America In Flames

America is a tinderbox.

It has ceased to be a nation in any meaningful sense of the word.

As our common identity and culture has evaporated under neoliberalism, the American people have disintegrated into an incoherent, atomized, deracinated, demoralized and ungovernable mass of consumers. There is no longer any common narrative or glue that unites the public. It only takes a spark like the coronavirus lockdowns on the death of George Floyd to ignite a blaze.

Donald Trump knew that there was going to be trouble last night after what happened in Minneapolis. He shot off an angry tweet vowing to send in the military and shoot looters to restore law and order. It was censored by Twitter. Yesterday, he was talked down by his advisers and was persuaded not to intervene in Minneapolis because doing so would come across as racist and would imperil his standing with black voters. The Trump administration has spent years pandering to black voters and promoting BLEXIT and counts criminal justice reform as one of its greatest accomplishments.

As with the coronavirus, Trump was once again persuaded to just “ride it out.” It was better to “let it rip” than to take strong, decisive action. The Antifa riots ripped across America from coast to coast. At one point, both the White House and CNN were under siege by the mobs.


Well played.

Blompf has inflicted even further damage on his flailing presidency.

BTW, this is the same administration which had the Justice Department prosecute the Rise Above Movement and Jack Corbin and which let the hundreds of Antifa who rioted at the inauguration walk away scot-free. A dozen Proud Boys are rotting in prison for being ambushed by these people who sacked a police station in Minneapolis and livestreamed themselves celebrating inside of it. White Nationalists are labeled the equivalent of ISIS while Antifa are allowed to set the entire country on fire!

Note: Can you patch me through to the Optics Department? Do you remember how much time we spent on that bullshit? Blacks go straight for the Air Jordans and Trump panders to them.

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  1. Trump’s surrounded by pussies. He should use this opportunity to drain the Antifa / porch monkey swamp with full on military assault. Come down like a ton of led and end this BS once and for all because if he doesn’t … these apes will keep doing this more and more every time there’s an excuse. Label them terrorists and ship them back to Africa. Then watch how ‘nice they be.’

    • Trump is a white pussy, surrounded by jews and white pussies, and supported by white pussies.

      So what else is new? Same story, different day for 55+ years. The blightwing is doing what it has always done: Nothing.

      Vdare twitter is calling this an “insurrection,” calling for “ruthless suppression,” and begging Chump for strong action.

      Save us Mr. President!


      Pussies begging for protection.

      There’s no insurrection here. Big money and its institutions, public and “private,” are woke. They support this shit. Property destruction? That’s what insurance is for. More white deaths to come? Big deal. Sometimes you have to break eggs to make an omelet. This is called anarcho-tyranny. They are going to terrorize your white asses into conformity.

      You will conform. The small handful that don’t conform will be “ruthlessly suppressed.”

      Nogs are here, borders are open, manufacturing is gone, and wages are low for the same reason Ms. Corona is here: Ea$y Money.

      Greedy, pussy blightwingers everywhere are attributing George Floyd’s death to his comorbidities. Sound familiar?

      The racialist conservative Internet racket sees this as an opportunity to prop their faltering, fringe positions. They want their clueless supporters to think the political response will be the same as it was for Nixon. Lotsa lolz! The cynical bastards know better, but are merely exploiting the situation for shekels.

      Fuck this country and the worthless white people in it. This is not 1968. White Boomers are dying, X is suicidal, Millenials are worthless, and Z’s are too tiny to matter.

      Frankly, I’m loving these riots. More, more, more!

  2. The groyper war brought us here RIP America to all the fast-food chains that went up in flames by the “peaceful protesters” antifa, cops posing as protesters and gentle kind hearted joggers we salute you!

    Which way Qtards and boogaloo boomers?

  3. Blacks will never integrate and it’ll get worse and worse. We need to separate. Make the divide geographical. By the way … see any whites rioting over the nigger beating the crap out of the old folks in the nursing home ? And it’s good that that happened to CNN 🙂

  4. In all seriousness Its amazing the amount of self hating whites, cucks and traitors that I see at these riots oh I mean peaceful protests sorry. These coalburner whores even got there young daughters and sons holding up Justice for George signs just unbelievable.

    I’m beyond words at this point just watching in disbelief while I listen to john mellencamp’s Pink houses aka also known by its chorus “ain’t that America”

    • I’m all for the use of force against anyone who uses violence to protest their grievances. If the state starts using force to quell the riots, I sure do hope they accidentally shoot all the white ones first. Yes indeed.

  5. Even a president Stacey Abrams would handle these riots more decisively than jew-felating Trump. If this display of cowardice and impotence doesn’t shake his supporters belief in his leadership then nothing ever will. This is a new low for this shitbag.

    • Trump’s supporters are just as impotent as he is. They feel secure in like company. Anyone with integrity who gave him a shot was off the train when he bombed Syria. I have to imagine most of the rest are just Romney voters who think we didn’t PNAC hard enough.

  6. What we have here is a copper called Derek Chauvin who married a Hmong refugee, moonlighting as a bouncer at an Hispanic nightclub, obviously down with race mixing and the multicult… He arrests a repeat offending violent felon, armed robber, check bouncer, Cocaine Dealing, burglar PORN STAR.

    St George of Pornhub, high on cocaine weed and viagra be his name, five times be he convicted and imprisoned, has a heart attack after the arrest and dies roughly at the age you’d expect him to die of a heart attack.

    Let America burn if this is America.

  7. Home invading, Cocaine Dealing, porn acting, check bouncing, night club bouncer with hypertension dies of cardiac arrest while being arrested for stealing from a convenience store at age 46. Who could have predicted the outcome?

  8. Trump has got Jews all around him,Jews stand for one thing above, injustice for all. The people cry out for fairness and justice and Trump is in the dark surrounded by people who do not know how to treat people fairly. There is not one Christian within ear shot of Trump. And Pence is not a Christian. He is Irish. They worship their Han-man.

    • Are you jealous because you aren’t Irish? Just like the nogs being jealous of our White skin?

  9. I’ve posted this excerpt from my favorite book before in other places over the years. This looks like another good occasion for it.

    “Those police were murdered,” he said. “They were murdered by the man who ordered them out there unarmed.”

    “That would be Count Naydnayr, the Minister of Security,” somebody said.

    “Then he’s the one you want to hang for it.”

    “What else would you have done?” Crown Prince Edvard challenged.

    “Put up about fifty combat cars. Drawn a deadline, and opened machine-gun fire as soon as the mob crossed it, and kept on firing till the survivors turned tail and ran. Then sent out more cars, and shot everybody wearing a People’s Watchmen uniform, all over town. Inside forty-eight hours, there’d be no People’s Welfare party, and no Zaspar Makann either.”

    The Crown Prince’s face stiffened. “That may be the way you do things in the Sword-Worlds, Prince Trask. It’s not the way we do things here on Marduk. Our government does not propose to be guilty of shedding the blood of its people.”

    He had it on the tip of his tongue to retort that if they didn’t, the people would end by shedding theirs.

    – H. Beam Piper, “Space Viking”

    ( )

  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Hunter’s not posting about corunka anymore! Good to have ya back man!!!

  11. Also: the Dailiy Mail is reporting the autopsy says ‘no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation’.

    I’m as hostile to cops as any libertarian, but more and more it looks like that after four years of pandering to blacks, Trump’s reward is that they take the first pretext they can find to burn down everything they can reach.

    Chauvin’s non-white beauty queen wife filed for divorce the same day he was arrested. There you go: no loyalty. He shouldn’t have picked her in the first place (especially as she was previously divorced) but all the same I feel some sympathy. HIs whole life has been blown to smithereens as a result of him doing exactly what the Minneapolis PD trained him to do.

  12. The honest truth is that I comment here but I agreed with your old communitarian phase (from like 2009) more than I agree with your current “the real right” phase. Where you said yourself, the system was the enemy, not the other races.

    And I actually genuinely believe that, it’s not just a phase. And so I support things that divide America and make it fracture. Whites can defend themselves from people who wrongly say they’re oppressors when they’re not oppressing.

    • We will be “oppressors” to these people as long as we exist. Whites can’t make the same mistake when this country breaks up. Exclusive White enclaves or death by “diversity”, that is the choice.

  13. Have you all seen the new Conservative hot take? It isnt black who rioted… IT WAS WHITE LIBERALS AND ANTIFA who are responsible. The “George Soros” memes are flying from the Alt-Light, Trump camp and “BLEXITeers”…. Is there a reason I loathe these people and the Boomers who buy this shit even more than the blacks screaming “shoot the white folks yall”? One is just natural instinct and limitations of rational thought. The other is pure deception.

    Whatever the case whites are the target right now from every white (not just “fellow whites”) woman on social media and every member of the media. I have been seeing a long copy and pasted post shared by what could only be referred to as the 20 and something year old single “Karens” which renounces their whiteness in shame and demands to give back their white privilige. there is no way this is all over a 40 something year old violent former felon getting choked out by a sadistic cop. There is so much more going on here…
    And it’s bad

  14. I continue to be amazed at the United States. Looters, rioters, and arsonists are called protestors while the most grave attacks on law and order, the police, and property are committed. Mob rule is in effect and it is not yet summer.

    Appeasement to your enemies does not work in the long run. Is this an excuse for Trump to declare martial law and remain in power or merely weakness on the part of the government? I tend to think people and governments are devious before I believe they are merely stupid.

    Maybe I am over estimating the Federals and their leader really is this empty.

    • I tend to think people and governments are devious before I believe they are merely stupid.

      There’s no need to be so categorical about it. You would do better to allow a little contextual nuance to guide your assumptions. If the behavior you’re analyzing or attempting to explain is a politico backing away from a campaign promise, deviousness is by far the safer assumption. But a politician caught off guard by a breakout of nigger depravity? I would put stupidity and timidity over deviousness. After all, it’s been political suicide (and in many cases, social death) for over half a century to say out loud what you really think of these worthless apes.

      • Silver,

        Perhaps you are correct. It is just that American behavior continues to surprise me. My family is also at a loss to explain matters. My grandmother however just says that white people in the United States have been kissing black ass for so long they are completely separated from reality and justice.

        • Your grandmother is correct. Many whites now downright worship black culture, they think it’s so cool and real, and are ashamed of their own race. This is due to decades of leftist schooling and media promotion. Secondary reason: it’s due to the collapse of the white middle class thanks to globalism.

          • Kapper,

            Thank you for your kind response. My grandmother thought the rest of us were over analyzing the situation and that we were granting intelligence were none exists.

        • @Cristina…

          Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s insight with us. There are a lot of problems, not the least that, as a national whole, we are spoiled and used to operating in a manner which skirts direct consequences.

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            Yes, weakness and degeneracy from within is destroying what is left of the traditional United States. Yet the enemies of the States are not weak and they are foaming at the mouth like an attack dog with rabies.

  15. And yet, with all that is happening in the US, Trump drones on for 15 minutes about China and Hong Kong and the “China Virus” Friday afternoon in a press conference on the WH lawn – NOBODY CARES – talk about Fiddling While Rome Burns.

  16. The negroid is the most damning plight ever forced upon white America.

    America is negrified and racially cucked beyond any chance of saving it.

    The only thing we can do is protect our houses and strengthen our minds, bodies and souls.

    This is a spiritual battle that we face, and satan and his jew offspring very much uses the negro as a proxy militia.

    “Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa—rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet.

    Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.

    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.

    A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrow-head worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.

    In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.

    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail!

    He lives as his fathers lived—stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!”

    -Thomas F Dixon Jr.

  17. Anyone else feel like we’ve passed the red line in the sand and the only way back to anything that looks like a normal state is via a three way civil war between blacks/minorities, white and cops.

    Whites vs blacks/minorities & cops
    Blacks/minorities vs whites & cops
    Cops vs blacks/minorities & whites

  18. You’re right. The end is near. Everyone hunker down and stay safe. No point risking anything right. now. Let it burn, pick up any pieces left afterwards.

  19. Why should Blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and other non-Whites be allowed to destroy every American City?

  20. “ungovernable mass of consumers”

    The irony here being that the entire theory behind neoliberal globalism is that destroying all identity aside from brand loyalty and consumer demographic identity would create a global polity that could easily be policed by a technocratic night watchman state. The Judeo-Anglo coalition overestimating the universal validity of their own particular philosophy and value set is the story of the post-WWII world.

    • Hah, that’s a fair point. Their ideology does indeed make little provision for the possibility of the watchman himself fleeing in terror at the first stirrings of trouble. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

  21. “At one point, both the White House and CNN were under siege by the mobs.”

    This one made me really smile.

  22. As the Yankee Empire unravels and slides down the drain, the South rises again by default. Never forget the goal and the final outcome.

    President Jefferson Davis stood up to rioters in Richmond and demanded them to break up in 5 minutes or else.

    The bread riot was eventually quelled when Jefferson Davis climbed atop a wagon and threatened to have Confederate troops—which had been called out to support the public guard—open fire on the crowd. He pulled out his watch and gave the rioters five minutes to disperse and return home. At first, it appeared as though the mob would defy the order, but at the last minute, they obeyed and began to drift homeward. More than 60 rioters, including Jackson, were arrested for theft and rioting.
    — Encyclopaedia Britannica — “Richmond Bread Riot”

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