Trump Blames Antifa For Nationwide Riots


Yeah, I have been watching his based and red pilled tweets for years, ever since Antifa rioted in DC and attacked his supporters at his own inauguration and walked away from it scot-free.

There used to be a thriving rightwing street activist scene when Donald Trump became president in 2017. There were people who came out to oppose Antifa and to defend the president and his supporters. I’m referring to people like the Rise Above Movement who were prosecuted by his own Department of Justice for being attacked by Antifa at Berkeley, Huntington Beach and Charlottesville. Jack Corbin was prosecuted by the DOJ and sent to prison for identifying these people.

These riots and clashes have been going on since Day One of the Trump presidency. Four years later, the difference now is that it is just Antifa clashing with the cops. The mainstream media blamed everyone but Antifa for the riots and clashes back in 2017 and 2018. The conservative media threw its own activists under the bus. The best example of this is Charlottesville where the police deliberately stood down that day and allowed Antifa to attack and conservatives blamed the melee on the “far right.”

After Charlottesville, the rightwing street activist scene went into a downward spiral from which it never recovered. The Trump DOJ and FBI singled out and went after rightwing activists while strangely leaving Antifa alone. There was a coordinated campaign by GOP-affiliated websites like The Daily Crackpot to attack and disrupt rightwing street activism on “optics” grounds. When only the Proud Boys and Patriot groups were left to oppose Antifa in 2018 and 2019, they were taken down as well.

It is notable that you don’t see anyone out there in the streets these day but Antifa. You don’t even see groups like the Oathcucks anymore who were in Ferguson. Everyone got the message a long time ago that the DOJ and FBI only goes after rightwing protesters. If Antifa attack and you defend yourself like the Rise Above Movement or the Proud Boys, you can be sent to prison in Donald Trump’s America. You will be sued by all these leftwing organizations that are sitting on millions of dollars. No one will come to your defense either especially conservatives who will shun you as a racist. Ask Gavin McInnes.

I can’t even convey to you how much contempt that I have for Donald Trump and the GOP over this issue. It is worth noting that chronic social media censorship is the flip side of what has gone on in the real world with activism. Antifa has been protected and encouraged while it has engaged in massive nationwide coordinated violence while the other side which simply wants to hold peaceful rallies in parks has been suppressed. It is nearly impossible to get Antifa banned from Twitter.

In the 2018 midterms, the GOP saw these simmering grievances and ran on opposing Antifa violence and social media censorship to turn out their base. Not only was nothing done about the issue, it was White Nationalists who were elevated as a threat on the same level as ISIS. The only people who the DOJ and FBI have gone after since the 2018 midterms have been rightwing activists including those who never even left their house. After the midterms were over, Trump and Jared Kushner focused on criminal justice reform and the effect has been that hardened black criminals have been released from prison while White Nationalists have been sent there in record numbers to replace them.

I also dislike Antifa and want to get rid of them. I figured out years ago that the easiest way to do so too would be to pop the hot air balloon in the White House who has swelled their numbers 1,000x over what they had been in the Obama years. Only then will we get some relief.

Note: It was both Antifa and Black Lives Matter that rioted. He is singling out Antifa because he is afraid of being called a racist.

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    • Remember him filling his diaper after the Iran missile strikes on US bases? Too shaken to face the public.

  1. The same Antifa that he has done nothing about since being elected?

    What we’re seeing is the destruction of the United States. It is about destroying nation states. Government has become worthless and that is part of the plan. Eventually, everyone will have a digital identity, everything will be on the block chain, and our world will operate through our electronic devices. If you go into a store and steal something, the all seeing eye will spot it and when you get back into your self-driving car to escape, it will lock the doors that you will not be able to open and take you right to a jail cell or whatever takes its place.

    It’s all theater and its about destroying the old system to bring in the new system.

    Bye bye old world.

  2. Yes, he did blame them in his tweet. And the moral weakling will do nothing of substance, as usual.

  3. He knows it’s Antifa because the FBI just dumped the operational order activating them on his desk. He’s got the invoice and receipt.

  4. Look at the quote tweets on that tweet. Especially this one:

    The orange nigger shamelessly deflects blame from niggers* and they accuse him of running cover for “white supremacists.” Fuck this country. Fuck it all.

    *You can’t tell me this is all just delusional boomer/Con. Inc. fetish to get niggers to finally vote for them, it has to be ultimately just more kike subversion. There’s simply NO WAY this is what’s driving this. I know they’re beyond stupid and inept but I just can’t believe they’d still be holding out for the nigger vote SOMEDAY without kike donors pulling strings to stir shit up.

  5. Don’t forget the Daytona shooter. I was there when people started combing through his Twitter and were finding all of his ties and associations to scores of left-wing twitter accounts and of course his views. I archived many of his tweets and downloaded many of them.* I know people out there downloaded more, like all of his likes. Then Twitter banned him and we basically heard nothing of him again. Nothing about that “socialist gun club” he was involved with, who were clearly scared after the shooting. I’ve seen left-wing accounts openly say they “dodged a bullet” with that guy because law enforcement never went further with him. I remember Twitter banned his account hours after the shooting and nothing more was said. It would not surprise me at all Twitter never turned over anything to the FBI and his account is just gone.

    All the leftists were able to get away with waving him off as another “incel shooter” because he hated women and also because his case was thrown down the memory hole. Just enough plausible deniability because the DOJ enables these people. All of this is noteworthy for the fact that Wal-Mart shooter targeting hispanics happened around the same time. Two mass shooters at nearly the same time, both on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum and only one really gets investigated/covered.

    I hope the DOJ is happy. All these far left elements they’ve ignored and cultivated are exploding and it’s all coming to roost. I hope they storm the White House and lynch the orange nigger and the rest of his kike family. He and the rest of this government deserve that and so much more.

    *At the time, was having serious issues where everything on Twitter saved to a terrible, minimalist mobile version. It took them months to fix this. I later learned you could save pages to’s wayback machine in full. I really wish I’d known this at the time, there would be much more complete content.

  6. “I also dislike Antifa and want to get rid of them. I figured out years ago that the easiest way to do so too would be to pop the hot air balloon in the White House who has swelled their numbers 1,000x over what they had been in the Obama years. Only then will we get some relief.”

    Then help me win Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and we will do just that.

    Jimmy Giles for President, Founder of the Radical Worker Party

  7. It’s time for Trumpo to order the FBI to bust heads, mare arrests and earn those big paychecks & benefits!

    • It’s time for Trumpo to order the FBI to bust heads, make arrests, and earn those big paychecks, benefits and pensions! Won’t do it. Well don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

      Did you know there are 35,000 FBI employees?

  8. Since you have momentarily come to your senses, President Trump, use your authority to have all the Antifa in this list below rounded up and charged, condemned and imprisoned for all the violence that was done in Charlottesville. This is long overdue. The Communist/Leftist M$M blames everything on white conservatives.

    So, finally put the blame for all the violence that happened in Charlottesville where it has always belonged: ANTIFA.

    • There is zero chance that will happen. They will only go after antifa who attacked globohomo big box stores.

  9. We are not voting our way out of this.

    If you vote Democrat or Republican you are voting for the same people. The same financial backers, the same corporations, the same lobbyists, the same policies, the same wars, the same economics, regardless of what clown is allowed to sit in the White House.

    Left and Right, Conservative or Liberal, it’s all meaningless. The conservative right is only a slight variation on the liberal left and the two groups fight and argue over issues that they aren’t likely to ever be able to change. It’s kabuki theater.

    What is happening is absolutely necessary and is the first step in our victory or our defeat.

    The Communists preserved the nation and peoples of eastern Europe far better than the western Democracies did despite the murderous excesses.

    The reaction to liberalism may well come from the white left. Bernie Sanders rallies were mostly whites.

    Preserving our people is the first priority and whoever is willing to do that will have my support.

  10. As you all know, the far left ANTIFA are actually the real racists, just like the Democrats who owned the slaves. These were white supremacists descending on PoC neighborhoods to burn up minority owned businesses.

    Luckily, very sane hyperdimensional chess grandmaster Donald Trump and his very intelligent daughter have thought ahead and already earmarked billions of dollars that will go towards minority businesses, and have already declared white supremacy to be international terrorism. We must defeat SOCIALISM and the far left white supremacist fascists of ANTIFA at the polls in 2020.

  11. Tonight’s Question: Why should Blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and other non-Whites be allowed to destroy every American City?

    • I’m sure its seriously being discussed in academia in the collegiate setting for next semester.
      They are definitely going to be creating curriculum that justifies all of this chimping out to brainwash the next generation with.

      Hi, I’m a (((Classics professor))).
      You may know me from my hits, “Now we have to talk about pederasty,” “Why your white baby is a racist” and my number one single,- “Greece and Rome were never ‘white’ and you’re not the heir to either culture, in fact you’re probably just trash.

  12. Will the Jews cry foul when their revolutionary combat arm is declared a terrorist organisation?

  13. From now until election expect the Trumpster to attack social media censorship, antifa, left wing activists to excite the Republican base to turn out for election, then he and his Jew family and buddies will go quiescent when the white nationalists are hounded by the Republican establishment and government agencies.

  14. The Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump are nothing but talk. No action! Nothing! All because these people are afraid of being called a Racist. This is what happens when the elected right wing Cuck on protecting our Confederate Flags, Monuments, cities, towns, communities, and everthing else. Here’s an idea…at least restore Segregation of the Races. If this dude was living in an all Black neighborhood the police would have been all black. Bingo…no White on Black situation. Oh but Cuckservatives and Liberals just can’t tolerate that. That being separate but equal in 2020. Deo Vindice !

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