. You get the point. 9/11 started the open era of constant middle east meddling and media fear of tan people from far off lands coming to get us.Despite the fear mongering the soldiers are still there and they look even less like me.

    And I was right again with my initial feelings the first couple months after Charlottesville. The game is rigged and peaceful people who want to hold up the values of their great history, memorialize it with statues we are entitled to are now demonized. We are outsiders. We are hated and feared despite not hating anyone and certainly not to do harm to anyone or anything. James Fields was the martyr and encapsulation of this, a reminder not to be involved in wrong think or go against the narratives and wishes of the powers that be because if you do at best you will be fired from your job and outcast from all society and at worst you will be plastered on everyone’s tv as the new symbol of hate and spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement.

    I hate to break it to you whom I consider my friends. That feeling is back again and worse than ever. Screens filled with black people burning and looting are now not only acceptable but heroic. Them destroying our oldest historical sites is pure bravery for which they are rewarded with stolen Nikes and TV’s. But if you would like to counter this behavior… peacefully and with words you will be shut down.

    Not only shut down, but blamed somehow as the common thread I see everywhere is that “white supremacists” are behind the looting and burning. I suspect they must have disguised themselves with shoe polish. Super smart those crafty evil whites.

    It is all so insane. I simply feel so hollow and sad when thinking about what was built by my family and people and now all burns physically and spiritually

    • It is very depressing when most of the establishment of media and the government, along with a large number of white people, have reduced our culture to veneration of the blacks and demonization of whites. Most whites where I live do not fall into this category, but I no longer feel that this political entity as a whole is worth contributing to in any way.

  11. Apologies for the damn tense and grammatical errors. We might not have a country but we demand atleast an edit and proofread button Brad

    • @Captain Schill…

      Don’t worry that much about the errors, or either take more time before publishing here.

      Mr. Griffin has had a difficult time keeping up his blog, and it has just worked out best that he has this ole-timey blog format.

      In any case, I’m sorry to hear about your depression after Charlottesville, but, glad to hear you’ve improved.

      Never allow yourself to think the war is lost or won, because neither is possible – the war stretches into the horizon of eternity and beyond!

  12. They aren’t riots, you bunch of bigots.
    They are celebrations of diversity.
    Get that strait

    And it’s racist to call them fires, they are beacons of inclusion.

    Racist can’t get anything right!

  13. ” If we engaged in activism, we could be silenced on social media, defunded by banks, lose our jobs, sued into bankruptcy, attacked by mobs in the streets and prosecuted for crimes we didn’t commit.”

    Vat, you don’t likeink the kosher menu ?

  14. No, this is not new with C’ville or Trump.

    In Madison Square Garden, Feb. 20, 1939 the German American Bund had a rally to promote friendship wi Germany. Jewish mobsters, Meyer Lansky and crew, hired thugs to terrorize the meeting. The Jewish mayor, LaGuardia, assigned Jewish cops to ‘protect’ the assembly.

    It was arranged to terrorize Americans and prevent German and American friendship.

    • True. There were similar events in the 1930s: FTN and TDS over on the right stuff dot biz have talked about some of these this past year.

      Father Coughlin had his nationwide radio show banned from the airwaves, and his newsletter banned from the US mail.

      There was a mostly Irish Catholic anti-war group whose name escapes me at the moment, which I think TDS mentioned, in the NYC area, which was shut down circa 1939-41 using smear tactics, lawsuits, and government intimidation, similar to those later used against RAM, Proud Boys, United the Right, etc.

      We’ve been living under (((fellow white))) tyranny for over a century, but it usually doesn’t have to be openly oppressive to be effective. The fact that this regime has to resort to more and more open tyranny lately is hopefully a sign that its time is coming to an end.

  15. You really don’t get it do you, Brad? The reason they came after whites in CV is because whites are no threat to the elite. You can’t sit back and sing kumbaya and think all is OK.

  16. Want to know why people wont wake up? Because the indoctrination tactics used on unsuspecting or weak minded people is a powerful weapon, especially in the wrong hands (Which it is).

    Did you know that research has shown, in more then one experiment, that advertisers can get you to purchase a product you know is inferior, over a preferred product, just using the right music, setting, images and words? The subconscious mind is a powerful thing indeed over our psyche. How dangerous indeed is such a weapon in the hands of internationalist enemies of western civilization….By communist minded people who should have been better vetted and never allowed access to the west-ever….And not only have these people a stranglehold in MSM…But you find their influence and fingerprints all over written press, magazines, Hollywood and musical entertainment, and in the last 3 or 4 decades in Universities. And how they did this didn’t even take much cleverness or ingenuity-just a willingness to lie, mislead, deceive, and work un unity with like minded communists. All it took was just one to get into a prominent role, in order to clear out patriots and hire more of their ilk. This isn’t some new revelation..Whistleblowers and those who know whats what have been sounding the alarm on this since the 1960s.

    What we are seeing, with the country burning, is not a new frontier. Nor did it wake people up in time in the Soviet block all the way up to 2020 when they repeatedly used the same tactics. Look into the documentary “Hellstorm” or study the fall of the Czars and its a mirror of their tactics. Just swap “race” with “rich vrs poor”….They aren’t the most creative bunch, because the rest of the story has been the same….

    But NOW. NOW they have social media, the technology of newer media, and the power of the Universities.

    This is going to end badly no matter what. What we need to be asking ourselves is this- If it has to get ugly, wouldn’t it be better to make sure the good guys win in the end? We know their nature, and what a world ruled by them would look like-chaotic and degenerate. We know that genocide is a community activity more then any other form of government, and that they are already openly desiring a genocide of white Europeans….Many come right out and say so while frothing at the lips.

    We need to unite as a people, and find our line in the sand or civilization as we know it is over…And believe me…Anyone with clear eyes and a clear head, enough to know the TRUTH of their schemes at Charlottesville does NOT want to live in “their world”….Hell, I wouldn’t sentence my worst enemy to live in the hellscape they envision…

    Stay safe guys, and God bless.

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